Gordon Ramsay Gets Caught In The Middle Of A MASSIVE ARGUMENT | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. sad sardine

    sad sardine15 時間 前

    Even Gordon Ramsay stays silent when μαμα is yelling at you.

  2. marie

    marie日 前

    Gordons like when you're at a friends house and they start arguing with their parents

  3. Felipe Celi

    Felipe Celi日 前

    OMG. Every family reunion for me hahaha. Im at home!

  4. stunna vegas

    stunna vegas日 前

    Bruh imagine being an old man but u don't know how to show respect to ur mother or know what's the reason she screams at u its bcus for ur own sake

  5. 1C3_2020 ETHAN CHEE YU EN

    1C3_2020 ETHAN CHEE YU EN2 日 前

    Wow I bet Gordon was annoyed by them yelling

  6. Cj Kun

    Cj Kun3 日 前

    This old ladies will die cause of high blood and stress

  7. Fatu Itdoesntmatter

    Fatu Itdoesntmatter3 日 前


  8. CuteSkiesXX SkiesLife

    CuteSkiesXX SkiesLife3 日 前

    In the following weeks, progress was made however the debts were too large and too difficult for them to over come and El Greco closed in December 2011. Several staff left the restaurant including the lead line cook and there were many disagreements after the episode was filmed, according to cook James. James also claimed that Jake was difficult to work with and had already started cutting corners on Gordon's menu. Yelp reviews after his visit were mostly poor with negative comments on the food quality, menu availablity and slow service. Local press reported that the regulars were not pleased with the changes that Gordon made. Many regulars claimed that Gordon removed the authentic Greek food and replaced it with generic Greek fast food. El Greco was aired on January 20th, 2012 and the episode was filmed in August/September 2011 and is Kitchen Nightmares's season 5 episode 9.

  9. Asma Osman

    Asma Osman4 日 前

    I like how Gordon just doesn't know what they're saying but knows something is about to go down

  10. Francesca Andreou

    Francesca Andreou4 日 前

    Well i wasnt expecting to hear greek but this is enjoyable for a reason

  11. Michael Elias

    Michael Elias5 日 前

    When the aunt shouts in Greek and mixed the word complain kills me😂😂

  12. JA Purnell

    JA Purnell5 日 前

    they been wiping his ass for far to long little child. man up

  13. Quantum Proton

    Quantum Proton6 日 前

    You know, if he bothered coming at like 10, they wouldn't have a reason to yell and perhaps we'll understand his side.

  14. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ7 日 前

    All these dumb ass comments are stupid

  15. ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ

    ɮօʊռċɛ օʄʄ7 日 前

    Throw these hags in nursing hell already

  16. Natalia Friedrich

    Natalia Friedrich7 日 前

    There is nothing to say except i loove this video im greek and tthe way she yelled at him and gordon is jut so confused is hilarious

  17. TheNoobGamer

    TheNoobGamer8 日 前

    This is the very definition of boomer vs millenial.

  18. James Flint

    James Flint8 日 前

    That aunt put Gordon to shame with her insults 😂 All hail Aunt Kiki - The Verbal War Machine.

  19. Gavan

    Gavan8 日 前

    Greek is a beautiful language.

  20. A living breathing meme

    A living breathing meme9 日 前

    After this it seems I’ve figured out something Jake = 2 year old child who doesn’t want to be responsible

  21. Kris B

    Kris B9 日 前


  22. Matt Sugui

    Matt Sugui10 日 前

    *_vamós españa_*



    whats the episode no. and season

  24. Kevin Lochrie

    Kevin Lochrie12 日 前

    Did she really call him a smelly bastard 🤣🤣.....shutdownnnnnn

  25. Rafaela Garcia

    Rafaela Garcia15 日 前

    I don't get this guy, they started an argument cuz he was late, if we wasn't late there wouldn't be an argument, so why does he keeps saying that he doesn't come on time so he doesn't have to deal with this and yet, he does? ffs

  26. Offramp Tavanipupu

    Offramp Tavanipupu18 日 前

    They need Ernie Kovacs as their chef.

  27. mikeeasthampton

    mikeeasthampton18 日 前

    Full episode anyone?

  28. Jim Alexander

    Jim Alexander20 日 前

    Not only is he a lazy bastard he is a smelly bastard aswell 🤣

  29. Andragorans

    Andragorans20 日 前

    The guy is a lazy bastard but I am confident these two women are going at him everyday at any given chance, and he is supposed to be in that small space with those two constatnly critisizing and swearing at him until it's time for service. No one would subject himself to this kind of torture.

  30. MacStoker

    MacStoker21 日 前

    old bags

  31. MacStoker

    MacStoker21 日 前

    when nana is asshole..momma is asshole and kids become asshole. now go eat a rissole ;-)

  32. pt4m

    pt4m23 日 前

    FYI the translation from greek to english is very accurate!!!

  33. ApplePie Avi

    ApplePie Avi28 日 前

    Yes,u there,u came here wondering wtf we think about gordon listening to dat language

  34. Fruitvale

    Fruitvaleヶ月 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="220">3:40</a> best moment!

  35. Soulg

    Soulgヶ月 前

    "I dont know they are yelling at me" Me : dude...i dont know if you're dumb or just pretending to be one

  36. Y A M I K O

    Y A M I K Oヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsay just getting beat up by some Greek vibes... Get used to it old man...

  37. T B

    T Bヶ月 前


  38. T B

    T Bヶ月 前

    Should this be the Jeremy Kyle show?

  39. Gavan

    Gavanヶ月 前

    Greek is a beautiful language.

  40. Dahlia B

    Dahlia Bヶ月 前

    Jake: _I don't know why they're yelling at me_ I can name a few reasons Jake

  41. Blue

    Blueヶ月 前

    Lady earlier in the episode: Sorry no English. Also lady in this video: *Speaking perfectly adequate English*.

  42. Klotilda Premtaj

    Klotilda Premtajヶ月 前

    Only in greece

  43. Sonia S

    Sonia Sヶ月 前

    Jakes aunt is the female Gordon Ramsay and you can’t deny it

  44. arbj

    arbjヶ月 前

    Throw Kiki out, she claims to be doing a favor on her sister by working, no restaurants needs charity workers..

  45. Lucy Loose

    Lucy Looseヶ月 前

    Poor Gordon

  46. What Up

    What Upヶ月 前

    Gordon be a therapy at this point

  47. Chris Mitchell

    Chris Mitchellヶ月 前


  48. Jennie R Jane

    Jennie R Janeヶ月 前

    This time gordon gets to be like this 👁 👄 👁

  49. 熊仔

    熊仔ヶ月 前

    I don't wanna come here early to be yelled. *THEY ARE YELLING AT YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE FUCKING LATE*

  50. Steezy McCleansey

    Steezy McCleanseyヶ月 前

    hope they failed, and the guy came out winning, those 2 bitches don't deserve a second chance...

  51. Roman Am

    Roman Amヶ月 前

    πω ρε φίλε

  52. undertheblade1

    undertheblade1ヶ月 前

    i wouldnt wanna turn up to work there either if i was getting abused like this. go and get fucked!

  53. Renato H. Santos

    Renato H. Santosヶ月 前

    Nice try Gordon, nice try. We know you understand every possible way and language to say DONKEY. BURRO!

  54. Nishad Chaoji

    Nishad Chaojiヶ月 前

    Kiki got no chill

  55. idk man

    idk manヶ月 前

    if you are Greek you know😂

  56. Buntaichō Saber

    Buntaichō Saberヶ月 前

    "That‘s why he‘s a donkey." Damn, if only Gordon had understood it.😂😂

  57. Xxx_Śûñfłøèr_peaches_norrisnitsfan_Xxx Oof

    Xxx_Śûñfłøèr_peaches_norrisnitsfan_Xxx Oofヶ月 前

    Jake says: yes sir Me thinking: about the yes siiiiiiiiir thing

  58. Jewel Millington

    Jewel Millingtonヶ月 前

    LMAOOOOO Gordan is just there like wtf

  59. Tina

    Tinaヶ月 前


  60. MJ Smith

    MJ Smithヶ月 前

    This makes me feel so much better about my family...lol Disgusting how these people speak to each other..

  61. Polski Kujawiak

    Polski Kujawiak2 ヶ月 前

    Feel sorry for all them the only solution is to shut down the place and all of them to go their own direction,calling this bloke so many names literally telling me that there is no respect and love In this family

  62. Jorge Humberto Castillo Acuña

    Jorge Humberto Castillo Acuña2 ヶ月 前

    What Language is that?

  63. niki kbn

    niki kbn2 ヶ月 前


  64. niki kbn

    niki kbn2 ヶ月 前

    Learning greek i enjoyed understanding some greek insults

  65. Jorn Navarre

    Jorn Navarre2 ヶ月 前

    Those old ladies are fucking horrible. Total energy vampires.

  66. LouLikestowatch

    LouLikestowatch2 ヶ月 前

    wow this family needs Dr Phil not Gordon. I know Gordon is awesome, but this family is the worst

  67. Rosanna- Ελλάδα UK

    Rosanna- Ελλάδα UK2 ヶ月 前

    Μπράβο θεία πες το...I enjoyed that...x it’s better when people cuss in Greek. 😂😝😜

  68. Sibyl Agnes Maxine Abbago

    Sibyl Agnes Maxine Abbago2 ヶ月 前

    The thumbnail is basically my mom telling me to get an item in the kitchen for the tenth time and I still can't see it

  69. Chris Jhondeere

    Chris Jhondeere2 ヶ月 前

    They are blood but abominable mother & son

  70. SB W

    SB W2 ヶ月 前

    If any normal people showed up to work TWO HOURS late they would be fired so fucking fast.

  71. Σωτήρης Κατσουλιέρης

    Σωτήρης Κατσουλιέρης2 ヶ月 前

    tbh it's so much better if you understand everything they say word by wotd like me

  72. Kyle's Gacha

    Kyle's Gacha2 ヶ月 前

    gordon be like "uhm somebody please explain this to me"

  73. The Last Angmarian

    The Last Angmarian2 ヶ月 前

    Week 7 of being watching Gordon Ramsay videos on JPreporter, I seem to have arrived to a foreign land

  74. Wael Boutari

    Wael Boutari2 ヶ月 前

    Just don't get Gordon furious😬😬😬

  75. Daniel, the NCR Veteran

    Daniel, the NCR Veteran2 ヶ月 前

    His mom to him: "Oh dear, oh gorgeous" His aunt: "YOU FUCKING DONKEY!!!!"

  76. Kindly Patriarch

    Kindly Patriarch2 ヶ月 前

    I think I would have arranged an accident for that screaming aunt, what a harridan.

  77. jake elwood

    jake elwood2 ヶ月 前

    Keep the son, fuck the aunt right off. She's the problem. I'm right behind him on this one.

  78. Susan Ananda

    Susan Ananda2 ヶ月 前

    If you can't stay united then simply split!!!

  79. Γιώργος Ανδρικόπουλος

    Γιώργος Ανδρικόπουλος2 ヶ月 前

    Τον γαμησε μαλακά τον πήγε από κόλο η θεία του

  80. franko barressi

    franko barressi2 ヶ月 前

    I'm starting to get the feeling that everyone that works in the food business are a bunch of right greetin faced fuckers. Ffs its making a bit of food what the fucks hard about that? Cunts.