Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon's Great Escape


  1. Aiden C

    Aiden C20 時間 前

    "im not blaming my tools but im blaming my tools"

  2. Jeanne More

    Jeanne More22 時間 前

    Nice Toshiba add

  3. Nexu Jin

    Nexu Jin22 時間 前

    No swearing? I'm disappointed Ramsey!

  4. Rigo Fermin

    Rigo Fermin日 前

    1:44 I'm done ✔

  5. Malaysian Nationalist

    Malaysian Nationalist日 前

    One thing tho, they may or may not talk england lolololol. plus, they cooked the rice first because it takes 30 mins or 25 mins of cooking

  6. Kami

    Kami日 前

    Gordon Ramsay is a Malaysian auntie now

  7. Ranzel Jalmar Co

    Ranzel Jalmar Co日 前


  8. ryan yusuf

    ryan yusuf2 日 前


  9. Khairul Ashraf

    Khairul Ashraf2 日 前

    2:49 She cant speak english i assume. Some of people in Malaysia doesnt speak english.

  10. Nathanael Aldred

    Nathanael Aldred2 日 前

    Gordon: Respect the people you work with Also Gordon: If you drop this, I'll hang you upside down by your balls

  11. E Smith

    E Smith2 日 前


  12. Johann and claire silloriquez

    Johann and claire silloriquez2 日 前

    Gordon just calls Kuala Lumpur, Koala Lompo. That is how he says it.

  13. diego saldana

    diego saldana2 日 前

    1:42 Her reaction

  14. Anidem 15

    Anidem 152 日 前

    Gordon just proved that he can both be a professional chef but at the same time make some mistakes, you cant be a winner if you done experience to lose

  15. Doug Orilio

    Doug Orilio3 日 前


  16. Doug Orilio

    Doug Orilio3 日 前

    7:17 wow #5 must've really sucked! They gave her something called the "turd" prize

  17. Jack Cutler

    Jack Cutler3 日 前

    "Today, you have to prepare the coconut rice..." *cue Gordon shitting himself @ **1:49*



    I just went to Malaysia the first time few weeks ago. And that was KL central right???? I lived at the city palace hotel!!! And went to patronous tower and Buta caves 😍

  19. Grandpa Dallas

    Grandpa Dallas3 日 前

    I like this, Gordon is revered as a legendary chef, but here we see him still learning. It really goes to show you really can only get better.

  20. Mohd Raul

    Mohd Raul3 日 前

    He got 2nd place next to Malaysia's best rendang,in just of a week of learning...that is outstanding.

  21. Sleine Chow

    Sleine Chow3 日 前

    Gordon must try Padang, Indonesia rendang after trying Malaysian rendang, you will spot the different

  22. The Potato

    The Potato日 前

    I've been to Padang. Can confirm, the food there is enjoyable. But not so memorable I'm not sure why. Maybe we were rushing.

  23. spoddie

    spoddie4 日 前

    How can you fuck up a rice cooker?

  24. Jerry Tan Wen Jie

    Jerry Tan Wen Jie4 日 前

    Love seeing him visit my country

  25. Specter 1911

    Specter 19114 日 前

    Gordon:You starting to cook right now?Why so early Makcik tu:Ko cakap ape hanat

  26. installtekz Ltd

    installtekz Ltd5 日 前

    I wanna see Gordon get hypnotised to forget how to cook!

  27. el harfe

    el harfe5 日 前

    You lose because you think your rendang cooking method are better than aunty Aini. Agak-agak

  28. darkspire91

    darkspire915 日 前

    6:15 No pressure, right?

  29. Kael Griffis

    Kael Griffis5 日 前

    It's really kool seeing the greats testing themselves & having some humility.

  30. Zach Walz

    Zach Walz5 日 前

    It’s kind of satisfying to see him struggling in the kitchen

  31. Unholy Scribe

    Unholy Scribe5 日 前

    Never cook Malaysian dish, come out 2nd best. Your creativity is perfect, you're definitely a world class chef Mr. Gordon.

  32. Ken Fleming

    Ken Fleming5 日 前

    Gordon is such a respectable guy 😔

  33. Amy Anderson

    Amy Anderson5 日 前

    I love this man!

  34. Nader Rezvani

    Nader Rezvani5 日 前

    Forgive my ignorance and would love some feedback, but is this a prestigious competition for the region? It looks like he just lost to a house wife.

  35. Andy Webb

    Andy Webb6 日 前

    Beautiful place and people. Delicious food! 😊👍🏼

  36. Joni Alan

    Joni Alan6 日 前

    Wouw wouuw wowowowow

  37. Emmanuel Setiawan

    Emmanuel Setiawan6 日 前

    I know it's really hard to do traditional cooking competition against the experts. Those auntie, are mothers, and mother's foods are always pretty good.

  38. TheMerpKing

    TheMerpKing6 日 前

    “Its just love for the family in your heart” Gordon: “**** thats the one ingredient I dont have”

  39. Max _V

    Max _V3 日 前


  40. 林鼎鈞

    林鼎鈞6 日 前

    Rice is always the hardest thing to get right...

  41. Fadh Hz

    Fadh Hz6 日 前

    Chinese cuisine. Indian cuisine. I'm not suprised 'Malay' cuisine wasnt even mentioned. Underrated or not? Idk but I'll be damned that Malay ethnicity just reside in Malaysia alone. lol


    MUNK3Y MUNK3Y4 日 前

    I think you missed what Gordon was saying. He was saying that Malaysian food is heavily inspired by two dominant cultures that have existed for thousands of years around it; India and China. That isn't a bad thing. In the United States there are few truly "American" foods (Hamburgers, French Fries, Salisbury Steak, BBQ) but we have a lot of French, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, British, and Italian food.

  43. Putri Asyeeqa

    Putri Asyeeqa6 日 前


  44. Tony Muntano

    Tony Muntano6 日 前


  45. Mr. Mark

    Mr. Mark6 日 前

    He should not beat those women in their own country. If he honestly came in 2nd...that is OUTSTANDING. Gordon shows how he learned to be great...he is always learning. His humility here was endearing.

  46. Butter Sandwich

    Butter Sandwich6 日 前

    7:38 how freakin cute

  47. Butter Sandwich

    Butter Sandwich6 日 前

    It warms my heart to see Gordon in student mode. No matter what you do always remember that the learning never stops and there always room to get better.

  48. KaiJin

    KaiJin7 日 前

    Malaysian cooking is like mix mix done:)

  49. Tales The 8th Hokage

    Tales The 8th Hokage7 日 前

    I just got a juggling balls ad.


    NELOY SINHA7 日 前

    " If u drop this tray.. I'll hang u.. Upside down ..by your balls ..from the Petronas Towers " "Dont Sneeze". He ain't kidding!

  51. Jojangles A

    Jojangles A7 日 前

    7:43 Owen Wilson... is that you?

  52. Valor Mexia

    Valor Mexia7 日 前

    "I never used a rice cooker before." Me: *Spits out my rice.*

  53. No Name

    No Name20 時間 前

    @Crimson Maou I think it's an American thing, they have gadgets that do pretty much everything for them from what I;ve seen. I don't get it myself. They say it's for saving time, but it's quicker to just make it yourself anyway Edit: They're also used in professional kitchens as they provide consistent results. Still, not a kitchen necessity imo, rice is easy to cook.

  54. Jebediah Clang

    Jebediah Clang4 日 前

    Yeah just take a boiling pan. fill with water and make it boil. then trow that sh!t in there for 8 minutes.

  55. Grizzly

    Grizzly6 日 前

    I just boil rice manually

  56. Secret !

    Secret !6 日 前

    Need to get this man a Zojirushi.

  57. Adlan Baharum

    Adlan Baharum8 日 前

    Gordon is priceless. No hang ups with this Michelin starred.chef!

  58. John Randoll

    John Randoll8 日 前

    Always Keep pushing your limits, Keep testing yourself! He did that. Amazing. And that's how you learn to be better and keep your A-game strong. Well done, Gordon!

  59. Marcia Gonzales

    Marcia Gonzales8 日 前

    maravilloso tener seres humanos intensos

  60. ashleigh loh

    ashleigh loh9 日 前

    I was going to say please come to Malaysia or Ipoh for the sake of anything.. And he already did! Awesome!! I wish I am still with f&b industry, by thin chance, working in that kitchen at that moment. 🤩

  61. Nx Doyle

    Nx Doyle9 日 前

    5:23 Over hard-boiled egg. That grey ring of ferrous sulfide around the yolk is a dead giveaway. In and of itself it's not a problem, but it usually means a rubbery texture overall.

  62. Nx Doyle

    Nx Doyle9 日 前

    I love Malaysian food. All the cuisines of South East Asia are great. And the food from the subcontinent.

  63. billy julio

    billy julio9 日 前


  64. Kyle James

    Kyle James9 日 前

    Has it been one week since Gordon looked at her?

  65. Cristian Munoz

    Cristian Munoz9 日 前

    So he coughs in his hand and continues to cook?

  66. josef waguih

    josef waguih10 日 前

    Auntie Gordon

  67. Said Pendek

    Said Pendek10 日 前

    As a Malaysians it's not they don't want to talk to you,they just don't understand

  68. Said Pendek

    Said Pendek6 日 前

    @Fadh Hz Malaysia have three common races which is Indian,Chinese and Malay

  69. Fadh Hz

    Fadh Hz6 日 前

    u mean 'Malay'. hahaha