Gordon Ramsay Enters A Cooking Challenge | Gordon's Great Escape


  1. Dark Legion

    Dark Legion時間 前

    Yay... Gordon loves Malaysia

  2. Take Profit

    Take Profit2 時間 前

    Congratulations for winning second! Those women have been cooking these dishes since they were teens i'm sure.. and they knew exactly what each dish is supposed to taste like and how to achieve that taste. You're pretty amazing!


    KILLER FOXY2 時間 前

    1:41 look at the woman's reaction🤣

  4. Lifeina Realway

    Lifeina Realway2 時間 前

    this is just sweet to watch.. 😊

  5. NoteAndroid

    NoteAndroid2 時間 前

    6:14-6:20 "If you drop this tray, I'll hang you"...."Don't sneeze"~! Hahahaaaa, typical Ramsay style of management. I love it~!

  6. Tasi Timoteo

    Tasi Timoteo2 時間 前

    wooow savage mode 6:15

  7. Acree

    Acree2 時間 前

    Who else was paying attention to the buildings at 8:38

  8. Nani deska Faku

    Nani deska Faku3 時間 前

    Bruh... imagine if he actually dropped it...

  9. Doggosaurus

    Doggosaurus3 時間 前

    "Wow this smells amazing" *never thought Gordon could say that about someone else dish*

  10. Thatonebitch X

    Thatonebitch X3 時間 前


  11. Galih778

    Galih7783 時間 前

    Rendang is Indonesian

  12. Jovan

    Jovan3 時間 前

    *SPOILER ALERT* Chef Mike is the competition winner

  13. Misty Blue

    Misty Blue3 時間 前

    Awww!!!!!! That was just beautiful

  14. Trevor Wynn

    Trevor Wynn3 時間 前

    to be honest gordan ramsay is the man!!!

  15. Bladen B

    Bladen B3 時間 前

    One could only wonder what the 4th place "aunti" thinks about him being there after his win

  16. Roen

    Roen3 時間 前

    you know whats fucking amazing... that i unsubbed from this channel but i am still getting the videos recommended every day and i keep watching them also.. (just in the hopes to see gordon fail lol)

  17. Peter Harper

    Peter Harper4 時間 前

    My love of cooking and you is the reason I went to Le Cordon Bleu🙃 My dream is to have a day with you and do a farm to table meal!

  18. Blankfaceman

    Blankfaceman4 時間 前

    All jokes aside when it comes to cooking gender doesn't matter

  19. dixiexyz

    dixiexyz4 時間 前

    A. He ruined his first batch of rice and still came in second. B. How do you ruin rice? C. His presentations are always top notch. D. The judges were surprised with his dishes. E. He was very humble, and respectful.

  20. Aime Lunio

    Aime Lunio4 時間 前

    The defferent between ASIA and USA is the spicy specially from indian like spicy .. Im from Philippines

  21. noah_xd

    noah_xd4 時間 前

    Chef: 5+ years working on how to create Malaysian cuisines Gordon Ramsey: does it in a week Chef: *am i joke to you?*

  22. scrumpymanjack

    scrumpymanjack4 時間 前

    Wow. What a reaction. Very sore loser.

  23. RandomPerson

    RandomPerson5 時間 前

    I noticed you didn’t wash your hands, and then you coughed in your hand and didn’t move from your station to wash your hands... Just Hoping you washed your hands.. lol 🍻 😂 🥘

  24. Armani Beastmode

    Armani Beastmode5 時間 前

    Mr Ramsey your dish was exquisite however you are very very salty my guy

  25. MJ Jaber

    MJ Jaber5 時間 前

    whats up with the shitty video quality. 1080p looks like 360p

  26. FireFox Gaming

    FireFox Gaming5 時間 前

    I just clicked into the video and I just realized that he at Malaysia. I'm actually crying 😢😢😢 Edit : BTW, I subbed

  27. cHiLd FrIeNdLy

    cHiLd FrIeNdLy5 時間 前

    *puts coconut milk too much in the rice cooker* internal screaming

  28. wankydoodle

    wankydoodle5 時間 前

    Gordon is my favourite aunty

  29. Blue Fire

    Blue Fire6 時間 前

    i mean 9/11

  30. Anonymous3777

    Anonymous37776 時間 前

    if you're a chef you know you can't pleases everyone.

  31. Revenant

    Revenant6 時間 前

    i wish i could cook

  32. Shawn John225

    Shawn John2256 時間 前

    Gordon: If the food is bad .. bloody hell, awful, dreadful If the food is good bloody hell, Jesus

  33. Bima Syahputra

    Bima Syahputra6 時間 前

    Rendang not malaysian! This from Indonesian!

  34. otty rups

    otty rups6 時間 前

    funny how no one could pick the real motives of the show.. lol.. obviously set before hand but not every player knew

  35. Sara Riddle

    Sara Riddle7 時間 前

    ok they just did Buddy vs. Duff on TV, when are we going to get Gordon Ramsay vs. Bobby Flay!!!!! I would LOVE to see that!!!

  36. USABlogger2019

    USABlogger20197 時間 前

    this is just a show a script Gordon just doing his job as a show.

  37. stitcha123

    stitcha1237 時間 前

    ‘I’m not blaming my tools but.’...

  38. Indosarnia

    Indosarnia8 時間 前

    Shame he can't cook rice.

  39. Alex Talkey

    Alex Talkey8 時間 前

    rendang is indonesian tho?

  40. Andi Syafiq Asshofie

    Andi Syafiq Asshofie8 時間 前

    Come on chef make a trip to indonesia, there are a lot of kind of food you should try and will make your mind blowing up

  41. Tyiriel

    Tyiriel8 時間 前

    Is it possible to hang a person upright by the balls? Asking for a friend btw

  42. Will Matthams

    Will Matthams8 時間 前

    He's such an arrogant dickhead

  43. Cody Wang

    Cody Wang8 時間 前

    the whole thing was a huge gordon flex

  44. Matthew Carolan

    Matthew Carolan8 時間 前

    I wish more people where like Gordon Ramsay

  45. Stephaynator

    Stephaynator8 時間 前

    Any cuisine from the southeast is fusion for sure, i mean look at filipino food. Spanish/chinese/native fusion

  46. Trevor Terry

    Trevor Terry9 時間 前

    She raised her eyebrows at 1:43, had me dead😂😂😂😂

  47. Random Gaming

    Random Gaming9 時間 前

    why is the camera quality so bad?

  48. Женя Кирейков

    Женя Кирейков9 時間 前

    Нахуй это выкидывать если не переведено!!!! А Рамзи красава

  49. 许迦南

    许迦南9 時間 前

    LMAO when he can't cook rice!!! Why didn't he get the tiger ricecooker to start with?

  50. Ralph Marshall

    Ralph Marshall9 時間 前

    Wish I had TV still so I could watch Gordon again. Great shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. s ss

    s ss9 時間 前

    this is a fix

  52. -ポチ

    -ポチ9 時間 前

    This should be called " gordon breaking out of character for 9 minutes straight. "

  53. Violette Daux-Bergeron

    Violette Daux-Bergeron9 時間 前

    The look the chef gives to the camera is priceless :'D 1:42

  54. I'm BobbyT

    I'm BobbyT9 時間 前

    Second is the first to lose. If you lost don't post the vidya. kek

  55. Kaahn

    Kaahn10 時間 前

    He should make more episodes like this!

  56. This is Steph

    This is Steph10 時間 前

    Love this man your great x

  57. Rippin Reaper

    Rippin Reaper10 時間 前

    Love ur videos no bs n straight to point I would love to try ur food because u put love n care

  58. Inferno Gamer

    Inferno Gamer10 時間 前

    6:43 when your mom catches you beating your meat and the porn is still on.

  59. bootlegboo

    bootlegboo10 時間 前

    If I was wealthy enough to hire a world renowned chef, I certainly wouldn’t ask for Gordon Ramsay. I know he has earned his place but I have never liked his attitude in the kitchen. Wether is in Hell’s Kitchen or the junior chef that my son likes to watch.

  60. Sally Correa

    Sally Correa11 時間 前

    Ramsey you should visit the Philippines especially the dessert menu

  61. Jason Auw

    Jason Auw11 時間 前

    you f*g donkey, "the pork is so raw it's still singing hakuna matata"

  62. Andrei Gruzdev

    Andrei Gruzdev11 時間 前

    his knife sharpening process always makes me smile

  63. Alex Reid

    Alex Reid11 時間 前

    1:42 Gordon BURNED by her roll of the "whatever" eyes ha ha.

  64. Marecel Schafer

    Marecel Schafer11 時間 前

    Gordon Ramsay your the BEST COOK for me.Been watching you all the time! Marecel Schafer here one of your subscribers 🤗

  65. Thomas O'Hara

    Thomas O'Hara12 時間 前

    the fear in his eyes

  66. Greg Farrell

    Greg Farrell12 時間 前

    Amazing how food can bring people together.

  67. M my fingers Are gonna bent hahaha

    M my fingers Are gonna bent hahaha13 時間 前

    When he I’ll be watching closely the lady’s like “oh crap” 1:42

  68. Aashish Karki

    Aashish Karki14 時間 前

    Did he said : Ferrari of Rice cooker? I'm dead 😂

  69. Jesus is KING

    Jesus is KING14 時間 前

    🤣🤣🤣I was hoping the judges say " wow this is f***k disgusting, raw meat,no good, done."

  70. Iadaki Laloo

    Iadaki Laloo14 時間 前

    You are a good chefs. We all love to see your ways of cooking.

  71. z. valentina

    z. valentina14 時間 前

    I love rice cookers 😂 don’t open the pot Until it turns to warm.... it cooks then steams

  72. Surya Suryo

    Surya Suryo14 時間 前

    So, rendang is from malaysia now ?

  73. Max Rex

    Max Rex14 時間 前

    why is this foul mouthed scumbag even on youtube

  74. smilxy

    smilxy14 時間 前

    the quality of this video is worse than pewdiepie's

  75. qwertiedota

    qwertiedota14 時間 前

    So... why did they aunties cook the rice so early ?

  76. hanson ylanan

    hanson ylanan14 時間 前

    You must wear hairnet..

  77. Natalie Harris

    Natalie Harris15 時間 前

    *I'll eat your food Gordon* ♥♥♥♥♥

  78. L D

    L D15 時間 前

    He sounds like Bear Grylls

  79. Qamar Abbas

    Qamar Abbas15 時間 前

    Completely and culturally mad person.

  80. Joji River

    Joji River16 時間 前

    Haven't heard of Filipino Cuisine? Spanish, Chinese, American And Authentic Mixture of Cuisines.

  81. Prince Kyo

    Prince Kyo16 時間 前

    I love Ramsay ❤️ but imagine if he could swear ( mencarut ) in Bahasa Melayu 🤣

  82. gaming ioannes Setiadi

    gaming ioannes Setiadi16 時間 前

    BTW rendang is from Indonesia Like I f you agree V

  83. ali khan

    ali khan16 時間 前

    Who would win? 5 top Malaysian aunties or one swanky western boi

  84. Viktorija Mardosaite

    Viktorija Mardosaite16 時間 前

    Fuckin amazing 😂😂🚨😂

  85. Skengman Adi

    Skengman Adi16 時間 前

    He should dye his hair pink

  86. Teguh Efrianes

    Teguh Efrianes16 時間 前

    Indonesian : "bUt bEeF ReNDaNg iS an InDOneSIa tRadiTioNaL cUiSiNe."

  87. Kushal Pandey

    Kushal Pandey16 時間 前

    Going in different country making some dishes for first time and rank 2nd inshort wow.. 👌

  88. Kevin Shi

    Kevin Shi17 時間 前

    For me I have regained some respect for you Gordon, despite your idiotic comment regarding traditional Indian cuisine and prison food, and I appreciate you learning more about Asian cuisines.

  89. Bocalep Alep

    Bocalep Alep17 時間 前

    Hye chef if u read this please take me as ur apprentice. I wanna be a good chef to show people who said chef is not a good occupation to success in life.

  90. Amro El Araj

    Amro El Araj17 時間 前

    The look on her face 1:42 😂

  91. Avery Disque

    Avery Disque17 時間 前

    Good job placing second

  92. TheENofficial

    TheENofficial17 時間 前

    This guy lost to a home cook

  93. Politeness Gaminggg

    Politeness Gaminggg18 時間 前

    Their dishes looks delicious.💕 Always number 1 Gordon Ramsay!!!!

  94. Mark Cupidos

    Mark Cupidos18 時間 前

    That short speech of that woman at last,reminds me of my mom (Sorry for the wrong grammar)

  95. mctorny

    mctorny18 時間 前

    Swing by the Philippines...

  96. Croppy Doodle

    Croppy Doodle18 時間 前


  97. Magic Potion

    Magic Potion18 時間 前

    "Meow meow meow...meow meow"

  98. Lionel Angelo Udyana

    Lionel Angelo Udyana18 時間 前

    The FUCK, Rendang is a special INDONESIAN food

  99. OhNoItsMeAgain

    OhNoItsMeAgain18 時間 前

    Dude, your not really supposed to call them aunty unless you have kids with you, kids usually call them aunty or if you’ve known for a long time or since you yourself was a child. Btw none of your food is Malaysian style. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but all the ladies seem to think your a total idiot.

  100. OhNoItsMeAgain

    OhNoItsMeAgain18 時間 前

    And it’s not a combo of all Asian places, it’s its own style.

  101. OhNoItsMeAgain

    OhNoItsMeAgain18 時間 前

    Plz just call them all by their names

  102. Good Morning

    Good Morning19 時間 前

    Really enjoy watching you vid. Love it👍👍