Gordon Ramsay Eats Some of the Worst Food EVER On Hotel Hell | Compilation


  1. Tomato Party

    Tomato Party2 時間 前

    I want to hug purple shirt

  2. Jarrett Simoneaux

    Jarrett Simoneaux5 時間 前

    Come to my house Chef Ramsey!! You will not be disappointed!!

  3. Chris A

    Chris A13 時間 前

    From 4:48 to 5:10 that’s what she said

  4. charles thomas

    charles thomas20 時間 前

    800$ a night? I would have fucked that place up

  5. Ali azhar Abdool rahim

    Ali azhar Abdool rahim22 時間 前

    A karen who is a server How the tables have turned

  6. JaroodTheFab

    JaroodTheFab22 時間 前

    7:13 the smile on his face after he made that joke xD

  7. MinatoSpeed

    MinatoSpeed23 時間 前

    I just want Gordon to call me darling UwU

  8. Hubert Sean

    Hubert Sean日 前

    I don't wanna be that guy, but pretty sure most waiters and customers who were asked to give their opinions are just faking their critiques in order to sound sophisticated and to have their five seconds of Fame on camera. Wow.

  9. charles thomas

    charles thomas20 時間 前

    I don’t want to be that guy but, Who cares?

  10. Eric Ibe

    Eric Ibe日 前

    The background music makes it sound better 😭😂 4:31

  11. Katie Lamborghini

    Katie Lamborghini日 前

    7:02 is that just for him or is it one that they use to serve the costumers?

  12. black uchiha

    black uchiha日 前

    I like sushi but she made it look nasty

  13. Ariel Crosby

    Ariel Crosby日 前

    that old lady looks like my third grade teacher

  14. Bmw 8 series

    Bmw 8 series日 前

    my 6 year old cousin can cook burgers how tf can you not cook a burger it of all the meat dishes litterally is the easiest to cook

  15. Fishy Noscoper

    Fishy Noscoper日 前

    I love how Gordon goes out to eat the worst food in the world for our entertainment

  16. Derek Liu

    Derek Liu日 前

    2:46 Woman: "she was the best chef ever" Gordon:"I'm sitting right here bitch"

  17. Silly Playz

    Silly Playz日 前

    “dO yOu LiKiNg?” 😂

  18. Ji Hirano

    Ji Hirano日 前

    'do you want to get this away?' 'as quick as possible' i'm wheezing. gordon's a savage. lmao

  19. Kenzi

    Kenzi日 前

    thats limper than my grandads dick lmaooo gordon dont give af

  20. Mark Denis

    Mark Denis日 前

    I swear one of the chef's (Suki?) Gordon gave her and her husband a flat

  21. Hope Cote

    Hope Cote日 前

    What's Jamie Lynn Spears doing working in that Restaurant...😆

  22. TroopR

    TroopR日 前

    The people that make the cakes I bet was Lidl’s fresh bakery 😂

  23. boc813

    boc8132 日 前

    "Dreadful" is such a fantastic word.

  24. Marjun Bingcula

    Marjun Bingcula2 日 前

    So scripted..that waitress always in every restaurant..

  25. swagstar 07

    swagstar 072 日 前


  26. Arjun Dilger

    Arjun Dilger2 日 前

    I’ve had sushi with Strawberries, and it was actually delicious. So it can be done right.

  27. PeanutButterCone

    PeanutButterCone2 日 前

    Cream cheese in sushi, I can somehow get behind it. Cream cheese with fish in sushi, I'm gonna send the chef to the gulag.

  28. Roast

    Roast2 日 前

    i have wached him so much i know when he will say dreadful and other stuff lmao

  29. Clockd556

    Clockd5562 日 前

    These comments are literal gold

  30. Olympia Wood

    Olympia Wood2 日 前

    "This is limper than my grandad's dick" I'm cryinggg

  31. Joseph Dennihy

    Joseph Dennihy2 日 前

    What’s the second clip from? What episode

  32. shucks me fok

    shucks me fok2 日 前

    He orders crab cakes because he knows they are difficult to make

  33. Oscar D. Lisboa

    Oscar D. Lisboa2 日 前

    "Its limper than my grandads dick" Gordon Ramsey whenever this was aired

  34. מור לוי

    מור לוי2 日 前

    If this is so bad why the hell do you keep eat?????omg

  35. Jacky Lam

    Jacky Lam2 日 前

    Watching this makes me wonder if Gordon ever eats anything lol he probably leaves a restaurant still starving

  36. Enerio Edward

    Enerio Edward2 日 前

    I like how he say those mean words yet still respectful at the same time

  37. Troy Ochavo

    Troy Ochavo2 日 前

    If your in the Philippines your dead for sure

  38. Anonymous Art

    Anonymous Art2 日 前

    I’m supposed to tell you the truth right?

  39. Britloves Quincy

    Britloves Quincy3 日 前

    The sushi one was hilarious

  40. Night Faller

    Night Faller3 日 前

    I had a salmon and cream cheese roll once and it tasted just like a ham sandwich. Needless to say I had food poisoning for a whole 2 days. Was not happy...

  41. Mr Webbo

    Mr Webbo3 日 前

    Tell me why her ‘hello’ sounds like balloon boys ‘hello’ from five nights at Freddie’s 3

  42. Jesper Moerland

    Jesper Moerland3 日 前

    I like about gorden that he just eats it even wen jts garbige

  43. Shoto Todoroki

    Shoto Todoroki3 日 前

    Me:hm! That actually looks pretty awe- Ramsay:disgusting Me:disgusting

  44. I Scott

    I Scott2 日 前

    Please don't

  45. Kyle Nguyen

    Kyle Nguyen3 日 前

    bruh, sushi is sushi

  46. NikoNiko Nee

    NikoNiko Nee3 日 前

    What the...

  47. Pantherking

    Pantherking3 日 前

    "Wait, there's no way this is gonna fit in my mouth"......why does it sound like that's not the first time she's said that? And who the ever loving fuck serves HALF a dessert & then has the audacity to charge nearly $80 for something they didn't even make in the first place? And don't get me started on $800 for a room to be served food in a take out box! And did I hear right? The previous chef left because she had to buy produce on her own credit card? You're in business how exactly??????? W T A F dude!!!!!!!

  48. Raeesah Motara

    Raeesah Motara3 日 前

    Does anyone else just watch all of these getting angry at the chefs, like how hard can it be to cook it properly 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ Then you realise your no way close to their shit level, but ramsay has empowered you to not accept anything below perfect when watching the show whilst eating crap at home

  49. The MockingJay

    The MockingJay3 日 前

    When the girl comes with that dress i have different think lol

  50. Memes But Dead

    Memes But Dead3 日 前

    at 7:01 did i seriously see that guy drink out of one of the water jugs for the tables after saying his restaurant is better than 90 of other restaurants

  51. ADoseOfDiffrent r

    ADoseOfDiffrent r4 日 前

    "That's limper then my gandads dick"......😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

  52. ADoseOfDiffrent r

    ADoseOfDiffrent r4 日 前

    "It's pretty big, how am I gonna fit this in my mouth"....... I Died!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

  53. ExoGhost

    ExoGhost4 日 前


  54. Tanisha Rouse

    Tanisha Rouse4 日 前

    Employees hesitant to eat where they work is always alarming. Red flag, walk away!

  55. lee2217

    lee22174 日 前

    That prick was so happy that his cakes were bought in

  56. Arwy

    Arwy4 日 前

    take away puke box😂😂😂 damn this guy really maestro in Insulting arts HAHAHAHA

  57. Federico Olivares

    Federico Olivares4 日 前

    Being asian does not mean you can cook sushi.... knowing how to cook sushi means you can cook sushi.

  58. Clash_Edits

    Clash_Edits4 日 前

    It's a hotel not a 5 star restaurant

  59. romina brsa

    romina brsa4 日 前

    well at least ITS NOT FUCKING RAW..

  60. Jon Einar Mattias Visser

    Jon Einar Mattias Visser4 日 前

    It's funny how I can even cook better😂 (I know because people have liked it before; that was mostly family and friends). And I'm just an 18 year old boy who likes cooking and is self taught. Wow.

  61. Braden Blankenship

    Braden Blankenship4 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay:eats *Mc Donald’s* Also Gordon:dog sh;t,couldn’t be any worse,GARBAGE,WHERES YOU MANAGER The 2 country guys in the back:idk what he’s talkin about but this is good. Pizza Hut across the street:thank god he’s not coming over here...

  62. Braden Blankenship

    Braden Blankenship4 日 前

    Alright someone please give this man a Mc chicken.

  63. Roger Olson

    Roger Olson4 日 前

    Limper than my grand dad's dick

  64. Trinitive

    Trinitive5 日 前

    Is it me or does Lindsey Wright look like Kelly Rohrbach from Baywatch?

  65. Annabelle Rose

    Annabelle Rose5 日 前

    Gordon: that’s limper than my granddads dick! Me*eating 2 day old Chinese food warmed up in the mic* BiTcH dIsGuStiNg

  66. Isabella de Lima Nantua

    Isabella de Lima Nantua5 日 前

    He's complaining about the sushi but in brazil we eat everything that lady cooked hahahaha fried sushi, sushi with Nutella and strawberries (without fish), huge sushis that don't fit in the mouth.... so funny

  67. Blood OPtic

    Blood OPtic5 日 前

    That’s limper than my grandpas dick 😂

  68. • Pepe •

    • Pepe •5 日 前

    5:38 this is one of the best episodes.

  69. Dcjoe94

    Dcjoe945 日 前

    Cough cough honestly where’s your full episode half way through your awesomeness the episode changed to some crappier version of last nights dinner 🥘

  70. Emanuel Panarisi

    Emanuel Panarisi5 日 前

    The only a sympatick Karen

  71. ZxXRAYxZ

    ZxXRAYxZ5 日 前

    I like how Gordon is so nice to the servers. Most people get mad at the server for food that the cooks in the kitchen made.

  72. Makrothymia

    Makrothymia5 日 前

    I wonder what Gordon thinks of chicken sashimi in Japan..lol

  73. CurseReversed

    CurseReversed5 日 前

    That's limper than my granddad's dick lmfao

  74. Ivan Ivanov

    Ivan Ivanov5 日 前

    Fuck man, that first girl looks like porn actor from one movie, shes insanely hot and sexy. Fuck the food.

  75. omega chungus

    omega chungus6 日 前

    7:18 perhaps we treated you to harshly

  76. Shash

    Shash6 日 前

    Dude that beef Wellington at the end makes me drool

  77. Dawid Majka

    Dawid Majka6 日 前

    FrIed SaMoOn wITh crEAm chEESe

  78. Yzzami

    Yzzami6 日 前


  79. Bro Jo

    Bro Jo6 日 前

    The one thing he did right he didn't even do 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  80. Rick Schaap

    Rick Schaap6 日 前

    I am 16 and i can cook better

  81. Gzus70

    Gzus706 日 前

    I doing my best and I respeca rice.

  82. Joseph Holmes

    Joseph Holmes6 日 前

    Wow that’s limper than my grandads dick 😂🤣😂

  83. Inachu Ikimasho

    Inachu Ikimasho6 日 前

    7:16 fried but it turns out all soggy.