Gordon Ramsay Disgusted At 'Bomb Burger' | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Rishabh Vailaya

    Rishabh Vailaya7 時間 前

    The waitress looks like Reagan Foxx lol

  2. Buddy the Bulldog

    Buddy the Bulldog7 時間 前

    Was anyone else watching this while starving hungry

  3. XDGhosted

    XDGhosted12 時間 前

    no violin? am disappoint

  4. D-Day Fitness

    D-Day Fitness13 時間 前

    It’s either AMAZING or DISGUSTING! There’s no in between with this guy!

  5. Roblox adventurer

    Roblox adventurer14 時間 前

    Gordon Ramsay is the type of person to eat a burger using a fork and knife

  6. awsome springy cool guy

    awsome springy cool guy14 時間 前


  7. Thebajwaseries Bahabo

    Thebajwaseries Bahabo14 時間 前

    So no one is going to mention that they served him oodles and noodles with that wet burger

  8. Daniel Anderson

    Daniel Anderson17 時間 前

    Imagine chef Ramsay critiquing his sexual experiences. “Of, fuck me, that was ghastly, hideous. There was no seasoning, like they have no passion. And I’m still horny!”

  9. Zacks

    Zacks20 時間 前

    Dude every calamary's i eat was chewy,like wtf it still taste good

  10. Quincy Hughes

    Quincy Hughes日 前

    The fact that he ordered mac and cheese suggests he definitely had scouts come in ahead and discover that the mac and cheese was kraft. Seems far too convenient for it to have been an accident.

  11. Derping Flamingo

    Derping Flamingo日 前

    2:31 the way the chef smiles so confidently unknowingly before his most popular creation is ripped to shreds by Gordon

  12. 洛璃

    洛璃日 前

    To be honest... It doesn't look that bad...?

  13. Kiri Kiri

    Kiri Kiri日 前

    *Umm... Squid is supposed to be chewy... Its my favorite food and um.. ive never had squid that wasnt chewy..and ive eaten it raw and fried*

  14. Michelle 0

    Michelle 0日 前

    It’s called the bomb burger because after you eat it you will be in the toilet for years

  15. A S

    A S日 前

    All of the staff are retards.

  16. A S

    A S日 前

    This woman is an idiot.

  17. POB108

    POB108日 前

    2:43 I called it the “ NASTY PATTY “

  18. Joe McCann

    Joe McCann日 前

    How do you make ground beef chewy?????

  19. Roy Thomas

    Roy Thomas日 前

    Bruh even we know that’s Microwave Kraft MAC N Cheese lol

  20. The Voodoo Child

    The Voodoo Child日 前

    Why is no one taliking about the gonebutnotforgotton.mp4 at the end

  21. Javier Luna

    Javier Luna日 前

    Looks like I'm gonna start other ramsey marathon for no reason

  22. Sage Cardinal

    Sage Cardinal日 前

    I hate that this is all staged.

  23. DGR PYRO

    DGR PYRO日 前

    Must watch jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-LPq6cCcTNpU.html

  24. Timothy Morgan

    Timothy Morgan日 前

    I fuckin hate mac an CHEESE Lazy Bitches

  25. Cyborg Soda

    Cyborg Soda日 前

    She's been there so long she has no will of her own. When. Asked to touch the food by Chef Ramsey she just couldn't bring herself to do it...even though he's critiquing the food 🤦🏾‍♂️

  26. William Franklin

    William Franklin日 前

    I find it weird that these places keep making the same mistakes. Rule #1 Don't freeze your food. Rule #2 Don't make your food ahead of time when it could be made to order. Fresh Food = Best Food Rule #3 Fire "Chef Mike". Don't even own a microwave. Rule #4 Keep your kitchen clean enough for a health inspector to come in at any time. Rule #5 Occasionally try your food so you make sure it isn't "a dog's breakfast".

  27. Stubby Stubbington

    Stubby Stubbington日 前

    Ew .

  28. Ben Hur

    Ben Hur日 前

    Those chair tips tho

  29. joe alanouf

    joe alanouf日 前

    The thing is. The food probably is good but Gordon Ransie is a world renown chef. So ofcorce it’s chewy and soft to him. So is his cock.

  30. Qui P

    Qui P21 時間 前

    Microwaved mac and cheese and frozen calimari. Doesn’t sound too good

  31. Mike

    Mike2 日 前

    Burger looks like chicken of the railyard

  32. Riley Tha G

    Riley Tha G2 日 前

    The server chick is pretty freakin hot. I'm also surprised he didn't say bland

  33. The Anything Cook

    The Anything Cook2 日 前

    The bomb burger 'BOMBED' 😳

  34. Sinner

    Sinner2 日 前

    Gordon ramsey makes me feel like a little kid disliking every meal

  35. Sinner

    Sinner22 時間 前

    @Unahim agree

  36. Unahim

    Unahim日 前

    He likes some on the show, but it is a show about failing restaurants called "kitchen nightmare", why wouldn't he often dislike the food there?

  37. Murk with a Smirk

    Murk with a Smirk2 日 前

    Imagine one time he actually likes even a piece of food on kitchen nightmares

  38. Silas

    Silas17 時間 前

    To be fair, he has liked a couple of things in Kitchen nightmares. IIRC one was a cake made by a (grand)mother in a Jamaican restaurant and another place he liked all the food but the image/management of the place was shoddy. (Again jamaican I think)

  39. Harsh Sason

    Harsh Sason2 日 前

    Did they just serve something not seasoned to Gordon Ramsay?

  40. BlakeL

    BlakeL2 日 前

    2:12 starving child cringe

  41. David Dimalanta

    David Dimalanta2 日 前


  42. Daniel Stack

    Daniel Stack2 日 前

    Just a bunch of calimari dumped on soggy lettuce

  43. Daniel Stack

    Daniel Stack2 日 前

    That's dreadful, poor kids... Damn.

  44. Choco Manger

    Choco Manger2 日 前

    Poor waitress. She's been working there for ten years and tells him honestly that the calamari is one of her favourite dishes. He tries it and says it's garbage, basically telling her that she has no taste.

  45. Yobot 21

    Yobot 212 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay: the meat is really chewy Me: what do you expect it to be hard

  46. Under Construction

    Under Construction2 日 前

    She fed him dollar store mac n cheese yooooo 😅😅😅👎

  47. Kenyatta Barton

    Kenyatta Barton2 日 前

    Watching this show makes me think i should open a restaurant. I mean I can microwave food too

  48. gaboignacio

    gaboignacio2 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay at the table, gets maccaroni n cheese in the microwave... Welp this is why I pay for internet.

  49. quackss

    quackss3 日 前

    That burger was America's secret weapon in a war.Ramsey snitched them out

  50. Scottie Pimpin

    Scottie Pimpin3 日 前

    Looks like the bomb burger *bombed*

  51. Prince_ TheSims

    Prince_ TheSims3 日 前

    That mac&cheese is Kraft Dinner for sure!

  52. Vladey Divak

    Vladey Divak3 日 前

    if he came to ohio all restaurant would close

  53. je187u

    je187u3 日 前

    Fuck off , fake Ramsey

  54. Ali_A_ The Alien

    Ali_A_ The Alien3 日 前

    What if the food actually Tastes good, and Ramsey is like nasty for ratings 🤣

  55. Ryan Ewald

    Ryan Ewald3 日 前

    *gets mac and cheese Gordon got the blues

  56. Aaronstark19

    Aaronstark193 日 前

    Confirmed Chef does NOT like Kraft Mac and cheese 😂

  57. ElitePlays

    ElitePlays3 日 前

    Im suprised they are even allowed to serve kraft mac n cheese in a restaraunt.

  58. Smokey 01

    Smokey 013 日 前

    I thought eating pizza with a fork and knife was abnormal, but Gordon takes that to another level by eating it with burgers

  59. Julian D

    Julian D3 日 前

    Does he go and visit or do they ask him to visit?

  60. Julian D

    Julian D3 日 前

    Or does he just show up and give his opinion

  61. Roger Roger

    Roger Roger3 日 前

    “I don’t really think I should be touching the food” Like what

  62. Anxious Erin

    Anxious Erin3 日 前

    I wanna be as brave as this girl that serves Gordon kraft Mac and cheese

  63. Javo Moto

    Javo Moto3 日 前

    Is it called the bomb because it looks like someone dropped a bomb on it?

  64. Arapaima Gold

    Arapaima Gold3 日 前

    The calamari was fucked

  65. Ray Daniel

    Ray Daniel3 日 前

    A lot of restaurants I delivered to in Connecticut ordered frozen calamari straight from China.

  66. Ray Daniel

    Ray Daniel3 日 前

    25lb boxes