Gordon Ramsay Disgusted At 'Bomb Burger' | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Random Person

    Random Person2 時間 前

    It's like the chefs there are worse than a home cook.

  2. Nick h

    Nick h3 時間 前

    2:53 I don't like that eather

  3. Shell E.

    Shell E.4 時間 前

    I can’t with the added sound effects 😂

  4. Josh Holmes

    Josh Holmes7 時間 前

    Think they would step it up when gordon is in their resteraunt. Lol makes me think this is all fake idk

  5. Mr BeauKashi

    Mr BeauKashi9 時間 前

    The waitresses tho

  6. Luxiless

    Luxiless22 時間 前

    "That doesnt even taste like it's been cooked *here*" "We dont make the mac n cheese here." "Is that a big hit?" "Its-the kids eat it" "*osht rlly?*"

  7. TPAGaming

    TPAGaming22 時間 前

    what was that at 2:59 my girl got talents

  8. GILBERT Hernandez

    GILBERT Hernandez23 時間 前

    The bomb, bombed.

  9. Crushes you between my world destroying thighs.mp4

    Crushes you between my world destroying thighs.mp4日 前

    Did they serve him boxed Mac and cheese? I mean that shits good fresh but microwaved? Fuck me that’s weak

  10. Justice

    Justice日 前

    Why is everyone so mad that he sends back food? Is Gordon supposed to consume 4 plates of entrees?

  11. Kayla Colen

    Kayla Colen日 前

    Why did he dissect his burger???

  12. MarvelCinematicUniverseFan115

    MarvelCinematicUniverseFan115日 前

    “The kids eat it” “Oh shit really? Ah yeah that’s dreadful, poor kids, damn?

  13. Eddie Shredder

    Eddie Shredder日 前

    Gordon is one hideous looking human being.

  14. i t s m i m i

    i t s m i m i日 前

    when Gordon Ramsey is gonna try your food *Do not use a microwave*

  15. GEEXP

    GEEXP日 前

    “That has to be an insult to every mother in America” Not my mama

  16. Jay Ice

    Jay Ice日 前

    I mean he done a good toast bun

  17. Lisa Sierra

    Lisa Sierra日 前

    I understand Gordon doesn’t like the food and I agree with him, but they waste so much food! They just throw it out give it to a homeless person

  18. janet smith

    janet smith日 前

    It’s not a great filling your not cooking it your rather useing a microwave or its frozen and your not even seasoning it

  19. Poké Sonic Plush Videos

    Poké Sonic Plush Videos2 日 前

    Kids Don't Eat Mac And Cheese In This Restaurant Only If It Is Old And Tastes Weared Do Not Try it Or Leave It

  20. Sen Lucifer

    Sen Lucifer2 日 前

    I feel like this man is just saying it isn’t good for popularity.

  21. Brenna Theunicorn

    Brenna Theunicorn2 日 前

    Ramsey is saying the truth 😂

  22. Krish Dutta

    Krish Dutta2 日 前


  23. yelper 185 g

    yelper 185 g2 日 前

    Gordon hates everything. He probably has sex with his lady and says that was a disgrace and dreadfull.

  24. Frettchen YT

    Frettchen YT2 日 前

    Why does the pepper in front of Gordon look like a dildo at the beginning

  25. itzs_kia

    itzs_kia2 日 前

    The Mac and chees is kraft

  26. Don’t click my profile picture

    Don’t click my profile picture2 日 前

    looks like a cockroach in the burger in the thumbnail and believe me when i say i have a lot of goddamn experience with cockroaches it looks very similar to one

  27. HUmaN iMboDiEmeNt oF MemeS

    HUmaN iMboDiEmeNt oF MemeS2 日 前

    Gordon is like a metal detector for microwaved food. 🕵️

  28. PeePee2000

    PeePee20002 日 前

    they "bomb" it alright :)

  29. Lydia

    Lydia2 日 前

    I’m just scrolling through this comment section thinking: damn I wish I said that

  30. Durr Burger

    Durr Burger2 日 前

    *eats burger with fork*

  31. Maurilia Torres

    Maurilia Torres2 日 前

    Us: *eats burger normally* Gordan ramsy: *epicly eats Whit a fork*

  32. snxwy

    snxwy3 日 前

    Me: That looks good. Gordon Ramsey: DISGUSTING Me: DISGUSTING

  33. Extreme USK

    Extreme USK3 日 前

    The chef is high as hell

  34. Tahlia Pearson

    Tahlia Pearson3 日 前


  35. shaniya e.

    shaniya e.3 日 前

    What do you mean by "I just hope he doesn't run to the bathroom." Are you that ignorant? 🤦🏾‍♀️

  36. Keenan Pather

    Keenan Pather3 日 前

    You could see the food was crap even before Gordon Ramsay tasted it

  37. Rey Alexander

    Rey Alexander3 日 前

    Why do these restaurants look like just house with tables and stuff.

  38. 77 34

    77 343 日 前

    Bruh if a restaurant can't even make a proper Mac and cheese what do you expect from the rest of the food

  39. cosprgsguy 123

    cosprgsguy 1233 日 前

    when he sends food back, can't the camera crew or someone eat it? I hate watching a plate of food scraped in the trash..

  40. JC Martinez

    JC Martinez3 日 前

    How are these types of restaurants surprised he doesnt like the food? They microwave Kraft mac and cheese they dont even make themselves. Frozen seafood deep fried in 2 minutes. Come on. If you're gonna be a below average restaurant with 100 menu choices, dont be surprised Gordon fucking Ramsay doesnt like it.

  41. Sultan Temory

    Sultan Temory3 日 前

    I copy you when my mum give me bad food

  42. Archer Frost

    Archer Frost4 日 前

    Kraft, after Gordon's feedback: 😢

  43. Wrath of Shiva

    Wrath of Shiva4 日 前

    Fresh not frozen fuck theres 8 billion people on earth who the fuck does he think he is

  44. General Guile

    General Guile4 日 前

    such a fussy upper-class toff!! Either way this all looks staged

  45. Aj Caldwell

    Aj Caldwell4 日 前

    Its Kraft mac what do you expect.

  46. Channel D

    Channel D4 日 前

    Gordon can shout well ..mkes agud scene apart frm mkng gud food..so he can run mny tv shws

  47. Brian avila

    Brian avila5 日 前

    I'm glad for my restaurant its nice guys it's called mi tortia California in corona ca 92789 in the vons shopping center its clean great food fresh daily nd 5$ Micheladas all day go you have my word you won't regret it

  48. jabari kidd

    jabari kidd5 日 前

    They gave that man box mac n cheese tho ?😂

  49. Vanessa Elizabeth

    Vanessa Elizabeth5 日 前


  50. Goatbae

    Goatbae5 日 前

    Screw the food! Nobody in that kitchen has a hair net or gloves? The inside is disgusting. People are touching their faces and I can only imagine how they wash their hands. Ewwww! Just gross!

  51. Geff Bobb

    Geff Bobb5 日 前

    It cracks me up that Gordon eats a burger with a fork.

  52. Ffffffffsniperzzzz

    Ffffffffsniperzzzz5 日 前


  53. 「 ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴜɴɴʏ 」

    「 ʜᴏɴᴇʏ ʙᴜɴɴʏ 」5 日 前

    Everything that comes out of a microwave is cursed.

  54. John John

    John John5 日 前

    I bet gordon regrets eating at shitty restaurants only to slaughter toilets afterwards

  55. Lila saied

    Lila saied5 日 前

    hi whats the worst one you have ever been to

  56. Lila saied

    Lila saied5 日 前

    @John Doe just shut up like i even fuckng care u dont have to be so rude

  57. John Doe

    John Doe5 日 前

    Lila saied gordon ramsay most likely doesnt read these comments jsuk

  58. W Huds

    W Huds6 日 前

    Bomb burger went down like a BOMB hahaha fucking muppets

  59. John Rambatt

    John Rambatt6 日 前

    What season and episode is this from?

  60. Noah Laufer

    Noah Laufer6 日 前

    Gordon....you're a chef... It's Kraft Mac 'n Cheese...

  61. Youthsoldier1992

    Youthsoldier19926 日 前

    The American version of this show goes way too overboard with the music cues and all the sound effects. Try watching the British version, a lot more real.

  62. DRC Mir

    DRC Mir6 日 前

    The season and episode?