Gordon Ramsay Disgusted At 'Bomb Burger' | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Anthony Miriello

    Anthony Miriello2 時間 前

    'DREADFUL" Gordan Ramsay 2019

  2. Sablonanime

    Sablonanime19 時間 前

    Who serves Gordon microwaved blue box?!

  3. PixelBlade

    PixelBlade日 前

    "It's my favourite"

  4. meximatt hardin

    meximatt hardin日 前

    That chef served him kraft Mac and cheese and was looking at Gordon like “hope he’s impressed “😂😂

  5. jim cherry

    jim cherry2 日 前

    these people should not be cooking food

  6. Doraeno Bening

    Doraeno Bening2 日 前

    Well even though the food is bad i think the workplace is fine. There's rarely a waiter that stayed for years

  7. trevion browne

    trevion browne2 日 前

    Who else here at 3 am looking at the burger like 😍

  8. caitlenvaldez 11

    caitlenvaldez 112 日 前

    He even said about the mac and chesse " thats dreadful poor kids"

  9. Isaiah

    Isaiah3 日 前

    "bomb burger" more like bomb in the toilet

  10. Joel The mole

    Joel The mole3 日 前

    At least Gordon likes the bun

  11. BoiBeBassin

    BoiBeBassin3 日 前

    This is my least favorite servers on kitchen nightmares

  12. LE Is papa

    LE Is papa3 日 前

    It looks like theirs worms in the burger in thumbnail

  13. Enz

    Enz4 日 前

    Only in america people go restraunt to eat food from a microwave

  14. BoiBeBassin

    BoiBeBassin3 日 前

    *go to America and see for yourself*

  15. AestheticSloth

    AestheticSloth4 日 前

    Well not everyone. If we pay full price for a microwaved meal it can easily go back without pay and shit reviews Now value menus? For sure, a $2 meal probably should be microwaved

  16. Pj Ortiz

    Pj Ortiz4 日 前

    “Just like Mom used to make.....after a grocery trip from Aldi’s”

  17. Discord’s Apple

    Discord’s Apple4 日 前

    “Classic American” restaurant Serves Calamari

  18. magical011

    magical0114 日 前

    0:44 noice

  19. Gine BG

    Gine BG4 日 前

    Ngl Even tho the food is disgusting They actually loooks tasty

  20. #JulioJones 11

    #JulioJones 114 日 前

    I am not making the food I am not serving it. Yeah but you did suggest the kids eat it to defend your poor quality in food, and then you suggest that the fried calamari was good, yet that wasn't true? Therefore, you are partially to blame. At least the Chef admits that he is wrong, unlike you who is in denial.

  21. Nick Gurts

    Nick Gurts5 日 前

    poor kids :(((

  22. SouthafricanPride

    SouthafricanPride5 日 前

    They literally got a bank loan to open and run this bullshit. My God



    Don’t like the waiter I. This

  24. Freddy Pizza

    Freddy Pizza5 日 前

    that server is gorgeous

  25. Mr Review

    Mr Review5 日 前

    I love that they always add the gloopy sound effects, when ever I eat out it disappoints me that my food doesn't sound like that

  26. Compete ToDefeat

    Compete ToDefeat5 日 前

    LOL that's boxed mac n cheese... how pathetic can it get.

  27. James Donovan

    James Donovan5 日 前

    This waitress is slightly odd...

  28. Stickbug

    Stickbug5 日 前

    The funny thing is the Mac and cheese was Kraft. He insulted the kids of America by saying that.

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  30. Graham

    Graham6 日 前

    You'd really think that at this point, the people cooking in these kitchens for Gordon would know that he can tell the difference between microwaved food and freshly cooked food. If you're hiring him to bring him into your establishment temporarily to find out the problems and wrinkle out the kinks, that that'd probably be where you should start before even contacting his agents lol. Like, they have to know that this shit is going to be recorded, and bad publicity can ruin a restaurant more than none. You seriously don't want to show the public your microwave food! "It's embarrasing because those are our most popular dishes. I was really shocked..." Lets see, you microwaved mac and cheese, heated up frozen calamari, and have a chewy burger lol.

  31. DeeReedz

    DeeReedz6 日 前

    its the bomb booger

  32. Tone

    Tone6 日 前

    Did they just send out boxed Kraft mac and cheese dinner to chef? Lol that is a disgrace.

  33. Colin Calabrese

    Colin Calabrese6 日 前

    Can’t he just eat a burger normally

  34. 577

    5776 日 前

    Are y’all really telling me these people had the balls to serve Chef Gordon Ramsay boxed Kraft mac and cheese

  35. Alli Mckoy

    Alli Mckoy6 日 前

    "The calamari is my favorite " *Gordon rips it to shreads*

  36. Johnathon Wiseman

    Johnathon Wiseman6 日 前

    Probably wasn’t even name brand mac n cheese outta the box lol

  37. Karma_Cat

    Karma_Cat7 日 前

    00:01 I love the POV with the wooden d*ck LOL

  38. Chanandler Bong

    Chanandler Bong7 日 前

    Everybody Gangsta until the Kraft Mac & Cheese comes out...

  39. Fayde

    Fayde7 日 前

    the burger looks like it would turn my butthole into a bomb

  40. Alan Penney

    Alan Penney8 日 前

    Ramsey is a prick because the foid is not good for him it wont be hes a top chef.

  41. Matt G

    Matt G6 日 前

    You donkey

  42. Go Renatek!Go Renatek!

    Go Renatek!Go Renatek!8 日 前

    Who tf eats hambvrger with fork???lkl disgusting ramzshit

  43. Nick Mantel

    Nick Mantel8 日 前

    I love it when the head chef tastes the burger and goes "Yeah he's right...." Like yeah the world-class chef probably knows what he's talking about and you're just trying to make it seem like you do lol

  44. Benji Hannah

    Benji Hannah8 日 前

    That macaroni eating edit tho. 🤮 Edit: sorry. All of it!

  45. Caden Harmsen

    Caden Harmsen8 日 前

    isnt squid supposed to be soft and chewy?

  46. S S

    S S8 日 前

    I'm not a chef and I can make a burgher oh come on!

  47. Comedy Apprentice

    Comedy Apprentice8 日 前

    "Everyone loves the bomb" lmao

  48. 4eVR CHAOS

    4eVR CHAOS8 日 前

    I think its pretty cool when he knows somethings frozen, or been cooked in the microwave

  49. Extreme Gaming

    Extreme Gaming9 日 前

    Do I just eat shit food cuz a lot of the food Gordon scoffs at seems like stuff I would eat

  50. The Beast aka The Cobra

    The Beast aka The Cobra5 日 前

    He is used to fancy foods.

  51. Ashley Cooper

    Ashley Cooper9 日 前

    Its OnE O Mah Favoratzzz!! 0_0

  52. Robert Marshall Jr

    Robert Marshall Jr9 日 前

    Gordon ended Kraft

  53. SageModeisOn

    SageModeisOn9 日 前

    I used to be a server ... I’d hate the cooks in the back to screw my tables food .. I just want them to be happy so I can get a tip.. just being real.

  54. L Ron Howard

    L Ron Howard9 日 前

    Gordon: *dives his hands into the filthiest corners of walk-ins* Also Gordon: *eats a burger with a knife and fork*

  55. CRENO K

    CRENO K5 日 前

    Professionals have standards

  56. •Šuni Študios•

    •Šuni Študios•9 日 前

    Workers: i think we do a pretty good job Me: well your not doing a pretty good job if the food you make is frozen and just microwaved. 😒

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    Nikhil Kumar Sahu10 日 前

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  58. Anna Bogorodchenko

    Anna Bogorodchenko10 日 前


  59. Ok

    Ok11 日 前

    the reason its called a bomb burger is that it will make your stomach blow up

  60. Mobile Ninja Ho

    Mobile Ninja Ho11 日 前

    By the looks of it I rather eat a bomb

  61. MJC Karstens

    MJC Karstens11 日 前

    What do you recommend? The calamari is my favourite....then throws up a bit in her mouth when she asked to try some 🤣🤣

  62. Nutcase201

    Nutcase20111 日 前

    Who TF dissects a burger instead of taking a bite out of it???

  63. Zyrog

    Zyrog11 日 前

    kids are picky as shit, i don't see the issue in having a kraft services mac n cheese to appeal to them, lots of restaurants do it.

  64. Z O D I Y A K

    Z O D I Y A K11 日 前

    Gordon: *Opens garbage can* Gordon: IT’S *STINKING*

  65. ღSailor Allyღ

    ღSailor Allyღ12 日 前

    Did they just serve Kraft mac and cheese to Gordon Ramsay i-

  66. sophia watkins

    sophia watkins12 日 前

    Barefoot Bob's Beach Grill in Hull, Massachusetts which appeared on season 6 of has closed. It appears the restaurant closed sometime in December 2016 as that was when their last Facebook post was on their page. The restaurant didn't announce they were closing and there isn't any information on why they closed, but they are marked closed on Yelp and other sites. Barefoot Bob's dropped a lot of Gordon Ramsay's suggestions and changes after he left and they went back to their tiki theme. Despite this, the restaurant still lasted for more than four years after the makeover.

  67. GeneralBeta

    GeneralBeta11 日 前

    I'm wondering... Do you appreciate Gordon Ramsay showing up and trying to help, or is there another reason for you to present us this information? Not that I don't appreciate it, I just find this very intriguing.

  68. Michael K.

    Michael K.12 日 前

    Ramsay: "That has to be an insult to every mother..." Me: *thinking* Not sure if you've met all mothers...

  69. Master Ikem

    Master Ikem12 日 前

    More like "Bootyass burger"

  70. Michał Bobrowski

    Michał Bobrowski12 日 前

    I really don't know what people love in mac and cheese, it's a tasteless, disgusting pile of fat.

  71. True Creator

    True Creator13 日 前

    Everyone likes the bomb burger... yet here they are needing help from Gordon Ramsay lol

  72. Michael McIntyre

    Michael McIntyre13 日 前

    Put episode numbers on the clips please

  73. jay

    jay13 日 前

    macawoni cheese” lol

  74. dzefdet

    dzefdet14 日 前

    Jesus that salt thingy at the beginning looks like a dildo....

  75. NoubyScrub

    NoubyScrub14 日 前

    "I think we do a good job" Pre-made, microwaved Kraft mac'n'cheese Frozen calamari Unseasoned burger, that looks like one of those prepackaged frozen burgers.

  76. randomguy6679

    randomguy66799 日 前

    That's an insult to pre packaged frozen burgers

  77. makoto tatsuya

    makoto tatsuya14 日 前

    give that food to homeless people than throwing straight in bin

  78. Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate13 日 前

    yeah but homeless people don't deserve that kind of food _it's gross_

  79. Sports5561

    Sports556114 日 前

    I love how he hardly ever has any complaints about servers.

  80. macyn logan

    macyn logan14 日 前

    She said "SeaSOn iT?" Like wtf?!

  81. AB A

    AB A15 日 前

    Junk food must be junky 🤦‍♂️

  82. Quinn Hamilton

    Quinn Hamilton15 日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-bt2_2UQroio.html Chopped quarantine edition 😂😂😂

  83. Sidney j

    Sidney j15 日 前

    “Dreadful, poor kids damn.” NAHH WHAT I DIED 🤣🤣

  84. Ken Roberts

    Ken Roberts16 日 前

    poor kids xd

  85. Ale X

    Ale X16 日 前

    Even an idiot would have the common sense to season a burger

  86. Ale X

    Ale X16 日 前

    Ok what kind of restaurant serves microwaved kraft Mac and cheese. That’s just sad

  87. Fly Time Aviation

    Fly Time Aviation16 日 前

    My sister who is 10 makes WAYYYY better Mac and Cheese than that sh*t

  88. Natalie Renee

    Natalie Renee16 日 前

    They served the most highly regarded chef in the entire world...boxed Mac and cheese that they made in the microwave. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  89. 24gonzalezag 101

    24gonzalezag 10116 日 前

    I would want to dare Gordon Ramsey to not swear for an entire day

  90. Dean Clark

    Dean Clark16 日 前

    Every time Gordon touches the food, there’s always that squish noise. I love it lmao

  91. angelisoncrack

    angelisoncrack16 日 前

    Yo Kraft mac n cheese is the shit but for Kraft selling it at the grocery store for like a buck and some change for a cup and me eating it in the dark at 3am NOT at a restaurant peddling it out at what I’m going to assume is over $8 leaning towards $10.

  92. Fins17

    Fins1717 日 前

    “Is it homemade” “tHe kIdS eAt iT”

  93. Brian Paquin

    Brian Paquin18 日 前

    I love that Gordon loves macaroni and cheese. That's just REAL ❤ also who serves rice as a burger side? 🤦‍♂️

  94. Eduardo Navarro

    Eduardo Navarro18 日 前

    He eats a burger with a fork and knife? How can anyone take this guy serious?

  95. Chris Wheatley

    Chris Wheatley19 日 前

    I guess you could say it... *bombed*

  96. 食ベるケツを

    食ベるケツを19 日 前

    "Poor Kids" Holy shit😆😆😆

  97. Tyler M.

    Tyler M.19 日 前

    Gordon: Is that a big hit? Waitress: “The kids eat it...” Gordon: Shit... really??

  98. Veronica Villanueva

    Veronica Villanueva20 日 前

    I feel bad for the kids who ate that Mac and cheese

  99. Veronica Villanueva

    Veronica Villanueva20 日 前

    Everything they cooked looked really gross i would never let my kids eat that

  100. HoneyBadgarDontGive

    HoneyBadgarDontGive20 日 前

    No salt or pepper lmaooooooo what the fuckkkk

  101. Donovan

    Donovan21 日 前

    Gordon says he hates American food. But he ordered the mac and cheese. *HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.*



    Server: that’ll be all? Gordon: brilliant Me: 👁👄👁 THATS NOT AN ANSWER

  103. Jonathan Gonzalez

    Jonathan Gonzalez20 日 前

    In the UK it is

  104. Tyrues

    Tyrues21 日 前

    Why would he order a burger just to eat the patty :thonk:

  105. RoshanYTz

    RoshanYTz20 日 前

    Because he is Gordon Fucking Ramsay😂

  106. Charles Yak

    Charles Yak21 日 前


  107. Michael Sarzen

    Michael Sarzen21 日 前

    bruh they literally gave him kraft mac n cheese

  108. Blake Corea

    Blake Corea21 日 前

    They waitress looks like she does meth lol

  109. JustinKimVlOGS

    JustinKimVlOGS21 日 前

    What is that restaurant called

  110. JSMfitness

    JSMfitness21 日 前

    I love how the chefs get annoyed like ur serving shit don't take it out of the pan