Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Key Cooking Skills


  1. Dwi pamungkas

    Dwi pamungkas2 時間 前


  2. Teguh EsBlack#01

    Teguh EsBlack#013 時間 前

    Goblog dancuk

  3. Kamuran Deliormanli

    Kamuran Deliormanli5 時間 前

    1:16 She must have some Vegeteranian tendences :)))

  4. i like turtles

    i like turtles10 時間 前

    1:18 me in every math class ever

  5. Matthew Hawksworth

    Matthew Hawksworth10 時間 前

    Brain Surgeon, Ninja, James Bond, Olympic Rings Gymnast, F-15 Fighter Plot, what do all of these people have in common

  6. Samuel Boardman

    Samuel Boardman10 時間 前

    1:19: The poor Indian woman’s face😂

  7. iSmooth YT

    iSmooth YT11 時間 前

    1:16 I think the girl in watching has just shit herself

  8. DiMENS Anikay

    DiMENS Anikay13 時間 前

    Never thought watching Gordon slice through food would be such a satisfying video. I can literally watch it on repeat

  9. Ninjas Chill

    Ninjas Chill13 時間 前

    1:39 🧿🧿 -

  10. [][]

    [][]15 時間 前

    Mission secure the pepper never ever had I thought a pepper was so valuable

  11. Brid.

    Brid.17 時間 前

    after watching this i ask my self if im breathing correctly?

  12. Ruben Levy Centeno

    Ruben Levy Centeno18 時間 前

    the fact i learned this all at 18 , in a restaurant i worked in 1 year , Crazy asf

  13. 30k_subs_ with no_videos_challenge

    30k_subs_ with no_videos_challenge20 時間 前

    Her face at 1:16 😂😂😂😂😂


    VIRAL MEMES20 時間 前

    Everyone is gangsta untill Bear Grills eats it Raw

  15. redstripe.ch

    redstripe.ch21 時間 前

    Then. Now. Stab everybody. Let the knive do the work.

  16. Letterman

    Letterman日 前

    This guy trying to copy Scheffier Bates voice


    LA MUERTE日 前


  18. Meriel Shann Bagaman

    Meriel Shann Bagaman日 前

    i wish i was the lobster. at least i died with dignity

  19. gO0se

    gO0se日 前

    why thumbnail crab

  20. biohazardous

    biohazardous日 前

    let the knife do the work let the knife do the work let the knife do the work let the knife do the work

  21. Davy Fixe turrell

    Davy Fixe turrell日 前

    Were is the lamb sauce

  22. Austin B

    Austin B日 前

    Looks like he got a cut on his finger 😳

  23. mafalda ponto gif

    mafalda ponto gif日 前

    I wish I could put as much love into anything like Gordon does with cooking.

  24. Juvon Dixon

    Juvon Dixon日 前

    Gordon: I dont wanna see any salmon left on the spine. Me: *sees skinny pieces of sallmon on spine left on*

  25. EzClap :D

    EzClap :D日 前

    Sushi is served



    Imagine him cutting a human

  27. Tiko

    Tiko日 前

    She looks so scared

  28. Gugu Tshabalala

    Gugu Tshabalala日 前

    "One leg, two leg, three leg..." 😂😂😂😂



    1:17 🤣🤣😂



    That girl Anika tho 👀 👄

  31. Dalton

    Dalton日 前

    So I've been cutting peppers wrong my whole life

  32. Sneeki

    Sneeki日 前

    Gordon: *cuts salmon neatly* Me: **CHOP CHOP TILL YOUR GUTS DROP**

  33. Itsyourboibloopersgang LOL

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  34. Akira Entertainment

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    Let the knife do the work.

  35. Aashrya Shrivastava

    Aashrya Shrivastava日 前

    Even if ramsay does something wrong, he will cover it up with so much confidence that it'll become the new recipe

  36. pinky boy

    pinky boy日 前

    It looks like Ramsay has a lot of scars on his fingers

  37. pinky boy

    pinky boy日 前

    Try at home: Cut a finger

  38. sans the comic

    sans the comic2 日 前

    I dont like see food besides popcorn shrimp but he makes things look good even if it is raw

  39. Cameron Hendley

    Cameron Hendley2 日 前

    12:06 wtf is that look

  40. Isaac Filonov

    Isaac Filonov2 日 前

    The First Lady looked so concerned 😟

  41. Ridhwan Syaafi

    Ridhwan Syaafi2 日 前

    Juices from the lobster wasted...😢

  42. Soft Trible

    Soft Trible2 日 前

    the poor animals.. .,.

  43. Harold J.K

    Harold J.K2 日 前

    The more you know.

  44. Chrisplays

    Chrisplays2 日 前

    12:04 She be looking at Gordon like 0_0

  45. Jesse Latrell

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  46. Fishy soldier

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  47. Fishy soldier

    Fishy soldier2 日 前

    The woman is like (^_-)

  48. Arnold Chlamydia

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  49. Kazoo Wolf

    Kazoo Wolf2 日 前

    The lobster looks like a big ass crayfish

  50. monkey crap

    monkey crap2 日 前

    Gordon: "Let the knife do the work" Me: "Knife go and cut the shit"

  51. Poushali chowdhury

    Poushali chowdhury2 日 前

    The fish cutting lessons reminded me of my Zoology practicals during my graduation.

  52. Gladys Villero

    Gladys Villero2 日 前

    Japanese chefs : *chuckles*

  53. Muah Muah

    Muah Muah2 日 前

    Damn his knife skill is amazing

  54. Marcus Aurelius

    Marcus Aurelius2 日 前

    “Secure the peppa”

  55. Google User

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    gordon : "chair, sit, relax, look infront, comfy, stand up, walk, beautiful"

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    축하합니다. 당신은 1.8만개의 댓글중 저를 찾으셨습니다

  57. moloko824

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    *Gordon after born* Tummy, out Let the life do the work

  58. noman ul haq Khan

    noman ul haq Khan3 日 前

    Vegans at first video Ok...its ok to kill animals...like that

  59. K

    K3 日 前

    His Hands:↘️⬅️↘️↖️↩↗️↘️⤴️↕️➡️⤵️↩↕️↔️⬅️⤴️↩↗️➡️⤴️↩⬆️↩⤴️↔️↗️↩⤴️↩⬆️↩⤴️↔️

  60. Mikaella

    Mikaella3 日 前

    Why he breathing so damn fast--

  61. OG Davy

    OG Davy3 日 前

    "Let the knife do the work" has the same energy as "switching to your pistol is faster than reloading"

  62. mink vimink

    mink vimink3 日 前

    nhin cug ngon

  63. mink vimink

    mink vimink3 日 前

    jfdghjur gbfkj fkrtjuij rtekpiguw8erfbac rietou834fb á deqkjtfhwer bv

  64. uriel ledesma

    uriel ledesma3 日 前

    F en el chat

  65. Sofija Koštrica

    Sofija Koštrica3 日 前

    I like thw white parts of the peppers 👁️👄👁️

  66. Oh hi Mark

    Oh hi Mark3 日 前

    “Keep head for presentation”

  67. Sam_Hm04

    Sam_Hm043 日 前

    I’ve only just noticed that Gordon is left handed! (at least when holding a knife)

  68. Angel Fallen

    Angel Fallen3 日 前

    I like how there was one guy in the back mimicking gordans movements

  69. cibi

    cibi3 日 前

    I want someone to talk about me the way Gordon Ramsey talks about his salmon..

  70. WateredWater

    WateredWater3 日 前

    gordon should go in netflix but i want him to go to The Final Dish.

  71. Razel Velasco

    Razel Velasco3 日 前

    no! i taste better than gordon ramsey, im hoping i would be one of his judges in show so i can show him how to taste better foods

  72. Ellis Dando

    Ellis Dando3 日 前

    Why does he earn a fortune when the knife does all the work ???

  73. Lil Dict

    Lil Dict3 日 前

    i finish the video without skiping because im so satisfied with the cuts i dont even know how to cook HAHAHA

  74. Bel The Purp

    Bel The Purp3 日 前

    Pepper secured

  75. Kyle Mane

    Kyle Mane3 日 前

    The “Let the knife do the work” is the key of the success

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  77. Amin M

    Amin M3 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay : cuts the fish as if it was butter Me : can’t even break an egg without messing

  78. Melvin Joseph

    Melvin Joseph3 日 前

    Everything he says about food makes it sound so sexy

  79. Anaxilius

    Anaxilius4 日 前

    8:30 "Down. We come IN to the fat... and we just PISS---" I'm sorry what? Later on... "There's the beautiful nut"

  80. Chelsea Sutherland

    Chelsea Sutherland4 日 前

    Gordon: filletted Me: fill -ayed *Also me questioning my knowledge since birth*

  81. Steven Lewis

    Steven Lewis4 日 前

    That poor salmon

  82. 謝嘉

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