Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates Key Cooking Skills


  1. Mat Recardo

    Mat Recardo59 分 前

    We're gonna cut 8 pork stakes from this loin. Cuts 4 and NOBODY says a word..... Never argue with the guy with the knife!

  2. hallowedend1

    hallowedend14 時間 前

    It's 4 in the fucking morning and I should be sleeping 😬

  3. Mac J

    Mac J6 時間 前

    Gordon favorite line: let the knife do the work.

  4. Kaisin12 1

    Kaisin12 17 時間 前

    Props to the guy who copied him to learn

  5. pmgodfrey

    pmgodfrey11 時間 前

    I will now cut my peppers as shown. So much easier.

  6. Black Rose

    Black Rose12 時間 前


  7. Persephone Katmanivong

    Persephone Katmanivong13 時間 前

    Is no one talking about 1:15 lmaooo her face

  8. LegendGamer Pro

    LegendGamer Pro14 時間 前

    Police:did you murder Josh? Me:I let the knife do the work

  9. BroomSquadENT

    BroomSquadENT14 時間 前

    *bruising the chives* christ im donw

  10. skoodildoodle

    skoodildoodle14 時間 前

    The knife got sharpness V on It holy crap

  11. BonadanAlloy

    BonadanAlloy15 時間 前

    12:03 is the pepper her uncle or something? horrified.

  12. HeXa Krak

    HeXa Krak16 時間 前

    1:14 that expression in her face xDDDD

  13. Mohammed Asif Abdulla

    Mohammed Asif Abdulla18 時間 前

    that woman was staring at him... hahaha hahaha...

  14. TheGamerBoy

    TheGamerBoy22 時間 前

    1:00 close your eyes and listen!

  15. tengtx

    tengtx23 時間 前

    that salmon head look weird. look like one of those farm salmon. disgusting.

  16. Gag O

    Gag O日 前

    Feel like a chef already!

  17. iseeolly

    iseeolly日 前

    Fucking brilliant mate.

  18. Joe Rob

    Joe Rob日 前

    Make sure those strokes are nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  19. Cat On a mat

    Cat On a mat日 前

    “Cut the tentacles”

  20. James de Jager

    James de Jager日 前

    This Mann makes it look so effortless

  21. Elmer Divinagracia Sr.

    Elmer Divinagracia Sr.日 前

    Saltbae vs gordon ramsay

  22. Ferdinand Bonghanoy

    Ferdinand Bonghanoy日 前

    The Indian Girl looks

  23. ScytherRaid

    ScytherRaid日 前

    Gordon:Clean Knife Clean Board Theres blood on the board!

  24. SolaraProject

    SolaraProject日 前

    If Chef Gordon cooked a Dog dish you would eat it, don't lie.

  25. TennTheBeardie

    TennTheBeardie日 前

    There is just one Indian-looking woman who looks at Gordon like “how the fuck you want me to do THAT?!”

  26. Chanell Buchanan

    Chanell Buchanan日 前

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  27. Travis Monk

    Travis Monk日 前


  28. Icicle Meefin

    Icicle Meefin日 前

    14:42 but i see green

  29. Sexy Hedgehog

    Sexy Hedgehog日 前

    I’m sure Gordon has demonstrated these on his less “cooperative” chefs.

  30. Grumpy Man

    Grumpy Man日 前

    1:43 bruh, that is not clean... I can prob have a decent meal with that and the head.

  31. Daniel Rivera

    Daniel Rivera日 前

    This was absolutely fascinating. I admire his knife skills and presicion and I don't even cook.

  32. Mega Bug Catcher Tony

    Mega Bug Catcher Tony日 前

    1:36 everyones like horrified its just a fucking salmon

  33. Evelyn Hernández

    Evelyn Hernández日 前

    The fact that he is bleeding from his fingers and still proceed to explain everything with neat professionalism is amusing. 👌🏻

  34. Tlapi Dragon

    Tlapi Dragon日 前

    Imagine seeing Gordon Ramsay before being put under for surgery

  35. callofdutymaster

    callofdutymaster日 前

    that lady is extremely overwhelmed with a specific emotion im unsure what of, shes close to the start with the salmon. Shes darker skinned (not racist dont want to assume nationality)

  36. Ferris Becirovic

    Ferris Becirovic日 前

    Jeez that woman at 1:18 looks scary

  37. J R

    J R日 前

    8:30 That literally sounds like he said, "...come in to the fat and we *just piss* ...in there..." Thanks for the tip, Gordon. Gotcha.

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  39. Dannyboy

    Dannyboy日 前

    That feeling when you finished work and look at perfection👌🏿👌🏿🤘🏿s/ o chef Ramsey entrepreneur motivation

  40. DJpepmar

    DJpepmar日 前

    that indian chick looks like shes watching a horror movie lol

  41. Nivesh Dongre

    Nivesh Dongre日 前

    Gordon Ramsay- let the knife do the work. Knife- oh shit here we go again

  42. tiarrr

    tiarrr日 前

    I'm wet

  43. Shimzy YT

    Shimzy YT2 日 前

    8:32 and we just piss in there

  44. NeO Anderson

    NeO Anderson2 日 前

    Me as a vegan @ 1:26

  45. pagina por favor

    pagina por favor2 日 前

    He was born with a curse of knowing how to cook everything perfectly, now he just makes up stuff to say and new ways to prepare things trying to get rid off the curse so sad:(

  46. Nikkoscreed

    Nikkoscreed2 日 前

    15:15 me pretending solving so the teacher wont call me for recitation

  47. xBlitzan

    xBlitzan2 日 前

    8:44 Gordon: “look at ur eye” Me: “ok buddy...”

  48. xBlitzan

    xBlitzan2 日 前

    5:55 my man be looking cross eyed on the right

  49. Signo Feng

    Signo Feng2 日 前

    I bet chefs have to be good in biology 😂😂😂

  50. Nicholas Smith

    Nicholas Smith2 日 前

    There's no doubt that Gordon Ramsay is an awesome chef but it seems like he wasted a lot of those bell peppers

  51. Basit Khan

    Basit Khan2 日 前

    What a legend , damn wow .

  52. Nigon Kouk

    Nigon Kouk2 日 前

    Don't bruise the leaf', chickita BAM!!"""""""""""""""

  53. Megan Beard

    Megan Beard2 日 前

    Beautiful in his simplicity and finesse! He just takes my breathe away as a student chef.

  54. Nurys Ortiz

    Nurys Ortiz2 日 前

    4:52 wowie”

  55. Christopher Scafidi

    Christopher Scafidi2 日 前

    He butchered that salmon and pork like an amateur. They were both a bit clumsily done and the pork was somewhat ragged. Leave much usable pepper behind, Gordon? I guess when you're rich, you can afford to waste food. 13:50 Throw away more usable food!

  56. jess alva

    jess alva2 日 前

    Sanji would be pissed at how much he wasted jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-PjyI_dCdpG4.html

  57. smk11685

    smk116852 日 前

    Secure the peppa!!!

  58. Dreb TV

    Dreb TV2 日 前

    He needs a cutco knife hmu Gordon Ramsey

  59. Neko Mochi

    Neko Mochi2 日 前

    Tail. Squeeze. Thumb. Push. Out. Shell. Knife. Tilt. Thumb. In. Claw. Out. Knuckle. Twist. Push. Out.

  60. Fire Ball

    Fire Ball2 日 前

    1:15 That lady looks like she just saw the craziest thing of her life

  61. Lyon Mangoen

    Lyon Mangoen2 日 前

    1:15 look at that womens face

  62. YoungSupremeBeat

    YoungSupremeBeat2 日 前

    I’m hungry now

  63. Real Frog

    Real Frog2 日 前

    The other chefs are like “How the fu- will I remember that”

  64. Syceth

    Syceth日 前

    HAHA thats exactly what i was thinking watching this. HOW THE FU** am i going to remember all this? but the people at the show probably get some kind of instruction/recipe sheets i would think

  65. Rusty Ass

    Rusty Ass2 日 前

    Half what he does is awkward! And very slow!

  66. Elijah Thompson

    Elijah Thompson2 日 前

    1:17 her face tho

  67. AllwaysGamer

    AllwaysGamer2 日 前

    Should i go to sleep?

  68. Darth Panda

    Darth Panda2 日 前

    Soooooooo This is basically Gordan Ramsay..... as Dexter?

  69. Danny Chambers

    Danny Chambers2 日 前

    Seriously, Ramseys filleting skills are amateur at best. very sloppy and his cuts were very imprecise and messy. Trimmed off far too much aswell. "taking off minimal cuts" my fucking arse. What a joke, i can do better blindfolded, literally.

  70. Groove Dancer

    Groove Dancer2 日 前

    Why do i think he is trying to show off and not be a good teacher. He is going too fast.

  71. David Doyle

    David Doyle2 日 前

    1:15 her face is fuckin priceless

  72. Sentient Curse

    Sentient Curse2 日 前

    Love your amazing work you beautiful human being

  73. Sentient Curse

    Sentient Curse2 日 前

    I see an ad with Gordon. I watch

  74. XDphantomg

    XDphantomg2 日 前

    Why did I get a Gordon Ramsay add on a Gordon Ramsay video

  75. TheBaconMan

    TheBaconMan2 日 前

    He makes it so intense, it's like he's diffusing a bomb

  76. GraySketch

    GraySketch2 日 前

    English is so wierd... square them up secure the pepper

  77. GraySketch

    GraySketch2 日 前

    so much meat wasted

  78. Justin Oxton

    Justin Oxton2 日 前

    He does not know how to use that steel! its painful watching how shit the edge of that knife is.. But he is a good chef otherwise

  79. KalebGrimm

    KalebGrimm2 日 前

    Holy crap I know how to do some of that stuff with the pork loin I spent a year-and-a-half working in a meat packing plant

  80. CLOUD

    CLOUD2 日 前

    I'm not into sea food but he making this shit look good man

  81. hitman harvey

    hitman harvey2 日 前

    1:19;Through Gordon’s arm look at that ladies Face 😂😂