Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To French Trim A Rack Of Lamb | Season 8 Ep. 6 | MASTERCHEF


  1. Devon Susanto

    Devon Susanto14 時間 前

    Gordon:"One slip of the knife here, and you've lost a finger." Me:"How do you know?!"

  2. THE ROY

    THE ROY22 時間 前

    did you gys saw how gordon ramsay said good luck at the last

  3. Parçalanmış Şizofren

    Parçalanmış Şizofren日 前

    I can't talk to this guy. Very dynamic, very fast and incredibly fast. Gordon, you're a magician. I watched my mouth open. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  4. K/DA Akali

    K/DA Akali2 日 前

    This is the art I am searching for.

  5. Yik Jay Lim

    Yik Jay Lim5 日 前

    The comment section is as godly as the skills in the video

  6. Barwar Barwar

    Barwar Barwar6 日 前

    Wow 😀🔥🔥

  7. Julian Gonzalez

    Julian Gonzalez6 日 前

    That’s why he’s the greatest

  8. chocolate paco

    chocolate paco7 日 前

    My eyes are wide as saucers

  9. 4thefansjc

    4thefansjc7 日 前

    Me: .. "Do that again.. I didn't get a good look at that"

  10. Galaxy 4476

    Galaxy 44767 日 前

    What a legend

  11. ตู่ Studios

    ตู่ Studios8 日 前

    My knife is not that sharp

  12. p Sirisha

    p Sirisha8 日 前

    So the rest of the scrapes goes waste. Wow. And the looks on those people ...like he is curing aids or cancer. Really overaction.

  13. No Sana and Yuna No life

    No Sana and Yuna No life6 日 前

    You can make use those if u want

  14. Denis Iminovin

    Denis Iminovin9 日 前

    все ништяки ободрал оставил хероту

  15. Adorable101

    Adorable10110 日 前

    0:09 my name is Jeff

  16. benny steve

    benny steve10 日 前

    Salt bae sprinkles were missing

  17. Theo Irving

    Theo Irving10 日 前

    Easy bro. I’m better than Ramsey

  18. Irina Kuzmenko

    Irina Kuzmenko10 日 前

    Вот урод все самое вкустное выкинул

  19. Minor HeavyHand

    Minor HeavyHand10 日 前

    I’m supposed to be working out by my dedication to watch Gordon Ramsay cook overpowers my dedication to working out...

  20. grunge girl xx

    grunge girl xx11 日 前

    Gordon: *trims meat so easy* Me: *smoothes butter on toast* “Wait... what am I even doing?

  21. Hencsei Lajos

    Hencsei Lajos11 日 前


  22. Paul John Rey Tanghal

    Paul John Rey Tanghal11 日 前

    He’s so good.

  23. if only

    if only11 日 前

    No way that took 2mins

  24. Tyfon 44

    Tyfon 4412 日 前

    Now that is called perfection 💫

  25. Tonberry Knight

    Tonberry Knight12 日 前

    *Chef Ramsay introduces himself. Homecooks: Why do I hear boss music?

  26. Aayush peace

    Aayush peace12 日 前

    Silvers watching Global elite playing

  27. Kirk Kovarbasich

    Kirk Kovarbasich12 日 前

    Sorry Mr Ramsey but I dont think sharpening the knife over the peice of meat is safe I would have to pass on it

  28. hot stuff

    hot stuff13 日 前


  29. m c

    m c13 日 前

    I love the meat between those bones and of course the fat :/

  30. mroriona2

    mroriona214 日 前

    "Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To Remove The Best Part Of A Lamb"

  31. Jsishsb Shsjaja

    Jsishsb Shsjaja14 日 前

    👍👍👏👏 bravo

  32. I ain't tellin U my name

    I ain't tellin U my name14 日 前

    I am butcher of 15yrs and that's a terrible way to French a rack of lamb.

  33. Matthew Gavranovich

    Matthew Gavranovich14 日 前

    Gordon is just flexing at this point :/

  34. Cook And Story

    Cook And Story15 日 前

    King of kings in kitchen . Boss of bosses in kitchen

  35. criss bulang

    criss bulang16 日 前

    In the philippines why are wasting the meat. We cook every part including fat do not be wasteful😂

  36. Mark Sobolak

    Mark Sobolak16 日 前

    Finally I can tell gordan Ramsey this ITS FING RAW!

  37. Shreerang Shukla

    Shreerang Shukla17 日 前

    Sharpens the knife then uses his hands

  38. Matias Raahede

    Matias Raahede20 日 前


  39. Sara Nokaj

    Sara Nokaj21 日 前

    Not to be rude he should’ve really worn cloves when he was showing them how to do the lamb

  40. Nabs59000

    Nabs5900024 日 前

    wah niquez vos mères il a rien fait de spécial

  41. Paula Kelly

    Paula Kelly25 日 前

    I have frenched a lot in my lifetime ... but never a rack of lamb... yet Where’s the LAMB SAUCE!!!!

  42. Smiley

    Smiley25 日 前

    Gordon ramsay: I’m gonna teach you how to be a Master butcher. Random guy: I THOUGHT SALT BAE WAS GONNA TEACH US?!

  43. Joseph David

    Joseph David25 日 前

    It is always a joy to see a master at work....WOW lok at that rack!

  44. Ambot Ambot

    Ambot Ambot26 日 前

    Are you sure about that!?

  45. Toast Shananigans

    Toast Shananigans28 日 前

    You forgot to make *THE LAMB SAUCE*

  46. 益Against

    益Againstヶ月 前

    Gordon: You see how the water is dry? Me: Yes!

  47. Jatro Libove

    Jatro Liboveヶ月 前

    Why would you waste time with scrapping the bones with knife? It takes so much more time and effort. The real pros use butchers twine to clean the bones. It is much quicker and the bones come out cleaner. It just shows the reality - Ramsay is just amateur TV chef...

  48. Sunil Kola

    Sunil Kolaヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsay : Spits Contestants : Licks Gordon ramsay : What's that Contestants : it's marvelously tasty chef.

  49. Carlos Catrileo

    Carlos Catrileoヶ月 前


  50. RPG04-RK 004RK31

    RPG04-RK 004RK31ヶ月 前

    Ma non so sfiletalla

  51. DrMario Pepper

    DrMario Pepperヶ月 前

    Like he needed to sharpen his brand new knife🤣🤣🤣🙄

  52. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon Cooperヶ月 前

    Looks easy peasy

  53. ryolinkinpark

    ryolinkinparkヶ月 前

    amına koyum bizdekiler de pilav yapıyor

  54. Yuhao Wang

    Yuhao Wangヶ月 前


  55. Leslie Berman

    Leslie Bermanヶ月 前

    Me facina este hombre lastima que no viene con suptitulos

  56. Kameron Bressett

    Kameron Bressettヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsey: does something overly complicated Me: oh god i'm gonna fail Gordon Ramsey: here is the hard part Me: I might die

  57. Splendid Dwarf

    Splendid Dwarfヶ月 前

    Me trying to boil an egg

  58. Aariq Z

    Aariq Zヶ月 前

    Do ya know how to do sushi?

  59. Raw Footage

    Raw Footageヶ月 前

    Stop killing animals . Imagine that was your bones

  60. AllVie

    AllVieヶ月 前

    Its amazing 👏👏🏾👏👏🏾👏👏🏾👏👏🏾👏👏🏾

  61. storytel27

    storytel27ヶ月 前

    SO grateful for my butcher😌