Gordon Ramsay Demonstrates How To French Trim A Rack Of Lamb | Season 8 Ep. 6 | MASTERCHEF


  1. Umma Kulsum

    Umma Kulsum分 前

    If you cook Gordon Ramsay something and he says it’s okay it is like you have achieved everything you can do In the earth

  2. Vensel

    Vensel時間 前

    Gordon Ramsay is inspirational to us asian in fact so inspirational he got our asian eyes open

  3. pi joh

    pi joh8 時間 前

    wasting too much meat and fat

  4. Tai Pao

    Tai Pao10 時間 前

    This is the kind of cooking thT annoys me. I'm a simple man. I'm a broke man. It smelps good. It taste good. And it IS good(subjectively as in its not gonna kill you faster then sugary junk food)then thats all i want in my cooking.

  5. John Andrew O'Rourke

    John Andrew O'Rourke12 時間 前

    That looks so f***ing wrong.

  6. Renen magnusson

    Renen magnusson17 時間 前

    notice 1.47 in the movie.. more fat in the meat.. and 1.54 no fat at all.. LOL embarrasing// Swedish chef

  7. Jacob

    Jacob22 時間 前

    As a butcher, Gordon is over the top with the demonstration. Very straight forward lmao

  8. Ghoti Fish

    Ghoti Fish23 時間 前

    french trim so that you effectively remove half of all the meat on there. Nah i think ill just eat the fat as well

  9. hiroshitakubo

    hiroshitakubo日 前

    Tomorrow I am have a job interview in airline company and here I am watching Gordon trim the lamb. What thefuck am I going to do with that knowledge tomorrow???

  10. Luke Lin

    Luke Lin日 前

    How clean your bone is but your knife is dull lol

  11. Edward Sigemo

    Edward Sigemo日 前

    is it weird that I get inspired to workout from watching Gordon cooking and demonstrations?

  12. Axel Voss Is Gay

    Axel Voss Is Gay日 前

    its raaaawww

  13. Tasfia Khan Kajol

    Tasfia Khan Kajol日 前

    I have a ambition If I attended Gordon sir cls

  14. bananaman 123

    bananaman 1232 日 前

    Looks easy but when you do it it’s like cooking an egg for the first time

  15. thegrim418

    thegrim4182 日 前

    I didn't know you could french a rack without tongue

  16. AlphaMR2

    AlphaMR22 日 前

    I wonder if he gets a second take when doing those presentations. If not, it's incredibly impressive

  17. Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells

    Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells日 前

    mans been cooking professionally for 30 years, has like 16 Michelin stars. He doesn't need a second try lmao

  18. xXLighningXx Ahmadi

    xXLighningXx Ahmadi2 日 前

    0:10 Who else got fired up bcz of the music😂

  19. JYOTI kumar

    JYOTI kumar2 日 前

    Main vegetarian hu par I am impress Borden ramsay

  20. Loid Intia

    Loid Intia3 日 前

    There no meat left.

  21. Ricardo Becker

    Ricardo Becker3 日 前

    I was expecting him to sing “knife goes in, guts come out”

  22. Uncle Fjester

    Uncle Fjester3 日 前

    What did the lil lamb say after watching this? Noooooootttttttt Baaaaaadddddd

  23. Gopal Sankaranarayanan

    Gopal Sankaranarayanan3 日 前

    He would make a brilliant psychopath.

  24. Kota Dagnino

    Kota Dagnino3 日 前

    1:16 just for those of you wondering, that stick Gordon is "sharpening" his knife against doesn't actually sharpen the knife, it straightens the blade.

  25. evan320

    evan3203 日 前

    is there someone here would love to eat with the fat on?

  26. cistomajhnarozina

    cistomajhnarozina3 日 前

    The thumbnail are just some very odd looking toothbrush bristles

  27. Alberto 2231

    Alberto 22314 日 前

    That good luck = YOU ARE F*****

  28. Nicolas2465

    Nicolas24654 日 前

    He forgot to season the knife

  29. Dooo Ooo

    Dooo Ooo4 日 前

    Ok but where the *lamb sauce?*

  30. STORMY

    STORMY4 日 前

    Did he just sharpen the lamb over the meat?

  31. BlackPaw

    BlackPaw4 日 前

    Whatever, it is wasting the meat and fat. The best flavour is at the ribs. Useless trim.

  32. Soviet Union

    Soviet Union4 日 前

    I have an exam tomorrow. And here I am watching Ramsay cut lamb.

  33. Jimmy

    Jimmy3 時間 前

    Can I assume your test is about cooking? Now who’s wasting who’s time?

  34. TamilTigerLTTE

    TamilTigerLTTE10 時間 前

    @Woosh me Then read my description LOL

  35. 629

    62918 時間 前

    Well played, Woosh

  36. Kristion Taylor

    Kristion Taylor5 日 前

    So are they just gonna waste all that meat they peeled off at the beginning?

  37. Tinted Visor

    Tinted Visor4 日 前


  38. Dallas

    Dallas5 日 前

    This guy is no joke!

  39. Leelavathi S K

    Leelavathi S K5 日 前


  40. Straw Abbyrry

    Straw Abbyrry5 日 前

    They look intense. So cringe to watch. 😂😂

  41. Петр Николаев

    Петр Николаев6 日 前

    Ну и ебла и них. Будто что-то невообразимое происходит

  42. J L

    J L6 日 前

    Stupid exaggerated expressions

  43. Thabang Segwapa

    Thabang Segwapa6 日 前

    Next: how to pour a glass of water

  44. Jordy Casas

    Jordy Casas6 日 前

    Cate shouldve won that season smh. Im still salty and its been TWO full years.

  45. Jaden Baynard

    Jaden Baynard6 日 前

    I cant even make a peanut butter and jelly.


    SUMIT ZANJE6 日 前

    Useless skills 😅🤣

  47. Snoozy Diego

    Snoozy Diego6 日 前

    Their faces are like: **Surprised Pikachu Face**

  48. Kevin Battle

    Kevin Battle6 日 前

    You should win master chef if you can do that.

  49. Pillow X

    Pillow X6 日 前

    Gordon: Where’s the lamb sauce?! Also Gordon: Umm.....

  50. B K

    B K4 日 前

    mint jelly

  51. imasnnake

    imasnnake4 日 前

    @Pillow X you know

  52. Pillow X

    Pillow X5 日 前

    Josh Bell What are you talking about?

  53. Josh Bell

    Josh Bell5 日 前

    You edited your comment and still spelt his name wrong twice ...bravo sir

  54. Mando

    Mando6 日 前

    They praise Chef Ramsey, but the knife does all the work lmao

  55. trevorvolcom7

    trevorvolcom73 日 前

    @Rahmatsk Jr Making contact thanks to Gordon Ramsay. Gordon is literally working. Look up the definition, BRO. The knife helped Gordons work

  56. Rahmatsk Jr

    Rahmatsk Jr3 日 前

    @trevorvolcom7 Look, bro, I see what you're trying to get at. But in the end, the knife is the one which makes final contact with the lamb. Therefore, it is the knife which does all the work.

  57. trevorvolcom7

    trevorvolcom73 日 前

    @Rahmatsk Jr Glass half empty kind of guy huh? Well I'm a half glass full person. I give credit to humanity. The human made the knife to help the human performan his task. The knife is nothing, even nonexistent, without the human. I'm sorry I have a higher IQ than you.

  58. Rahmatsk Jr

    Rahmatsk Jr3 日 前

    @trevorvolcom7 Yea but in the end, the knife does all the work bro.

  59. trevorvolcom7

    trevorvolcom74 日 前

    Only as precise as the person using it. Just like a gun can blow your head off, but someone has to pull that trigger.

  60. Crunqz

    Crunqz6 日 前

    Wheres the seasoning?!

  61. SXULM4TE

    SXULM4TE6 日 前

    That looks delicious..😋

  62. Bruh

    Bruh6 日 前

    *my eyes are wide as S A U C E R S*

  63. Aerin Collins

    Aerin Collins6 日 前

    1.3K people do this with their genitails daily

  64. Hader Than Uthought

    Hader Than Uthought6 日 前

    I want to die

  65. Max P.

    Max P.6 日 前

    So that you know people, in France, we call that "manchonner" a rack of lamb. Where does that "french trim" thing comes from?

  66. Woodman94

    Woodman945 日 前

    France, probably.

  67. FlyingSeaMan256

    FlyingSeaMan2567 日 前

    Thank you chef

  68. Daisy Serrano

    Daisy Serrano7 日 前

    *Vegans have left the chat*

  69. some one

    some one7 日 前

    Where's Salt Bae?

  70. firefighterstation3

    firefighterstation37 日 前

    “ my eyes are wide as saucers”- Asian guy

  71. Leon Leo

    Leon Leo7 日 前

    Best celebrity chef and best CHEF hands down

  72. Goutham Zephyr

    Goutham Zephyr5 日 前

    im sure there are better chefs. best celebrity chef is about right

  73. Jonathan Mcaleece

    Jonathan Mcaleece7 日 前

    It’s funny watching the Americans whooa’n and clapping everything. If they high five’d I’d be doubled over.

  74. Chris Warble

    Chris Warble6 日 前

    Yea, stupid Americans getting excited. 😂😂😂

  75. Fake Nins

    Fake Nins7 日 前

    I'm gonna french trim my hotdogs.

  76. Siraphon

    Siraphon6 日 前

    I heard air tastes great. Especially when fresh.

  77. Cam D.

    Cam D.7 日 前

    1:43 the word you are searching for is precise.

  78. Bobany

    Bobany4 日 前

    I like precision-like better. It sort of had a different meaning, appealing to his body movements more than his craft. Maybe was a slip of words on his part but didn't mind how he explained himself despite!

  79. ErlWable

    ErlWable7 日 前

    I am a vegetarian

  80. [HY] Rainstormzs

    [HY] Rainstormzs7 日 前

    I remember this!!

  81. Benni Garcia

    Benni Garcia7 日 前

    Gordon ramsay: whEre Is tHe L A M B S A U CE

  82. josue hemp

    josue hemp7 日 前

    I can do this in my sleep.......while I'm dreaming of course.

  83. Noemi Rigor

    Noemi Rigor7 日 前


  84. Jay69th

    Jay69th7 日 前

    the knife makes me anxious like it could snap at any moment and sharp af if it snaps rip finger YIKES

  85. Daar Darkness

    Daar Darkness7 日 前

    They're designed to be flexible like that, same as fillet knife

  86. {1765} Join, or Ðie {2019}

    {1765} Join, or Ðie {2019}7 日 前

    I literally do this every day exactly like this.

  87. YuriGames NL

    YuriGames NL7 日 前

    It’s fk raw

  88. Richard Cunningham

    Richard Cunningham7 日 前

    I have never understood why you would cut off the tastiest bits of a rack of lamb ,,shocking to me ,,,

  89. Manuel Valerdi

    Manuel Valerdi8 日 前

    I love

  90. aracelis ramirez

    aracelis ramirez8 日 前

    Es cosa mía o ese Adam se parece a de enchutef

  91. Hemavathi Gujjala

    Hemavathi Gujjala8 日 前

    I can't even trim my beard properly

  92. Tusk Act 4!

    Tusk Act 4!8 日 前

    " *this is a labour of love* " " *knife in and twist* " Ah yes my favourite murderer

  93. UwU Time

    UwU Time7 日 前

    Tusk Act 4! Yeah but Johnny shot funny valentine

  94. Pierre Plessis

    Pierre Plessis8 日 前

    I'm french and not a master xD

  95. Nate Tolentino

    Nate Tolentino8 日 前

    I thought this show was called Masterchef not Masterbutcher

  96. Om Pandya

    Om Pandya9 日 前

    0:04 Me in math class

  97. Sakata Gintoki

    Sakata Gintoki9 日 前

    I could french kiss that lamb

  98. Kohai Jo

    Kohai Jo10 日 前

    Them nodding their heads possibly tells me they're saying in their mind. *What the f*ck this is insane*

  99. Young Tula

    Young Tula10 日 前

    What happens to the meat he cuts off?

  100. Demon

    Demon10 日 前

    *S O T E N D A*

  101. Shion Moon

    Shion Moon10 日 前

    Chef Ramsay said "good luck" What I heard in my ears: "you are dead"

  102. Travers Kilroy Cooper Alvirez

    Travers Kilroy Cooper Alvirez2 日 前

    Omāe wā mō shinderō.

  103. Suda Chou Chan

    Suda Chou Chan3 日 前

    Losing a finger today

  104. iiBloodHunter

    iiBloodHunter11 日 前

    My favorite parts of these shows is watching Ramsay demonstrate how to do things!

  105. Razak Idris

    Razak Idris12 日 前

    Contestant = Ok Chef, I am done trimming the lamb. Gordon = *Where is the lamb sauce !!*

  106. Dung Nguyen

    Dung Nguyen11 日 前

    That's a good joke 😂

  107. Sayantan Saha

    Sayantan Saha12 日 前

    He missed a point!!!! He should have used the lamb sauce. Now where is the lamb sauce?????!!!!

  108. DennisJoseph

    DennisJoseph12 日 前


  109. Yousef Ibrahim

    Yousef Ibrahim13 日 前

    He spent at least 2 weeks practicing with a master butcher

  110. Crinkle Crumpfets

    Crinkle Crumpfets13 日 前

    Somehow this is bothering my ribs

  111. 匚尺ㄚ丂ㄒ卂ㄥ 爪乇ㄒ卄

    匚尺ㄚ丂ㄒ卂ㄥ 爪乇ㄒ卄14 日 前

    That fat tho

  112. Akhil Sreekumar

    Akhil Sreekumar15 日 前

    It's like watching an expert surgery!!

  113. coltino99

    coltino9915 日 前

    When I get lamb, I honestly don’t care how those bones look. Who said they needed to be turned into a fashion accessory?

  114. Gabriel Vergara

    Gabriel Vergara6 日 前

    Restaurant worthy.

  115. Alkaiser

    Alkaiser10 日 前

    the fine dining folks

  116. #jagswag K

    #jagswag K15 日 前

    Me: wants to try this Also me: never knew u could eat lamb untill now

  117. Francisco Aracena

    Francisco Aracena15 日 前

    Era un feto de cordero

  118. JP Salamander

    JP Salamander15 日 前

    Hannibal has entered the chat

  119. Deep Press ion

    Deep Press ion15 日 前

    gordon ramsay demonstrate how to be gordom ramsay.

  120. Deepak Manoharan

    Deepak Manoharan15 日 前

    Indian butchers are doing it in seconds. This doesn't need a chef oh sorry MASTER chef to do it. WASTE OF TIME.

  121. MUJ JU

    MUJ JU16 日 前

    1:59 REAL DEAL

  122. Mahboob Ali

    Mahboob Ali17 日 前

    Chem final exam. Is the most carbonated drink low temp and high pressure?

  123. Сок од малине

    Сок од малине16 日 前

    Kinda late but idk

  124. Mr AK-47

    Mr AK-4717 日 前

    Look like that lamb got raped

  125. Nicolas Lam

    Nicolas Lam18 日 前

    Bon chance

  126. Shadow Reborn

    Shadow Reborn18 日 前

    Is season 8 of masterchef is the season that gordon ramsay was angered the most?

  127. Rocket 205

    Rocket 20518 日 前

    “Precision like” I think you mean precise