Gordon Ramsay Cooks Shrimp Scampi In Just 10 Minutes | Ramsay in 10


  1. Juan Martinez

    Juan Martinez7 時間 前

    Well done


    DID YOU SEE THAT7 時間 前

    Why is it I am the only cook who knows not to fry with or over heat olive oil?

  3. Dan Zhang

    Dan Zhang11 時間 前

    LIttle bit of litrlly beaUtiful oliv'ool

  4. amber anderson

    amber anderson11 時間 前


  5. Charles Cilek

    Charles Cilek13 時間 前

    Ok, where can I get a viewable version of this recipe, because it looks delicious, but I just can’t keep up, lol

  6. Piergiorgio Ranalli

    Piergiorgio Ranalli13 時間 前

    Bella merda 👍🏻

  7. Virendra Gaur

    Virendra Gaur14 時間 前

    Literally like 27 litres of olive ol

  8. jd52wtf

    jd52wtf14 時間 前

    This is literally the best shrimp scampi video I have seen.... Literally... the best... literally... literally....

  9. Beatriz's Journey

    Beatriz's Journey14 時間 前

    “aNd 2 ShOtS oF vOdKa” gordan : *pours half the bottle of olive oil*

  10. Carlos Gregory

    Carlos Gregory15 時間 前

    This shouldn't have been such a stressful ten minutes, I learned a lot but was literally on edge literally

  11. Natali Pusk

    Natali Pusk15 時間 前

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  12. Sam Ng

    Sam Ng16 時間 前

    What brand is the non stick? Can it stand with the stainless steel tong?

  13. Chubie

    Chubie17 時間 前

    I can’t even cut onions in 10 minutes 😭

  14. Abid Akram

    Abid Akram19 時間 前

    Bet this is gonna be a challenge in the next masterchef season.

  15. ᔕωєєтᙡιℓℓσω

    ᔕωєєтᙡιℓℓσω日 前

    There's no way I would have this done in 10 minutes, if I tried to do all that chopping at your speed, consider this dish renamed "Shrimp Scampi with fingers"

  16. tibob69

    tibob69日 前

    You put the lemon juice AFTER the 10 minutes timer stopped. BIG FAIL, YOU LAZY STUPID PIG !

  17. Anak Medan

    Anak Medan日 前

    Shrimps are uncleans

  18. ShadowWolfXL

    ShadowWolfXL日 前

    Two shots of -vodka- *oil*

  19. chingrin macchef

    chingrin macchef日 前

    How many times did he say Litterally?

  20. paul crespo

    paul crespo日 前

    Wow it's stunning and delicious you're the man hugs from Ecuador 🇪🇨

  21. Polina Hary

    Polina Hary日 前

    How de hell does he make dry pasta cook in under 7 mins???

  22. Dan Littman

    Dan Littman日 前

    I trained to be a chef when i was in my very early 20s and loved it. Then the spirit faded and I chose a different path of exciting shop keeping. I was tidy, love ocd clean, major important. Food, well region isn't it, simple. I became a pescatarian* about 3 years ago and find it great. No lethargy after a meal and always feel a bit more fresher after not gouging down on meat. This man Gordon, it should be SIr, the mans a national treasure. I can literally sit here for 12 hours at a time watching his shows. Im inspired, by the man and the food but more so the man. I grow Organic veg I belong in the garden but another place I belong is with a knife in my hand. SO ive been inspired to open an organic vegetable snack bar, with 30 sauces. No meat, no mess. A selection of fresh fish as i will be beside the sea, or maybe a little lake trout. I am inspired again and full of passion for food. Thank you Gordon, nice one mate. You did it again. OH bloody hell, just thought, never mind, later.

  23. 04Dolphin

    04Dolphin日 前

    Man that looks good. Have my mouth watering.

  24. Guillermo Fernandez

    Guillermo Fernandez日 前

    He cleans everything with that fucking .....

  25. tung truong

    tung truong日 前

    Ok 10 min if ingredients are already prepared by someone else lol

  26. NeriURMeMe

    NeriURMeMe日 前

    I wonder if Gordon ever eaten MC'Donalds

  27. Matthew Klepadlo

    Matthew Klepadlo日 前

    Just under 4 minutes *3:35*

  28. Dave Kessler

    Dave Kessler日 前

    Gordon Ramsey would whoop my ass at everything on the planet except shrimp scampi lol

  29. Christine macMacLeod

    Christine macMacLeod日 前

    10 minutes to cook after you have prepared onions, shallots, shrimp, cleaned green onions etc. So what 20 minutes, 30 minutes?

  30. Selin Somuncu

    Selin Somuncu日 前

    Everytime he said shallots i was cringed lol

  31. Oephi

    Oephi日 前

    Why the 00:24 cock-tease when the answer is in the title? JPreporter Producers, you're doing Ramsay a great disservice.

  32. Inspiration Saveur Culinaire

    Inspiration Saveur Culinaire日 前

    Yummy yummy délicieux 😋😋

  33. Kenneth J

    Kenneth J日 前

    thats not scampi

  34. Marius Ignat

    Marius Ignat日 前

    That knife Needs to be sharped

  35. Ingrid Serfaty

    Ingrid Serfaty日 前

    excellent Chef Ramsay. Will be my dinner tonight

  36. Suresh Rai

    Suresh Rai日 前

    You are amazing chef also delicious food

  37. Hacker Hacker

    Hacker Hacker2 日 前

    Shallots Counter: 158902714075982317561938057123751389751238477908752789357263785717825713857

  38. Synthesia Composer

    Synthesia Composer2 日 前

    i can make scrambled eggs in 10 minutes

  39. Rowan Murrill

    Rowan Murrill2 日 前


  40. Mexico City

    Mexico City2 日 前

    Only Has 10 minutes 5:16 *Hits a Moonwalk*

  41. Bryant Duong

    Bryant Duong2 日 前

    "Am I a joke to you?" - Rachel Ray

  42. Julain Figueroa

    Julain Figueroa2 日 前

    I wish I could eat your food everyday

  43. Piann’s Kitchen

    Piann’s Kitchen2 日 前

    piannskitchen.com/ For all your kitchen utensil needs :)

  44. kevin jackson

    kevin jackson2 日 前

    I was cooking it today at work very tasty recipe

  45. ppaganone55

    ppaganone552 日 前

    I hope his master class teaches better organization than this video plus he forgot to add lemon juice and butter

  46. Antonio Velázquez

    Antonio Velázquez2 日 前

    Delicious “Shrimp in olive oil” a mean scampi 🤣🤣🤣

  47. yacine babacine

    yacine babacine2 日 前

    He's using olive oil. Why there are people who say that olive oil isn't healthy to cook with



    Do you know how to sing the Okra song? jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-V4wfSkywaPY.html

  49. Eduardo Aguilar

    Eduardo Aguilar2 日 前

    A chef cooking shrimp scampi really Ramsey is a fucking joke I want to see him in a real Kitchen whit 200 covers preparing fucking 10 different dishes at the same time

  50. Pascal Bannert

    Pascal Bannert2 日 前

    Did gordon put oil in the boiling water for the Pasta?

  51. Christopher Vick

    Christopher Vick2 日 前

    He needs a nice slice of humble pie

  52. gardenvarietypenis

    gardenvarietypenis2 日 前

    I hate that above "chef".

  53. A L

    A L3 日 前

    gordon: let the knife do the work me: *puts down knife and stare

  54. Armando Garza

    Armando Garza3 日 前

    "what's up with those sausages, Charlie?" "Five minutes, Turkish" "You said five minutes, two minutes ago"

  55. Ashley Cook

    Ashley Cook3 日 前

    You could also use a garlic press I love those things

  56. shillyar

    shillyar3 日 前

    i just made this and the family thought they died and went to heaven it was so good. lol

  57. Wheres Cardi

    Wheres Cardi3 日 前

    Nobody: Gordon Ramsey: litterally litraley litrafaldly Litreadlyflyda no fucking body:

  58. awesome grumpy cat

    awesome grumpy cat3 日 前


  59. AdriescaJ

    AdriescaJ3 日 前

    "The Amazing ME"!!! 🤣😂😂 you gotta love this guy! 🤣

  60. bays19

    bays193 日 前

    I boil my pasta without olive oil. I add *the* cup of olive oil afterwards