Gordon Ramsay Closes Off Kitchen Due To DISGUSTING Standards | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Triple H And a tophat

    Triple H And a tophat4 時間 前

    disclaimer: Vegan Shaming 36:44 Upvote this so more people can see Remember to report for hatred and bullying

  2. Sweet Tea vlogs

    Sweet Tea vlogs5 時間 前

    This is how many times Gordon said fxck1ng ______>

  3. Debora Watson Debora

    Debora Watson Debora6 時間 前


  4. Fetus X

    Fetus X7 時間 前

    The owner looks like Tom Cruise playing a guy who's playing Tom Cruise.

  5. Seouf

    Seouf7 時間 前

    11:42 "its like king kongs fucking condom" LOL

  6. GiGi E.X.

    GiGi E.X.8 時間 前


  7. Anthony mejia

    Anthony mejia8 時間 前

    Gordon ramsay goes to a bar "the beer is dry"

  8. wwuwu langco

    wwuwu langco12 時間 前

    29:35 LOL

  9. John Athan

    John Athan14 時間 前

    It's like King kongs condom!!!! LOL

  10. Amador Castro

    Amador Castro15 時間 前

    The confession 😄 🤣

  11. Ken B

    Ken B16 時間 前

    "It's really nice to have something off a really big joint." Agreed, lmao.

  12. adrianne roddy

    adrianne roddy16 時間 前

    I notice a lot of these restaurants close after Gordan visits. My theory is that they didn't fail...it just wasn't their true passion and Ramsey makes them notice that. Some people think a restaurant is a good easy business to run To make a come up but its actually the hardest business to run. After so much debt they are stuck. The trend I see is that after Gordon leaves, the owner seems to make enough to pay off a little debt .... then they close. It just wasn't their calling.

  13. Pedro Martell

    Pedro Martell20 時間 前

    Vampire den

  14. J.R. Cycles

    J.R. Cycles21 時間 前

    "Grab the grill and run with it"

  15. Omar Cuellar

    Omar Cuellar22 時間 前

    Sad to say The Priory closed in 2008 and became La Capilla, a Spanish tapas restaurant, which was closed in 2010 and the building was put up for sale in 2012. The building remained up for sale until it was sold for 350,000 in 2017. Planning permission to turn The Priory into apartments was submitted and rejected in 2017.

  16. Mario Marlboro

    Mario Marlboro22 時間 前

    Oh boy! I sure love me a really nice big joint

  17. Deathstrokegamer66 gg

    Deathstrokegamer66 gg23 時間 前

    They needed to hire a better kitchen lol

  18. destroyer806

    destroyer806日 前

    Where is the grill?

  19. Marcus Harley

    Marcus Harley日 前

    kitchen nightmares has been the only thing i watched the last few months, and I cannot bring myself to stop saying "fooking hell"

  20. Thaliah Pouli

    Thaliah Pouli日 前

    I wish bar rescue would give us full episodes like Gordon does 😔

  21. Andres Chavez

    Andres Chavez日 前

    Toby that guy

  22. Worthier Dock

    Worthier Dock日 前

    Btw the restaurant permanently closed

  23. Scorponkiller

    Scorponkiller日 前

    Looks old school really id rather be living in the 1900 than 2000 these new years are awful.

  24. PiePies Gacha

    PiePies Gacha日 前

    hey does anyone know if this is the UK one?

  25. Pi Ci

    Pi Ci日 前

    "My god , this has been there since 1981" - proceeds to smell it deep into his lungs a few times - "ghastly"

  26. Julie Clark

    Julie Clark日 前

    Are there no health inspectors in Britain that kitchen would've been shutdown right a way for all the violations I saw

  27. Super Vegito

    Super Vegito2 日 前

    Don’t ever claim to be an owner/manager unless you plan to be there and knowledgeable as well as willing to inspect your product every shift change. That to me is what being an owner and manager means

  28. Rich C

    Rich C2 日 前

    It was that religious back in 08? they're treating bishops like some sort of politicians.

  29. Crazy Gsus

    Crazy Gsus2 日 前

    But, those customers loved it. Mostly cause it's cheap, but also because it is familiar.

  30. Frumbo

    Frumbo2 日 前

    It's great that this account is posting UK Kitchen Nightmare clips, so much better than the American version

  31. EARTH

    EARTH2 日 前

    1:33 exactly a nice big JOINT!! is what everyone needs

  32. XxPablo808xX

    XxPablo808xX2 日 前

    22:40 boyyy if that cow could understand humans.

  33. James Bernald

    James Bernald2 日 前

    Gordon is the GOAT

  34. Malka Amar Reich

    Malka Amar Reich2 日 前

    Damn usually two chefs adopt easily to Gordon's changes. None of these "chefs" seem to be skilled enough to work in a kitchen

  35. fwdaniel 32

    fwdaniel 322 日 前

    I love how everyone wants to brag about being head chef or something and he just roasts tf outta them

  36. Malka Amar Reich

    Malka Amar Reich2 日 前

    What makes you see food and say it looks like "King Kong's fucking condom" 😂

  37. djfhhf jdjfb

    djfhhf jdjfb2 日 前

    “Oh god look at that” *continues to smell*

  38. Claire

    Claire2 日 前

    The worst part of watching this is when you're eating at the same time. Ugh I can't swallow my food

  39. Prince Angelo Baybayan

    Prince Angelo Baybayan2 日 前

    Ask the bishop to serve the food lmao

  40. Prince Angelo Baybayan

    Prince Angelo Baybayan2 日 前

    Do this in steak n shake in american pls i work there before it’s disgusting af

  41. phoebe_105 h

    phoebe_105 h2 日 前

    Why is there a restaurant in a church like wtf

  42. jimmy jr entertainment

    jimmy jr entertainment2 日 前

    11:42 lolllllll

  43. Tsk Tsk

    Tsk Tsk2 日 前

    If one of those old ladies said that place was cool and hip I would loose IT😈

  44. Bryce Neal

    Bryce Neal3 日 前

    Cow looks at the humans as they name the cows cuts of meat.

  45. Master Chief

    Master Chief3 日 前

    one of the closed restaurants Gordon made a stepping stone........ he ain't in this show to save restaurant he was there to make a him self more famous in this years.. well he succeeded.

  46. Java Asscheek

    Java Asscheek3 日 前

    Girl: “I’m a vegetarian “ Gordan: .....how can you do that....? Me a vegetarian: well by not eating meat for starters

  47. Sue McDonald

    Sue McDonald3 日 前

    what a foul mouth great example to his children . my 10 year old loves to cook and wanted to see the video had to explain why she couldnt ..........................................

  48. Veronica Manangan

    Veronica Manangan3 日 前

    The head chef is a crybaby, what a shame.

  49. Matthew Schellenberg

    Matthew Schellenberg3 日 前

    Every episode is his biggest challenge yet

  50. CrustyTheMoist

    CrustyTheMoist3 日 前

    Oh god, oh fuck. I'm back in the Gordon Ramsey rabbit hole, someone help me before its too la-

  51. MrBannnnnny

    MrBannnnnny4 日 前

    1:32 i have big joints at home all the time

  52. Duck_yuckington🦆

    Duck_yuckington🦆4 日 前

    29:36 magenta is that fathers color

  53. Woody Would

    Woody Would4 日 前

    I have to say ran a weld shop for many people, I then had a business accidentally get started consulting for other people. My business did real well. Because of a terrible back injury I retired at 40 and my family will be fine. Gordon Ramsay your principals would work anywhere, it’ll work in a kitchen/restaurant, And the general principles will also work in a weld/fabrication shop. I could get you pumping out iron in no time, because what you got is what can’t be taught. In any business these are the people you have to look for, the ones that have what you can’t teach. I can teach you all day long about the techniques of welding and fabrication. But I can’t teach you to WANT to show up on time every day. I can’t teach you to understand that if the company does well, it’s job security and therefore you should do well as well. I can’t teach you to be proud of the work that you produce why because you produced it who cares about the company in that regard, This is my work and that’s where my pride comes from. And if you can’t tell I’m damn proud of the work I’ve done. As an American I have to admit don’t watch much TV and didn’t know much about Gordon Ramsay, Glad I found you, you’re an interesting fella!

  54. Lucas Panzani

    Lucas Panzani4 日 前

    Literally squeezed buddy’s tiddies

  55. Hot Pepper

    Hot Pepper4 日 前

    How Toby had a job I will never know, but that location inside a old church gorgeous

  56. derepa06

    derepa064 日 前

    I wonder how he bought it and six weeks later Kitchen Nightmare is there. This must have been something in the works before the new owner got there.

  57. Adrian Darr

    Adrian Darr4 日 前

    As soon as Gordon critiques the food and says "Potatoes, cooked to fuck" you know it's gonna a be good episode

  58. Ji

    Ji4 日 前

    i love how gordon consulted them after he scolded them about the mistakes :)

  59. Emma Wilson

    Emma Wilson4 日 前

    Gordon reminds me of a butterfly when he puts his hands on his face when he tries to listen to the owner

  60. Cameron Munteanu

    Cameron Munteanu4 日 前

    When Gordon can’t think of anything bad to say about the food so he calls it dry