Gordon Ramsay Can’t Handle Being Served Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Deven Hogan

    Deven Hogan日 前

    Chimmy-Chuck-it-in-the-bin 🤣👌

  2. OtiliaLeFey

    OtiliaLeFey日 前

    Not even my dog is eating food from yesterday...yuck! The food is eaten when is cooked. Not tomorow, not yesterday. Wtf people? Then you cry cuz u doe from cancer. What am i doing wrong? THIS!

  3. Joe Owens

    Joe Owens2 日 前

    Me: That food looks yum! Gorden: It was made fresh frozen two weeks ago and chef Mike cooked it for you! Me: *vomits*

  4. Sign of the warrior

    Sign of the warrior3 日 前

    If the customer liked it, he orders a doggy pack, if not, he orders a sick bag.

  5. StoutlandJim

    StoutlandJim3 日 前

    It's *DRY.*

  6. Deanoss Last

    Deanoss Last3 日 前

    Why mix the episodes. Just put one fully after the other.

  7. Rhonda Dargue

    Rhonda Dargue3 日 前

    He uses a spoon pmfao

  8. Delicious Tide Pod

    Delicious Tide Pod3 日 前

    "Moist and mushy." Yeah I bet you like things moist and mushy lol

  9. Jeong min Youn

    Jeong min Youn4 日 前

    11:49 pressed the button to replay.

  10. Harvey B.

    Harvey B.4 日 前

    6:30 Who's Chef Randy 😂😂

  11. Fitore Shabani

    Fitore Shabani5 日 前

    PERLAAA !!!

  12. Mere Hasui

    Mere Hasui6 日 前


  13. Leon Nayeem

    Leon Nayeem7 日 前

    Gordon: A glass of water please. waiter: Here it is.. Gordon: Fuck me, it's dry !

  14. Martha

    Martha7 日 前

    The waiter with the moustache was amazing!

  15. Samuel kundael

    Samuel kundael7 日 前

    why are you guys offended, those meals are delicacies in my country.

  16. Reichenza

    Reichenza8 日 前

    2:44 yo that guy is GORGEOUS why is he a waiter at a restaurant like th

  17. kyle

    kyle8 日 前

    i wonder if i tasted the same stuff as ramsay...i would probly say every1 is the best thing ever lol....i cant taste blandy or all that shit, too much salt i can

  18. Pad Man

    Pad Man8 日 前

    "Here's the thing honestly.....'Chimichanga?' "Chimi chuck it in the bin" hahahahahaha

  19. jimmyjohntheEdgyone

    jimmyjohntheEdgyone8 日 前

    Hehe he thought it was a booby 🤣😂

  20. juicecarton25

    juicecarton259 日 前

    I’ve watched so many Of Gordon’s videos over the years and I’m starting to dislike when he describes a dish as bland (which is often). Surely with his expertise and experienced pallet he would be able to define it more in detail? If it’s seasoning surely that’s down to the taste of the recipient and why you have them on the table?

  21. Tomahawk1999

    Tomahawk19999 日 前

    Gordon showed us rice boobs

  22. wh gaming

    wh gaming9 日 前

    sometimes i wish i can eat those disgusting foods with him and tell him my honest opinion and check if gordon's agree with me.

  23. Maria K

    Maria K10 日 前

    Alex the waiter looks like Paul Rudd's long lost brother

  24. jeezuschryst

    jeezuschryst11 日 前

    ....me neither

  25. The End

    The End11 日 前

    carrrrrla get back over the wall

  26. Karl Geoffrey I Dacumos

    Karl Geoffrey I Dacumos12 日 前

    This show needs to come back.

  27. Kent Andersen

    Kent Andersen12 日 前

    Love disgusting food...

  28. Forsaken Pumpkin

    Forsaken Pumpkin13 日 前

    4:30 Gordon: It's like soaking wet newspaper... 4:40 Also Gordon: That is so dry! Make up your mind Gordon, is it wet or dry?

  29. Betsy Mills

    Betsy Mills13 日 前

    It's 2:30 am and I've been watching these for an hour or two

  30. sfnub

    sfnub13 日 前

    The slooshy sound effects they add when he cuts into soggy stuff makes it even more disgusting.

  31. Sergei Ivan

    Sergei Ivan18 日 前

    is it just me or does it feel like gordon is childish yet mature at the same time?

  32. Parvapinna

    Parvapinna18 日 前

    I just had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. Watching this after wasn’t my best idea.

  33. Zage

    Zage18 日 前

    I feel like Gordon will roast every single food i like since I have low standards😂

  34. Creepsh8t

    Creepsh8t19 日 前

    The way he tripped on the stairs 😂

  35. Zachary Tan

    Zachary Tan20 日 前

    Gordon: it’s not raw, it’s not bland, it’s not a mess, it’s not disgusting, it’s not overcooked... BUT THERES NO CLAMS

  36. Mari Cardoso

    Mari Cardoso20 日 前

    that mustache oh my god trigger warning

  37. Layan Saleh

    Layan Saleh21 日 前

    9:14 the receipt looks like its processing whats going on in her brain :)

  38. Copy and Paste

    Copy and Paste21 日 前

    "entree comes with sound effects"

  39. Aunt Jemima

    Aunt Jemima21 日 前

    Gordan has such a fun sense of humour

  40. Jason Draco

    Jason Draco22 日 前

    How does that waiter know how a car wash tastes like?

  41. Delique Scence

    Delique Scence23 日 前

    Gordon’s joy when he discovers a squeaky seat is priceless

  42. Kimberly Harrison

    Kimberly Harrison25 日 前

    It’s because your kitchen put the food in the microwave just to be handcuffed on the

  43. F.a H.C

    F.a H.C25 日 前

    What is Gerard Depardieu waitering there?

  44. abi x

    abi x27 日 前


  45. Skipper847

    Skipper84728 日 前

    They look like granddads meat balls

  46. Lilly Herrington

    Lilly Herrington29 日 前

    Waiter: 'How was the mushroom risotto?'' Gordon: ''It tasted like mush'' MUSH-ROOMS

  47. PancakesPusheen !

    PancakesPusheen !ヶ月 前

    gordon: what are some stuff to stay away from ? head waiter: (lists off some food items) gordon: *surprised pikachu face*

  48. David Michael

    David Michaelヶ月 前

    Gordon Ramsey is the most Under-Rated Celeb ever. The way he makes Chefs crap their pants always tickles me.

  49. ChilledArt

    ChilledArtヶ月 前

    "i dont have a good answer to that, chicken should be moist" 😂 i lost it aha

  50. Krymera666 x

    Krymera666 xヶ月 前

    This is just a select few highlights of restaurants that fall into complacency!

  51. Liam Seres

    Liam Seresヶ月 前

    That chicken he ate at the beginning was schnitzel.. It's supposed to be like that

  52. Amin Alani

    Amin Alaniヶ月 前

    7:14 that doesn't seem like a genuine thank you lol

  53. untamedoffice

    untamedofficeヶ月 前

    that food is like a brick

  54. Uwot Mate

    Uwot Mateヶ月 前

    2:49 Gordon:what is the stuff to stay away from waiter: *tells Gordon what to stay away from* Gordon: wOw tHaTs sCaRy, wHeN yOu wAlK iN tHeY tElL yOu wHaT tO sTaY aWaY fRoM

  55. Jaz ruls12

    Jaz ruls12ヶ月 前

    that plat flip at 7:30

  56. Jaz ruls12

    Jaz ruls12ヶ月 前


  57. White Fairy

    White Fairyヶ月 前

    Is it me or does the owner look like some jacked up version of Angela from BONES?

  58. timchambers55

    timchambers55ヶ月 前

    I wish they'd stop adding the 'mush' sound effects when he's stirring the food, it's like ASMR I do not want lol

  59. Dashrath Bhargav

    Dashrath Bhargavヶ月 前

    All he demands is perfection and which all the restaurants fail to give except few .

  60. Krankar Volund

    Krankar Volundヶ月 前

    How do they failed pesto pasta? It's like one of the simplest dishes possible.....