1. JesseTheEvil1

    JesseTheEvil13 時間 前

    Damn imagine if Gordon Ramsay was the match announcer for SAS for the new Modern Warfare....

  2. Luke schilder

    Luke schilder6 時間 前


  3. Isaac Peretz

    Isaac Peretz11 時間 前

    9:36 Gordon Ramsay becomes Corey Taylor

  4. Chiara (Student) RAGEAU

    Chiara (Student) RAGEAU12 時間 前

    At the end the kitchen is empty

  5. M Hessewe

    M Hessewe14 時間 前



    WASTELAND_GZ23 時間 前

    No one says “Fuck off” like this man

  7. Roxxiee _

    Roxxiee _日 前

    Is anyone absolutely terrified of this man? Because I am O.O

  8. IanGAMER Z

    IanGAMER Z日 前

    He is the perfect Marines drill Sargeant

  9. Vintage5273

    Vintage5273日 前

    Did the customers EVER get food?

  10. thomas waring

    thomas waring日 前

    4:30 why is that censored except ALL the oters🤔😐

  11. Kyle's Channel

    Kyle's Channel日 前


  12. David kim

    David kim日 前

    Ah canoh doo dis any mow

  13. GaMe ByTe

    GaMe ByTe日 前

    Hes just a savsge

  14. Amei Konyak

    Amei Konyak日 前

    Simon Cowell is thousand times better than Gordon Ramsay

  15. Kami Kaza

    Kami Kaza日 前

    I Think all the customers coming only to see GR getting pissed off

  16. Raspberry Jam

    Raspberry Jam日 前

    G E T O U T!

  17. Zama Zenta

    Zama Zenta日 前

    Gordon Ramsay would be billionaire if abusing was a fuc*ing job

  18. GamaKo

    GamaKo日 前

    i wonder if he was American

  19. Jessie Bear

    Jessie Bear日 前

    gordon ramsay: hm. what do u got? me: burrito's. gordon: UGH. THERE DRY...

  20. Comrade Schwarzengger

    Comrade Schwarzengger2 日 前

    "It’s Master Chef! Not masturbate” - Gordan

  21. Brisbos

    Brisbos2 日 前

    “Did it hurt ... fucking sew me”

  22. Enderman 1214

    Enderman 12142 日 前

    I really spent fifteen minutes of my life, seeing the angriest man of the world?? Y E A H

  23. Šimun Petar Bulić

    Šimun Petar Bulić2 日 前

    Its a miracle how many hair he still has

  24. Enderman 1214

    Enderman 12142 日 前

    3x3= 6

  25. Please kill vscos For my sanity

    Please kill vscos For my sanity2 日 前

    No one: Forbvsy: creates this Ad revenue: this is an avengers level threat

  26. Kambez nd Navid

    Kambez nd Navid2 日 前

    Did anyone actually kill himself/herself because of this dude for once?

  27. the gacha lama

    the gacha lama2 日 前

    "No I'm afraid of you chef" " oh that's PATHETIC" me: no I'd be scared too °~°

  28. @Chelsea4All - Instagram 💙⚽️

    @Chelsea4All - Instagram 💙⚽️2 日 前

    Very uncomfortable viewing

  29. mama fitz

    mama fitz2 日 前

    did anyone get smth to eat there ?😂

  30. alucardfu2

    alucardfu22 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey: WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?!!

  31. Obed Roberts

    Obed Roberts2 日 前

    Customers have not come there to dine but to watch the fucking entertainment that's happening

  32. Garrett Fitzgerald

    Garrett Fitzgerald3 日 前

    Ramsey is totally wrong and extremely arrogant.

  33. Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel

    Vanilla_ Bean_Nöel3 日 前

    *"Hes on sunset boulevard looking for a fucking bus"* lmfao

  34. Pinkie Dash

    Pinkie Dash3 日 前

    No one: Literally no one: Gordan Ramsay: GeT OUt!!

  35. Yasser _Ali

    Yasser _Ali3 日 前

    Couldn’t think of anything else *starts blaming the fish 😂😂😂

  36. R M

    R M3 日 前

    gordon ramsey: F*CK OFF! also gordon ramsey: how rude are you!

  37. XP XD

    XP XD3 日 前

    This guy should be on Beyond scared straight

  38. Wrinkly pickle

    Wrinkly pickle3 日 前

    the reason why people turn up to hells kitchen is not for the food. its for listening to Gordan yelling at everyone

  39. Abeede Ahmed

    Abeede Ahmed3 日 前

    I don’t wanna be a chef anymore

  40. muhammad ariffin

    muhammad ariffin3 日 前

    i remember a scene customer complain about food not fully cooked.he taste the food first before angry