1. Hanif

    Hanif33 分 前

    I think he is married to the F-word

  2. MadCat222 •

    MadCat222 •時間 前

    14:48 minecraft door audio

  3. J-Rhenze the Ender boy

    J-Rhenze the Ender boy4 時間 前

    I hate you! Gordon Ramsay!!!!

  4. Cait 7686

    Cait 76867 時間 前

    "This pigeon is so raw it could still fly." -Gordan Ramsey

  5. milk omelette

    milk omelette7 時間 前

    I use long words that I don’t really understand to make me seem more photosynthesis

  6. Milan Naď

    Milan Naď10 時間 前

    9:38 Donkey!

  7. TOMO

    TOMO12 時間 前

    Take a shot everytime Gordon mentions the word fuck.


    AKMOD07 PLAYZ14 時間 前

    The 1st clip reminds me of my teacher he says you you you out

  9. cibi

    cibi14 時間 前

    I watch that after my ancient Greek lessons.. feels good not to be the one being screamed at for once

  10. c De Jager

    c De Jager16 時間 前

    Gorden Ramsay you are the best chef in the world can I get your number

  11. Lloyd Weber

    Lloyd Weber16 時間 前

    Wtf is his problem.

  12. Sid Roy

    Sid Roy16 時間 前

    Too much fucking

  13. G r e g o n L I n e a r

    G r e g o n L I n e a r18 時間 前

    0:40 as he is performing for the oscars

  14. Dutch Plan Der Linde

    Dutch Plan Der Linde19 時間 前

    Gordon: Is this ice frozen? Waiter: Yes Gordon: YOU F*CKING DONKEY

  15. -Tyler playsgacha-

    -Tyler playsgacha-19 時間 前


  16. Chandan BL

    Chandan BL20 時間 前

    Did you know that , Gordon got the JPreporter record of cussing 1,285,746,982,386 times in this whole video

  17. The Proclaimed

    The Proclaimed20 時間 前

    I want to hire Gordon Ramsay to join me for dinner at my parents house so that I could sit back and watch the carnage

  18. controla playa

    controla playa20 時間 前

    Sometimes i just see this video emagining that ramrey's coworkers are people that i hate. It always makes me happy.

  19. Arkarkyaw

    Arkarkyaw21 時間 前

    Dick face one got me

  20. Egg hunter Prisk

    Egg hunter Prisk22 時間 前

    Gordon Ramsay: Somethings wrong with the water. Waiter: What is it, chef? Gordon Ramsay: ɪᴛ's ᴅʀʏ

  21. Smile laugh

    Smile laugh23 時間 前

    10:28 he said it again hahahaha 10:26 edit

  22. Jet Aviationxx

    Jet Aviationxx日 前

    He could classify as Horrid Henry’s Dad

  23. Jet Aviationxx

    Jet Aviationxx日 前

    2020 anyone?

  24. Radinda Swasti

    Radinda Swasti日 前

    4:38 this can be a horror movie

  25. Mak 760

    Mak 760日 前

    This is how many times he said fuck ⬇️

  26. Nicks Catajoi

    Nicks Catajoi日 前

    "You're misinterpreting the competition it's master chef not masturbate" 😂😂😂

  27. Joey Paulin

    Joey Paulin日 前

    The one with the french dude was pretty intense!

  28. Goldiee

    Goldiee日 前

    -Puts Chicken in Oven- -Gordon Takes Out- Also Gordon : ITS STILL FRICKEN RAW

  29. Deoness cz

    Deoness cz日 前

    I think I just saw what awaits me in hell

  30. Tehwayne 100

    Tehwayne 100日 前

    JPreporter: see's the thumbnail DEMONITIZE 🤣

  31. Maryam Abbasi

    Maryam Abbasi日 前

    I wonder what runs through his kids minds when it there turn to make dinner

  32. Ukundi Dominic Lema

    Ukundi Dominic Lema日 前

    Does Matilda know about this?

  33. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom日 前

    imagine if he's one of your family members, I bet you'll be so stressed since he's really love to curse.

  34. Jasper van Herwijnen

    Jasper van Herwijnen日 前

    How many people lose there job there in 1 day

  35. Alyx

    Alyx日 前

    I thought Ramsay was a nice funny guy

  36. Drew ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

    Drew ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ日 前

    Samuel L Jackson is better because he can day the N word

  37. Emem

    Emem日 前


  38. Fadhel Denil

    Fadhel Denil2 日 前

    oscar and jack age 6 : FUCK OFF DAD

  39. Imo Hooplot

    Imo Hooplot2 日 前

    Now this is something sockie norris would like to see

  40. gothbunny x.

    gothbunny x.2 日 前

    if he yelled at me i would just start crying.😂😭

  41. Captain Vimto

    Captain Vimto2 日 前

    This is why im proud to be British

  42. Ken Harnッ

    Ken Harnッ2 日 前

    Yes chef, thank you chef

  43. Mahbus

    Mahbus2 日 前

    Why does chef needs a pencil

  44. Dragon_Slayer YT

    Dragon_Slayer YT2 日 前

    i hope i can eat at this restaurant one day but i will come not for the food but to enjoy watching him insult others.

  45. FredoriaGaming

    FredoriaGaming日 前

    Ah, yes! I put this on loop while playing GTA Online today!

  46. MysticalYeet

    MysticalYeet2 日 前

    the music and the sound effects really makes everything more intense

  47. Dentan Bobb

    Dentan Bobb2 日 前

    I dont want to be a cooker or cuscomer there at that place.

  48. Hitomi. La

    Hitomi. La2 日 前

    4:35 LOL

  49. Historia Vellerium

    Historia Vellerium2 日 前

    When you get insulted by an anime profile picture on discord always use Gordon Ramsay insults.


    SVWCLAPPS2 日 前



    SVWCLAPPS2 日 前


  52. Philip __v

    Philip __v2 日 前

    Customers over there enjoying the drama and not even eating shit

  53. Philip __v

    Philip __v2 日 前

    Love this guy

  54. Kroakra

    Kroakra2 日 前

    15minutes if a lion raging out

  55. Caffi1566

    Caffi15662 日 前

    Anyone counted the fuck offs

  56. Norris Nuts Lover

    Norris Nuts Lover2 日 前

    What will happen when Sockie sees this

  57. Rado Animations

    Rado Animations2 日 前

    Gordan Ramsay Is my spirit animal

  58. Charles G.

    Charles G.2 日 前

    Gordon: "Hey you there!" Poor soul: "..Yes?" Gordon: "Fuck off!" I'm so using that one.

  59. p4r4n0iD

    p4r4n0iD2 日 前

    Me: **cooking** The egg: i'm fucking raw so fuck off

  60. SomeGuyNamedBox Box

    SomeGuyNamedBox Box2 日 前

    If you ever felt useless always remember these videos exist

  61. Jenny the galaxy wolf

    Jenny the galaxy wolf2 日 前

    All he says is f*#@ lol Pls like......

  62. Bob Hoff

    Bob Hoff2 日 前

    Gordon’s the kind of guy who tells you to get out of his country and then follow you to a different country and tell to get out

  63. Miss Coconut

    Miss Coconut2 日 前

    I really want to have movie about legend Gordon ramsay

  64. AH FU-

    AH FU-2 日 前

    *Romantic dinner, more like a fucked up dinner.* im crying-

  65. amon mercury

    amon mercury2 日 前

    now thats a real man right there badass af

  66. DJ CrAcKeD

    DJ CrAcKeD3 日 前

    Jesus gordan IT'S JUST FOOD

  67. Vice 19XX

    Vice 19XX3 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay’s biggest insult “GET OUT!”

  68. nolifer 1735

    nolifer 17353 日 前

    I would say “General” instead of “Chef” honestly this looks more like the US army instead of a kitchen

  69. Sammuel Vrys • 67 tahun yang lalu

    Sammuel Vrys • 67 tahun yang lalu3 日 前

    10% Motivated 10% heart attack 70% FUCKING/FUCKOFF 10% GET OFF

  70. Gamer Life420

    Gamer Life4203 日 前

    6:37 its coming now baby? He had some serious balls saying that hahaha

  71. Kikross _CZ

    Kikross _CZ3 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay EGO LEVEL UP!!

  72. Debanga Das

    Debanga Das3 日 前

    "if you want to give up, GET OUT" "I'm not giving up chef" "Fight back!" "I am fighting back chef" "*STOP GIVING ME SHIT*"

  73. Debanga Das

    Debanga Das3 日 前

    Is he sending people to the ranch?

  74. Debanga Das

    Debanga Das3 日 前

    I was actually worried about these people and don't even know who the hell they are.

  75. ألتعليق ألنقدي

    ألتعليق ألنقدي3 日 前

    Wouldn’t be hilarious if ramsey was Canadian

  76. Mar

    Mar3 日 前

    gordon: make everyone fuck off kitchen: *empty* gordon: 👁👄👁 FUCK!!

  77. Alexis James

    Alexis James3 日 前

    11:42 He got me

  78. an1m3fan923

    an1m3fan9233 日 前

    i like how gordon ramsay is too loud to censor with a beep lol

  79. Nova Amare

    Nova Amare3 日 前

    How the hell does no one just break down and cry like seriously if this was me I’d legit lose it 😂😂

  80. Áron Német

    Áron Német4 日 前

    5 16

  81. Vibe Town

    Vibe Town4 日 前

    I want to see someone tell Gordan to fuck off and give him the good old 🖕