Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Sami K

    Sami K時間 前

    I have lost my trust in Gordon after seeing him say things that make no sense at all ( like in this video ). He is just trying to sell the shit show to cover expenses. I'm ashamed.

  2. Hom Tolland

    Hom Tolland6 時間 前

    Denise is my most hated owner in this show. And that's saying something.

  3. Engeke

    Engeke7 時間 前

    During one of the scenes the music kinda sounds like the unknown caves in the pokemon games. I thinks its towards the end of the fake crab one.

  4. lil_lexio

    lil_lexio8 時間 前

    👁👄👁 man In the back like


    WaRLoKWYATT11 時間 前

    That Denise bitch pissed me right off.

  6. Gourav Podder

    Gourav Podder12 時間 前

    Lesson from this show Owners shouldn't be family

  7. Xinender

    Xinender12 時間 前

    I feel so bad for the waiters because they know it sucks every time but still try to keep it together

  8. exterminator shaman

    exterminator shaman12 時間 前

    As a British person it pains me inside to see bad fish and chips.

  9. Franko Americano

    Franko Americano18 時間 前

    Karen stars as waitress...

  10. liam Holloway

    liam Holloway日 前

    I love it how they sent the lobster cooked and it came back uncooked.

  11. Andy M

    Andy M日 前

    That first waitress is fit😍

  12. Emperor Of Mankind

    Emperor Of Mankind日 前

    13:12 This guy is a fuckin case of food poisoning and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  13. The humble spider cat h

    The humble spider cat h日 前

    Wow when the owners fight they sound like my parents when they fight

  14. SSR

    SSR2 日 前

    I will be shot dead, if i do this in pakistan..😅

  15. unknown unknown

    unknown unknown2 日 前

    10:32 haha

  16. Vincent Ma

    Vincent Ma2 日 前

    Honey Pecan Salmon. “The dressing is like honey!”

  17. Idk

    Idk2 日 前

    0:22 “ I can see it in your eyes~” Sorry I had to ;-;

  18. NOT chilli booboo

    NOT chilli booboo2 日 前

    Catalina is too hot

  19. ian Chapman

    ian Chapman2 日 前

    How did Ramsey do that many seasons without getting killed by food poisoning?

  20. 【 j a m i e 】

    【 j a m i e 】2 日 前

    Denise: this is Purfick (perfect) Rilly? (Really) Petatus (potatoes)

  21. Teresa Talavera-Jimenez

    Teresa Talavera-Jimenez2 日 前

    The first waitress looks like a akren

  22. ImpossibleOrHighlyUnlikely

    ImpossibleOrHighlyUnlikely2 日 前

    That one little bit with the crab was good atleast. Surprising to see Gordon enjoyed something

  23. david manning

    david manning2 日 前

    Spanish lady is charming.

  24. Ze'phin Bey

    Ze'phin Bey2 日 前

    Couldn't figure out if he was saying fix the shit or feed the chef 😂😂

  25. lyn say Say

    lyn say Say2 日 前

    atleast he likes the crab in the sandwich tho

  26. stephen holly

    stephen holly2 日 前

    "i have a problem with the constancy of my potatoes" LEL

  27. TitiniElCrack

    TitiniElCrack日 前

    Ah yes LEL

  28. Aditya

    Aditya3 日 前

    The only good thing in this channel is the comment section

  29. Jasmine Carter

    Jasmine Carter3 日 前

    Why did that guy look like Duff fresh out of prison?

  30. Aaron Garcia

    Aaron Garcia3 日 前

    Does gorden actually pay for these meals he eats 🤔

  31. Mustafa Alazzawi

    Mustafa Alazzawi3 日 前

    When he said breaded condom

  32. Brody Kopp

    Brody Kopp3 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay: “Have you been drinking?” General Manager Lad: Immediate “No”.

  33. Jens Larsson

    Jens Larsson3 日 前

    Oh my... Just "home chefin", but would run these "reasturants" better. Atleast I can cook a fish, fil'e it & catch it. But the other way around. Go Chef Ramsey, go! =)

  34. nive dhitha

    nive dhitha3 日 前

    It's funny when Gordon complains about not having harmony in the kitchen 😂😂

  35. Dan

    Dan4 日 前

    0:30 your last brain cell during an exam

  36. Linda Mukenzi

    Linda Mukenzi4 日 前

    The last chef omg!🙄...even if it's dead its fresh????!🤦🏾‍♀️

  37. Mikasa I love you.

    Mikasa I love you.5 日 前

    4:37, turn on the captions and you’ll see what I mean

  38. UrDepression

    UrDepression5 日 前

    "Big muscle head meatball" had me thinking if u should put salt and pepper on tht head🤣🤣🤣

  39. Mark T

    Mark T6 日 前

    These shows are so fake.

  40. Iceman Cano

    Iceman Cano6 日 前

    I love how he hesitated before he ate that crab

  41. DoRi

    DoRi6 日 前

    I laughed for 13 min with that musclehead meatball 🤣🤣🤣

  42. Alex G.

    Alex G.6 日 前

    Anyone know which episodes these are from? Especially curious about the first and third clip.

  43. P1

    P16 日 前

    Marcelo made mistakes but I feel for him. That woman is soooo annoying. Probably wore him out after so many years

  44. Luke Lin

    Luke Lin6 日 前

    How do you know what a breaded condom taste like or even a condom ...

  45. Derek Gleeson

    Derek Gleeson6 日 前

    Seems like a lot of east coast restaurant owners are fake wannabe gangsters too

  46. Momon

    Momon6 日 前

    The divorced couple restaurant, I agree that she was right but can't deny that she was really annoying

  47. Michelle Wallace

    Michelle Wallace7 日 前

    He did say the crab was good on that one sandwich. Oh my god shame on that woman serving "english" fish and chips to a real brit...

  48. diskuse diskuse

    diskuse diskuse7 日 前

    Catalina just needs to be bought to climax, that's all.

  49. Dragon Cody

    Dragon Cody7 日 前

    Dead lobster - Nah it’s sleeping- F••• you

  50. ahmet coşkun

    ahmet coşkun7 日 前

    “Marcello can not have pressure” ?? for god sake woman what is wrong with u. The only one who yelled is poor Marcello god bless this guy. He never turn back.

  51. Woobuz

    Woobuz7 日 前

    "Holy krab."

  52. Juuzou Suzuya

    Juuzou Suzuya7 日 前

    If you ever feel embarrased, just remember that my Dad asked for ketchup at a Fancy 5 Star Restaurant.

  53. Toast Toast

    Toast Toast7 日 前

    7:00 I fucking love the waiter so much

  54. Anonymous Gamer

    Anonymous Gamer8 日 前

    I just realized that Gordon is the chef Simon from agt

  55. Goonily -

    Goonily -8 日 前

    No one in the background knows who Gordon ramsay is either there extras, or were told to not say anything.

  56. Aya Abboud

    Aya Abboud8 日 前

    The waiter is Karen cuz of her hair. PERIODT.

  57. oceandwell

    oceandwell8 日 前

    these are all borderline unwatchable. It’s a shame they felt like they had to dumb it down for Americans and turn it into a reality show with obnoxious sound bites/music to add drama. The original British series is so well done compared to this bollocks.

  58. ssjGOD kakaratto

    ssjGOD kakaratto8 日 前

    10:35 the moment you thought you did something good. But ended up bad! Xd

  59. Even Rygh

    Even Rygh8 日 前

    WHAT A TRAP. 1080p hd it says. Looks like 360p

  60. Adam Lopez

    Adam Lopez9 日 前

    3:23 , “The dressing is like honey” , but the it’s honey pecan salmon ...

  61. Sam I am...annoyed

    Sam I am...annoyed9 日 前

    The first chef at the seafood place, took all that criticism like nobody ever or since on this show!! That guy deserves some acknowledgement!!

  62. Haneen Tajelsir

    Haneen Tajelsir9 日 前

    Have he ever tasted food that was good?

  63. PanickingPastry

    PanickingPastry9 日 前

    He said the lobsters fresh. That dirty bastard!

  64. Katelyn Villegas

    Katelyn Villegas9 日 前

    “It’s one mans opinion” *”it’s a pretty successful opinion”* 💀😂

  65. Ken Shaw

    Ken Shaw9 日 前

    monkfish is not used in fake crab. Monkfish is really expensive. Pollock is used. It doesn't actually taste bad but it doesn't taste like crab.

  66. Aly E.

    Aly E.9 日 前

    “Honey pecan salmon” Gordon: why is it so sweet? Almost like it’s honey? Me: umm-

  67. The Hollanesian

    The Hollanesian9 日 前

    Geez even I could cook decent rice and beans and I'm not even Mexican.

  68. ryanw.4210

    ryanw.42109 日 前

    Scott and Aaron were my favorite people on the show ever.

  69. Bryan Garza

    Bryan Garza10 日 前

    "What type of fish is this "codfish" My bro cosdfish the beatboxer getting called out

  70. Solethzemy

    Solethzemy10 日 前

    Hey, at least the crab cake on big bay club are good

  71. Geneviève Émond

    Geneviève Émond10 日 前

    How are you severly allergic to sea food and working in a fish and sea food restaurant Its like having my husband working for krispy kernel

  72. Sierra Phoenix

    Sierra Phoenix10 日 前

    3:59 Gordon Ramsay : *”I surrender”* Me : HahhHhahHaaa

  73. Amiri Lorenzo

    Amiri Lorenzo10 日 前

    Okay but lady in the green hoodie was a baddie low key

  74. MWB

    MWB10 日 前

    10:35 "wow...he lub it."

  75. Little Emya

    Little Emya10 日 前

    First we had “fresh frozen” and now we have “fresh dead”? Huh???

  76. NillyNill ChatterBox

    NillyNill ChatterBox10 日 前

    Man's is a master chef, a successful chef, has many restaurants, and is literally among the best. Yet people won't take his word when he says their food is shit????

  77. Nom De Plume

    Nom De Plume11 日 前

    The first chef was really receptive. Thats a good sign lol

  78. x y

    x y11 日 前

    Kontrol or control?

  79. x y

    x y11 日 前

    Kontrol or control?

  80. Madison Grey

    Madison Grey11 日 前

    “That lobsters fresh..” Yeah, on deaths door!

  81. y.z .L

    y.z .L11 日 前

    7:51 why does the outfit look like a inmate jumper