Gordon Ramsay Being Served The Worst Fish Dishes On Kitchen Nightmares


  1. atotalidiot

    atotalidiot2 分 前

    Catalina has a FIRE booty dont lie all you guys checked it out

  2. Jami likes flowers

    Jami likes flowers12 分 前

    "delicious wow" "he loves it" "fish is not cooked."

  3. Killshot 777

    Killshot 77715 時間 前

    No one : Absolutely No one : Subtitles : *reads crab as crap*

  4. Gage Mason

    Gage Mason15 時間 前

    Catalina lookin kinda fine tho

  5. Connie Sadler

    Connie Sadler23 時間 前


  6. McKinley Alvarez

    McKinley Alvarez日 前

    Worst captions ever

  7. the fish tank

    the fish tank日 前

    how is there peak spelling crab with a k?

  8. Sean Fitzpatrick

    Sean Fitzpatrick日 前

    “That lobsters fresh” It’s dead.....

  9. NoOffenseBut

    NoOffenseBut日 前

    omg i really like that woman lmao marcello lost a good one

  10. Amellia Mendel

    Amellia Mendel日 前

    I gaurentee no complaints, lol. They know Ramsey is out there right?

  11. StandItAll

    StandItAll日 前

    MY D00D!!!

  12. john z

    john z日 前

    love you! bye

  13. BloodyBay

    BloodyBay日 前

    11:17 Catalina: "He should not be in the kitchen at all!" Goddamn, she's spot on there! Catalina obviously cares a great deal about the food and customer satisfaction, whereas Marcelo obviously doesn't give half a shit. It's clear that _she_ should be running the kitchen, not him. He would be better off as a waiter, but I have the sneaking suspicion that he'd somehow manage to booch _that_ job too!

  14. kyle q8-906

    kyle q8-90631 分 前

    True. I think their both idiots 😂😂 that marcelo sucks at his job and his ex is too broken to run a restaurant. But still she is better spirited then her ex 😂

  15. M M

    M M2 日 前

    Gordon doesn’t use ice in his beverages because it’s frozen

  16. crappydmo

    crappydmo2 日 前

    The waiter is really enjoying his job right now seeing his boss getting his coin purse busted🤣🤣😂😂 10:43

  17. Sugaraki

    Sugaraki2 日 前

    Put on the YT subtitles for this one plz. You won’t be disappointed.

  18. ellisdtrails420

    ellisdtrails4202 日 前

    Ramsay: ...it's almost like you've got a breaded condom in your mouth... Owner: ..he says it tasted like frozen cod and.... Well played owner. Well played...

  19. Xidena

    Xidena2 日 前

    Aw man, he should’ve said “Holy krab,” instead of “crap” at 1:21-1:23! 😂

  20. Eltanin

    Eltanin2 日 前

    10:42 Gordan "Fish is not cooked" Me "What I think you meant is, IT'S FUCKING RAW!"

  21. Darth Plagues the Wise

    Darth Plagues the Wise2 日 前

    11:08 *_Roma Roma-ma_* *_Gaga Ooh la-la_*

  22. Darth Plagues the Wise

    Darth Plagues the Wise2 日 前

    _“Even though it’s died, it’s good.”_ Kitchen nightmares in a nutshell

  23. Franz Isaryk

    Franz Isaryk2 日 前

    Is Gordon really saying something about the yelling in the kitchen come on hoss you do the same thing only worse don’t be a hypocrite idk if anyone else said the same thing cause I haven’t read the comments yet at least she didn’t call her ex a fucking donkey lol

  24. Wilbert Lek

    Wilbert Lek3 日 前

    Go to you barrr!

  25. MCGamer 826

    MCGamer 8263 日 前

    Denise is stubborn. Very.

  26. D N

    D N3 日 前

    How would Gordon Ramsay know what a crusted condom in your mouth tastes like? That's his words not mine!

  27. Chris Rowney

    Chris Rowney3 日 前

    Some of the subtitles are wrong I can tell you that for a fact

  28. Kingpen Games

    Kingpen Games3 日 前

    I thought the salmon was 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream

  29. Abheek Dhara

    Abheek Dhara3 日 前

    lol the first one looks like duffy from food network

  30. Razor Callahan

    Razor Callahan3 日 前

    Captions 4:33 LOL

  31. JJ_SFL

    JJ_SFL3 日 前

    why he say condom like that “kahn dumb”

  32. liuzhou

    liuzhou3 日 前

    Subtitled by someone deaf?

  33. Mexican Man

    Mexican Man4 日 前

    *big muscle head meatball* r/rareinsults

  34. Mark Kratzenberger

    Mark Kratzenberger4 日 前

    Shocking, embarrassing and fake kind of the Khardashian's lmao

  35. Loltroll842 0

    Loltroll842 04 日 前

    Ok who the hell did the english closed captions

  36. MagWheels

    MagWheels4 日 前

    I'd like to see Gordon visit the Krusty Krab

  37. Famous75 Gaming

    Famous75 Gaming4 日 前

    Owner: “ohh yeaa he lovesss that dish.” Gordon Ramsay: “it’s raw”

  38. Famous75 Gaming

    Famous75 Gaming4 日 前

    Every episode the owner is so exited saying: “Haha Gordon is going to LOVEEE my delicious food I can’t wait for him to tell me how good it is!” Gordon Ramsay: bland, disgusting.

  39. Famous75 Gaming

    Famous75 Gaming4 日 前

    Wait a damn minute, if he is allergic to crab but it’s not real crab then wtf lol

  40. xXItzEmilyXx

    xXItzEmilyXx4 日 前

    for the crab.. did i just hear him say smt was delicious?

  41. Spencer O'Reilly

    Spencer O'Reilly4 日 前

    This is all staged I mean it’s rediculous