Gordon Ramsay Appalled By 'English Style Fish & Chips" | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Lucas

    Lucas7 時間 前

    Classic American thing to do. Steal a classic food from another culture, make it worse and than proclaim that it is the true style of that food. No integration, just theft and a low standard of quality.

  2. Al

    Al8 時間 前

    OK Bawlmer

  3. Supreme Penguin

    Supreme Penguin10 時間 前

    1:04 villagers in minecraft be like

  4. havΘc

    havΘc12 時間 前

    Cafe Hon? More like Cafe cringe ...

  5. U-TOPIC 47

    U-TOPIC 47日 前

    what makes the crab delicious?

  6. Conkr CsTf

    Conkr CsTf日 前

    He says the fish n chips is greasy but TBF that's pretty standard from a UK chippy

  7. Bukkake Bill【汚い外人】

    Bukkake Bill【汚い外人】日 前

    She's a rockstar, or a punchline. That menu looks like those restaurant kids menu with knock knock jokes and funny facts written on the side or back of the menu.

  8. Bennett Chan

    Bennett Chan日 前

    Ramsay: Its dreadful The captions: It’s terrific

  9. Jarrey

    Jarrey日 前

    this fucking music... what the fuckity fuck why why why

  10. Emily Beedham

    Emily Beedham2 日 前

    Who you callin a hun ya taig

  11. Barbara Dyson

    Barbara Dyson2 日 前

    Fish & chips should hsve salt & vinegar NOT HOLLANDAISE SAUCE.

  12. Brad Perryman

    Brad Perryman3 日 前


  13. Ingrid Launonen

    Ingrid Launonen3 日 前

    t h i c k

  14. Shinbaal99

    Shinbaal994 日 前

    Gordon "it's hideous" Ramsey

  15. Thepowerlies

    Thepowerlies4 日 前

    Why do good chefs keep working with terrible owners

  16. TM Kim

    TM Kim5 日 前

    What is the combination of delicious crab and cold shrimp?

  17. Sancks

    Sancks5 日 前

    "The crab is delicious" You hear epic music "And this stone cold shrimps" Then you hear boss music

  18. Maya Fallegeros

    Maya Fallegeros5 日 前

    Hearing the server and Gordon talk about the two words, it makes me feel like I had a stroke hearing it.

  19. Jay Masseling

    Jay Masseling5 日 前

    English style fish and chips ‘holy mackerel’

  20. Ludwig van Beethoven

    Ludwig van Beethoven5 日 前

    2:13 Well. Well. Well, How the turn tables..

  21. Man

    Man5 日 前

    Sod the food, I want the juicy waitress. 💗😜

  22. Rxckz

    Rxckz6 日 前

    1:07 Gordon: Hun, Hon Waiter: *(Laughs)* Gordon: Hoe 😂😂😂

  23. Christopher Dibbs

    Christopher Dibbs6 日 前

    I was going to make a comment about how they're awfully ballsy serving "English-style fish and chips" that bad to an Englishman, but then I just hear: "Who's that on the front cover there?" "Oh, that's *N I N O O O* "

  24. Tauseef Asad

    Tauseef Asad6 日 前

    Funny how the background music changed during crab time 😂

  25. YEET

    YEET6 日 前

    Lmao the fckin ending though 😂😂😂

  26. Darca1n

    Darca1n7 日 前

    Who the hell makes soggy, fatty fries and thinks that's okay? That's a crime against fries!

  27. Soggy Doggy 乂

    Soggy Doggy 乂7 日 前

    Gordon is like me with food

  28. Makaelah Willis

    Makaelah Willis7 日 前

    1:22 I almost thought her head was chopped of

  29. Makaelah Willis

    Makaelah Willis7 日 前

    1:22 I almost thought her head was chopped of

  30. Obno

    Obno7 日 前

    Her : BawlmeR Him : Bawlma Me : Bulma

  31. Steven Mckenzie

    Steven Mckenzie7 日 前

    Funny thing is Ramsey was a "hun" at one time

  32. Grant

    Grant7 日 前

    Gordan’s a rangers fan and he’s saying Hun lol

  33. Curtis Baker

    Curtis Baker7 日 前

    Gordan says the sandwedge is to big yet the burger he makes is bigger lol

  34. Kai Takashi

    Kai Takashi8 日 前

    Bruhh the chef looks like a degraded post malone

  35. antoni iorizz

    antoni iorizz8 日 前

    1:05 villager ramsay?

  36. Copy and Paste

    Copy and Paste8 日 前


  37. saltysince1994

    saltysince19948 日 前

    If that fish and chips was served here you'd have passport revoked.

  38. nana flipper

    nana flipper9 日 前

    Sandwich looks yummy.

  39. João Vitor Santos

    João Vitor Santos9 日 前

    Whats this episode again please?

  40. Deatra Solomon

    Deatra Solomon9 日 前

    They cook better than anybody

  41. Deatra Solomon

    Deatra Solomon9 日 前

    Restaurants in Pohnpei is better

  42. Quincy Jones

    Quincy Jones9 日 前

    Ramsey is bullshit. over 90% of his restaurants that he has "helped" closed down soon after. All he does is pretend everything is shit when its most likely not that shit. Notice how he said the crab was good but didnt even tell them

  43. stephen green

    stephen green10 日 前

    generic ramsey

  44. All in Music

    All in Music10 日 前

    Who else thaught Gordon and the waitress are Minecraft Villegers .... You don't believe me ... here the proof 01:07

  45. All in Music

    All in Music10 日 前

    Me: playing minecraft all day long Going to yt and found this in my recommended: 01:06 (Villager Sound)

  46. WorstZedTW

    WorstZedTW10 日 前

    Whoever threw that paper, your mom's a 1:09

  47. tobotomizer

    tobotomizer10 日 前

    1:06 villagers first learning how to speak

  48. Charmaine Chin

    Charmaine Chin10 日 前


  49. Hello There

    Hello There10 日 前

    I swear, when I clicked on this video, the first thing I saw was a Gordon Ramsay ad from Masterclass. Coincidence? I think not.

  50. Cian Gargan

    Cian Gargan11 日 前

    I'd say they did pretty well for a kitchen nightmares episode. He liked the crab meat.

  51. Lucas Patenaude

    Lucas Patenaude11 日 前

    Gordon ramsay trying to say hon sounds like the villagers in minecraft lmaooo

  52. soap mctavish

    soap mctavish9 日 前


  53. Henrique

    Henrique11 日 前

    nobody: minecraft villagers: 1:06

  54. Furious Styles

    Furious Styles11 日 前

    i prefer a nicely roasted turd ,garnished with pubes in a sweet urine sauce

  55. Subhadeep C

    Subhadeep C11 日 前

    Why did I get a Gordon Ramsay ad before the video?

  56. Guy

    Guy12 日 前

    5:21 why does "plate" sound like it was edited in?

  57. Rae Lee

    Rae Lee12 日 前

    Is there any tissue there because Gordon Ramsay is wiping everything in his clothes

  58. 79Sarwar

    79Sarwar13 日 前

    1:09 HOE!!

  59. Tsn fishing the north

    Tsn fishing the north13 日 前

    Their was a fight outside the restaurant A cod got battered

  60. soap mctavish

    soap mctavish9 日 前

    Not properly 😂

  61. Lord of Banana

    Lord of Banana13 日 前

    She lowkey insulted Gordon's mom.

  62. Amair Kumar

    Amair Kumar13 日 前

    Screw denise

  63. Amair Kumar

    Amair Kumar13 日 前

    More like demise