Gordon Ramsay Appalled By 'English Style Fish & Chips" | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. epsilon 05

    epsilon 054 時間 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a> minecraft villager sounds

  2. Nagrom Sreip

    Nagrom Sreip日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="321">5:21</a> "Its like a flamingo turd just landed on my plate." That bit got me.

  3. Angry People

    Angry People2 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> *Villager noises.*

  4. MrOriginal 13

    MrOriginal 132 日 前

    Anybody watchin while in quarintine

  5. Lambert Holtland

    Lambert Holtland2 日 前

    I wonder where he eats after.

  6. JamBamRam

    JamBamRam2 日 前

    That food is an insult to British culture

  7. Danisidd 2008

    Danisidd 20082 日 前

    Petition for Gordon Ramsey to go to KFC

  8. Epic Tag

    Epic Tag3 日 前

    That look like most horrendous fish and chips and who puts French fries with fish and chips God would be so disgusted if had been served that

  9. fungmeat

    fungmeat3 日 前

    I skip to the end to hear if they say, “Nino!”


    TAYLORNATOR 7754 日 前

    Nobody: Minecraft villagers: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="67">1:07</a>

  11. Holden Toodicks

    Holden Toodicks5 日 前

    Denice is Karen’s mother and mentor. Biggest bitch

  12. Calum Conkie

    Calum Conkie5 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="14">0:14</a> *A Wild Denise appears*

  13. Mr Lolbit

    Mr Lolbit5 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey hears slang Gordon Ramsey: Jesus Fucking christ

  14. Primiano Fitness

    Primiano Fitness6 日 前


  15. CryptoNetwork UK

    CryptoNetwork UK6 日 前

    The chef is stoned the whole time

  16. MattyBhoy

    MattyBhoy6 日 前


  17. Logan Taylor

    Logan Taylor6 日 前

    Never fuck up fish and chips and give it to an english person

  18. Toxic

    Toxic6 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> when you see an villager

  19. Kashiff Adepegba

    Kashiff Adepegba8 日 前

    You have a Scottish guy shit fish and chips pfftttttttt

  20. CatsInTheBelfry

    CatsInTheBelfry9 日 前

    has he never had a club sandwich tho

  21. Sin XE

    Sin XE9 日 前

    Didn’t know Post Malone was a chef

  22. Matthew Breen

    Matthew Breen9 日 前

    "It's good enough." It's really not.

  23. Wei Algin Tan

    Wei Algin Tan9 日 前

    who's dat on thee front cover? Ninooooo

  24. Francis Bell

    Francis Bell11 日 前

    Why would u try a make fish and chips posh

  25. Shreyas Govande

    Shreyas Govande12 日 前

    Hon hon (hoe) hooooon

  26. S0M3_0N3

    S0M3_0N312 日 前

    Who's that on the cover? It's *NINO* That's *NINO* *MEOW MEOW*

  27. The Filmbinder

    The Filmbinder12 日 前

    I love whoever is adding the memes at the end. I never expect it but I always enjoy it :)

  28. Daniel Pye

    Daniel Pye12 日 前

    I wonder how many time Gordon Ramsey got food poisoning

  29. Twin Ostrich

    Twin Ostrich12 日 前

    Let's get down to business To defeat The Hons

  30. Callan Wesson

    Callan Wesson13 日 前

    Me: the food doesn’t actually look too bad. Gordon: Disgusting Me: Disgusting

  31. Raenier Ramos

    Raenier Ramos13 日 前

    He liked the crab yet only gives feedback on the shrimp, and I thought he's trying to be objective and constructive, yet only highlights the negative and not expressing the positives, making it seem the entire dish is crap 😔

  32. Yowan Sinzalie

    Yowan Sinzalie13 日 前

    Goddamn Debbie is the perfect milf!



    how to basic joined the group

  34. No Way

    No Way13 日 前

    Fake AF! No one would serve that crap to Gordon Ramsey with a TV crew there. This must be a set up to show huge improvement later on.

  35. Haree_ jeph

    Haree_ jeph14 日 前

    These comments are something else 💀

  36. MrGuitarJaMx

    MrGuitarJaMx14 日 前

    One thing I hate about Gordon is that he’s making fun of sandwiches. I get it it’s tricky to eat but come on

  37. jameela abdulrahman

    jameela abdulrahman14 日 前

    I watched this with my mom who used to own a restaurant along with my step dad. Even she said the food had average presentation but the way they 'cook' the food is terrible. She agrees a hundred percent to Gordon. She said she never used the microwave for food. Not even when they are backed up.. And they had good ratings back then, she says cooking fresh food everyday is quite a struggle but they manage to cook food that's fresh everyday. No frozen food.. The left over stocks are cooked for the family.. Stonks

  38. Naleac -

    Naleac -15 日 前

    Fucking ocd old man people in Africa who can’t afford food would love that

  39. Lizélle Engels

    Lizélle Engels15 日 前

    denise is just..... ugh noo

  40. raymond resuello

    raymond resuello15 日 前

    One of these days an restaurant will serve Gordon raw steak chicken and much more

  41. 1DCCX

    1DCCX16 日 前

    Imagine giving any Briton less than perfect fish and chips in the USA, let alone Gordon Ramsay. It’s not far off serving one of his own dishes. On a hiding to nothing.

  42. Abid Hussain

    Abid Hussain16 日 前

    That thing is a disgrace to fish and chips

  43. Chris Brooks

    Chris Brooks16 日 前

    'the consistency of the potato' 😂 What a delusional bitch.

  44. 7A

    7A16 日 前

    headline=Gordo gets served yet another shit meal.

  45. ShadowLegend

    ShadowLegend17 日 前

    The shrimp is tainted

  46. Paroish

    Paroish17 日 前

    Villagers in minecraft <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a>

  47. jamie OG gamer

    jamie OG gamer18 日 前

    when he finally likes food but hates it at the same time

  48. manfrombritain

    manfrombritain18 日 前

    He's being a bit unfair with the word "hon" because we use it exactly the same in the UK Edit: and yeah English style F&C is extremely greasy and the batter always falls off

  49. Patrick stars Best mate

    Patrick stars Best mate19 日 前

    I made the ta ta source glad he liked it

  50. Broncho Gillespie

    Broncho Gillespie19 日 前

    The UK version of this doesn’t have any sound effects, can the thick yank cunts not watch a TV show without artificial sounds?

  51. Jasford

    Jasford19 日 前

    the waitress amanda is the sort of woman that i want to cuddle in bed and call mommy

  52. mezzler1

    mezzler119 日 前

    I hate that in the states, even when they know you're a foreigner, they rudely insist on correcting your pronunciation until it matches theirs.

  53. Kristine N

    Kristine N19 日 前

    Lady: Bawlmer Gordon: Bawlmer * but in British *

  54. Idk what to call The channel

    Idk what to call The channel19 日 前

    Villagers entered the chat <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a>

  55. Arvin Lim

    Arvin Lim19 日 前

    Gordon : "and then this stone cold shrimp" Waitress: MY TIME HAS COME

  56. Prizm Galaxy

    Prizm Galaxy20 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="66">1:06</a> Gordon sounds like a minecraft villager

  57. DenviousMars

    DenviousMars20 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="184">3:04</a> he looks a little bit like Post Malone

  58. the one in the corner

    the one in the corner20 日 前

    One of them chefs looks so much like post malone

  59. Akko Design and Gaming

    Akko Design and Gaming20 日 前

    i'm so glad they keep using amy's Meow Meow :3

  60. Sumukh

    Sumukh20 日 前

    When you serve an English guy (i know he's Scottish) fish & chips look like that, you know you don't belong in this biz.

  61. After Parti

    After Parti20 日 前


  62. Da Chief

    Da Chief21 日 前

    Man that sandwich looked good?

  63. David James

    David James21 日 前

    jpreporter.net/v/%E3%83%93%E3%83%87%E3%82%AA-WL21pwS05g4.html "It's good enough" Just before serving it to a three Michelin Starred Chef.

  64. Lee Barr

    Lee Barr21 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="65">1:05</a> calling her a Hun when Ramsey’s a Hun (Rangers Fan) 😂

  65. fry 's

    fry 's21 日 前

    Hon Hon Hun Hun Hon Hoe

  66. jyoti radis

    jyoti radis22 日 前

    Is it just me or do people bing watch this

  67. Skip

    Skip22 日 前

    Bruh they look like shiit

  68. Justin London Uk

    Justin London Uk23 日 前

    Hun hon Hong honny HOE 😂😂😂😂

  69. Gill Man

    Gill Man23 日 前

    you know your restaurants gone to shit when you need Gordon Ramsey to rescue it

  70. Йνкυוςiтηνε Оחε

    Йνкυוςiтηνε Оחε23 日 前

    I hate cooking and even I can see she's not doing a great job.

  71. That One Goose

    That One Goose23 日 前

    waiter looks like boss karen, the final karen after you have defeated every other karen

  72. Alt Fit

    Alt Fit24 日 前

    Chef: "Gordon, this is my best ever dish, a family recipe" Ramsey: "Wow, tastes like dog shit, you're an idiot."

  73. Dubstar23

    Dubstar2324 日 前

    If the B-52s ran a restaurant....

  74. Midnight without You

    Midnight without You24 日 前

    Those Fish and Chips are exactly what you find all over the promenades of the seaside towns in England,. That's after they've been through the digestive system of a seagull. Just try not to step in one let alone eat it.

  75. Midnight without You

    Midnight without You24 日 前

    That fish and chips looks like someone's leftovers from yesterday that's been freshly regurgitated by a seagull put on a plate and served to Chef Ramsay

  76. Minkerson_ios

    Minkerson_ios24 日 前

    Trading subs?

  77. Bart Allen

    Bart Allen24 日 前

    How do you fuck up fish and chips, fr lol wtf, im a teenager and I can cook fish and chips

  78. Alex Gorjio

    Alex Gorjio25 日 前

    Denise is such a Honbot

  79. DivineAtheistWannabe

    DivineAtheistWannabe25 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="116">1:56</a> Gordon: how the hell do you start eating a sandwich this wide Muricans: Hold my motorised fat man scooter

  80. ZadZadrack

    ZadZadrack25 日 前