Gordon Ramsay’s WORST Chicken Experiences on Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Kerry Kong

    Kerry Kong2 時間 前

    Ramsey just having a blast with the Golden Girls is the best.

  2. OG Hock3y

    OG Hock3y3 時間 前

    i love the comment section

  3. Peter Myles

    Peter Myles4 時間 前

    Gordon needs Jesus. He better turn to him!

  4. Franz Isaryk

    Franz Isaryk6 時間 前

    OMG ummmm I’m speechless makes me wonder about the food I haven’t seen being cooked I’m going to throw up

  5. Davucci Allah

    Davucci Allah6 時間 前

    Yes Jamaican food CAN be cooked fresh everyday, if you take pride in what your making, Its called PREP"

  6. Mc. Tendies

    Mc. Tendies9 時間 前

    "I KNOW"

  7. Zed

    Zed10 時間 前

    “Your salmon was too dry.. HE DON’T WANT ANOTHER PIECE”

  8. Nope

    Nope11 時間 前

    Gordon really got to the last women

  9. Unicorn O'Brien

    Unicorn O'Brien15 時間 前

    It isn’t Salmon it’s crapmon

  10. aaydan collins

    aaydan collins17 時間 前

    My mom is Jamaican af and she cooks everything fresh and everything bursts with flavor.

  11. Trusten 27

    Trusten 2721 時間 前

    the balls on Gordon to tell the owner of a restaurant they suck at running it, right in front of their face

  12. Scooty Dooby

    Scooty Dooby22 時間 前

    Em calling hem WAMSY

  13. monicawism

    monicawism日 前

    Gordon: "looks like chicken, taste like shrimp....or shit." Me: Dead. 😂

  14. Jonathan King

    Jonathan King日 前

    Even when Little Jacob has the muncheez he wouldn't eat at that Jamaican place...

  15. Lianna Melody

    Lianna Melody日 前

    Why do some of these ppl act like they don't know what they were gonna hear from gordan

  16. lilchris x

    lilchris x日 前

    Dr.Morris is fucking ugly

  17. lilchris x

    lilchris x日 前

    Anybody knows what Ramsay said in 5:42

  18. Black Chandelier Mirage

    Black Chandelier Mirage日 前

    Thumbnail looks like hospital food

  19. sol rosario

    sol rosario日 前

    1:47 Fell

  20. Marc 9663

    Marc 9663日 前

    I’m Scottish and even i know Jamaican food can be cooked fresh everyday, in fact every style of food can be cooked fresh everyday, what an absolute spanner

  21. mellymelly84

    mellymelly84日 前

    At 5:12, the guy in the cap and chef coat’s face was blurred, and then 3 seconds later, it wasn’t

  22. Cadet 2nd lieutenant dunn

    Cadet 2nd lieutenant dunn日 前

    i think the doctor needs a doctor

  23. Jason Davis

    Jason Davis日 前

    4:22 the girls are lucky he didnt say I F###ING SCOTISH from a diffrent show

  24. LoGiCaLFeAr2000

    LoGiCaLFeAr2000日 前

    Gordon: you dropped it on the floor!!! Not-So-Bright Chef: yeah, your point is?

  25. mtgamerguy

    mtgamerguy日 前


  26. janet smith

    janet smith日 前

    JMacan food can’t be cooked fresh...you heard it don’t eat Jamaican food....just kidding

  27. Just John

    Just John2 日 前

    When I clicked on this video and I saw the first restaurant I was literally like "who gave a bratty teenager a restaurant"

  28. Legend Gamer

    Legend Gamer2 日 前

    Him: it’s dry Manager: It’s brutal

  29. Phoebe Avelino

    Phoebe Avelino2 日 前

    If it’s “good enough” then you eat it.

  30. Queen Chelsea

    Queen Chelsea2 日 前

    _I T H I N K T H E D O C T O R N E E D S A D O C T O R_

  31. Strikie

    Strikie2 日 前

    Disgrace of a woman dat last wun. She wan fi cook dat doo-doo it look like foot bottom. Nat even cyat smell dat n say ''Mmmm tasty~'' *SHTUPID.*

  32. Teddu

    Teddu2 日 前

    "let me finish"

  33. Trash

    Trash2 日 前

    Gordon: Restaurant: **exists** Gordon: *what is this shiz*

  34. supreme2005

    supreme20052 日 前

    Those old ladies were about to rip their track suits off right there for Gordon

  35. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow2 日 前

    How does he pay 💰 for that

  36. Anna Gallano

    Anna Gallano2 日 前

    I feel to the owner and the chief if they feel embarrased if ramsay's acting very rude to them..but if he didn't do that we we're continued eating that disgusting food they prepared to us...and we didn't know how very dirty thier kitchen are...✌✌

  37. Sam Mendoza

    Sam Mendoza2 日 前

    Look, when Gordon sat with the Golden Girls, that?? Was absolutely soft.

  38. Jacob Monier

    Jacob Monier2 日 前

    “Respect he deserves” “He’s coming” “Fuck my life” ahahah



    not to be racist or anything butthis is why when im in the US I only let people who can actually speak the native language take my order and cook it. the Mexican dude that just kept cooking the chicken just oh my fuckin god if I ever found out that happened to me I would no joke literally kill that motherfucker.

  40. Popoy TheGreatOne

    Popoy TheGreatOne3 日 前

    I think the only reason why this restaurant is packed is because the city knew Gordon was going to be in this restaurant

  41. Magnetic Hawk656

    Magnetic Hawk6563 日 前

    Keone he is getting me very upset 😡 Suppose I punch him out Me:lol 😁😂

  42. Kel b lit 26 yeet

    Kel b lit 26 yeet3 日 前

    Why is she talking trash about one of the GCOAT.

  43. William Garnett

    William Garnett3 日 前

    this chef is so stupi an has no expeirence in cooking OMG

  44. why are you so salty

    why are you so salty3 日 前

    Doug is a fucking dumbass

  45. Pxmped FN

    Pxmped FN3 日 前

    “This tastes like cardboard.” Me : So you’ve tasted cardboard?

  46. n u r p l e

    n u r p l e3 日 前

    "Jamaican food cannot be cooked fresh everyday" as a person from the caribbean, nigga the fuck are you talking about

  47. something

    something3 日 前

    anyone else get hungry when watching these videos?

  48. Nestor Ovando

    Nestor Ovando3 日 前

    "I rate our food 10/10", "our food is excellent" or any other variation of that idea inevitably leads to Ramsay using the adjectives ghastly, disgusting, bland, or tasteless.

  49. B J

    B J3 日 前

    That young dark haired sassy girl needs her ass a tune up.

  50. P996 ._.

    P996 ._.3 日 前

    Dr Morris reminds me of a substitute teacher no one likes

  51. MuzikSource

    MuzikSource3 日 前

    Ok I’m not Jamaican anymore💀

  52. Jo-Anne Winmill

    Jo-Anne Winmill3 日 前

    See how nice gordon is to those ladies

  53. marufio g

    marufio g3 日 前

    What is Ramsey doing there

  54. Ismaeel Syed

    Ismaeel Syed3 日 前

    It seems dough lacks a Brian.

  55. hail john

    hail john3 日 前

    "Suppose i punched him out", well now i wanna see if gorden ramsey is a good fighter

  56. Dr. Freeman

    Dr. Freeman3 日 前

    9:20 Bullshit!

  57. Rey Alexander

    Rey Alexander3 日 前

    If all Jamaican food isn't supposed to be cooked fresh then, it's out of my list. Lol

  58. Kyogic

    Kyogic3 日 前

    Doug is that one anti-Vaxxer that says “vaccines are useless, because we don’t get those diseases.”

  59. elainexoxo

    elainexoxo3 日 前

    My Asian mum would pick it up, rinse it and cook it back tho....

  60. Hobinator17

    Hobinator174 日 前

    Everything thats on tv is on tv for a reason, this sh*t is as fake as fake gets. Totally scripted