Gordon Ramsay’s 10 Millionth Subscriber Burger Recipe with Sean Evans


  1. Noob Noob

    Noob Noob時間 前


  2. Jeremias Mendoza

    Jeremias Mendoza2 時間 前

    At 50 million he will go on a quest to search for the lamb sauce.

  3. M Gfngndfsh

    M Gfngndfsh4 時間 前

    If thats “lightly seasoned” what would it be if he seasoned it normally

  4. Jack 'The Lad' Stevens

    Jack 'The Lad' Stevens8 時間 前

    Bbq burgers always (assuming you've used half decent lamb or beef) better than pan fried ones or grilled ones.

  5. James Casey

    James Casey9 時間 前


  6. Ao

    Ao10 時間 前

    Why does munite rice take 10munites

  7. Ao

    Ao10 時間 前

    Me: Eats Gordon's burger Gordon: How is it? Me: *Not bad* Gordon: *Listen here you little sh*t*

  8. Lloyd Bradly

    Lloyd Bradly10 時間 前

    "And I'd like to take this moment to apologize for ABSOLUTELY nothing!" 😂😂

  9. Liams Arts

    Liams Arts11 時間 前

    2.1million subs in 5 months I mean it's not bad but like not good if you get me

  10. Hydanz Topboi

    Hydanz Topboi12 時間 前

    man at this point I'm not even gonna be surprised if he went on and seasoned the chopping board too

  11. Sam Durling

    Sam Durling15 時間 前

    If he was given that burger on kitchen nightmare he would criticise it for being too big to fit in his mouth. Ironic. Some would say hypocritical

  12. Kevin Parra

    Kevin Parra21 時間 前

    Gordon when are you comming to Finland to try out More mämmi? Hahaha I try one Day to do this burger as soon as i get myself a good grill :)!

  13. Radiation HD

    Radiation HD日 前

    Legend says the the sea has salt because Gordon seasoned it

  14. I'maHellboyMain

    I'maHellboyMain日 前

    Didnt even do a cross section you ponce

  15. LolZ GameZ

    LolZ GameZ日 前

    11k likes came from the vegans

  16. Kelston Curthoys

    Kelston Curthoys日 前

    Follow sockie on instagram sockie norris shes your biggest fan

  17. wqnder

    wqnder日 前

    how can you fit your mouth around that massive burger Gordon 🤣

  18. Hh Nn

    Hh Nn日 前

    3 yr olds be commenting like mCdOnAlDs aM I A jOkE tO yOu

  19. Martin Villanueva

    Martin Villanueva日 前

    No Truffle oil?

  20. RaizeN

    RaizeN2 日 前

    Kid : Dad the dog eats my homework Gordon : Salt,paper,beautiful

  21. Jerry Yao

    Jerry Yao2 日 前

    Fuck me how do you even serve that burger? Everything is fucking burnt! WHAT A SHAME! (someone said this)

  22. Th3zombimaker8

    Th3zombimaker82 日 前

    Season the play button it’s raw ya donkey

  23. Andrew Savage

    Andrew Savage2 日 前

    Love you chef Graham Ramsey I’m a big fan of you

  24. The gaming fireball Never stop flaming

    The gaming fireball Never stop flaming2 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey:10 million people,that’s a lot of people in my kitchen Views:I’m going to boost this man’s career

  25. Vörös Erik

    Vörös Erik2 日 前

    "Dont go too high heat to begin with" *literally sets patty on fire*

  26. Karl Schmidt

    Karl Schmidt2 日 前

    "I killed your whole family" Ramsay:"This is absolutely beautiful, very juicy"

  27. Blanksky BTW

    Blanksky BTW2 日 前

    3:25 ma man did’nt even hit the buns

  28. stackleft

    stackleft2 日 前

    Euros just fuck up burgers like no one else.

  29. Lewis Bellingham

    Lewis Bellingham2 日 前

    Well done Gordon Ramsay you deserve 10 million

  30. Dylan F

    Dylan F2 日 前

    Sitting watching Gordon Ramsay make a phenomenal burger whilst I make myself chicken nuggets and curly fries

  31. Ron Vinayak

    Ron Vinayak2 日 前

    The patties looked burned asf

  32. david jordan

    david jordan3 日 前

    Light seasonings- spice girls over dose. Ahh that's nice.

  33. Franty Gutierrez

    Franty Gutierrez3 日 前

    Gordon Ramsey uses olive oil instead lube to have sex

  34. bdz nrc

    bdz nrc3 日 前

    It's a burnt offering for the 10M subscriber.

  35. Connor Hep

    Connor Hep3 日 前

    Who put bacon on top shelf

  36. Deivid Rammster

    Deivid Rammster3 日 前


  37. William White

    William White3 日 前

    1 like= me being less hungry :(

  38. Piffy Popper

    Piffy Popper3 日 前

    If I would change anything I would put the bacon on top of the egg with another slice of cheese

  39. Piffy Popper

    Piffy Popper3 日 前

    Drink everytime he says “okay”

  40. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna4 日 前

    “Alright now your gonna season the seasoning. olive oil, salt, pepper, delicious.

  41. Max gamer

    Max gamer4 日 前

    At the end it got me 🤣

  42. HornyJlZZPotato

    HornyJlZZPotato4 日 前

    at 05:36 the bacon is cooking on the right, at 05:44 he's moved all of it to the left, but at 05:47 bacon came back to the right. At 07:08 when he opens up again, bacon is already resting up there. I know they probably wanna save us some time, but i'd like a real footage without any weird cuts.

  43. Dasiy Ramdeen

    Dasiy Ramdeen4 日 前


  44. R3DR01D 4115

    R3DR01D 41154 日 前

    I tought he cooking the Diamond Play Button

  45. Garyson Pagdilao

    Garyson Pagdilao4 日 前

    Me : Gordon Ramsay : öłïvë öł

  46. Seth Ultimate

    Seth Ultimate5 日 前

    Gordon: and lightly touch the burger with Olive oil *immediately puts too much olive oil*

  47. Vincent Silva

    Vincent Silva5 日 前

    7:07 how did the bacon teleport

  48. Elesis Sieghart

    Elesis Sieghart5 日 前

    Its one of the most appetizing burger i've ever seen. Without hot sauce

  49. Yordy Guzaro

    Yordy Guzaro5 日 前

    Why am I hear I barley know how to cook an egg

  50. TableRaw

    TableRaw5 日 前

    50% Burger 50% Olive Oil

  51. Sam Noobie

    Sam Noobie5 日 前

    Papa ramsay

  52. Warp Studio

    Warp Studio5 日 前

    Idk what y’all talking about that he seasoned it crazy. that’s the perfect amount.

  53. Palestras Paul&Jack

    Palestras Paul&Jack5 日 前

    Ok ok ok ok ok how much ok?

  54. LegendFever 101

    LegendFever 1015 日 前

    I wish Gordon would cus out all of his haters

  55. chsplays

    chsplays5 日 前


  56. School Shooter

    School Shooter5 日 前

    Now, Lightly season the play button with salt and a touch of olive oil

  57. Sulaimani Pakwaan

    Sulaimani Pakwaan5 日 前

    lol he thanked his 10 million subscribers by a burnt bun, burnt mushroom, literally by a burnt burger. thank god i'm not his subscriber. :(

  58. Ples No

    Ples No5 日 前

    Legend says that the US invaded Iraq to provide Gordon with olive oil

  59. Siphustin

    Siphustin5 日 前

    That just looks SO good

  60. Ethan Fenton

    Ethan Fenton5 日 前

    85% chuck and 50% brisket, um that's not how percentages work 😂😂