Gordon Goes Undercover At His Own Restaurant In Las Vegas | Season 1 Ep. 6 | THE F WORD


  1. Shark King

    Shark King4 時間 前

    Touches somebody’s food on plate: Nothing Talks to a customer at a table: Gets reprimanded

  2. Reflexlwd

    Reflexlwd8 時間 前

    I mean come on. Did seriously no one in that whole restaurant recognize him?

  3. Connor White

    Connor White12 時間 前

    Plot twist. This guys name is actually Thomas and he's just really good at doing a Gordon Ramsey impression so he doesn't get fired.

  4. Yolo Swaggins

    Yolo Swaggins16 時間 前

    They let him get away with a lot. If I had been a guest I would've hoped they'd have pulled him out sooner.

  5. Agata_Plays

    Agata_Plays日 前

    0:28 Stock Cheering

  6. Andi Pandi

    Andi Pandi日 前

    too painful to watch 1:23..

  7. Annalecia Samuels

    Annalecia Samuels日 前

    I was so scared for Gordon Ramsey when he was smashing and touching the food

  8. Noob slayer New

    Noob slayer New日 前

    The production crew tho how do you put cams every where without someone knowing Where it is

  9. gerard

    gerard日 前

    Prank videos are going extreme

  10. Grandma Norbit

    Grandma Norbit2 日 前

    You turn me on, Gordon! Good work as per usual.

  11. ClubAmerica92

    ClubAmerica922 日 前

    Loved it

  12. FIB

    FIB2 日 前

    He still has Gordon Ramsay vibes

  13. Gabe54432

    Gabe544323 日 前

    He looks like Richard Hammond

  14. Mon Carlo Millor

    Mon Carlo Millor4 日 前

    Hey Gordon can you demo what are recipe of KFC crispy fried chicken

  15. Kelam

    Kelam5 日 前

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  16. super bowl 64

    super bowl 645 日 前

    The good old glasses trick

  17. Brendan L

    Brendan L5 日 前


  18. Benson Lin

    Benson Lin6 日 前

    Lol i love these

  19. Diego Ventura Rocha

    Diego Ventura Rocha9 日 前

    I do not like Cristina tbh in my opinion she is the worst winner

  20. WakingCobain

    WakingCobain9 日 前

    Such cringe when he said its me gordon ramsay.....

  21. Joe Cambo

    Joe Cambo9 日 前

    "maybe they're nervous around execs" Never has a whiter statement been uttered

  22. Arthur bizinotto

    Arthur bizinotto10 日 前

    4:53 Top 10 Anime Plot Twists

  23. bella

    bella10 日 前

    "time to introduce Christina to her boss"

  24. Dam Tanker

    Dam Tanker10 日 前

    You'd have to be completely blind to not realise its Gordon Ramsey...how does no one notice..

  25. K S

    K S11 日 前

    So the “f” word means Thomas in this show...🤣🤣🤣

  26. Aaron Aldrich

    Aaron Aldrich11 日 前


  27. Purple Diamond

    Purple Diamond11 日 前

    this seems super staged dude

  28. september

    september11 日 前

    Whatever he was doing was too much ,yuck! He was eating customers food ,touching it and more

  29. Carlou Espedillon

    Carlou Espedillon12 日 前

    Would be ridiculuous if Gordon pranks Jean-Philippe

  30. Paige Shaw

    Paige Shaw12 日 前

    Wow I want to work here lol he got so many chances 😂

  31. Prateek Jevoor

    Prateek Jevoor12 日 前

    Goes undercover ends up looking like Pedro Pascal.

  32. Aidan Simpson

    Aidan Simpson13 日 前

    0:12 chief phill

  33. Grace P.W

    Grace P.W14 日 前

    This gives me anxiety lol

  34. fnoffel 91

    fnoffel 9114 日 前

    Kristina looks too serious she looked so happy before fame changed u or some people

  35. Kai Calvert

    Kai Calvert14 日 前

    i dont know if i should cringe or laugh

  36. Micky Macleod

    Micky Macleod14 日 前

    The disguise that Gordon wore was amazing

  37. Itz_uni Rainbow

    Itz_uni Rainbow14 日 前

    I don’t know why but all the things he did bugged the life out of me XD

  38. Capital Orca

    Capital Orca15 日 前

    “Managers are closing in” 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  39. Yuudachi poi

    Yuudachi poi15 日 前

    Basically, gordon releasing stress from HK

  40. Alex Babcock

    Alex Babcock15 日 前


  41. connor watson

    connor watson15 日 前

    One of his managers had to know and they playing along with his prank.

  42. Michael Durrah

    Michael Durrah15 日 前

    He looks like Agent Pena from Narcos.

  43. GFG

    GFG16 日 前

    Jeez he can get away with so much, lucky dude.

  44. Magik Fingers

    Magik Fingers17 日 前

    Professionalism at its best

  45. Blue

    Blue17 日 前

    MadLad Ramsay

  46. Nicolas Buling

    Nicolas Buling17 日 前

    1:33 has 0% chance of survival

  47. Carlos Bravo

    Carlos Bravo18 日 前

    He looks like Pedro Pascal in the thumbnail hahaha

  48. anti bro

    anti bro18 日 前

    oh my gordon turned to the 'evil' side thats gonna be horrible, keeping ur hands to urself, is most important

  49. Karmandilamers

    Karmandilamers18 日 前

    I'm going to start doing this when i do something bad, like.. guys I was actually Gordon Ramsay all along and this was a prank!

  50. mexican whiteboy

    mexican whiteboy18 日 前

    His disguise looks like an American Vicente Fernandez

  51. Rafael Lucero

    Rafael Lucero19 日 前

    So Gordon touches Cristina's......dress? Just asking

  52. Mikel Clark

    Mikel Clark19 日 前

    Good one love Gordon

  53. KA'RA Leigh Lakusta

    KA'RA Leigh Lakusta19 日 前


  54. Tilen JK

    Tilen JK19 日 前

    He is sabotaging himself

  55. Intelligent Design

    Intelligent Design19 日 前

    He should have milked it more and got on his knees to propose to her before the reveal. Lol

  56. Maxwell Weaver

    Maxwell Weaver19 日 前

    Chef Ramsay has an outstanding sense of humor, love it

  57. irlrp

    irlrp20 日 前

    I'm sorry but spilling a glass on your employee during her big night is super humiliating.

  58. Cuzzo Productions

    Cuzzo Productions20 日 前

    Plot twist wasn’t actually Gordon Ramsay and made it up to keep his jon

  59. Rich Phantomoski

    Rich Phantomoski21 日 前

    Wow, what a wanker, tipping drinks on your staff....

  60. Ed Towel

    Ed Towel22 日 前

    This was a good one.

  61. savannah silbernagel

    savannah silbernagel22 日 前

    "he must be afraid of us executives" god I hate rich people no one cares about your titles just your awful attitudes

  62. Sahil C

    Sahil C21 日 前

    You hate the rich because you can't become one of them.

  63. Ahmado Ahmado

    Ahmado Ahmado22 日 前

    hmmm the managers let someone work who they dont know? i think its fake:)

  64. Ahmado Ahmado

    Ahmado Ahmado20 日 前

    @RabbitGirl 🥕🥕🥕 but comeon even a child of 3 can see that its gordon.

  65. RabbitGirl

    RabbitGirl20 日 前

    They assumed he was a new hire

  66. Aping Kwan

    Aping Kwan23 日 前

    Imagine Thomas couldn't find the lamb sauce for the customer 😂

  67. Brandon Hemence

    Brandon Hemence23 日 前

    “She loves truffle” had me dead😂

  68. Fettuccine Alfredo

    Fettuccine Alfredo24 日 前

    Thomas sure is a thick lad...

  69. stuart callum

    stuart callum24 日 前

    i thought the thumbnail was ringo star

  70. Mr. Dino

    Mr. Dino24 日 前

    THE *f* WORD with GORDON RAMSEY. No No No By Gordon Ramsey

  71. Jejeas Ace

    Jejeas Ace24 日 前

    Gordon is pure chaos

  72. James Ritch

    James Ritch24 日 前

    No matter what the disguise Gordon's in he still looks the same

  73. Gorilla Scuti

    Gorilla Scuti24 日 前


  74. Jasmin

    Jasmin24 日 前

    Gordon thought he'd been found out at 3:02

  75. Mister Dunkan

    Mister Dunkan24 日 前

    Gordon looks like someone fused Burt Reynolds with Pedro Pascal.

  76. Just some guy with half a Mustache

    Just some guy with half a Mustache24 日 前

    Thomas looks like he isn't aloud within 50 meters of anyone under the age of 18

  77. L O V

    L O V24 日 前

    Thomas looks like Pedro Pascal

  78. Hulahoney 70

    Hulahoney 7025 日 前

    Best prank ever!!!!

  79. jojolafrite90

    jojolafrite9025 日 前

    That was stupid and useless. Plus she recognized him from a mile away... She was probably secretly hoping he would NOT do such a thing, but she knew.

  80. God Of Zeus Kratos And Zeus Slayer

    God Of Zeus Kratos And Zeus Slayer25 日 前

    Awesome Mr.Ramsey

  81. Angel Chuu

    Angel Chuu26 日 前

    New challenge: watch this with a straight face.

  82. Extensive Enterprises

    Extensive Enterprises26 日 前

    So what ever happened to Thomas? Is he still working there? Follow-up please.

  83. AKA Flix

    AKA Flix26 日 前

    i can hardly watch i feel the embarrassment second hand

  84. Tyler Kocot

    Tyler Kocot26 日 前

    i love chef Christina, i was so glad when she won HK

  85. tom sch

    tom sch26 日 前

    I would recoginize even with the disguise

  86. Hunter 12546

    Hunter 1254626 日 前

    I can’t watch this

  87. Leo Gaussbell

    Leo Gaussbell27 日 前

    3:00 The waiter literally said THIS IS CHEF GORDON RAMSAY

  88. Leo Gaussbell

    Leo Gaussbell20 日 前

    @RabbitGirl Yeh it was surely roasted

  89. RabbitGirl

    RabbitGirl20 日 前

    “Chef Gordon Ramsay’s roasted beef wellington” it’s a title of the food



    Quiero español porfis!!

  91. Hypocrite World

    Hypocrite World27 日 前

    nobody no one : she loves truffle

  92. Dick Plum

    Dick Plum27 日 前

    This bloke needs his face slapped and gobb glued shut,what an arrogant bloke.

  93. NotJohnnyBurns

    NotJohnnyBurns27 日 前

    Imagine being this evil to everyone, including yourself.

  94. Skankhunt 42

    Skankhunt 4228 日 前

    He should’ve just worn one of those glasses and fake mustache.

  95. Kori Studd

    Kori Studd28 日 前

    Gordon ramsay is so funny

  96. Jana Raztresen

    Jana Raztresen28 日 前


  97. penny Point

    penny Point28 日 前


  98. Shrutiii

    Shrutiii28 日 前

    Thomas looks like a chubbier version of Johnny Depp

  99. cinere

    cinere28 日 前

    He can say whatever he wants, but he just loves wrecking havoc

  100. Xristos Poulis

    Xristos Poulis29 日 前

    Im geting triggered from the stuff that he dies lol

  101. cowboy 928

    cowboy 92829 日 前

    Did he mean to look exactly like Burt Reynolds?

  102. Dragon_myth28

    Dragon_myth28ヶ月 前

    The guy named Thomas that wants to there: ...........

  103. Delta Runeez

    Delta Runeezヶ月 前

    Gordon inside: WhErEs ThE lAmB sAuCe?

  104. Rafiq Daniel

    Rafiq Danielヶ月 前

    1:38 she was like "I did it,I saved the world"

  105. Black Dust

    Black Dustヶ月 前

    I would spot that a mile off hahahah