Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. Joshua Elijah Caluya

    Joshua Elijah Caluya18 時間 前

    As a cook taste the food before you give it to the guest

  2. Vacced

    Vacced18 時間 前


  3. R e d

    R e d21 時間 前

    "I don't even know what I'm doing" aren't we all

  4. Capo V

    Capo V2 日 前

    Ya kathryn is right all u americans do have the palette of a 5 year old ive never had a proper meal in the unkted states even 5 star reviewed places tases totally disgusting to me truly blessed to live in multicultural toronto have to get out of north america asap 80% of you are fucked

  5. Meister Klabuster

    Meister Klabuster3 日 前

    I mean the Chef girl is freaking hot 😍😍

  6. Astral Nemix

    Astral Nemix3 日 前

    What the fuck is wrong with these people? Shit you can learn to cook better than this by just watching JPreporter recipes etc! It's not rocket science!

  7. jALeetHEchIPmUnK

    jALeetHEchIPmUnK3 日 前

    At least they acknowledge they're crap

  8. BingoBint

    BingoBint4 日 前

    Nobody. Literally nobody. Gordon Ramsay to every dish: "Its a mess"

  9. D1 the Terrible

    D1 the Terrible5 日 前

    What season and eps is this?



    Yo, why the random ass slowmo clips of like 3 frames? It looks like ass.

  11. The True Hunter

    The True Hunter7 日 前

    The food was so bad the frames started dropping.

  12. BuCzTV

    BuCzTV7 日 前

    Danielle is beautiful dangg

  13. Carlos Perez

    Carlos Perez7 日 前

    Danielle is hot as fck man

  14. Emily Power

    Emily Power8 日 前

    Does this show make anyone else hungry

  15. Delete Bilderberg

    Delete Bilderberg8 日 前

    The OTT sound effects are ridiculous, and hilarious. Ha!

  16. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana8 日 前

    Fucking gringos and their shitty food.

  17. Filipe Felagund

    Filipe Felagund8 日 前

    Danielle is so cute.

  18. RenCurz 29

    RenCurz 299 日 前

    With gordon ramsey here it feels like win a lottery *A few Moments later*

  19. adam marshall

    adam marshall9 日 前

    Looks deadpan directly at the screen What a fucking embarrassment

  20. MadHouse

    MadHouse9 日 前

    Americans have a problem with FREEZING ALL THE SHIT UP, like for god sake u can barely find fresh meat there, while in Mexico there are "Carnicerias" every corner where you can find any kind of meat FRESH every fkn day....

  21. Tomáš G

    Tomáš G10 日 前

    Why the fok would u freeze a potato

  22. Omarus The One

    Omarus The One10 日 前

    what a moron ---..--- this is frozen.. that is frozen.. ofc it was frozen u idiot.. u cant keep evrything fresh and throw it away at the end of the day .. unless u runing fking charity ...

  23. FADI FOX

    FADI FOX10 日 前


  24. Phantom Gamer

    Phantom Gamer11 日 前

    me: jeez that looks nice Gordon: disgusting me: disgusting

  25. Klara :3

    Klara :311 日 前

    I feel bad for the chef😕 it wasn’t even something she wanted to do, she just wanted to help

  26. Wolfmyth100

    Wolfmyth10012 日 前

    I'm sorry what? Three weeks ago?

  27. Cutiekirsten

    Cutiekirsten12 日 前

    if you see Gordon Ramsay coming into your restaurant you best believe it feels like Jeffree Star dragging your makeup. 😂

  28. Lesley Harrys

    Lesley Harrys12 日 前

    After seeing the likes of Amy's Bakery, I can respect owners and cooks like these girls, that are willing to own up to their flaws in hopes of improving.

  29. Rhys Fraser

    Rhys Fraser13 日 前

    what a fucking embarassment!

  30. MistyWind

    MistyWind13 日 前

    Instead of ‘Get a taste of your medicine’ It’s now ‘Get a taste of your food’

  31. Jannie Schlüter

    Jannie Schlüter14 日 前

    Amazing how delusional people can get.

  32. Tiago Feitosa

    Tiago Feitosa14 日 前

    At least they accept that the food is disgusting. Most male owners have a hard time accepting the truth!

  33. Sargent¥

    Sargent¥14 日 前

    Wait, what the fuck are the frames when he's mixing the soup? 2:27 - 2:30, holy shit. It's like the soup is so thick, it's killing the frames or something lmao

  34. Pluviophile

    Pluviophile14 日 前

    Is this program fake..?, or these people are idiots, don't they even eat what they cook or they are not interested in "eating", even i can cook much better than them

  35. de0509

    de050915 日 前

    Lol I feel old looking at the head chef

  36. Victa Nguyen

    Victa Nguyen16 日 前

    I'd eat Danielle's shit

  37. yvnghx

    yvnghx16 日 前

    Ngl the chief is cute as hell 😔

  38. 뿡뿡! ^__^

    뿡뿡! ^__^16 日 前

    “Obviously we don’t know anything.” Lol the woman finally figured it out. Aw, it’s so cute when the lightbulb turns on in a broad’s little brain

  39. 뿡뿡! ^__^

    뿡뿡! ^__^16 日 前

    These women are useless. Can’t run a business, can cook, can’t recognize their own failures. Whenever there is a problem, they call in a competent man to solve it.

  40. DraculaCronqvist

    DraculaCronqvist16 日 前

    "It's hard to hear." - Well then how about you don't serve food that's *THREE* fucking weeks old?!

  41. Nur Hazwani

    Nur Hazwani17 日 前

    may i know what episode and season?

  42. •Mothman•

    •Mothman•17 日 前

    "or lukewarm potato, depends which shift you come in on" that waiter is not fucking around

  43. Ally D

    Ally D17 日 前

    the Head chef Danielle is a nurse now so def upgraded from that place

  44. TheDboy76

    TheDboy7617 日 前

    Poor head chef, and she really sweet as well bless her.

  45. Longarms

    Longarms17 日 前

    Gordon Ramsay drinking game What a shame - drink Its gloopy- drink No seasoning- drink What a mess - drink Is it made fresh? - drink Its bland - shot Embarrassing - shot Looks like dog food - shot Its raw - shot Is that microwaved? - shot Wheres the lamb sauce? - finish all drinks

  46. harry poole

    harry poole17 日 前

    I don't like their paintings, quite boring

  47. Jojo99x

    Jojo99x18 日 前

    people think gordons mean because hes honest, not a lot of people like to hear the truth if the truth messes with their pride which then make it difficult for him to tell them nicely which is why he comes out so strong and rude. its kinda a cycle and pretty much the only way he know to get through with results

  48. Ward Purcell

    Ward Purcell18 日 前

    Three week old potatoes, owners can't see a problem. Just how insightless are some people

  49. Pia Lein

    Pia Lein18 日 前

    Freeze potatoes? Really ? ASAP they need a german Chef!!!!!

  50. Sterben

    Sterben19 日 前

    I live in a backwards ass 3rd world shithole, but even our resturants and foods arnt as full of shit as most of these places on this show.

  51. Jakob Grether

    Jakob Grether19 日 前

    I wonder that so many owners have no idea what their food tastes like..

  52. Chris Funky

    Chris Funky19 日 前

    Never seen such a bunch of think people (the owners), like this in my life, who can’t figure out what the problem is

  53. Chris Funky

    Chris Funky19 日 前

    What fcked up brain does this owner have? Deserves to be closed down. Serving 3 week old potatoes, normal people at home wouldn’t do this

  54. Cronx D

    Cronx D19 日 前

    “I’ll go kill myself in the kitchen”

  55. Absolute Bullshit

    Absolute Bullshit19 日 前

    Im gonna go kill myself in the kitchen

  56. Nicholas Sanchez

    Nicholas Sanchez19 日 前

    1:35 i tought he was randy orton

  57. Gnar Kill Rulz

    Gnar Kill Rulz20 日 前

    2m44s: my Mother to me whenever I enter the room.

  58. Στεphhγ

    Στεphhγ14 日 前


  59. Jovan Tomic

    Jovan Tomic20 日 前

    The chef is cute

  60. Rae Bracken

    Rae Bracken21 日 前

    Wait why the hell wouldn't u eat at your own restaurant? How else can u be sure that everything is up to parr?

  61. Eric R. Burton

    Eric R. Burton21 日 前

    Just lol at all of the people giving the chef such positive compliments out of nowhere. If she were unattractive (or male), ya'll would be roasting her like mad in the comments.