Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food | Kitchen Nightmares


  1. SkuM FucK

    SkuM FucK9 時間 前

    Seeing Gondon school those Karen asses is satisfying.

  2. Michael O

    Michael O17 時間 前

    5:25 'he wants all 3 of you to taste the shit you serve people' 🤭

  3. Lim Sovann

    Lim Sovann23 時間 前

    Honestly i really enjoy watching people get blame and don't mind me.

  4. Szczęsliwe Komunikacje Lądowe

    Szczęsliwe Komunikacje Lądowe日 前

    The sole fact one of them said they'd recommend Pierogis fucking terrifies me. I honestly can't comprehend how fucking shite they would be and an embarrassment to Polish cuisine

  5. peyton winchester

    peyton winchester日 前

    Baked potatoes 3weeks ago??? Oh my 😂😂😂

  6. TheKlownchez

    TheKlownchez日 前

    5:23 HAHA, he reminds me of Data from Star Trek how he relays vitriolic messages with no hint of malice

  7. vxk.ca

    vxk.ca日 前

    Some people shouldn't open restaurants

  8. Charles T Lawson

    Charles T Lawson2 日 前


  9. nathan taffijn

    nathan taffijn2 日 前

    the owners should have always had to eat their own food before gordon did lol

  10. LazerDude

    LazerDude2 日 前

    at least these people are not in denial about it

  11. Kennan Fradansyah

    Kennan Fradansyah2 日 前

    Three weeks ago....😮😮😮 I even throw my food away when i cooked it 3 days ago n i kept in the fridge.becoz the taste is already awful.cant imagine 3 weeks old food tastes!!!

  12. Felix Crump

    Felix Crump3 日 前

    That cook is cute.

  13. ashita ashok

    ashita ashok3 日 前

    Something is wrong with the video.

  14. Anthony Williams

    Anthony Williams3 日 前

    Felt sorry for the neice

  15. Everliza A

    Everliza A3 日 前

    Their face when they all tasted THEIR OWN sheppard’s pie. Classic.

  16. Marlynne Struwig

    Marlynne Struwig3 日 前

    Jesus is it that hard to use a fresh potato to make food out it

  17. Marlynne Struwig

    Marlynne Struwig3 日 前

    God I love waiters

  18. Philip Bernier

    Philip Bernier3 日 前

    "Gordon Forces Owners To Eat Their Own Disgusting Food" .......... where?

  19. Infamous Stax

    Infamous Stax3 日 前

    I mean they all seem to be pretty receptive about how shit the food is lol, that’s refreshing

  20. David Schwartz

    David Schwartz4 日 前

    Why do these people not make fresh food for Gordon?!?

  21. Sugoi Stalin

    Sugoi Stalin4 日 前

    "Gordon forces feeds innocent victims."

  22. BuffaloBoom

    BuffaloBoom5 日 前

    Everyone: consent is the most important thing in any situation Gordon:

  23. Mr Panda Instinct

    Mr Panda Instinct5 日 前

    I was the 3,777,666th viewer.

  24. Sushi Mamba

    Sushi Mamba5 日 前

    Just like some people shouldn't be parents, some people shouldn't open restaurants.

  25. George ZP

    George ZP5 日 前

    How do your save that? Hire them a new chef? Give free classes to the existing chef and teach her how to cook in just a few days?

  26. Lorraine

    Lorraine5 日 前

    The situation would make a good sitcom A family restaurant owned by three people that know nothing about food Niece chief who doesn't want to be chief And a sassy waiter that chats shit to the customers about the food

  27. KatzenProductions

    KatzenProductions6 日 前

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Claire: I’m going to go kill myself in the kitchen haha...

  28. Melle Jobs

    Melle Jobs6 日 前

    These are all good people trying their best who are open to change and I hope Ramsey was kinder to them off camera. They're humble and good.

  29. Hannes

    Hannes6 日 前

    She got the Karen haircut

  30. Thats my name

    Thats my name6 日 前

    when she said pierogi 🥵

  31. ThatAkwardKid

    ThatAkwardKid7 日 前

    My parents when they first saw me: 2:44

  32. Darren F J

    Darren F J7 日 前

    "Is there anything that is not freezed?" "No" Then it's all shit GOD BLEESS THAT CRITIC

  33. Ross Blackbeard

    Ross Blackbeard8 日 前

    Is perogie not potato??

  34. Gordon Ramsay Sex Dwarf

    Gordon Ramsay Sex Dwarf8 日 前

    Gordon should guest host my 600 lb life and comment on their diet and eating habbits

  35. GamingForever

    GamingForever9 日 前

    I wonder if I would find the food okay and if I just have never had really good food to compare to...

  36. LizardOtaku

    LizardOtaku9 日 前

    2:26 soup so bad it drops the frame rate

  37. Bodhi i

    Bodhi i10 日 前

    My man just go to restaurant and curses

  38. reverse flash

    reverse flash10 日 前

    Gordon should have said: "Dew it"

  39. TheSunMoon

    TheSunMoon10 日 前

    6:13 "not a career choice for me" damn that hits me hard. She's nice enough to help out, just not her area of expertise. Don't F&B establishment require some kind of license and properly trained chefs/cooks for their kitchen?!

  40. Marcos 11s

    Marcos 11s11 日 前

    Potato organ donar😂😂😂 Literally💀

  41. Richard Broski

    Richard Broski11 日 前

    Chef Gordon should visit Chile. I think the entire country will be in tears.

  42. Jenette Merlini

    Jenette Merlini11 日 前

    They ask him for help, then serve him old shitty food without tasting it....I'm lost for words 😳🙊

  43. User968

    User96811 日 前

    The “head” chef was very pretty.

  44. Encrypted

    Encrypted12 日 前

    Gordon acts like a teacher telling off his student lol.

  45. kneeks the king

    kneeks the king12 日 前

    My question is how many times do people call her kid ugly????

  46. B34N

    B34N12 日 前

    Gordon: Walks into "Hot Potato" Cafe/Restaurant. A couple mins later Gordon: Name a special on the house. 1 Owner: Crab Cakes Other Owner: Shepard's Pie Third Owner: (can't remember what she said) Gordon: Definitely a hot potato cafe/restaurant.

  47. No el

    No el9 日 前

    Shepards pie has taters aswell

  48. Jolczi noname

    Jolczi noname10 日 前

    If she said pierogi, zimę od them are made with potatos..

  49. Thiago Morgoth

    Thiago Morgoth12 日 前

    Eu gosto desse episódio principalmente pq a Danielle descobre amor para cozinhar por causa do Ramsay

  50. Eagle Eyes

    Eagle Eyes13 日 前

    You seem to be gambling with your life by eating at these Restaurants! Best to dine at home and never eat at any Restaurant!..

  51. Innovative innovation

    Innovative innovation13 日 前

    1:18 I may be wrong but I thought shepherds pie is made using mash as well Gordon, and I thought mash was pototo, the last time I checked.

  52. Joey Ackley

    Joey Ackley13 日 前

    The relief in her face when Gordon told them she shouldn't be cooking

  53. Sophus

    Sophus13 日 前

    0:13 Is it just me or did Gordon greet the lady with waa gwaan? Lmaoooooooo

  54. I maX

    I maX14 日 前

    It must be pink ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  55. Lucy Loose

    Lucy Loose15 日 前

    Clean your restaurant front windows to begin with...your 3 females who should be aware of stuff like that

  56. Pedro De Souza

    Pedro De Souza15 日 前

    I don't know why but I kept laughing the whole video. At least they were rumble in accepting the fact about having shitty food.

  57. moominsoda

    moominsoda15 日 前

    "i'm gonna go kill myself in the kitchen"

  58. Joseph Mann

    Joseph Mann17 日 前

    The old fresh frozen trick got you again

  59. Shantana Killingbeck

    Shantana Killingbeck17 日 前

    I mean pierogies have potato in them 🤔 Edit: they probably used it for the mash potatoes nvm

  60. hexago.

    hexago.17 日 前

    seems dangerously illegal to me

  61. Robert Marston

    Robert Marston18 日 前

    GORDON Ramsay legendary!!!!!

  62. mielyt

    mielyt19 日 前

    Gordon: *tells joke* Owner: haha Gordon: I’m GLaD YoU ThINK ItS FUNnY