Google Pixel 4a Unboxing - Ridiculous.


  1. Zylon Tex

    Zylon Tex2 時間 前

    I truly dont understand why every phone review that reviews a phones camera is focusing on the still and not the video function of the camera. Please. Its so frustrating- especially with phones like this that have iffy cameras on some areas

  2. Lazar Otasevic

    Lazar Otasevic3 時間 前

    you talk bs about sensors, megapixels dont matter

  3. Ayush Bondia

    Ayush Bondia7 時間 前

    M here to learn new adjectives for subs

  4. Honey Singh

    Honey Singh8 時間 前

    Even after moderate uses, battery would not last a day. It should be 4000 mAh. Otherwise it's a near perfect Phone for me.

  5. Sri Narayanan

    Sri Narayanan8 時間 前

    Planning for... But not yet launched here... Can I get yours !!? I will pay.. 😉 lol

  6. Mr. Positive

    Mr. Positive10 時間 前

    OnePlus Nord : 48 MEGAPIXEL QUAD CAMERA iPhone SE And Pixel 4a : Hold our 12MP Camera

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  8. zxKAOS1

    zxKAOS120 時間 前

    Reviewer's kit is dope yo!

  9. Yehudah Goldstein

    Yehudah Goldstein日 前

    If you're rooted you can re-enable the side squeeze gesture.

  10. Micah S

    Micah S日 前

    the way I wanted to get this but couldn't be bothered to wait so I got the 3a lmao

  11. Micah Richardson

    Micah Richardson日 前

    If it came with a stand in the box... Why did Google Bother with this:

  12. Muhammad Moeen Sabir

    Muhammad Moeen Sabir日 前

    Who is living in countries where google doesn't sell it's products?😢

  13. Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot

    Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot日 前

    Just preordered it, I'm super impatient to get it.

  14. Akhil Banzare

    Akhil Banzare日 前

    Only youtuber who asks subscribe the channel is literally like its a part of this content. Its like you may forget to sub the channel in the middle of video😂

  15. Da Solution

    Da Solution日 前

    I wish i have money to buy it...

  16. Lily of the Valley

    Lily of the Valley日 前

    You only get Google Drive for 3 months without paying anything?


    VIPITO SWU日 前 Watch this song edited and recorded partially from Google Pixel 4a ❣️😍 Just Amazing Pixel 4a .Check it out yo

  18. JBrinx18

    JBrinx18日 前

    This is what I needed. A direct 4a to 3a comparison. Haven't seen anyone else do this

  19. Cherlene Miller

    Cherlene Miller2 日 前

    Thank you so much for the help you have helped me with.

  20. ASIM Mohammed

    ASIM Mohammed2 日 前

    @MrWhosetheboss I would be very thankful to you if you can actually send me a huawei p40 pro plus as I've been a huge fan of huawei but could never afford it. Again a big thanks, whenever you consider - Asim

  21. Arif Shaikh

    Arif Shaikh2 日 前

    Iphone SE vs pixel 4a vs Nord

  22. Bilz the Kid

    Bilz the Kid2 日 前

    Is this better or the galaxy A71? Tell me a good phone around the price point of these two.

  23. Bel Georgieva

    Bel Georgieva2 日 前

    Ever thought of selling the phones you no longer use? I like the Pixel 4a but I'm more of a secondhandfirst gal (also kinda too poor to buy it new lol)

  24. Skinnyairplz_YT YOLO

    Skinnyairplz_YT YOLO2 日 前

    When he said "plastic miracle" i laughed

  25. Steph Sancia

    Steph Sancia3 日 前

    This was a Prophecy in the film Eagle Eye ~ Google Assistant will be taking control of Planet Earth in the near Future. Don't laugh, We are but Minions in the Bigger Picture 🙏

  26. air 224

    air 2243 日 前

    Would have got one if it wasn't delayed Got a huawei instead

  27. Glenn

    Glenn3 日 前

    1:51 Him: palms are sweaty Me: knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, it's mom's spaghetti

  28. Mahdi Alshami

    Mahdi Alshami3 日 前

    I wish I could get one

  29. Renata Christine

    Renata Christine3 日 前

    The now playing is not new, they have it in pixel 3a

  30. Hitendra Solanki

    Hitendra Solanki3 日 前

    Awesome mobile I really Impress

  31. R J

    R J3 日 前

    Pixel 4a is the most aggressive, impressive, suppressive, massive, successive, oppressive, repressive, unprogressive, inexpressive, give us your money nonprogressive.

  32. riddhi shah

    riddhi shah3 日 前

    Is pixel 4a camera better than Huawei p30?

  33. Kris Deb

    Kris Deb4 日 前

    Instead of those 'gifts' I would rather get the proper case, even the simple black rubber back would do.

  34. John Lewis

    John Lewis4 日 前

    So are we reviewing a phone or a camera?

  35. halkatgp

    halkatgp4 日 前

    It is just so enjoyable to listen him talk.

  36. Matthew Hunter

    Matthew Hunter4 日 前

    I bought a Pixel 3, one of the worst phones I've owned. The glitches never end. I have no faith in google phones, especially one that has worse hardware than the previous generation. Not sure what this guy is talking about, every picture he showed looked better from the 3a.



    🧡 this mobile 🧡 U SIR

  38. acchaladka

    acchaladka4 日 前

    You've convinced me to return the OnePlus 7 Pro and get the Pixel4a... Well done. One thing you've forgot to mention, both suck for privacy or security compared, correct?

  39. Raymart Ozaraga

    Raymart Ozaraga4 日 前

    I really love this phone,but i don't have enough money to buy this☹️

  40. Ayush Yadav

    Ayush Yadav4 日 前

    Usually i do not watch mobile unboxing videos but the way you explain, is awesome!

  41. Burnt Burrito

    Burnt Burrito4 日 前

    Might be time for me to switch from apple to Google

  42. Mohammad Rahad

    Mohammad Rahad4 日 前

    I want my father gift one smartphone. Bt i poor and not work. Plzz help. Google pxl 4a

  43. Mohammad Rahad

    Mohammad Rahad4 日 前

    I am poor. Plz give me google 4a (gift).😞

  44. m 3

    m 35 日 前

    Subbed for ‘he thicc’

  45. Brook P

    Brook P5 日 前

    I think you've missed the point of the camera.

  46. Riftwake

    Riftwake5 日 前

    You sir are articulate and great. That is all. Carry on.

  47. Walter Powell III

    Walter Powell III5 日 前

    I'm typing on one right now and it feels so smooth

  48. Steph

    Steph5 日 前

    Anyone else super annoyed that he complains about the camera for half the video? Dude its a BUDGET PHONE. Not everyone has the money to spend 500+ on a smartphone. Better camera hardware means higher price. Seriously I disliked the video because I am kind of pissed at how you can complain about that on a F***king BUDGET PHONE. But yeah I guess us peasants who dont have a lot of money can suck it because you have to have the best of the best on a budget phone. Honestly dude F**k off And yes I am very salty lol but I feel I have a right to be.

  49. bigwheelsturning

    bigwheelsturning5 日 前

    If you want to take photos get a camera. Cameras don't make phone calls very well.

  50. Matt Mitchell

    Matt Mitchell5 日 前

    With more megapixels it loses lowlight capability because the pixel micron size gets smaller. The best lowlight camera there is the Sony A7s iii only has a 12 megapixel sensor.

  51. Ash

    Ash5 日 前

    No one talks about the no water resistance..

  52. Anudeep Madrampalli

    Anudeep Madrampalli5 日 前

    Phone is not just a camera, there are other components to look for....

  53. Aditya Kamath

    Aditya Kamath5 日 前

    Annoyed with Samsung skin.... Lol 😂 😂 😂 😂 One UI is the best skin i ever seen.. More feature packed

  54. RJ Spriggs

    RJ Spriggs5 日 前

    lol my pixel 4 has been dying since I got it, my battery died fully so I got it replaced and now it randomly restarts on me every 5 minutes and only lasts to about 85% and then dies

  55. araL nedleS

    araL nedleS5 日 前

    Fantastic, clear, eloquent review.

  56. araL nedleS

    araL nedleS5 日 前

    Don't know whether to get this or the iphone 11 or the iphone XR (purely cause the latter can be found cheap refurbished).I've never had an iphone but am curious to see what all the fuss is about. I don't need a beast but want great camera, battery, and smooth user experience in a phone that is not an enormous phablet brick that I'll only drop and break because it doesn't fit in my hand...

  57. Miles Harbord

    Miles Harbord5 日 前

    Really great review, and love that it's so easy to understand. 👌

  58. Bon Fire

    Bon Fire5 日 前

    A lot of tech reviewers use pride wallpapers. R they part of the lgbtq?

  59. Mo Yusuf

    Mo Yusuf5 日 前

    What about video

  60. Jackson Jegatheesan

    Jackson Jegatheesan5 日 前

    one overpriced one camera, one color, one storage option phone

  61. Stefan Neagoi

    Stefan Neagoi5 日 前

    This phone is 499 in my country

  62. nari chan chachou

    nari chan chachou5 日 前

    Watching phone reviews became more painful then the saddest movies specially that i m stuck with a phone that is 6 years old T_T

  63. zhukie

    zhukie5 日 前

    Only an Englishman could whinge about a phone this good which costs £268 lol

  64. zhukie

    zhukie5 日 前

    Welp, you just blew the reveal for the Pixel 7 😂

  65. Derick King

    Derick King5 日 前

    Nice review....the background music made it. Keep doing that

  66. OX acap0uu

    OX acap0uu5 日 前

    Is this phone 90hz?

  67. J Singh

    J Singh5 日 前


  68. sᴜʀɢᴇprotectorシ

    sᴜʀɢᴇprotectorシ6 日 前

    I wanna ask a question, who the hell takes pics at night?

  69. bry Texas

    bry Texas6 日 前

    Why are the connectors different in Europe than in the US??

  70. San Diago

    San Diago6 日 前

    Google: this phones sucks Also Google: let’s put some crackers and juice in there and call it a day

  71. Wellnessmarg

    Wellnessmarg6 日 前

    Best Sales Presentation ever :)

  72. Prince Mahin

    Prince Mahin6 日 前

    6:24 size does matter ?

  73. Brett Cahill

    Brett Cahill6 日 前

    If next year's pixel 5a keeps the headphone jack again and has a wide angle, it's going to be the easiest upgrade of my life. Bonus points for 90hz refresh

  74. Arham Bhansali

    Arham Bhansali6 日 前

    Iphone: we have the best camera Google pixel 4a: hold my biscuits, non alcoholic beverage, and a dessert.

  75. Richard Alfaro

    Richard Alfaro6 日 前

    I don't like Google phones

  76. Michael Field

    Michael Field6 日 前

    Not more Hipster crap, just make good phone without gimmicks

  77. Chaos Reigns

    Chaos Reigns6 日 前

    They nailed this phone. Making it more expensive for a better camera sensor would... not have. Are there any phones that take better photos, that aren't thicker at the camera bump? It's looking to me like camera sensors haven't changed that much, so it's just a compromise between phone thickness and camera quality. Honestly, I'd go for a thicker phone and better camera. But I think they could do better on the aesthetics. I'd go for something like what the Nokia Lumia did. Make the phone thicker, center the lens(es), and throw in a bigger battery while you're at it.

  78. AJU cyborg

    AJU cyborg6 日 前

    Clean unboxing!👌

  79. A Google user

    A Google user6 日 前

    I thought the pixel has poor image quality until I notice my JPreporter is on 240p 😂

  80. Wayne Gaskell

    Wayne Gaskell6 日 前

    Great review thank you - We we know/think if the Pixel 5 will have a better camera ?

  81. themk5supraguy gg

    themk5supraguy gg6 日 前

    am i the only one that can't hit the bell bc "This action is turned off for content made for kids "?

  82. incredimomo

    incredimomo6 日 前

    All these nice phones there are.. watching this content on my 2014 S5 😂 It's still going somehow, though 1,6GB of ram is sometimes annoying nowadays.

  83. Manoj Panth

    Manoj Panth6 日 前

    Great phone For me it is not affordable 😩😩

  84. cikopimo

    cikopimo6 日 前

    more pixel doesnt mean better quality, just take a look at sony mirrorless camera

  85. S/V BlueHeart

    S/V BlueHeart6 日 前

    Somehow mine died only for one drop that only cracked a tiny bit of the screen. I'm so sad man, why did it have to be like this. 😭

  86. CovertOps

    CovertOps7 日 前

    Yeah, thise squeezable side edges were SO annoying. It always kicked in even though I NEVER needed it. What a curse that was! Thank God this phone - and hopefully future ones - does not have that curse.

  87. M.S.G

    M.S.G7 日 前

    If I bought an android phone to replace my trusty 6s it’d be this, but the iPhone se’s 5 years of support wins the day for somebody like me who’s not really bothered about having the latest phone. Another 2 years support for 50 bucks is a great trade off.

  88. Zeyegin

    Zeyegin7 日 前

    Why did you photoshop the thumbnail?

  89. Todd Voeller

    Todd Voeller7 日 前

    Google has so much potential and they screw it up every time.

  90. Dom W

    Dom W7 日 前

    @mrwhosyourboss why come I never get a special box?

  91. Ricky Rohra

    Ricky Rohra7 日 前

    Isn't this a repeated video??

  92. Akash Kumar Behera

    Akash Kumar Behera7 日 前

    Will it get 5g update

  93. Priyanshu Pippal

    Priyanshu Pippal7 日 前

    I liked the line said by Arun, Why Can't they provide New gen 48 or 64mp sensors and blend that with their (probably the best) camera software optimization.. Just Imagine How Much They can do but why don't they push themselves to the limits.

  94. Burnett Antoney

    Burnett Antoney7 日 前

    why don't you review more budget phones which are used b t6he common u you would have more views when u do that people will see more. And why dony u review samsung A80

  95. Professor10 YouTuber

    Professor10 YouTuber7 日 前

    Bro you have many phone sent me a phone

  96. Christian J

    Christian J7 日 前

    It’s like having one good dynamic driver versus six oddly put together balanced armature drivers.

  97. srijan Kotian

    srijan Kotian7 日 前

    One plus Nord is best phone but it's not durable

  98. Gabriel Taurean

    Gabriel Taurean8 日 前

    Is it QI enabled? Like does it charge wirelessly

  99. Wild Heart

    Wild Heart8 日 前

    Such a shame that it doesn't come with Face Unlock as an option. I'm not a fan of rear mounted Fingerprint Sensors. Not keen on phones that you are forced to pick up every time you want to look at it..........Samsung A51 it is then!

  100. Jake McCullough

    Jake McCullough8 日 前

    He thicc XD