Google Pixel 4a Review: Simple and Clean!


  1. Marques Brownlee

    Marques Brownleeヶ月 前

    Small correction on the speaker: 4a does use the earpiece up top for a subtle stereo effect. I think they could bump up the volume on it a bit more, but it is there!

  2. onrainpubg m

    onrainpubg m8 日 前

    Lol i was here ro cirrect u

  3. Rupeshkumar

    Rupeshkumar15 日 前

    When it be available in INDIA? please reply. Thank you. Love from india 🙏

  4. Nilutpol Borah

    Nilutpol Borah16 日 前

    Can you please tell me if we can use its eSIM and physical SIM both together, I mean Dual SIM Dual Standby (DSDS)?

  5. Bubbles

    Bubbles18 日 前

    @Ts S Right? The top speaker sounds pretty loud to me.

  6. Taylor Golden

    Taylor Golden19 日 前

    @Atharva Tamta has kinking njk

  7. KerioFive

    KerioFive時間 前

    Just got this, I’ve had an iphone for 10 years, an iphone 7 for the past few. I really love this and I won’t be going back to apple My iphone has been shattered front and back for a long time

  8. Scotty B

    Scotty B2 時間 前

    “The phone, just doesn’t feel fast....” dude, I’m coming from an iPhone 7. It’s gonna be just fine!

  9. Nt Cat

    Nt Cat12 時間 前

    Let a phone return to being a phone now. You don’t want your phone to kill most of your precious time. However you don’t want to switch back to a flip phone either because you still want to have those essential functionalities that modern people live on, like checking emails, taking photos, etc. Pixel 4a satisfies all my need and I’m a very happy owner.

  10. Brett D

    Brett D日 前

    Thanks for the review Marques. Just bought the phone! Gonna see how it works out.

  11. Mati Estrella

    Mati Estrella日 前

    I have a Pixel 2xl and is the best buy i have made. It came out with android 8 when i bought it in 2018 and it has just updated to android 11 and it will still be updated to the next android. The baterry still lasts me a lot and still has enough power to run a very good game at max graphics. So if you are thinking of getting a pixel device don't think it twice.

  12. Absar Absar

    Absar Absar日 前

    Pixel 4A or iPhone XR

  13. Luke Oliphant

    Luke Oliphant日 前

    Would you say this is a good upgrade from a Honor 7X?

  14. dennis

    dennis2 日 前

    Master review!

  15. Francis Salamat

    Francis Salamat2 日 前

    Simple and Clean

  16. ps-bleh

    ps-bleh2 日 前

    can you do a top 20 of 2020? which phone should you buy? ranked?

  17. XOX

    XOX2 日 前


  18. Isaac S

    Isaac S2 日 前

    Such an underwhelming review..

  19. Deeker

    Deeker2 日 前

    Your mic picks up so much sibilance it's painful

  20. Mateo

    Mateo2 日 前

    I'm sorry. thats just not light green lmao.

  21. Silver Husky

    Silver Husky3 日 前

    "High refresh rate, at this price point, isn't a deal breaker" Poco X3 enters chat

  22. Harry Parkin

    Harry Parkin3 日 前

    When is Jerryrig gonna test this phone? Been waiting ages for it

  23. Afi Salahuddin

    Afi Salahuddin3 日 前

    thanks. and ur a cutie

  24. Nandan Nadkarni

    Nandan Nadkarni3 日 前

    I regret taking my OnePlus 7 a year before. I really love this Pixel more

  25. muhammad mudassir

    muhammad mudassir3 日 前

    Forget phone tell me abt damn t shirt.. wanna buy

  26. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken3 日 前

    the link to shirt is in the description

  27. Steven

    Steven3 日 前

    4:33 I'll never get what people are on when they say things like that. This thing trades blows with the iPhone 11 Pro (I still prefer Pixel's photos), Samsung Note 20 Ultra and S20 Ultra. Only beaten by the Huawei P40 Pro.

  28. Prashant Gupta

    Prashant Gupta3 日 前

    Sir i am from india and i know that your living country name.

  29. Jeremiah Lim

    Jeremiah Lim4 日 前

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  30. MicoNEK

    MicoNEK4 日 前

    Pixel 4A - Google’s Version Of The IPhone SE.

  31. Error404

    Error40422 時間 前


  32. Middle Class YT

    Middle Class YT4 日 前

    4:27 flag in a shoe

  33. Tommaso Campanile

    Tommaso Campanile4 日 前

    does it have the unlimited google photo storage at original quality?

  34. Lokesh Nimbhore

    Lokesh Nimbhore4 日 前

    Can somebody tell me how and where can I buy pixel 4a in Ukraine. Plz help me

  35. easynamed

    easynamed53 分 前

    Buy it from Amazon or German google store.

  36. Skiadro

    Skiadro4 日 前

    I'll be honest here, if Google is planning on launching in countries like india, it will have to drop the price a more, cause it's not worth the price to most Indians

  37. Guntas Singh Gill

    Guntas Singh Gill4 日 前


  38. Ali Shan

    Ali Shan4 日 前

    What wallpaper is that!

  39. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken4 日 前

    From a app called backdrops and the name of the wallpaper is beacon of light

  40. Frank Castle

    Frank Castle4 日 前

    call quality ??????

  41. gavi

    gavi5 日 前

    Is this avail in the philippines?

  42. dnz lutcha

    dnz lutcha3 日 前

    search on facebook marketplace or shopee and lazada

  43. Theodore Vasilopoulos

    Theodore Vasilopoulos5 日 前

    It's funny how 350$ translates to 450€ (or even 500€ in some markets) instead of 295€ and £350 instead of £270. Looking at this phone now in Greece and it's not even officially available but it's quoted around 550€... Da fuk man...

  44. Theodore Vasilopoulos

    Theodore Vasilopoulos5 日 前

    It sounds like you're using a different definition of simple. I don't use simple as a synonym to featureless.

  45. Arun Kapoor

    Arun Kapoor5 日 前

    Marques , how tall are you ??? Are you really that short as you seem in the photo with Steve Wozniak ???

  46. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken4 日 前

    No he's tall, the photo was photoshopped as a joke

  47. Kushal Adhvaryu

    Kushal Adhvaryu5 日 前

    This or OnePlus Nord? I'm confused

  48. Maxwell Neuner

    Maxwell Neuner5 日 前

    You always review the newest and best phones but why not review the worst phones?

  49. David Buckeridge

    David Buckeridge5 日 前

    Great review, thanks!

  50. George Patton

    George Patton5 日 前

    Apologies, I know nothing about phones. Does this support VoLTE?

  51. George Patton

    George Patton4 日 前

    @Audi Arif Thanks

  52. Audi Arif

    Audi Arif4 日 前

    Yes it does support LTE and VoLTE but you need to ask your local carrier wether or not they provide VoLTE

  53. Ever Endless

    Ever Endless5 日 前

    I have the OG Pixel XL128gb. Best phone I have ever bought. I have replaced the battery once with zero other problems. I am literally clutching it, trying to make it last as long as possible.

  54. Karl Tanner

    Karl Tanner5 日 前

    Could anyone tell me if this would be better performance than my Galaxy s9 for gaming? I really want to switch over.

  55. Cosmo 82

    Cosmo 825 日 前

    Developer options turn of animations.. Even a samsung Corby is smoothie 😀

  56. Carl Hammill

    Carl Hammill5 日 前

    Which phone is better: Google Pixel 4a or Samsung Galaxy A71?

  57. Adithya Jayaram

    Adithya Jayaram5 日 前

    My mom would love this...

  58. Gameysam Plays

    Gameysam Plays5 日 前

    this phone gives off some level nexus 5x vybes

  59. Henry C

    Henry C6 日 前

    3:13 nice trainers mate👍🏽

  60. Somni Yui

    Somni Yui6 日 前

    brave wilderness

  61. Dan Cooper

    Dan Cooper6 日 前

    You talk about it not been fast yet everything opens smoothly and pages open super quick. Talking crap

  62. Degenerate

    Degenerate6 日 前

    Price not simple compared to poco x3.

  63. varsha chaurasiya

    varsha chaurasiya6 日 前

    HI marq.. how can I book from India

  64. Cameron Warttig

    Cameron Warttig6 日 前

    how water resistant is it?

  65. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken4 日 前


  66. 25 Cent

    25 Cent6 日 前

    What would you recommend for a budget android with great specs?

  67. Trust that Impulse

    Trust that Impulse6 日 前

    *Google release a budget phone with plastic body* Everyone : use it normally without trying to bend it with full strength Marques : yeah the phone is gonna break because i tried to bend it with a strong force and it has a small creak WTF man

  68. Exhibit Residence

    Exhibit Residence6 日 前

    Between Google Pixel 4a ($349) and Samsung Note 10 Lite ($400ish), which one would you choose?

  69. Nick

    Nick6 日 前

    Is this worth the upgrade from a samsung s8? Ive had it for 3 years with no issues.

  70. Brandon Viray

    Brandon Viray6 日 前

    Google gonna be killin it with this one

  71. Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith6 日 前

    Reads this thumbnail. Simple and clean immediately starts in my head

  72. Jaimie Hex

    Jaimie Hex7 日 前

    it looks beautiful really

  73. Alex Thor Krist

    Alex Thor Krist7 日 前

    this phone is like 800 bucks in my country, its a robbery over here

  74. Abdulwahab EN

    Abdulwahab EN7 日 前

    How can I get that wallpaper?

  75. Abdulwahab EN

    Abdulwahab EN4 日 前

    @Mr Chicken FOUND IT thank you!

  76. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken4 日 前

    From a app called backdrops and the name of the wallpaper is beacon of light

  77. S Manju

    S Manju7 日 前

    Pixel one camera equal to other Chinese phones 3 or 4 cameras 😂😂😂

  78. darkprince56

    darkprince567 日 前

    You had me at "headphone jack" but I hate the trend of putting the cameras directly on the screen (hole punch and notch) and I don't mind bezels....and I hate curved screens. It's the only thing I dislike about my S8

  79. richard klegin

    richard klegin7 日 前

    what was google thinking ? $300 for an cheap phone . hahahahahahahahah

  80. richard klegin

    richard klegin7 日 前

    what kind of phone did you say it was ? i know i never paid more the $100 for a phone ever


    INSOMNIA7 日 前

    Pixel 3 xl camera or pixel 4a ?

  82. Marian Gall

    Marian Gall7 日 前

    Why u didn't mention Samsung S10e as competitor for this phone?

  83. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken4 日 前

    because S10e is way better and was a 750 dollar phone when it came out

  84. BenderPSNHu6da1of

    BenderPSNHu6da1of7 日 前

    Quick one - Why is the F9 on your shirt not a shade lighter?

  85. ONLY 1 VIEW

    ONLY 1 VIEW7 日 前

    Bro can you give me a phone Please I dont have money to buy. Please.

  86. ONLY 1 VIEW

    ONLY 1 VIEW7 日 前

    @Mr Chicken ok bro😂

  87. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken7 日 前

    Work like everyone else

  88. goldeneyeforevercom

    goldeneyeforevercom8 日 前

    You're okay with the hole. Interesting. I hope in the past you didn't complain about stuck pixels or dead pixels. Imagine complaining about that now! How many dead pixels does one hole punch make. Also, wh you okay with it? Why, just why? Low expectations? It's a feature? It enhances the experience??

  89. E Man

    E Man8 日 前

    This is selling like hotcakes

  90. Prime Time Jimmy

    Prime Time Jimmy8 日 前

    🎶Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonighttttt~🎶 N-No? Just me? Ok...

  91. Clark Miller

    Clark Miller8 日 前

    Lol that quick rip on stadia before hanging up. Bad release, games were boycotting it - good for them.

  92. Sachin

    Sachin8 日 前

    A minimalist dream phone

  93. Hidden tips

    Hidden tips8 日 前

    I love Because of there single camera...🥰🥰 Google can't use useless camera on there phone.....another company ,,, use useless camera .such as ..... OnePlus,,Samsung they use 2MP macro,,2MP death sensor......😡😡🤬🤬 I hate useless macro and depth sensor

  94. Two Dawgz

    Two Dawgz8 日 前

    I wish it didn't look so cheap though, like a $150 phone. SE2020 red is sexy and red faster 🤩😂

  95. Filip Pennsäter

    Filip Pennsäter9 日 前

    Honestly though......... Iphone se is not a competition ffs.

  96. A. T.

    A. T.9 日 前

    In my opinion the perfect phone size. Love that Google made the Pixel 4a smaller than 6 inches. Barely any other good phones out there with that size and decent hardware. The only thing that bugs me with Google Pixel phones is their missing dual sim support. Should get better with e-sim, but not all providers support the Google devices from the beginning.

  97. Tome4kkkk

    Tome4kkkk9 日 前

    So how will the situation look like re 3A vs 4A in Nov/Dec 2020? I've been rolling with 5 year old mediocre-at-release-day phones for far too long and it's a Pixel year for me, no matter what!

  98. Tome4kkkk

    Tome4kkkk9 日 前

    Can the assistant and other "pixely" features be disabled? Does it have a decent compass? I'm pretty fed up with +/- 60 degrees compasses of post 2012 smartphones... Also, is the display completely flat for good protector compatibility?

  99. Vianney Madeline

    Vianney Madeline9 日 前

    Hi ! Should it be a good deal if I buy this Pixel 4a to replace my Galaxy S7 ? Because I want neither a big smartphone nor an iPhone.

  100. Abdur Rahim Tulip

    Abdur Rahim Tulip10 日 前

    The plastic body is bendable. Because I tested it & shows good enough bending. Plus the display showed some pixel crash. If a hard case is there then there will not be any bending.

  101. micah

    micah10 日 前

    You should do a Pixel 4a 6months or 1 year later video!

  102. Eat Keto Drink Vino

    Eat Keto Drink Vino9 日 前

    Yes considering buying one now and curious how he even feels about it today.

  103. S H N

    S H N10 日 前

    Zack didn't do a durability test. Dissapointing

  104. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken4 日 前

    Because it's not out yet

  105. dog face

    dog face10 日 前

    I wish there were more budget options being made by reliable companies. I seriously dont need top specs, so i would rather pay less for something that is still very much useable.

  106. kntwing.23

    kntwing.2310 日 前

    These type of phones good for students & seniors to use because is a budget phones??

  107. kntwing.23

    kntwing.2310 日 前

    I wait for iPhone 12 ...🤔

  108. kntwing.23

    kntwing.2310 日 前

    Why Matt black color??? Everything color is black.

  109. kntwing.23

    kntwing.2310 日 前

    Is clicky than a naked phone...

  110. kntwing.23

    kntwing.2310 日 前

    Only 3,ooo little battery life??🤔 my bro own Google & my parents.

  111. Adam L

    Adam L10 日 前

    I have had an honor play for 2 years now, it has only 4gb ram and a inferior processor but its fine for me I never though my phone is slow so the 4a will feel fine and last long enough for me

  112. disconnectus

    disconnectus11 日 前

    Is it just me that can hear the background noise in the video, does that coming outside from the studio or the humming AHUs?

  113. Spikebox

    Spikebox11 日 前

    I like the hardware though.

  114. Spikebox

    Spikebox11 日 前

    Making and uploading an app on app store takes $99, But this is $350 omgarsh!

  115. Fahad Hossain

    Fahad Hossain11 日 前

    how to buy it from ebay or amazon or any us store at $350?

  116. Jared Lang

    Jared Lang11 日 前

    Sometimes i miss my nexus 5x. The under screen fingerprint reader in my note 10 is trash

  117. PS PS

    PS PS11 日 前

    No gimmicks nor unneeded features .....Leaving Reviewers speechless :D

  118. Justice Forall

    Justice Forall12 日 前

    I must admit, those pics look great. And for the price,...... ""Pricele$$" I never owned a Google Smartphone before. But I may just get one.

  119. Sankara Narayanan H

    Sankara Narayanan H12 日 前

    How is 349 dollars a budget phone?

  120. Mr Chicken

    Mr Chicken7 日 前

    It is in 2020

  121. free spirit

    free spirit12 日 前

    M bit confuse between nord n 4a sply becoz of battery

  122. Suraj Singha

    Suraj Singha12 日 前

    I'm high help me!!!