Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets - Full Highlights | March 13, 2019 | 2018-19 NBA Season


  1. Ximo Pierto

    Ximo Pierto7 日 前

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  2. Caleb Russell Jr

    Caleb Russell Jr日 前

    +Bao Liem He always making it from down town

  3. Aaücan

    Aaücan2 日 前

    Ximo Pierto Thanks for keeping up with nba schedule. Especially sincerity don’t televise enough games. Warriors being double teamed 1. the refs+ 2. on the road + 3. the rockets = AMAZING 🔥

  4. c.t17 77

    c.t17 773 日 前

    Please what is the instrumental that plays at beginning of your videos?

  5. Bao Liem

    Bao Liem5 日 前

    Ok curry from down town

  6. Frederick Simon

    Frederick Simon6 日 前


  7. ممدوح الراشد

    ممدوح الراشد2 時間 前

    الله يسعدكم ويبارك لكم بحااالكم وحلالكم🕊

  8. Panty Thief

    Panty Thief2 時間 前

    Anyone else tired of transgenders

  9. Master G34

    Master G3415 時間 前

    That thumbnail looks like me and Karen fighting over the kids

  10. Nerd

    Nerd17 時間 前

    Rockets didn't put Boogie in very many PnR situations this game. I suspect they are reserving it for the playoffs. Boogie did very well this game but GSW should be prepared for Boogie having to defend PnRs. He did well with the Thunder but the Rockets are a better shooting team.

  11. V i ja y Huang

    V i ja y Huang17 時間 前

    The only weird thing is they can win Rocket without Durant…they losed twice because they had Durant

  12. Aditya Srinidhi

    Aditya Srinidhi時間 前

    V i ja y Huang Yea lol

  13. Keith Jamel Forbes

    Keith Jamel Forbes17 時間 前

    The funny thing here is they so brag this game so much like gs won massively, they only won by just 2 points!!! and don't forget rockets own the season series 3-1

  14. Keith Jamel Forbes

    Keith Jamel Forbes16 時間 前

    CP3 got injured that's what happened

  15. Nerd

    Nerd17 時間 前

    What happened last year when the rockets had the better record and were even 1st seed? That's right. Enough said...GOH with them regular season victories LOL

  16. unto gunung

    unto gunung20 時間 前

    Sapa reh kentok je.. 😲😲🤭😍🤭🤭

  17. Bryan Halda

    Bryan Halda21 時間 前

    Warriors barely eek one out on the Rockets. Wow. So exciting. :/

  18. Nerd

    Nerd17 時間 前

    LOL salty

  19. Mohamadou POUYE

    Mohamadou POUYE22 時間 前


  20. 山煙

    山煙日 前

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  21. The Gaming Ninja

    The Gaming Ninja日 前


  22. Can you dunk Sh

    Can you dunk Sh日 前


  23. Bronny James

    Bronny James日 前

    Curry/Harden god are very strong

  24. Edmond SHAM

    Edmond SHAM日 前

    anyone tell me how harden get the fucking and 1 at 3:36

  25. Dave

    Dave日 前

    Mama June has a hot pussy

  26. BoricuaFlavored

    BoricuaFlavored日 前

    I guess the only reason anybody that really watches harden play and calls out his flopping just "absolutely must be in the opponents band wagon". Keep that energy up, boy you're gonna need it.

  27. HUMAN s

    HUMAN s日 前

    American: Basketball is really famous Other countries: Is this professional hot-potato?

  28. Aaücan

    Aaücan2 日 前

    Warriors being double teamed 1. the refs+ 2. on the road + 3. the rockets = AMAZING 🔥

  29. iChu

    iChu2 日 前

    fire Paul ,useless

  30. Brandon Minard

    Brandon Minard2 日 前

    Nope not today Warriors. Spurs win!

  31. Mitchell Kmatz

    Mitchell Kmatz2 日 前

    This is poor photoshop

  32. DMG -Gabe

    DMG -Gabe2 日 前

    1:43 1:46 wow the traveling

  33. Raiyan A

    Raiyan A2 日 前

    Does any one know that song at 3:41?

  34. M_oises Estrelloso

    M_oises Estrelloso2 日 前

    galing ni cury

  35. RV Nillo

    RV Nillo2 日 前

    Wow greay

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    Samantha Mighanwer2 日 前

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  37. Shreddies 1101

    Shreddies 11012 日 前

    Haven't been on your channel in awhile, and you have that same intro. Good taste my dude.

  38. Eugene Handsome

    Eugene Handsome2 日 前


  39. Sganet

    Sganet2 日 前

    Lol, I realized KD was out at the end

  40. the real mugman

    the real mugman2 日 前

    9:19 😸😸😸😸

  41. Yolcu

    Yolcu2 日 前

    fuck its so satisfying to see the rockets lose

  42. Michael Jordan

    Michael Jordan2 日 前

    Rockets will always be Warriors’ bitch 😂

  43. NalaRey AVA

    NalaRey AVA2 日 前

    @5:10 klays treys

  44. Susan Valdevia

    Susan Valdevia2 日 前

    Hahaha in ur face Harden

  45. JohnReyfromYouTube

    JohnReyfromYouTube2 日 前

    Score in 8:00

  46. kornholigo

    kornholigo2 日 前

    Ni lagi satu kepala bana, kalah pulak

  47. amouan tanohprivat

    amouan tanohprivat3 日 前

    toujours cl

  48. Sean alvin Estinor

    Sean alvin Estinor3 日 前

    They have better harmony in this game than when kd is with them

  49. Testacc7746

    Testacc77463 日 前

    This is going to such a good playoffs

  50. t t

    t t3 日 前

    Man the other NBA teams should be trying to hire the people who put together the golden state team. They built that team to be unbeatable.

  51. Angelica,Angelica Bongais-Rona

    Angelica,Angelica Bongais-Rona3 日 前

    Team GSW Go Warriors. 🙌🙌😍😘😙😙

  52. trap house

    trap house3 日 前

    so we no counting the shot made at 8:00 wtf hatters

  53. Rass B

    Rass B3 日 前

    Curry is the greatest player with a big IQ,I love the ball that he thrown to the air...and defensively backs outing the big guys..incedible win without durant

  54. Weed City 2

    Weed City 23 日 前

    best nba shooters

  55. Weed City 2

    Weed City 23 日 前

    3's of olson

  56. Kevin Zapata

    Kevin Zapata3 日 前

    harden rockets

  57. 7_HK

    7_HK3 日 前

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  58. jose pagan

    jose pagan3 日 前

    That was very close game warriors first win on them this season good rockets

  59. DMN DMN

    DMN DMN3 日 前

    Its just that Harden falls on every 3 pointer of the NBA want allow Curry Lillard and others to get the same call stop calling it for Harden then.

  60. Aaücan

    Aaücan2 日 前

    DMN DMN right

  61. DMN DMN

    DMN DMN3 日 前

    Capella is a baby when it comes to defending Cousins and the Warriors need to use that to their advantage. And people forget Klay is like 6'7 Paul is like 6'1. That's a baby on him lol

  62. Lixdy -

    Lixdy -3 時間 前

    DMN DMN 6,5

  63. George Smith

    George Smith3 日 前

    Gsw is a cheat code from the 1 to the five plus the bench everybody can hit the 3 ball

  64. Tina herrera

    Tina herrera3 日 前

    Every Person on here wanna talk shit but probably don’t even watch the rockets they just talk shit cause everyone else does lol!!!!

  65. Phyllis Hayes

    Phyllis Hayes3 日 前

    Cousins did good!

  66. ApocScout

    ApocScout3 日 前

    Rockets fans watching another wasted season hahahahahaha

  67. combine media

    combine media4 日 前

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  68. Code: 015

    Code: 0154 日 前

    Curry didn't shoot the last 3, what a personality

  69. Steven Barry

    Steven Barry4 日 前

    Rockets: It's not just Another Game Warriors: It's just A Game

  70. George Foley

    George Foley2 日 前

    That’s the other way around. Rockets did not care about this game. FACTS!

  71. cilik Uyuy10

    cilik Uyuy104 日 前

    We won without KD And Harden play...Now Rockets is really trash

  72. jenalyn Gunnacao

    jenalyn Gunnacao4 日 前

    Harden is good.🤗🤔🤔 But CURRY is the best. 😍😍😍 I'm a gsw fan💪💪💪💪

  73. Dee Cloman

    Dee Cloman4 日 前

    Yall do know that the Warriors cant beat this Rocket team when fully healthy in the best of 7

  74. Joseph Marcelino

    Joseph Marcelino4 日 前

    3:00 had me dead 😂

  75. Efren Mark Esguerra

    Efren Mark Esguerra4 日 前

    Lebron trade rokets

  76. Ricky B

    Ricky B4 日 前

    Steph curry like the joe pesci of the NBA. Small guy don’t look intimidating until he rips your throat out.

  77. Eric De Guzman

    Eric De Guzman4 日 前

    Lol. Harden did it again the "double step back " but still counted.

  78. viper 9803

    viper 98034 日 前

    Wow you're replay footage is awesome

  79. Ali hussaini

    Ali hussaini4 日 前

    Yes lets go warriors

  80. jacob garcia

    jacob garcia4 日 前


  81. ajalbetjr

    ajalbetjr4 日 前

    All I can say is, HOW'D THE (HELL) DID THE REST OF THE NBA LET GS PICK UP COUSINS???? Sheesh.....

  82. Cody Chee

    Cody Chee4 日 前

    Where us kd

  83. EL choppa

    EL choppa4 日 前

    3:38 harden is going to kill somebody with that flopping

  84. Davis Zan Wijaya Winardi

    Davis Zan Wijaya Winardi4 日 前

    Harden 9.35 😂

  85. O my god

    O my god4 日 前

    Рокетс уже не те

  86. Lalremfeli Ralte

    Lalremfeli Ralte4 日 前

    This is exactly why they signed boogie... Rockets cant play him, every "EXPERT" on tv missed this, they needed to slow the game down on the low post against the rockets who were the only legitimate threat in the west. Boogie was the perfect solution, if he stays healthy... MAAANNNN!!! Depth my ass worriors gonna sweep everyone.

  87. Kylan Hasselbring

    Kylan Hasselbring4 日 前

    Warriors still won but one thing about them that when they have at least a 10 point lead they let the teams catch. Up

  88. Jeth Omictin

    Jeth Omictin4 日 前

    Where's KD?

  89. Faten Nahhas

    Faten Nahhas4 日 前

    Is that James harden

  90. m 74

    m 744 日 前

    will be great west conference finale again(if there are no suprises before)

  91. William de Murney

    William de Murney4 日 前

    DeMarcus boogie cousins subs for KD was 💪🏾🦍💯.

  92. Wayman Hunt

    Wayman Hunt4 日 前

    Looney play some good ass defense on harden like really good bruh dont fall for that dancing shit 💯💯💯😭

  93. Kenni BlogVideos

    Kenni BlogVideos4 日 前

    No Durant No Problem

  94. Bounceback Pleasure

    Bounceback Pleasure4 日 前

    James Harden walks to DeMarcus Cousins like running out of Viagra 0:45

  95. Trey Grogan

    Trey Grogan4 日 前

    i wish curry would have drained it at the end

  96. Iñigo Carlo Gamelo

    Iñigo Carlo Gamelo4 日 前

    The Warriors are doing good without Durant. Better let him leave and keep Thompson and Green This is like the OLD WARRIORS Roster, back to the original except They have Cousins

  97. miasto noca

    miasto noca4 日 前


  98. Dan Alx

    Dan Alx4 日 前


  99. weipulee

    weipulee4 日 前

    Rock n roll

  100. Andrew Jones

    Andrew Jones4 日 前


  101. doruk simsek

    doruk simsek4 日 前

    James Harden is the puss*est athlet I've ever seen in my whole life. repellent

  102. Rainy Days

    Rainy Days4 日 前

    But yet he refuses to graduate

  103. Arda Gamer Tr

    Arda Gamer Tr4 日 前

    Curry sonda acıdı adam istese Sokardı 3’lüğü 😁😁

  104. Arda Gamer Tr

    Arda Gamer Tr4 日 前

    Golden State💛💙

  105. D Kipu

    D Kipu4 日 前

    It wasn’t that many years ago that announcers were talking about the low quality and quantity of pure shooters in the league....those days are looooonnnng gone. It’s now ridiculous how many nba players can hit a 30 footer on the move while being covered....

  106. madi's vlog

    madi's vlog4 日 前

    Still im harden fans here..better luck next time!

  107. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson4 日 前


  108. MR_CBR_1000RR

    MR_CBR_1000RR4 日 前

    HAHAHA FUck them bitches!!!

  109. Mark Sabater

    Mark Sabater4 日 前

    9:32 - 9:35 🤣🤣

  110. عبقري 009877651234

    عبقري 0098776512344 日 前


  111. jomz jomz

    jomz jomz5 日 前

    Meanwhile Durant having a second thought about leaving the Warriors next season, knowing they can win without him

  112. Ian Surban

    Ian Surban5 日 前

    This will always be the result if Harden's flops don't work hahaja