Golden Buzzer: Voices of Our City Choir Delivers Emotional Performance - America's Got Talent 2020


  1. Kayla Wright

    Kayla Wright7 時間 前

    So were just gonna ignore when sophia said that the lyrics of the song was perfect for them? Why cause their homeless? I just thought it was really insensitive

  2. Gia Carrington

    Gia Carrington8 時間 前

    God I want them to win so bad!!! That was awesome 👏🏽 👏🏽 very good Terry

  3. Sam Pescadero

    Sam Pescadero10 時間 前


  4. michelle thomas

    michelle thomas12 時間 前


  5. Diana Marcela Diaz

    Diana Marcela Diaz16 時間 前


  6. Ms. Jasso

    Ms. Jasso日 前

    i loved this 👍💖

  7. 陽ʏɪɴ

    陽ʏɪɴ日 前

    My grandparents seriously think they got the Golden Buzzer because they are homeless..

  8. Lynn P_Abano

    Lynn P_Abano日 前

    I watched this 2nd time tonight, the rerun, I still can't keep my tears 😢🥺 I love ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Larry C

    Larry C日 前

    Amazing performance! This Golden Buzzer was truly deserved!

  10. Setsuka Chiebukuro

    Setsuka Chiebukuro日 前

    They are pretty good but not really golden buzzer material. But even without a golden buzzer I think they could still win because everyone loves them

  11. Dat Meme

    Dat Meme日 前

    Not gonna lie. This got me.

  12. Zillionaire Da vinciii

    Zillionaire Da vinciii日 前


  13. Tanya Mauk

    Tanya Mauk日 前

    Here is what I believe. America has it's own people who are struggling through their lives and cannot make ends meet, and some have their own problems, which they cope with every day. So why in the Hell are the Democrats so fixed in their minds of helping, and giving freely to illegal immigrants, when they cannot even fix the problems facing America?

  14. dahlia kh

    dahlia kh日 前


  15. Ahmed Ezz

    Ahmed Ezz日 前

    U deserve 1000000 Golden Buzzers ❤️



    I can’t like I shed a tear , how you watch this video and not ... Man GOD is good , When ever I make it I promise and I mean I gonna give bacc

  17. Solymar Garcia

    Solymar Garcia2 日 前

    This had me in tears 🥺❤️I love them all

  18. Sergei Boris

    Sergei Boris2 日 前

    Just crying of joy. People must and should learned not to be judgemental! Whether it’s your status in life, your religion, your race or your sexuality.

  19. Turbo cam

    Turbo cam2 日 前

    This Audition has made me feel so emotional because it teaches us to be grateful that we have a roof over our heads , food ,and family. Amazing and talented people God bless these people we love you all.

  20. deepak kumar

    deepak kumar3 日 前

    It's beautiful.... respect

  21. sara tfkh

    sara tfkh3 日 前

    4:55 HER VOIIIIIICE OMGGGG❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  22. sara tfkh

    sara tfkh3 日 前

    Wow just wow 😍😍😍😍😍

  23. Exotic Dubai Life

    Exotic Dubai Life3 日 前

    I was crying watching this

  24. Halah Ihsan

    Halah Ihsan3 日 前

    I'm not crying you are 😭

  25. free bird

    free bird4 日 前

    Very emotional moments I have lived when I had seen this video

  26. Meza Rod

    Meza Rod4 日 前

    That's Tough!!!!!!!! May the Ganja Gods look over you.

  27. Nadeem Shaikh

    Nadeem Shaikh5 日 前

    Terry is love ❤️💙

  28. Mharon Gee

    Mharon Gee5 日 前

    The woman who plays the guitar looks like Stephanie Beatriz.

  29. Jasmine Roman

    Jasmine Roman5 日 前

    My heart goes out to all of them and anyone going through this!!! God bless you all!!! This was beautiful ❤️😭

  30. Barb Kearns

    Barb Kearns5 日 前

    Again, the stories win out over talent.

  31. Thira Malik

    Thira Malik5 日 前

    Loveeeeeee the lead woman's voice

  32. Masahiro Salamanque

    Masahiro Salamanque5 日 前

    My Man Terry, doing what the other former judge of agt cannot do! entertainment with passion/heart. always looking after his people! wakanda forever👊🤙

  33. Hannah Parker

    Hannah Parker6 日 前

    Ok, this woman, I mean wow. So beautiful outside and inside. Amazing person

  34. Andrew Marete

    Andrew Marete6 日 前

    Coming to America, I never thought there was anyone soul that is homeless.

  35. Strawberry Cakez

    Strawberry Cakez7 日 前

    That touch my heart ❤️

  36. Fachri aprilian

    Fachri aprilian7 日 前

    God bless you terry❤️

  37. Kegmeister G

    Kegmeister G7 日 前

    Brandon has done something here that is absolutely incredible....and NEEDED...right now. He has opened a door that can be seen as a portal to becoming “One”. The only requirement of us is to choose to walk through. The experience (not performance...what he’s done is far more evolved than a “performance”) he has given us is precedent -setting. Not only has just the human voice devoid of any music, magic, or athleticism been on this stage, he has received the golden buzzer. AND, all three judges have come to the stage to be with him. I’ve never seen that before. He’s also made it possible for Simon to choose to learn something that I hope has set in motion a form of personal evolution for him. Thank you, Brando. I can only imagine the literal thousands of people you will be affecting in a very positive, loving way.

  38. Katelyn Moreno

    Katelyn Moreno7 日 前

    I wish there would be a golden buzzer without a sob story...

  39. Disay Vlog

    Disay Vlog8 日 前

    it brought tears to my eyes 😭😭😭

  40. Ikea Lawrence

    Ikea Lawrence8 日 前

    Ok but that woman falling out of her wheel chair got me 🤣 I’m sorry

  41. Raven Wild

    Raven Wild8 日 前

    Blows my mind that anyone can give something as healing and supportive as this a thumbs down. Open your hearts people... This could be you or someone you care about.

  42. Down Town

    Down Town8 日 前

    Terry knows when best to use his golden buzzer. He gives hope

  43. Lisa Trow

    Lisa Trow8 日 前

    Blown away!!!

  44. Lisa Trow

    Lisa Trow8 日 前

    Most beautiful!!!! I actually cried!!!!!! Most 5star,5stars isn't enough!!!!

  45. T E

    T E9 日 前

    I love ❤️ America.taoufik Tennessee

  46. not that serious

    not that serious9 日 前

    If this didn't pop up on my Facebook feed in the right time I think we all should listen to the sound of the sidewalk ... Think I'm crying so hard I don't know what to do ... Black people, white people, spanish people , gay people, straight ppl what the world should be ...

  47. smurfb0219

    smurfb02199 日 前

    love the hope, inspiration and talent of this choir and love Terry Crews !!

  48. Krissy Lee

    Krissy Lee9 日 前

    “Somebody wants to hear from me” 🥺❤️❤️❤️

  49. 我是Catwoman

    我是Catwoman10 日 前

    The old lady just got my heart

  50. 我是Catwoman

    我是Catwoman10 日 前

    Boo 😒 for those people who dislike

  51. Marlene Valles

    Marlene Valles10 日 前

    This is what a well deserved golden buzzer looks like, young artists will keep coming and they will have opportunities to grow and become big, but I just love how Terry chose to help these amazing people and give them the opportunity to grow and spread their wings and be heard so there can be change in this world. This is what this show should be about❤️

  52. Lightmane

    Lightmane10 日 前

    It is insane that there are homeless people in the world. It's insane and it's sick. Poverty should no longer exist, let alone homelessness.

  53. Evelyn Wright

    Evelyn Wright10 日 前

    God works in strange ways … this is one‼️💜

  54. No One

    No One10 日 前

    Beautifull ❤

  55. K9MICH

    K9MICH10 日 前

    Will she give the money to all of them if they win?

  56. Kaddat Brands

    Kaddat Brands10 日 前

    That is the power of unity...Thank you brother... Zimbabwe stants with your vision

  57. Achua Monica

    Achua Monica11 日 前

    I really can't stop crying 😭😭.... My God

  58. Rebecca Kurtz

    Rebecca Kurtz11 日 前

    They need to rename this show to "I'm not crying, you're crying"

  59. Caleb Parkhurst

    Caleb Parkhurst11 日 前

    O my gosh. This sucked. But of course, since there homeless they get a golden. This did not deserve even on yes. It sucked

  60. california19581

    california1958111 日 前

    I loved it. 😢😢😢😢❤❤❤❤

  61. Abhishek Mohanty

    Abhishek Mohanty11 日 前

    As much sympathy as we feel for them...that didn't deserve the Golden Buzzer..

  62. Caleb Parkhurst

    Caleb Parkhurst11 日 前

    No sympathy but,couldn't agree more

  63. 50k Subscribers With No Videos On Channel Challenge

    50k Subscribers With No Videos On Channel Challenge11 日 前

    Man, when I heard them I was praying they hit the golden buzzer and when Terry interrupted Simon I lost it. My eyes might have sweated but I had come here and express this feeling. I have been helping homeless people since I was young. Created friendships with them and to see this. Was just wow! I hope they win!! I see a future winner. Definitely donating to the charity.

  64. Addi Ray

    Addi Ray11 日 前

    The old lady touched me and everyone on that stage I love this so much😚💓

  65. Addi Ray

    Addi Ray11 日 前

    I love terry 💞so sweet

  66. kumareng rhea

    kumareng rhea11 日 前

    This is what you call talent

  67. Anis Ranis

    Anis Ranis11 日 前

    People 😭😭😘.. Thank you

  68. Sammy Sam Sam

    Sammy Sam Sam11 日 前

    i'm sobbing like crazy!!!!!

  69. Josia Haliman

    Josia Haliman12 日 前

    Dont know why.. Every time Terry hits and show up with a move.. There is onion in my eyes..blessed you Terry.. And this is what the show all about..God bless you brother from Indonesia

  70. RiRi

    RiRi12 日 前

    I honestly don't what I would do if I became homeless Its soooo scary I can't imagine I think it would be one of my biggest fears

  71. Lemons InMySoup

    Lemons InMySoup12 日 前

    The performance definitely did not deserve the golden buzzer. It was a pity golden buzzer

  72. ZO13RILLA

    ZO13RILLA12 日 前

    I can listen to that sounds of the side walk all day

  73. Diyana Swan

    Diyana Swan12 日 前

    im crying while watching this😭😭

  74. kylie8cake

    kylie8cake12 日 前

    Amazing humans!!

  75. Anusha Raya

    Anusha Raya12 日 前

    I cried tears of happiness 😭♥️♥️

  76. It's The Alien Man

    It's The Alien Man12 日 前

    I'm crying.

  77. Lovatic Sweetener

    Lovatic Sweetener13 日 前

    This whole video is just perfect!

  78. ExploringAndMe - EAM

    ExploringAndMe - EAM13 日 前

    Amazing always try to help those who need it. If i see homeless in abandoned places i help them too. Its very important and im happy to see Terry hit that button

  79. ghea PANJAITAN

    ghea PANJAITAN13 日 前

    Like a film

  80. Luckyriyu31

    Luckyriyu3113 日 前

    Go Support these wonderful Individuals by subscribing to their JPreporter Channel! Voice of Our City Choir

  81. Luckyriyu31

    Luckyriyu3113 日 前

    No lie I wanted to cry