Golden Buzzer: Tyler Butler-Figueroa Earns Simon Cowell's Support - America's Got Talent 2019


  1. AnaN Kiki

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  2. Karkowski III

    Karkowski III時間 前

    WoW, another sob story

  3. Katarina Matičić

    Katarina Matičić2 時間 前

    I love you so much. Hope you win ❤❤❤❤

  4. Sandra I

    Sandra I2 時間 前

    Скрипка словно живая! Она его друг! Она поёт! Это их дуэт! Браво, малыш!👏👏👏👏👏

  5. Sandra I

    Sandra I2 時間 前

    Малыш, ты маленький герой! 🙏 храни тебя Бог!

  6. Álef

    Álef3 時間 前

    All you need to remember is that you're AWESOME!!!

  7. Greace's Channel

    Greace's Channel3 時間 前

    twice watched this, twice i am Crying! im so proud with you, Tyler Butler!!!! u are so amazing!! GBU!

  8. qaraami songs

    qaraami songs3 時間 前

    Oh my god It make me cry From Somalia

  9. Nischal Dhurve

    Nischal Dhurve4 時間 前

    He is a super star ....

  10. Oscar Garcia

    Oscar Garcia5 時間 前

    He needs to duo with lindsey stirling!!!!

  11. krisna agung

    krisna agung5 時間 前

    Seriously aku tengok lebih dari 10 kali still cry 😭

  12. mikey

    mikey6 時間 前

    if cancer didnt kill you, it made you stronger

  13. Suman Roy

    Suman Roy6 時間 前

    You are a winner...Cancer could not defeat you nothing else can or nothing else will ever.....

  14. Martine Adjo

    Martine Adjo7 時間 前

    12k dislikes???? 😡😡😡😡😡

  15. Sami Ullah

    Sami Ullah8 時間 前

    Sir very nice Samiullah Samtia South Punjab Pakistan

  16. Charlie Tan

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  17. jown hever

    jown hever8 時間 前

    12k people who disliked this video don’t have a soul.

  18. HelloKitty gamer15

    HelloKitty gamer159 時間 前

    People who bullied him: Feeling salty Simon: This kid will always be a star and will always shine brighter than any other

  19. Ken Robertson

    Ken Robertson9 時間 前

    You have a wonderful child! I love him!

  20. Stephanie Herrera

    Stephanie Herrera9 時間 前

    You know.. my bully is spreading rumors that I.. .. that I thought someone who died of cancer who had children (one of my friend's mom) was a bad person...

  21. Kent Trissoir

    Kent Trissoir9 時間 前

    I cry everytime I watch this

  22. maria vera ruiz

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  23. Wesenyelesh Biru

    Wesenyelesh Biru11 時間 前

    Simian I see today saved the lives

  24. 11 時間 前

    Stay with God. He’s a good partner. Ur the best! Thanks to ur mom as well and the agt judges. Love you Simon 😘😇

  25. juni ka

    juni ka3 時間 前

    Please tell me what the in 5:55 min please what the song ?

  26. Howard Le

    Howard Le12 時間 前

    GOALS...I want to play with that kind of passion. Also...I wonder when TwoSetViolin will see this.

  27. juni ka

    juni ka3 時間 前

    Dude you know this song 5:30

  28. Bishaaro Mohamed

    Bishaaro Mohamed13 時間 前

    Don’t cry my young boy you are strong ❤️❤️

  29. NIKO 507PTYG

    NIKO 507PTYG14 時間 前

    as it is called the song that appears at the end of the program and who sings it .. you can tell me please.

  30. Fred Fred

    Fred Fred14 時間 前

    I am literally crying rn. He is so brave. Such an inspiration. I love you baby. God bless.

  31. jeannina gonzales

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  32. Priscilla Azumah konadu

    Priscilla Azumah konadu17 時間 前

    The top is your proud of u

  33. Emma L

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  34. Grass Green

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  35. Arthur

    Arthur18 時間 前

    *I always starts to cry when someone gets the goldenbuzzer.*

  36. utilarooster

    utilarooster19 時間 前

    Why are there no more videos of the boy with the violin

  37. T0KEtheSM0KE

    T0KEtheSM0KE19 時間 前

    He's good but we've seen better violinists than him lose agt before


    ARMY BLINK20 時間 前

    What's name of this song he played?


    ARMY BLINK20 時間 前

    @Robert López Thank you❤

  40. Robert López

    Robert López20 時間 前

    Stronger by Kelly Clarckson

  41. naz gwl

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  42. Kristina Krakić

    Kristina Krakić22 時間 前

    What an amazing kid. Look at the joy on his, and everyone else’s faces when the golden buzzer got hit. Pure happiness :)

  43. cat bui tran

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  44. shatrudhan kumar

    shatrudhan kumar日 前

    hi Tyler u have inspired both the group one who not struggling with life and the one who doesn't go ahead with kind life and stops to other salute to u and hope u will get more success and happiness thanks to all judges to encourage tyler

  45. Tutter Brown

    Tutter Brown日 前

    I dont get why the judges feed certain contestants questions that have sob stories? Not saying it's fake but does it say on a paper they're given? How did she know to ask him why hes being bullied? That's not a typical question from the judges, especially the new ones. On a side note, good for him. Mostly for surviving cancer, because almost everyone gets bullied so I mean that's not a huge deal to be honest.

  46. chandu Gamer

    chandu Gamer日 前

    Any body from india

  47. Xam 21

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  48. joy kp

    joy kp日 前

    Love you so much

  49. Jakob Lund

    Jakob Lund日 前

    And the sob story get's the golden buzzer... I get it, the kid is really cute and his story is sad but his talent is no where near deserving of a golden buzzer.

  50. Anneke Dam

    Anneke Dam日 前

    What a wonderful boy ! The bullies, its shows how sick people are!!! Unbelieveable!!! This boy was going threw a hell that time and see how he overwon the situation he was in! So strong. My tears rolls out of my eyes! Wonderfull boy!!!

  51. Ring master

    Ring master日 前

    Which song he played.

  52. Borneo Channel

    Borneo Channel日 前

    Anyone know the title last song ?

  53. Robert López

    Robert López19 時間 前

    Don't Give Up On me by Andy Grammer

  54. Aris bedros222

    Aris bedros222日 前

    GUYS remember he's the kid that plays the violin not the kid with cancer

  55. nga lê

    nga lê日 前

    cậu bé này khá giống ronaldo de lima