Golden Buzzer: Tyler Butler-Figueroa Earns Simon Cowell's Support - America's Got Talent 2019


  1. Hailey Wescoatt

    Hailey Wescoatt時間 前

    Just because you have cancer dose not mean that you can not completely your dreams never listen to bull they are just sad because they are not you

  2. Mitchelle Maina

    Mitchelle Maina2 時間 前

    Just wow!

  3. bladimir Pena

    bladimir Pena3 時間 前

    I feel bad i hope he is ok

  4. Công Đỗ Phương

    Công Đỗ Phương4 時間 前

    Music 6' ?

  5. SAW Vic

    SAW Vic5 時間 前

    No body should get bullied bullies think there cool maybe they should pay attention in school then coolness

  6. Moc

    Moc5 時間 前

    Mr. Bully, you finna have a talk with me in hell buddy.

  7. Virginia Armstrong

    Virginia Armstrong6 時間 前

    You be you and don't let no one means with u are amazing ok

  8. Thrifty Nutella

    Thrifty Nutella8 時間 前

    This is how badly we all wanna press that golden buzzer I I V

  9. Zothile Nkabinde

    Zothile Nkabinde8 時間 前

    Lord if we ever doubt your mercy, this young lion is a living testimony. Such strength and courage.

  10. Ramazan şahin

    Ramazan şahin8 時間 前

    Helal olsun çocuk sana..InşaAllah çok büyük keman vitizörü olucaksın..Allah yolunu açık etsin.Amin..

  11. كليتز 905

    كليتز 9059 時間 前

    ثقه ما شاء الله

  12. Idek Hahhaha

    Idek Hahhaha10 時間 前

    Chills. Literal chills.

  13. Лиля Азербаева

    Лиля Азербаева10 時間 前


  14. Gamer Sammy

    Gamer Sammy10 時間 前

    Omg this made my heart melt I wish he could be my Bf haha HE WAS SOOOO GOOD My talent is singing I wanna go on Americans god talent next year when I go to live in America

  15. mohammed sadk

    mohammed sadk10 時間 前

    كلش حلو

  16. _iiToXic

    _iiToXic11 時間 前

    Look at him just enjoying the moment, so hart warming(:

  17. Adha Intan

    Adha Intan13 時間 前

    Someone please Tell me what Song last part i like song

  18. Jasem Moktren

    Jasem Moktren16 時間 前

    Maybe he's lying he wasn't bullied

  19. pierre michelle

    pierre michelle17 時間 前

    He feel it!!!!!

  20. Quartz Hyalos

    Quartz Hyalos18 時間 前

    You bully a kid for that?! Shame, shame!

  21. Kana! !

    Kana! !20 時間 前

    I literally cried even before he started😂😂😭😭❤️❤️

  22. Жека !!!

    Жека !!!21 時間 前

    Успехов!!! ты победил все и всех)))

  23. Davy Vanoverschelde

    Davy Vanoverschelde日 前


  24. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith日 前

    If your child is being bullied in school, haven't these parents heard of home schooling?

  25. Mamie kema Amara

    Mamie kema Amara日 前

    He deserves it

  26. Red EDD Champ

    Red EDD Champ日 前

    The people that dislikes are loser

  27. Merry Sierra

    Merry Sierra日 前

    Name song

  28. AVATA STAR255

    AVATA STAR255日 前

    Danger of kid

  29. Ali 786

    Ali 786日 前

    It’s so sad when I heard that you was being bullied a good job you are all better and for not giving up good job🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙🤙

  30. Uwamahoro Clementine

    Uwamahoro Clementine日 前

    Simon i love u i am rwandan you have done a great job

  31. 7788bb999

    7788bb999日 前


  32. Dharlhene Zak

    Dharlhene Zak日 前

    Wow that was awesome

  33. 이건희

    이건희日 前

    This is why this program was made😭

  34. Miss Meta

    Miss Meta日 前

    Just watched it. You are such a blessing. Thank you so much. Anybody knows the title of the ending song?

  35. G SK

    G SK日 前

    Can anyone please tell me whats the song that he played

  36. power production

    power production日 前

    simon pressed the golden buzzer!!

  37. فتاة الأوتاكو

    فتاة الأوتاكو日 前


  38. agtk agtk

    agtk agtk日 前

    the song name plez!

  39. 焼肉大好き野郎

    焼肉大好き野郎2 日 前


  40. Trina Pinon

    Trina Pinon2 日 前

    Nah my tears

  41. Luis Torrealba

    Luis Torrealba2 日 前

    What's the name of the song that he played ? That was awesome

  42. G SK

    G SK18 時間 前

    even am also searching for the song

  43. Zabar Khan

    Zabar Khan2 日 前

  44. Zabar Khan

    Zabar Khan2 日 前

  45. Zabar Khan

    Zabar Khan2 日 前

  46. Tommy z370

    Tommy z3702 日 前


  47. Mike Mayhew

    Mike Mayhew2 日 前


  48. tofa Vlog

    tofa Vlog2 日 前

    Thats cool

  49. jus Tin

    jus Tin2 日 前

    Best Ever Perf❤rmance 💖😔😔😔

  50. jessica 17

    jessica 172 日 前

    Am I the only person who cried?

  51. Ava Mac1

    Ava Mac12 日 前

    Tyler needs to meet vitamin string

  52. Oliwia slupczewka

    Oliwia slupczewka2 日 前


  53. Geta Gethon

    Geta Gethon2 日 前

    የስው ዘር እንዲህ ይተሳሰብ!

  54. Hikayat Pejalan

    Hikayat Pejalan2 日 前

    I really love this all emotions, we're with you tyler

  55. Edress

    Edress2 日 前

    If someone bully anyone of my family, friends, strangers. You better believe I stand to stop that.

  56. Manuricha Chauhan

    Manuricha Chauhan2 日 前

    You are absolutely amazing son..God bless you! And thank you Simon..I don't care what general belief may be, you are a good soul!

  57. Hiba Rabah

    Hiba Rabah2 日 前

    What’s thes song name

  58. František Koudelka Hater

    František Koudelka Hater2 日 前

    Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

  59. Thơm Vũ

    Thơm Vũ2 日 前

    Tuyệt vời 💞💞💞💞💞

  60. Signe Uibo

    Signe Uibo2 日 前


  61. Mohammed Ali noori raza

    Mohammed Ali noori raza3 日 前

    Omg Simon was hitted golden bazar , it's unbelievable,

  62. Rajesh Sapkota

    Rajesh Sapkota3 日 前

    I can’t stop crying 😢