Goku VS Gon (DBZ VS Hunter X Hunter) | DBX


  1. Mr. bananas legend

    Mr. bananas legend16 時間 前

    I fu***** hate dragon ball z ;-;

  2. Killer edge

    Killer edge21 時間 前

    I think this fight would be actually pretty harder for kid goku way more harder then it's portrayed gon is way more creative has a ton of options and nen system is expansive

  3. The Missing Link

    The Missing Link23 時間 前

    Why didn't you use Kid Goku (GT) ? 🤣 Fight would have been over within a second.

  4. The Form SSJ5

    The Form SSJ5日 前

    If this was super or z goku Goku would of destroyed gon

  5. Red Ruby

    Red Ruby日 前

    It dosen't Matter who's win, Hisoka is the true winner.

  6. gofia

    gofia日 前

    DBX: "Basic Anime 9-year-old stuff" Me:

  7. Gabisaneli

    Gabisaneli日 前

    I’d say that they should redo the fight since not only Gon is stronger then kid Goku. Why? Well, his Rock could quite hurt a lot to kid Goku and not only that. If Gon was mad, WHEW you are screwed. *spoiler alert* He literally one-shot Pitou in the FACE with his adult Gon and his Ending Jan Ken Gūu. (Jan Ken Rock). He could do the same to Kid Goku

  8. Karito Kage

    Karito Kage16 時間 前

    Can gon destroy the moon?

  9. Ekeoma E Orji

    Ekeoma E Orji日 前

    No hate I love this but is it gon 12?

  10. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast2 日 前

    Something you guys got right

  11. Frostee

    Frostee2 日 前

    rip gon's fishing rod, never to be seen again after the first arc

  12. Korey Mackinson

    Korey Mackinson2 日 前

    Bruh Goku just wanted a fish

  13. Jonathan Ferguson

    Jonathan Ferguson2 日 前

    Haha you guys finally gave Goku a win 🤣

  14. Bryan Flores

    Bryan Flores3 日 前

    I don’t watch the hunter hunter but I don’t think that kid goku would be able to kill him

  15. JR 04

    JR 043 日 前

    So wait if Goku was this strong as a kid then does that mean no Other characters could beat him as an adult at his fullest?

  16. Yoku Rai

    Yoku Rai日 前


  17. Lamborghini Bron Knowledge

    Lamborghini Bron Knowledge3 日 前

    im not even gonna look at the comments. Im typing this before the results. Gon doesnt have the slightest chance so just in case

  18. slope.

    slope.3 日 前

    You guys are saying they would’ve been friends but Gon is kinda psycho. But Goku would be too dumb to realise.

  19. YEET

    YEET5 日 前

    The most inaccurate scaling

  20. Luke Netherton

    Luke Netherton5 日 前

    What's this about being saved by a hunter, he wanted to be a hunter because if his dad right ?

  21. the puppet mastr 143

    the puppet mastr 1435 日 前

    This is not even a fight goku in any form manga the anime slaps gon

  22. ÑØ ČÃP

    ÑØ ČÃP6 日 前

    Why didn’t they put gon against GT goku 🤣

  23. Discord Hacker

    Discord Hacker6 日 前

    Gon wouldnt attack randomly like that honestly.

  24. frost6724

    frost67247 日 前

    What about the adult gon form? I know he wouldn't use it but I think he would seriously be able to slap kid goku

  25. Shandley Paulemon

    Shandley Paulemon7 日 前

    Yh they better give goku the win.... Cuz death battle downplayed him and made him lose to superman twice

  26. Seb Taco

    Seb Taco7 日 前

    goos fight

  27. Trapster2

    Trapster27 日 前

    Did they mix his japanese voice with the english one? Ok? Either I forgot the power pole didn't have a limit on how far it could extend or I didn't know about it.

  28. Tony Wigton

    Tony Wigton8 日 前

    Actually goku would not have stolen the fish ,he would have gotten his own

  29. H20ReaperXD 1234

    H20ReaperXD 12348 日 前

    What happened to that super op transformation of gon bruv like I feel he would of had a chance with that transformation like come on bro. And what happened to the stats like bro death battle changed. I Was gone for like 2 years like cmon........ Nvm ya I guess I was gone for 2 years but still

  30. Iplaytf2

    Iplaytf28 日 前

    Wait if gon was nine when they battled how can he use gyo?

  31. Snail23

    Snail238 日 前

    Gon vs deku

  32. Christopher Moore

    Christopher Moore8 日 前

    Did anybody else expect a different ending?

  33. Nay Seary

    Nay Seary8 日 前

    Let’s be real Gon is sweet so he would never start a fight, the only reason they would fight is that Goku pulled a hair on Killua’S head

  34. Slowjohnson

    Slowjohnson9 日 前

    Hisoka would be behind a tree with the biggest Erection of all time

  35. Tobey

    Tobey9 日 前

    I can't believe it. Gon is gone.

  36. Izuku Mydoria

    Izuku Mydoria10 日 前

    IM 9

  37. Leo Mystagon

    Leo Mystagon11 日 前

    Mans really said gone and not gon

  38. MARIOSONIC 54321

    MARIOSONIC 5432111 日 前

    It's just dragon Ball not Dragon Ball Z

  39. Chris G

    Chris G11 日 前

    Hunter x Hunter is a terrible anime IMO.



    Hxh us a masterpiece change my mind

  41. gamer x

    gamer x11 日 前

    that a lie

  42. Master Splinter

    Master Splinter11 日 前

    goku not the one to play with

  43. xiholliday

    xiholliday11 日 前

    This is a fake screw attack?

  44. BJM Graphics

    BJM Graphics11 日 前

    He never use all his enhancer abilities for he can hurt Hisoka and he gave Razor trouble at dodge ball. He also has berserk rage including the near death rage. He wouldn’t allow some Pole to take him to space.

  45. Pp Fart

    Pp Fart11 日 前

    Killua gonna be a little confused when his best friend is dead

  46. Abril Manzo

    Abril Manzo12 日 前

    If gon lost he would bribe goku with food

  47. buzzknutson

    buzzknutson12 日 前

    Kid gon beats kid Goku every day of the week. This was just dumb

  48. Lemmegetuhh

    Lemmegetuhh10 日 前


  49. Just some Dude

    Just some Dude12 日 前

    If this was real kid Goku would smack and stomp gon so hard

  50. AgentAlaska9000

    AgentAlaska900012 日 前

    Nobody respects the og Dragon Ball. Very disappointed in humanity

  51. Ashy

    Ashy13 日 前

    It's sad that killua was waiting for gon at the end :(

  52. Francis Moriba

    Francis Moriba13 日 前

    Goku: *eats Gon's fish* Gon: *attempts to commit a homicide*

  53. Dalon Heath

    Dalon Heath13 日 前

    Lets be real, Gon would've got up from the moon and kept fighting because of his pride Lmao.

  54. Koishi Komeiji shoots you

    Koishi Komeiji shoots you2 日 前

    can he breath

  55. cookkie crème

    cookkie crème13 日 前

    Gon would be an awesome super saiyan he was the spicky and a cool aura

  56. Jagdeep Tomken

    Jagdeep Tomken13 日 前

    D b zzzzz

  57. RonD Gaming

    RonD Gaming13 日 前

    When are we going to see beerus's fight next week after next to check out the fight and then nothing so my question 😂 is??? What fight haha lol

  58. Arthur Nkenfack

    Arthur Nkenfack14 日 前

    if gon have passed the hunter exam. live to venus will not be so hard for him. RIP bro

  59. Arthur Nkenfack

    Arthur Nkenfack14 日 前

    imagine a mugen like this...

  60. Eternal_ Trickster

    Eternal_ Trickster14 日 前

    How is this fair

  61. The Problem Channel

    The Problem Channel14 日 前

    What happened to no rules no research?

  62. Ares Oblivion

    Ares Oblivion14 日 前

    Kid Goku shits on adult gon

  63. Magical Turnip

    Magical Turnip14 日 前

    Gon had no chance

  64. vegeta999cc

    vegeta999cc15 日 前

    Why y’all disrespecting goku like that ? 🤦‍♀️

  65. Black Reaper Jankus

    Black Reaper Jankus15 日 前

    So Gon is just gonna kick some Starving Kid?