Going To the CLURB Makeup Tutorial | Jackie Aina


  1. Jeremia Glenn

    Jeremia Glenn21 時間 前

    jackie goofy asf


    BLACK WIDOW2 日 前


  3. LaToya Alleyne

    LaToya Alleyne3 日 前

    Miss Jackie Aina🧐! I'll have you know that you're NOT☝🏾 allowed to leave us like that without offering another video to watch💻🎬. It doesn't matter that we're GOING to watch like 6 more of your videos😅but that's besides the point. 😁Please don't let it happen again. Signed and co signed by fan management 🎉🎊

  4. SydneyAshley

    SydneyAshley3 日 前

    NO ONE and I mean NO ONE can’t touch aunties editing!! I’m always over here dying! Jackie is the only one that can beat her face and have me laughing like an idiot

  5. Zubeda V

    Zubeda V4 日 前

    “I’ll catch you off guard” 😂😂😂

  6. Jasmine Johnson

    Jasmine Johnson4 日 前

    Lls I thought I was trippin’ when her eyes started getting big I had to ***blink blink n widen my eyes***😭😭😭and it’s late .

  7. Micah B

    Micah B4 日 前

    The zoom in 😂

  8. Simply Shaneake

    Simply Shaneake6 日 前

    I love that she said get outta here but she left 🤣🤣🤣

  9. EC DC

    EC DC8 日 前

    Spiced Rum is a shade i'm obsessed with but can't wear as a foundation by itself if my life depended on it --_--. Even after 1wk in July in the Caribbean I'm still Chestnut with maybe a drop/pump (if that much) of Spiced Rum. Spiced Rum is such a beautiful shade.

  10. Karina Landward

    Karina Landward9 日 前

    I legitimately thought I was having a stroke when you told us to look at your nose and then your face morphed. 😂

  11. I Slay Spina Bifida

    I Slay Spina Bifida10 日 前


  12. mariah Cabrera

    mariah Cabrera10 日 前

    Yo her showing us her nose got me messed up why you edit like that Jackie

  13. Jay Rogers

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  14. Diamond Walls

    Diamond Walls12 日 前


  15. mounik ouali

    mounik ouali12 日 前

    Girl you're thé the only girl makes m smile even when im mad love you Jackie jackie Jackie Jackie all the best

  16. Stephanie Perez

    Stephanie Perez14 日 前

    10:50 had me SCREAMINGGGGG I knew I wasn’t tripping 😭😭😭😂

  17. Alanoud Alqahtani

    Alanoud Alqahtani15 日 前


  18. Elle McFierceson

    Elle McFierceson15 日 前

    Jackie over here having a hot girl summer 💖😉

  19. Sokaha Nah

    Sokaha Nah15 日 前

    We are not worthy of her energy!!! All hail Queen Jackie. She legit makes my day better!

  20. Chyna Lover

    Chyna Lover15 日 前

    You are so funny lol

  21. Fatima Atilano

    Fatima Atilano15 日 前

    i am way too high for thissss ! when she said her nose wasn’t straight i stared & i seen the eyes & got scared😂😭

  22. Lovely Jones

    Lovely Jones16 日 前

    I love your click bait titles though let’s me know the video bout to be crazy funny 😆

  23. no name

    no name16 日 前

    The tires screeching took me out😂😂

  24. Aqssa Mohammad

    Aqssa Mohammad16 日 前

    and I cash-OOP

  25. Kyra Braxton

    Kyra Braxton16 日 前

    10:49 I started screaming and fell off my bed, scared the crap out the dog. 💀💀💀

  26. BeautyByBoochie *

    BeautyByBoochie *16 日 前

    Jackie!!!! I knowwww you did not leave like that😂🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m like waiting for you to tell us to watch another video 👀 but you was outttt! Lol loved your dresss btw😍😍😍🔥

  27. BeautyByBoochie *

    BeautyByBoochie *16 日 前

    Whyyyyyy you did that to your nose AUNTYYYYYY😂☠️😭

  28. Victoria Thomas

    Victoria Thomas17 日 前

    What brush are you using with your foundation? I need this in my life!!!

  29. ちくわ

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  30. elizabeth

    elizabeth17 日 前

    u beaut

  31. Yennni Fgv

    Yennni Fgv17 日 前

    Tbh, not only do I watch for da lewwwks BUT you’re just such good energy! Any time I watch your videos it always makes me smile ❤️ & I fucking cackled I was dead staring at your nose and then bam 😂😂

  32. Aunna P

    Aunna P17 日 前

    Girl your so silly 🙃 I lovvve it ... keep going sis 🤘🏾

  33. Stephaniee

    Stephaniee17 日 前

    Can’t wait to do this look for my birthday!!!! Thank you auntie Jackie! Congrats on the collab, when your faves get together and act up

  34. Cat Harmon

    Cat Harmon17 日 前

    God dang it you always take a weird color or combo and turn it out!! 👏🏻 you go

  35. Richon Badger

    Richon Badger18 日 前

    I literally sit and watch all your videos at work. One day I might get caught because I can't help but to LOL

  36. Destinee ‘ Neenz ‘

    Destinee ‘ Neenz ‘18 日 前

    the ending took me out😂😂😂😂

  37. Destinee ‘ Neenz ‘

    Destinee ‘ Neenz ‘18 日 前

    when she said “ moisture deficient friends “ i felt that😣😣😣😣😣😣 LMAO

  38. Haute Bella Experience

    Haute Bella Experience18 日 前

    I love your videos. You have me crackin up.... Gorgeous look as usual. TFS

  39. Alisha S

    Alisha S18 日 前

    Darling what ever look you go for is farrrrr from basic , thanks for always sharing & your tips

  40. Kyta

    Kyta19 日 前

    When she said ‘ watch yo children’ I felt offended. I dont even have kiddo’s😂

  41. Davi Go

    Davi Go19 日 前

    "Dry people" *DRY PEOPLE* Hahahahaha 6:10

  42. Chaotic Curlz

    Chaotic Curlz19 日 前

    @ 10:45 🤣 she play too much. My type of editing😆

  43. Natasha Taylor

    Natasha Taylor19 日 前

    Hi! Love this look! Spice Rum is my shade for the summer too!! I want have a concealer that is a bit lighter than Spice Rum- would you recommend Chestnut as well or something else?

  44. Canaan Murphy

    Canaan Murphy19 日 前


  45. Shawndrea Dixon

    Shawndrea Dixon19 日 前

    Omg you just gave me life, I am laughing so hard🥰🥰🥰🥰🤣

  46. ddaniellee01

    ddaniellee0119 日 前

    Jackie you got me with that crooked nose 👃 prank. Touché my friend touché !

  47. Poitras Ja

    Poitras Ja19 日 前

    Step 1. Go to YT Search Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art Step 3. Enjoy! Going To the CLURB Makeup Tutorial | Jackie AinaIt's not because I want to make out with her." Hold on." He grabbed a pencil and scrawled excitedly at the paper as if he'd just made a mathematical breakthrough and then looked back up at me. "I just did some calculations, and I've been able to determine that you're full of shit

  48. Bri J

    Bri J19 日 前

    Love how I got a Jackie aina ad before a jackie aina video

  49. Mimi Andalon

    Mimi Andalon19 日 前

    4:50 I want this to cover my brain activity 😂💕 love that!!!

  50. jazmin lopez

    jazmin lopez20 日 前

    😂😭😭😭😂😂 The beginning

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  52. Dara Holland

    Dara Holland20 日 前

    Ok so Sis turned into a whole Picasso painting @10:51. I can't 😂👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  53. bthirdgood1

    bthirdgood120 日 前


  54. charnae young

    charnae young20 日 前

    I cannot laugh at all when I watch your video. I am always zooming in on your technique. Like super focused.

  55. גלי שנייר

    גלי שנייר20 日 前

    I loooooooooove you

  56. Jade Love

    Jade Love20 日 前

    Love the shirt!!

  57. Alicia Moody

    Alicia Moody20 日 前

    I wish I could do this 🤔

  58. Brandon Cooney

    Brandon Cooney20 日 前

    How did this get in my recommendations?

  59. lola king

    lola king20 日 前

    🤣🤣🤣 the final secs of this video tho.

  60. C for Chi

    C for Chi20 日 前

    No dull moment,I couldn't stop laughing loudly here🤣😍