GOING SUPERSONIC with U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds! Pulling 7 G's in an F-16 -Smarter Every Day 235


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    This video was the opportunity of a lifetime. When asked if I wanted to fly in an F-16, I said "Yes please, and there are some things I'd like to study. Can we try supersonic flight at different altitudes?" I'm very grateful for this opportunity and would like to thank Flack and the rest of the US Air Force Thunderbirds. This flight took place on May 3rd, 2019. This Spatial Disorientation training is something all fighter pilots go through so they can understand how their own physiology works under these conditions. Thank you for watching and learning with me. I always wanted to know what happened in the cockpit when a jet goes supersonic. If you think this kind of content is worthy of your support, you can become a patron at: www.patreon.com/smartereveryday

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    The luckiest man on earth I hate you so much. Thank you for sharing such an unreal experience with us. Now I couldn't find my jaw it droped sometime in the video.

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    You can recreate the effects of the semicircular canals by just closing your eyes when you're using a playground swing. Your body will start to think that the swing is turning in a given direction even though your body is still moving forward and backwards.

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    Unbelievable!!! Thanks for this great video!

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    @Chris Paul I appreciate ur help but I already got an explanation earlier so I'm good. But thank you for the suggestion.

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    This is something I really want to do but I’ll never get a chance to do it

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    That was a great video, thanks for explaining all the intricacies, incredible! LOL

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    THAT... was hilarious, thanks.

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    gee, those flyover sure help with covid, huh?

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    how do you get to fly with them?

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    I think if this will be one of my online class, i better go drop out. Haha just kidding

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    I just don't get how the turbulence doesn't interfere with the previous pilots!

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    Sorry if you put your visor down,that means you're up to get shot down by an F-14

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    My anxiety is like: I "DIE" DOING THAT!!!! Tempt me!!!!

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    Next aircraft video: Going past Mach 3 in the last SR-71 still flying.

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    When they flew over RENO (2019) what a thrill just to see them ... and you get to ride in one of those planes........... Ahh............... what can I say but these are Americas best. Thank You T-Birds for a fantastic pre show over my head and from my backside on Friday at RENO. And a big Thank You for the video.

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    I wonder what these pilots think about the Star Wars X wing Fighters, i wonder if some day they will be able to fly to outer space and re enter like an X wing does in the movie

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    soooo are we not going to talk about Major Curren"s cake?

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    I love the bit about the otolith organs. I am a Flight Instructor and I use that clip to teach my students about spacial disorientation while in instrument meteorological conditions.

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    I wonder why Pakistanis are feeling smug!

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    "Pulled 10Gs on that maneuver; my skull's just caved in on itself" - AFP95

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    "humbled by force" very well said ^^

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    20:10 Sounds like your ego was writing checks your body couldn't cash. iykyk

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    The Chinese are ready to help us up to 5G

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    Hey its just come out the F35 is banned from flying in thunderstorms & is only allowed to fly at supersonic speed for no more than 3 to 4 minutes , Something to do with the materials , got any info.

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    what mace windu said came out of one ear and out the other

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    Anyone know why the pilot has no g suit

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    COOL Thank You!

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    now i understand why carol danvers is the most powerfull character in the MCU, she was a pilot.

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    Great video. 👍

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    22:56 that also happens if you get an ear infection severe enough. Can happen in your sleep. You will wake up.

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    What??!! I haven’t subbed yet? Well, SUBSCRIBED! You’re awsome man!

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    This is literally the most entertaining educational video I’ve ever watched

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    Can we get some likes for Orbitz? 😂 Bring back consumable lava lamps 👍🏻

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    Pedotube, I thought it was a website for just pedos

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    You ARE awesome, Destin!

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    6:26 looks like a dad taking his kid out for a spin

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    I was able to feel those motherfukin' Gs.

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    So basically their an american copy of the British red arrows.... can we not have anything you lot dont want lol

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    plane hit turbulence and I almost passed out 😟

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    0:50 Did he say 5G? BURN THIS WHOLE CHANNEL DOWN! /s

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    This def earned my subscription and it also made my day man that's amazing keep up the good work

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    A Big Like for you and for this episode... Awesome bro... 😮😱

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    5:18 why does he look like gareth bale from Real Madrid

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    i used to love those drinks :P

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    apply your your g-strig😂

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    8:48 what unit is 350?

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    I love these guys

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    The Thing That Shocked Me Is Humans Are Limiting Factor On These Aircrafts

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    You see at 8:18 whats the highest height that aircraft can go before it starts to malfunction/ lose control?

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    I think fighter pilot is not have ear again

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    LUKE 14:11 :D

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    i might black out, but im good. ha ha ha love this guy

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    If you braced your neck and tried to stabilize your head during the maneuvers, would that have helped to endure the Gs?

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    Super Sanic

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    We need more Sharons and less Karens.

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    I want to be a pilot but I'm black and Muslim so I don't think that'll happen oouf

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    Hey Destin! Sorry I just had to come here after watching a Veritasium video! Hate to say it, but add 1 more vote to Turbulent Flow being WAAAAY cooler than Laminar Flow! The unpredictability of the turbulent flow and the infinite amount of patterns, shapes, sizes, etc that it can take won me over! Love what you do man and keep on doing what you do!

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    What a great video...5 am Sunday morning....set my day up....ace...subscribed..

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    That’s an awesome quote about humility and confidence, but you never looked stupid at any point to me. Thanks for having the experience we’ll never have and translating it into the meaningful science behind it.

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    Why the flak dude look like that character off the GTA V show😂

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    Destin, you are probably my favorite person on the internet. Your enthusiasm for learning is contagious, and you always have a great outlook on things that happened to you in the making of your videos. Thank you for doing what you do and sharing it with us. -Scott

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    So that's why I heard a giant bang it was you! LMAO

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    great video, these pilots are incredible!

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    I just love the part where you chat details with "mace she is really cool , tough , pretty and ultra smart calculating maneuvers between 7 and 9 G´s at major she can pull 9 G´s AND rank ! :)

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    Dude 1.05 Mach is 800 mph that’s insane.

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    Humility wins the day..👏🏻 Awesome content 👍🏻

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    Amazin' thank you for sharing, and to the many men, women and their families. I thank you for your service

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    I loved this video! Fantastic

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    Hey Destin! I absolutely love your educational videos. Even when they're not even 10 mins long, they give such interesting info that I never knew prior. Especially this video. I absolutely love aviation and will get my ga license here in about a year or so. I learned some really cool info about going mach, how peto tubes work and so on and so forth. So thank you for making such awesome videos man! Keep it up!

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    1st I'm so jealous !! 👍🏼 2nd thanks for explaining math behind how "G's" work and flight speed. Thanks for the video , it is awesome.

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    thats a good introduction plain and simple well done..must say after watching this video i kinda felt uncomfy cause il puke right there in the cockpit off that air jet..uuggg real good quality video aswell well done

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    That honestly looks like the most fun. I totally picked the wrong career.

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    This is litterally my biggest dream, either to be a passenger or maybe even fly myself



    1:25 When you tryna slap your girl in the a$$ in front of her family dinner.

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    Nice explanation about Pitot tube...

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    “But im in the back sufferin’ It was incredible.” Which is it incredible or suffering

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    "If I dont approach each new experience with an appropriate balance of confidence and humility.. There's a good chance I'm gonna be humbled by force" The best thing I've learnt in a long time.

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    Great vid! Love the physics, too! Thanks!