GODZILLA VS KONG Trailer REACTION! || MaJeliv Reactions | Who Will be KING?!


  1. Krisha Pearl Suase

    Krisha Pearl Suase日 前

    Yes that's right.

  2. Joy Onyemaobi

    Joy Onyemaobi3 日 前

    Guys Kong is the winner Period 🦍 is really helping people a lot but Godzilla is hurting people 😳 so the winner is Kong 🏆 .

  3. Jay F

    Jay F55 分 前

    Go see all of the trailers the night and morning are at last fight and shows kong down so Godzilla won

  4. tsering wangchuk

    tsering wangchuk4 日 前

    And monkey growing, sadly he is one of his kind And Godzilla also .. It's all fiction but still want to know , Monkey or lezerd??

  5. tsering wangchuk

    tsering wangchuk4 日 前

    Do any one see in King of the monster. Kong he is teenage. In skull island ?

  6. CM SLUM

    CM SLUM5 日 前

    if yu want to know why godzilla doing this then go check out and godzilla was going to hunt ghidora and at that time kong came

  7. tsering wangchuk

    tsering wangchuk6 日 前

    Team Kong .

  8. Mothi Lal

    Mothi Lal6 日 前

    I'm team kong

  9. Dogg O

    Dogg O7 日 前

    Aaaaa so good!!

  10. Jose Barros

    Jose Barros7 日 前

    Team kong!!!!

  11. eyoel gashaw

    eyoel gashaw11 日 前

    i'm most def team Harmony

  12. Walking Wounded

    Walking Wounded13 日 前

    Is it Mechagodzilla?

  13. CnbProdz

    CnbProdz14 日 前

    That's not right Godzilla never killed one person he saves people, then U have Kong killing how many people and breaking helicopters in skull island🤦🏽‍♂️

  14. Rizwan Khan

    Rizwan Khan15 日 前

    Team kong till the end




  16. Julio Cesar Holguin

    Julio Cesar Holguin15 日 前

    Where we live the theatres are not open. I wish we can see in Imax but safety comes 1st am just happy it's am HBO max so we can all enjoy it.

  17. Kelvin Mendez

    Kelvin Mendez16 日 前

    why do they refer to Godzilla as her? . Godzilla is male and can reproduce asexually. There is a reason why they call him the king of monsters, I repeat the king. Not the queen, the king. I hope you already understand🤣🤣🤣 , he is male

  18. Lionel Stark

    Lionel Stark17 日 前

    Will you do the 2 trailer of Godzilla vs Kong

  19. Ήøภey ßøy • 14 years ago

    Ήøภey ßøy • 14 years ago17 日 前

    Officially released only 1 trailer 🤯

  20. Theatre Royal Productions Catcf Production

    Theatre Royal Productions Catcf Production17 日 前

    You can’t go to theatres cause you don’t want to get COVID! That’s the whole point of staying at home!

  21. Orlando Domnick

    Orlando Domnick17 日 前

    There are four people who wear glasses the mom and dad in the big brother and the other guy

  22. Ramesh Chattergoon

    Ramesh Chattergoon19 日 前

    2 new Godzilla vs Kong trailers came out the first is the Japanese trailer with new footage and the trailer 2 has a lot more of footage.

  23. Chinmay Dhiman

    Chinmay Dhiman19 日 前

    Goodzila needs to protect the earth from the biggest cancer humans

  24. Poppa Valdez

    Poppa Valdez19 日 前

    You should watch Godzilla vs Kong trailer 2 it’s awesome you’ll love it.

  25. Ramesh Chattergoon

    Ramesh Chattergoon19 日 前

    Ya there is also a Japanese trailer but I like the trailer 2 more in my opinion.

  26. Jonh Lenguaje

    Jonh Lenguaje20 日 前

    Score reaction 6.1 out 10

  27. Thepartyboy376

    Thepartyboy37620 日 前

    Team Godzilla! 😊

  28. Gustavo Pedro

    Gustavo Pedro20 日 前

    Guys, Godzilla vs Kong new trailer. You guys need to see

  29. Grenerdja

    Grenerdja20 日 前

    Hopefully this will be on dvd cause I'm trying to collect all godzilla movies even if I watch it in theaters

  30. baba karim

    baba karim20 日 前


  31. Garrett Sanders

    Garrett Sanders20 日 前

    Are you Enderman studios in the middle

  32. Tee Deathly2

    Tee Deathly221 日 前


  33. Sweet Tea

    Sweet Tea24 日 前

    There were two versions of the 1962 movie. Japanese and American. Godzilla won in the Japanese, Kong won the American. Maybe something like that here, but I'm still betting on a Batman v Superman team up scenario against MechaGodzilla and/or others... The trailers are never shown in chronological sequence, so you can't tell much from them. The are designed to make people guess, argue, and want answers, hence paying customers.

  34. Heartless Savage

    Heartless Savage24 日 前

    @Mag So To let y'all know 3 seconds in the movie it's mechagodzilla and the thing that kong has 2 pieces of the things that's on godzilla's back that's why it absorbed

  35. Kaustubh S Nair

    Kaustubh S Nair24 日 前

    Very happy and comfortable to see reaction with family especially with mom and dad

  36. Rocco Dugo

    Rocco Dugo25 日 前

    King Kong is the best so I’m on King Kong side

  37. Idris Groken

    Idris Groken25 日 前

    all clueless, the women especially

  38. 2nahan

    2nahan25 日 前

    daughter is such a horrendous wannabe hollywood hahahhha trashcan

  39. Илья Горюнов

    Илья Горюнов25 日 前

    the trailer is not an indicator of quality. the film may still fail at the box office. especially since the Japanese will soon be shooting new films about Godzilla from 2026. this monster belongs to the Japanese and they are already preparing to shoot themselves

  40. Xavier Górecki

    Xavier Górecki25 日 前

    Meha godzila!!!

  41. Gamer Extreme

    Gamer Extreme25 日 前

    I think I know why the made like a robot Godzilla or mega godzilla

  42. Joae Antonio Luna Silva

    Joae Antonio Luna Silva26 日 前

    Goz es el malo

  43. Dylan DOGWATER

    Dylan DOGWATER26 日 前

    If you heard the guy he said something is happening to Godzilla which they don’t know maybe something is coming

  44. Bacon raid Team

    Bacon raid Team26 日 前

    Watch Godzilla vs Kong Japanese trailer

  45. Carl Castro

    Carl Castro27 日 前

    Yeah! Can you another trailer for this? There's another trailer, but new footage from Toho Japan.

  46. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres27 日 前

    that's a good observation reaction everyone has glasses hahahaha

  47. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres19 日 前

    @Ramesh Chattergoon If all

  48. Juan Torres

    Juan Torres19 日 前

    @Ramesh Chattergoon that's why I say it

  49. All Movies In Hindi

    All Movies In Hindi27 日 前

    TEAM KONG 💪💪

  50. Adryan Silva

    Adryan Silva27 日 前

    Tropa do kong

  51. gamer jimjim

    gamer jimjim28 日 前

    And why Godzzla is mad someone is controlling Godzzila he's a good guy in the Godzzila the movie and now Godzzila vs Kong now why

  52. Anthony Herrera Morales

    Anthony Herrera Morales28 日 前

    i team godzilla



    Kong is shit godzilla is gonna beat his ass

  54. Joey Shofner

    Joey Shofner28 日 前

    I wonder how bad Kong had to pee after having his hand in the water?

  55. LGN King

    LGN King28 日 前

    3:46 them: starts talking about HBO max Me: NO TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE! Smart Kid 3:57: ok let's talk about the movie! Me: good call

  56. AtUL bHaDAuRiYa

    AtUL bHaDAuRiYa29 日 前

    React on indian movie I trailer please .good trailer

  57. AtUL bHaDAuRiYa

    AtUL bHaDAuRiYa29 日 前

    React on movie I trailer please ...very good trailer

  58. Şaban oğulu Şaban

    Şaban oğulu Şaban29 日 前

    l love you king kong

  59. GameGgomCz

    GameGgomCz29 日 前

    I dont wanna let godzilla die! I cant, is the best monster of all time

  60. Ramesh Chattergoon

    Ramesh Chattergoon19 日 前

    In your opinion

  61. محمد الزبيدي

    محمد الزبيدي29 日 前

    Trailer of Fatima Zahra’s film, peace be upon her, which is expected to break all records so far and first on films expected for 2021 The official link for the announcement below

  62. saleh shouaily

    saleh shouaily29 日 前

    Trailer of Fatima Zahra’s film, peace be upon her, which is expected to break all records so far and first on films expected for 2021 The official link for the announcement below

  63. Shiv Msk

    Shiv Msk29 日 前

    where is Loki n captain marvel lol

  64. Shiv Msk

    Shiv Msk29 日 前

    also nick fury missing ⊙﹏⊙

  65. Black Panther

    Black Panther29 日 前

    The Godzilla that King kong is fighting in the trailer may not be Godzilla but Mecha Godzilla watch the Easter eggs for the trailer

  66. Black Panther

    Black Panther29 日 前


  67. MAS me

    MAS meヶ月 前

    The girl on the right where is your glasses 😒

  68. Robert Pollard

    Robert Pollardヶ月 前

    The battle will end when Godzilla shouts save mothra

  69. R.I.P the Donut

    R.I.P the Donutヶ月 前

    Godzilla is taking the W

  70. furious thai

    furious thaiヶ月 前

    bruh,thats godzilla if thats mecha god how wirings work on water and why mecha godzilla robot stay in water hehe

  71. Badadroos ツ

    Badadroos ツヶ月 前


  72. ALPHA T Gaming

    ALPHA T Gaming18 日 前


  73. صگارهم

    صگارهمヶ月 前

    Hey bro .. we recommend ' the lady of heaven ' film trailer , its deserve to watch ! We are waiting please 😋

  74. Sabrina Edeko

    Sabrina Edekoヶ月 前

    lovee this family, so cool they do things like this 🙀🤩🤩

  75. Mimin Hangsing

    Mimin Hangsingヶ月 前

    The attacked in the humanity was made by MECHAGODZILLA not Godzilla... But people thought it was GODZILLA so they bought KONG from SKULL ISLAND with the help of LITTLE GIRL who is the only one who can communicate with KONG...as they bought KONG GODZILLA attacks Because They Had a history of Wars between KONGS and Gozillas and Because KONG us in Godzilla Territory... So KONG seeing Godzilla He wants to take Revenge And they fought...like we see in the trailer...Kong with the help of New weapon AXE will kill GODZILLA as a Revenge from previous Wars... THAT'S WHY IT'S GODZILLA VS KONG ... In the trailer we see Kong fights with others flying monsters ( looks like another place) I think that's the pictures ABOUT KONGS vs MONSTERS including Godzilla in the Previous Wars... Kong will get some ideas with the help of Humans from the previous Wars and That's how he will get AXE .... KONG will fight another Monsters in the next movies...

  76. Kaleb

    Kalebヶ月 前

    They are the definition of a perfect family

  77. Ramesh Chattergoon

    Ramesh Chattergoon19 日 前

    Just to say nothing is perfect if it was you would not be human because everyone makes mistakes in life and it is good to make mistakes in life if you don't you would not learn lessons about life so there is nothing perfect no matter how hard you try we are all humans and all humans make mistakes.

  78. Aman Paikra

    Aman Paikraヶ月 前


  79. Dream Catcher

    Dream Catcherヶ月 前

    Ok so the little girl she does have a connection with Kong speaking for him and Millie Bobby brown aka 11 who’s also in this movie she has a connection with Godzilla speaking for him as well, they are the two girls that have a connection with those two kajus and there’s also the twins that have a connection with Mothra. Yes Kong was a young teenage kid in the skull of islands and no it’s their ancestors that fought each other in the war their the last of their kind is what they are saying the last two of their kind.

  80. Laroussi Zied

    Laroussi Ziedヶ月 前

    in the trailer kong looks like he kicked godzilla ass

  81. Hei Chan

    Hei Chanヶ月 前

    Mega Godzilla

  82. Rupesh Kumar

    Rupesh Kumarヶ月 前

    Make a raection vedio on indian movie -bang bang and krish 3. this both movies are action packed 💙

  83. Alex Frost

    Alex Frostヶ月 前

    Congratulations you guys featured in Kong vs Godzilla trailer reaction mashup video by kong director

  84. Rock girl

    Rock girlヶ月 前

    I hate when reactors talk over trailers,like they ask a question and talk over the answer lol

  85. NBZ-Eruption

    NBZ-Eruptionヶ月 前

    I swear the man in blue is from cobra kai

  86. Mike Martin

    Mike Martinヶ月 前

    If you watch it again and listen. Godzilla is being provoked by something. Also. The monster in the very first shots is NOT Godzilla.

  87. Zennn

    Zennnヶ月 前

    Monke strong,Monke win

  88. JESUS Godoy

    JESUS Godoyヶ月 前

    im going team kon

  89. Jason Rivera

    Jason Riveraヶ月 前

    But Godzilla still a bad guy but ghadora will come here because the man captured the king ghadora's head from post credits in 2019

  90. Rock girl

    Rock girlヶ月 前

    I hate when reactors talk over trailers,like they ask a question and talk over the answer lol

  91. Random vids

    Random vidsヶ月 前

    Someone controlling godzilla

  92. king prince

    king princeヶ月 前

    Great Reaction and after kong vs Godzilla fight kong and Godzilla will team up to face mechagodzilla

  93. Lotra Cuenta

    Lotra Cuentaヶ月 前

    It's really sad how so many people become obsessed with the latest refried, redundant and absurd piece of trash from Hollywood. I HURT FOR YOU HUMANKIND. I HURT FOR YOU SO MUCH.

  94. Dhenmes Freire da Silva

    Dhenmes Freire da Silvaヶ月 前

    It will be a great triple battle : "MECHAGODZILLA VS KONG VS GODZILLA"!

  95. Lester Jones

    Lester Jonesヶ月 前

    Kong stopping godzilla's beam with his hammer, looks familiar......

  96. Eric Barnes

    Eric Barnesヶ月 前

    Team Zilla

  97. Jacob Castilleja

    Jacob Castillejaヶ月 前

    Godzilla and King Kong are going to team up against mega Godzilla

  98. Cyber Typsy

    Cyber Typsyヶ月 前

    Movie I meant

  99. Cyber Typsy

    Cyber Typsyヶ月 前

    U guys mechagodzilla is in the kovie

  100. MEXツcha͜͡va TKO

    MEXツcha͜͡va TKOヶ月 前

    Good ( nose inglés pero buen video ) la película se espera con ansias soy Tim=equipo GOTZILLA "" Saludos desde México 🇲🇽✨




  102. Alejandro Miguel

    Alejandro Miguelヶ月 前

    But they don't know why godzilla is killing

  103. Alejandro Miguel

    Alejandro Miguelヶ月 前

    Saw the trailer and the humans said they don't why godzilla is like that but in the first part it said godzilla was killing people

  104. Damon Archary

    Damon Archaryヶ月 前

    I gotta go see this in the movies...totally worth it..

  105. Maqsood ms

    Maqsood msヶ月 前

    My team is kong and I am very exciting for this movie

  106. Djhd Jxjkc

    Djhd Jxjkcヶ月 前

    Great reaction & I see y'all are into acting whick I am to I would really if I could do something with y'all after this covid-19 pass either write or act either one I'm into both no I'm not. Any one famous I'm just a regular 18 year old that looks up to all of you so maybe hopefully we can do something together one-day thank you. Social media Facebook, Beveron Brooks Snapchat, bbrook143 Instagram, Beveron2341

  107. Juanpa Balderas

    Juanpa Balderasヶ月 前

    Oigan son los mejores y les di el like 10,000

  108. Cj Fun gamer 380

    Cj Fun gamer 380ヶ月 前

    People think that's mecha godzilla not the real 9ne but I mean we all won't know until March 26 when the movie comes out

  109. Francisco Lagunas

    Francisco Lagunasヶ月 前

    Learn the comics

  110. James Emmanuel

    James Emmanuelヶ月 前

    This Monsterverse can be bigger than Marvel..

  111. Neon Glitches

    Neon Glitchesヶ月 前

    Team godzila