Godzilla: King of the Monsters - Final Trailer - Now Playing In Theaters


  1. DownTempo

    DownTempo19 時間 前

    mothra was cute

  2. Jackattack 62608

    Jackattack 6260821 時間 前

    Stranger things season 4

  3. DOC gaming

    DOC gaming22 時間 前

    I am here for '11'

  4. Xavier Siafa

    Xavier Siafa22 時間 前


  5. BlazingShade

    BlazingShade23 時間 前


  6. master gamer

    master gamer日 前

    I noticed that millie bobby brown is in this movie

  7. Amaya And Benny Play!

    Amaya And Benny Play!日 前

    Guy 1:My god- Guy 2:Zilla...

  8. TheDiamondLord

    TheDiamondLord日 前

    1:50 This scene really had me hyped the first time i watched it

  9. Tanmay Arvind

    Tanmay Arvind日 前

    How many times have you watched this trailer? Seventeen, and counting.

  10. Luis

    Luis日 前

    Warner, Legendary, all of you are doing a great great job making this monsterverse filming! Congratulations and keep making more grate Godzilla movies. All of them are beautifully filmed.

  11. Davy Jones

    Davy Jones日 前

    I've seen movie 6 times but still watching the trailer Godzilla is the BEST

  12. Sam and company

    Sam and company2 日 前

    I love when the music and the shots align

  13. Miguel GC Gamer

    Miguel GC Gamer2 日 前

    Too bad the non kaiju fans are trashing this movie, if your not a kaiju fan, don't watch this movie, only the Kaiju fans will adore this movie, like how new marvel fans like there mcu, but old marvel fans don't really like the new marvel/mcu for being so out of touch with Stan Lee's! Marvel

  14. nash al- nash

    nash al- nash2 日 前

    When I watch the movie halfway through I thought little girl is boy 😅

  15. Steven Estrada

    Steven Estrada2 日 前


  16. Senjumaru'Shutara Dark'emo

    Senjumaru'Shutara Dark'emo2 日 前

    I can't watch no money 😂😂🤣🤣 cinema to expensive 🤣🤣😂😂

  17. Matt Tyree

    Matt Tyree2 日 前

    I can't believe that this got a 40% on Rotten Tomatoes

  18. Razor Tongue

    Razor Tongue2 日 前

    I loved the SHIT out of this movie. As a hardcore Godzilla fan, this was everything I wanted it to be and so much more. One of the best movies in the entire franchise in my opinion. I literally started tearing up when they played the Blue Oyster Cult song during the credits.

  19. Airic150

    Airic1502 日 前

    goddamn it I can't stop coming back here for this

  20. TheIcySun

    TheIcySun3 日 前

    2018: I had the best trailers 2019: Hold my flaming clown anarchy shield

  21. TheIcySun

    TheIcySun3 日 前

    Flaming = Godzilla Clown = It Anarchy = Joker Shield = Endgame

  22. Frosty 3.0

    Frosty 3.03 日 前

    Is that Eleven from stranger things in the trailer, or it just me?

  23. Exotic Butters

    Exotic Butters3 日 前

    11 vs Godzilla

  24. ClAsh gamer Coc

    ClAsh gamer Coc3 日 前

    It fells like this came out yesterday

  25. Slapped Pork

    Slapped Pork3 日 前

    How many times have you watched this trailer? Me: yes

  26. WorldOf Blood

    WorldOf Blood4 日 前

    Damn Godzilla gets fat

  27. neoru blazer

    neoru blazer4 日 前

    Sooooooooooooo epic

  28. Anjelo Carey

    Anjelo Carey4 日 前


  29. JruHoliday

    JruHoliday4 日 前


  30. James Sherman

    James Sherman4 日 前

    Why am I still here. I saw the movie twice and own it in 4k. I just love Godzilla.

  31. Guy Stately

    Guy Stately4 日 前

    This my 15th time I think

  32. Youngthrift King

    Youngthrift King4 日 前

    I liked this wasnt bad cant wait for Kong vs zilla

  33. Tomas M

    Tomas M4 日 前

    Actual film is nothing but trash.

  34. Tomas M

    Tomas M4 日 前

    @Becker289 Character underdevelopment, inconsistencies and incoherence in character interrelationship, naive plot development. It felt a bit like a good B movie. Initially I was so fascinated about the idea of Godzillas being here "hyperniting on earth to protect us".

  35. Becker289

    Becker2894 日 前


  36. Glo Boy

    Glo Boy5 日 前

    This trailer is just great cgi and terrible one liners

  37. General Gigan

    General Gigan5 日 前

    Godzilla: ok, I sleep now... Ghidorah:🙂🙂🙃 Godzilla: *REEEEEEE*

  38. Ragav Gloryfire

    Ragav Gloryfire5 日 前

    1:28 I really fell for her smile 😍♥️

  39. blkdraco2

    blkdraco25 日 前

    I've watched this trailer at least 30 times now and it still gives me chills and puts a smile on my face. What does that mean? It means that I don't care what the critics say! I loved this movie and I'm proud to own on Blue-ray!

  40. Unknown C.

    Unknown C.5 日 前

    This trailer gives me goosebumps and I love it💓💓

  41. Nas 12

    Nas 125 日 前

    Godzilla - jesus Mothra- angel Rodan - anti Christ King ghidorah - satan

  42. Youngthrift King

    Youngthrift King4 日 前

    Just watched it

  43. Jay Gaptic

    Jay Gaptic5 日 前

    I watched this because of millie

  44. Manuel Villar May

    Manuel Villar May5 日 前

    1:47. Best Monet in the trailer

  45. mastermind 2

    mastermind 22 日 前

    Probably in the whole movie

  46. Alyssa Adrianna

    Alyssa Adrianna5 日 前

    l can't watch the full.movie on.line...grrrrr....help!

  47. Kuma Toni

    Kuma Toni5 日 前

    This was one of those trailers that teed us up nicely. The film was a hole in one.

  48. RichiCHIN

    RichiCHIN5 日 前

    como me encantan los trailers que estan a la par de la musica del mismo xd

  49. Lukmanul Hakim

    Lukmanul Hakim5 日 前

    This is Parents of Ancient Greek Gods (Titan) ? BTW, 1:28 I've seen before on meme (burning house girl meme) :D

  50. Ahmet Çağatay Demirtaş

    Ahmet Çağatay Demirtaş5 日 前

    1:38 Re-Watch

  51. Mcdonald Mpundu

    Mcdonald Mpundu6 日 前

    Watched it and This shallow, cliche, nonsensical, forced emotional, busllshite logic, one wamen asshole playing god fuckory is the exact reason why I dont watch movies

  52. Saira Haider

    Saira Haider6 日 前

    The movie was the best movie and the trailer was really awesome

  53. Wesley Tan

    Wesley Tan6 日 前

    This is the way Armageddon will be n horrendous, disastrous catastrophic things which will happen Hollywood is just given us a snippet how it will happen read revelations n you will see the monster with three heads n other weird monstrous creatures the end is here before 2030 this is going to be happening be prepared for those who will be here u are doomed they will look for 💀 but you can't die it will be horrific

  54. ناصر ابراهيم

    ناصر ابراهيم6 日 前

    This is b*******I miss old Warner Bros,,

  55. mr hfz

    mr hfz6 日 前

    Is not good or bad movie. Just nonsense af

  56. Martial artist

    Martial artist6 日 前

    I love hollywood and i live for hollywood. Peace✌

  57. Juan Gonzalez

    Juan Gonzalez6 日 前

    0:30 Mothra was so beautiful in this scene

  58. Spike Tyrone KIunisala

    Spike Tyrone KIunisala6 日 前

    I have godzilla 2 i download it

  59. Darsh Jhamnani

    Darsh Jhamnani7 日 前

    Guys nobody excited for the joker movie?????😃😃

  60. eunice net

    eunice net7 日 前

    who watch godzilla in the theaters i did some how :/

  61. Laura Garcia

    Laura Garcia3 日 前

    I did, best time my whole body was shaking when it was over so cool

  62. Nathan Wilson

    Nathan Wilson7 日 前

    Weird how they keep throwing the hot actors of the minute into godzilla movies (bryan cranston before this, now millie bobby brown)

  63. daniel juvera

    daniel juvera7 日 前

    Im happy that a skinny pig is in This movie 🐹

  64. angelica llefi

    angelica llefi7 日 前

    Millie Bobby Brown ❤️✨

  65. AyyUltra

    AyyUltra7 日 前

    This trailer is a fucking masterpiece, the way it's layed out, the music that is so off theme but manages to flow so well with the visuals, everything about this is perfect. I aspire to create something like this. Give the people who made this a raise, this is the best trailer I've seen in a while now.

  66. Jedidiah Potuyt

    Jedidiah Potuyt7 日 前

    I seriously had to stop the movie after 35 minutes. The military combat in this movie is so fucking cringy and bad. Its a joke. Series really went downhill.