Go Kart Paintball Battle


  1. Warsaw .S

    Warsaw .S時間 前

    6:02 savage

  2. ChiefsMC

    ChiefsMC5 時間 前

    Dude perfect is actually perfect

  3. Szymon Kazanecki

    Szymon Kazanecki9 時間 前

    Doris is such an adorable person.

  4. hockeymann88

    hockeymann8811 時間 前

    The paintball, excellent.

  5. 5th Son Gaming

    5th Son Gaming日 前

    Cody is the worst patient I have ever heard of

  6. Happy Brar

    Happy Brar日 前

    Why does Tyler win alll the games why not garret

  7. Mc Slizard

    Mc Slizard2 日 前

    The finale is lacrosse in a nutshell

  8. Meredith Cripe

    Meredith Cripe2 日 前

    You are so epic on you tube

  9. Midwest Michels

    Midwest Michels2 日 前

    I am a Cory fan

  10. Quientaey Fletcher

    Quientaey Fletcher2 日 前

    Hey Doris you should do this often

  11. Sabrina Hodge

    Sabrina Hodge2 日 前

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  12. ElitexHusky

    ElitexHusky2 日 前

    The paintball coundtown was the same as the MrBeast ad

  13. mj lan

    mj lan3 日 前

    I really enjoy watching you guys

  14. Spexy Halo

    Spexy Halo4 日 前

    XBOX!!!!!!!! Les go

  15. Kayla Hathorn

    Kayla Hathorn4 日 前

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    ITZ_ARB GANZ4 日 前

    I like it


    ITZ_ARB GANZ4 日 前

    Ia nice

  18. Zane Norris

    Zane Norris4 日 前

    You should make a hide and seek video

  19. IM - 10MJ 948775 John Fraser SS

    IM - 10MJ 948775 John Fraser SS5 日 前

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    bub wang5 日 前

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  21. Ericson Fernandes

    Ericson Fernandes5 日 前

    Hey guys you guys are so awesome and I really like your guys video

  22. TheBoiShrek _

    TheBoiShrek _6 日 前

    This is rigged tyler wins every one of these and on rarely other people win.

  23. Y Gao

    Y Gao6 日 前


  24. Louis Milone

    Louis Milone6 日 前

    Looks like Stonehenge

  25. Belmex Aguilar

    Belmex Aguilar6 日 前

    Doris should join dude perfect

  26. Aditya Thakur

    Aditya Thakur6 日 前

    Garrett- We're gonna kar Cory get 0, Little did he know that he will himself end on zero 😂😂

  27. Sujata Agarwal

    Sujata Agarwal6 日 前


  28. seshanth dutta

    seshanth dutta6 日 前

    Team cory

  29. Jacob Lumsden

    Jacob Lumsden6 日 前

    Andrew Yang

  30. Elijah Skjoldager

    Elijah Skjoldager7 日 前

    They need the commentators in every battle. I can't stop laughing.

  31. quicksliver 7

    quicksliver 77 日 前

    Dis anyone else get a line rider ad, dang I always watch those. (Even though it's a rip off ad)

  32. quicksliver 7

    quicksliver 77 日 前

    I love hybrid sports. Sometimes I really wish they would have like professional random sports that are completely crazy, but like super interesting to watch

  33. Hinson LegoBrick

    Hinson LegoBrick8 日 前

    Why is no one wearing masks ?

  34. Christie Tracy Prentice

    Christie Tracy Prentice8 日 前

    MORE DORIS! MORE DORIS! MORE DORIS!!!!!! pretty please with a cherry on top

  35. Adrian Mills

    Adrian Mills8 日 前

    Tyler (TT) was a bit too aggressive on the final round.

  36. Krish Malhotra

    Krish Malhotra8 日 前

    She had a crush on tyler

  37. Hector José Gutierrez Pimienta

    Hector José Gutierrez Pimienta8 日 前

    Nadie : yo esperando ver un comentario en español

  38. Make Money Now

    Make Money Now8 日 前

    Amazing! Never thought I'd be finish watching this video!

  39. Amandeep Prakash

    Amandeep Prakash8 日 前

    Tyler is my favorite i mentioned it in every video i kept my name tyler tony sparrow in every game

  40. ناشونال جيوغرافيك

    ناشونال جيوغرافيك8 日 前

    Why you don't translate into Arabic

  41. Yo Bro Ayy

    Yo Bro Ayy8 日 前

    Them getting Johnny on a vid at the time was legendary. Doris Burke announcing a challenge tho? Top 2 dude perfect moment and it’s not 2!

  42. vedansh aggarwal

    vedansh aggarwal9 日 前

    Which song is this ???

  43. ktham27

    ktham279 日 前

    ‘Thank you for your service, you humble servant.’ 😂

  44. I am not artu

    I am not artu9 日 前

    let me guess Xbox sponsored you?

  45. Stefanie Kimmell

    Stefanie Kimmell9 日 前

    Love the video



    You are a cracks

  47. Utkarsh Jindal

    Utkarsh Jindal10 日 前

    In india there is no paintTV ball😡

  48. Hermes

    Hermes10 日 前

    where do you get those football helmets

  49. Caleb Jackson

    Caleb Jackson10 日 前

    For those who don't know, Ty came in 5th in their first battle

  50. max sinclair

    max sinclair10 日 前

    Coby got pummelled

  51. Gamerly Faze

    Gamerly Faze10 日 前

    Why does ty always win

  52. Rohan Saurya

    Rohan Saurya11 日 前

    Song name?



    Ty could be a football player

  54. Susan Buening

    Susan Buening11 日 前

    I have to go under my mom

  55. Rohit Patel

    Rohit Patel11 日 前

    Things are totally fixed because almost tyler wins or its team wins seems like rest everyone is waste this video's are only made for tyler...😏😏

  56. Learn To Read - Read With Me

    Learn To Read - Read With Me12 日 前

    Looks so fun!

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    moses fafowora12 日 前

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  58. Marcus Bond

    Marcus Bond13 日 前

    I have watched all of ur videos

  59. Shaheen Alshaheen

    Shaheen Alshaheen13 日 前

    I love your videos

  60. GreedyAthlete31

    GreedyAthlete3113 日 前

    i have ea play and game pass ultimate

  61. Mississippi Sportsman

    Mississippi Sportsman13 日 前

    Can someone pls tell me what music is in this video

  62. Simran Banerjee

    Simran Banerjee13 日 前

    This was fixed that tt will win


    SPARKY BUDDY13 日 前

    Any one has noticed he got hurt in left leg 14:14

  64. Richie Rich

    Richie Rich14 日 前

    Imma try to play some football, basketball like that, which are my two favorite sports

  65. Mickelson Savage

    Mickelson Savage14 日 前

    That's the girl from 2k

  66. manish persaud

    manish persaud14 日 前

    Ty is too strong for Coby. He also likes to cheat.

  67. R-7_TheGamer

    R-7_TheGamer14 日 前

    Cory got absolutely destroyed in round 1 I fell bad

  68. Kristen Halliburton

    Kristen Halliburton14 日 前

    Doris burke is the funniest person I’ve ever seen

  69. Squints_ 29

    Squints_ 2914 日 前

    Hey does anyone know how to buy a co2 tank for paintball? Please comment if you guys know where to buy one

  70. Nacho Savage

    Nacho Savage15 日 前

    Day 1 on getting subs from comments. Have a blessed day.🌠🌚

  71. Rogan 078

    Rogan 07815 日 前

    I need those MMA gloves guysss😫

  72. Joshua Santhumayor

    Joshua Santhumayor15 日 前


  73. Manchester United fan

    Manchester United fan16 日 前

    mullet = overpowered So therefore Ty = overpowered

  74. Nathan Davis

    Nathan Davis16 日 前

    How did you get Doris to do this? 😂

  75. Caden Crawford

    Caden Crawford16 日 前

    No one likes tie

  76. raphael Weldemariam

    raphael Weldemariam16 日 前

    He got dominated

  77. Joe KC

    Joe KC16 日 前

    Did- did ty just admit to a drive by 😳

  78. Kakashi Hatake

    Kakashi Hatake16 日 前

    Sparky running and commentating .... "Ty needs this" "I NEED OXYGEN" "Tys on the green"

  79. Yuan Gregorio

    Yuan Gregorio16 日 前

    Just some paintball rocket launchers,snipers,revolvers flamethrowers,sentry guns, and a mini gun to be paintball fortress 2

  80. mohamad Kamar

    mohamad Kamar16 日 前


  81. D C

    D C16 日 前

    Masks. Global pandemic. Really hope y’all are quarantined down south.....

  82. Massamba Dieye

    Massamba Dieye17 日 前

    Ty you didn’t have to beat him like that he didn’t do that to you he had you pinned he didn’t punch you all that much. Your my favorite but your changing my mind

  83. Random Pax

    Random Pax17 日 前

    Ty should get a mullet

  84. Joe Edmunds

    Joe Edmunds17 日 前

    i hate jesus

  85. scyykidpramesh

    scyykidpramesh17 日 前

    ty was just letting all the anger out on those punches

  86. Johnnie

    Johnnie17 日 前

    I watched that instead of spanish.. no regrets what so ever

  87. Joshua Taduran

    Joshua Taduran17 日 前

    I miss read the title and said go kart *pain*ball battle

  88. Isabella Hope

    Isabella Hope17 日 前

    This is like my 2 favourite things put together

  89. Ollie Allam

    Ollie Allam17 日 前

    4.7 mil in a hour?

  90. Della Holian

    Della Holian17 日 前

    I didnt want Tyler to win but ,Well done any wase 🎉

  91. BRad Grigsby

    BRad Grigsby17 日 前

    Part 2 plz

  92. Masoma Nazary

    Masoma Nazary18 日 前

    it's like 7 year olds fighting in shcool

  93. Ann1st0n

    Ann1st0n18 日 前

    I would like this if Tyler was not so mean to them 😢😠

  94. Juliet Heath

    Juliet Heath18 日 前

    no coryyyyyyyyyyyyyy, don't worry i'm still here for ya bud! congrats ty!

  95. Thalha Malani

    Thalha Malani18 日 前

    TY:WOULDNT BE THE FIRST TIME DRIVING AND SHOOTING Me:ummmmmmm can I not trust him anymore

  96. Tyler Storck

    Tyler Storck19 日 前

    Can we get another one of these?? This is 100% my favorite dp vide

  97. Poop Weep

    Poop Weep19 日 前

    😁😁😁حبيبتي والله

  98. Boiler One

    Boiler One19 日 前

    I dont think anyone in my state likes Doris

  99. Ollie Fryer

    Ollie Fryer19 日 前

    Come on cory

  100. Marisol Navarro

    Marisol Navarro19 日 前

    I am 16 years and I have watched since 2009 and wow it’s very cool