Glitchpop! Glitchpop! Glitchpop! // Skin Reveal Trailer - VALORANT


  1. bashariscool Abu

    bashariscool Abu2 日 前

    i think riot is on crack this trailer...

  2. Taesty 99

    Taesty 993 日 前

    Everyone thought these skins were trash at first. 1 month later, best skins in the game atm

  3. highly functioning degenerate

    highly functioning degenerate4 日 前

    I can't stop watching this trailer lmao 😂

  4. Spider - Man

    Spider - Man4 日 前

    This gives me into the spider verse vibes

  5. SSelf Kind

    SSelf Kind5 日 前

    Glitchpop more like Cringepop

  6. shan123

    shan1237 日 前


  7. feitosinha_plays

    feitosinha_plays7 日 前

    reaver was defently better

  8. Coldblooded 6767

    Coldblooded 67679 日 前


  9. Sakana Shoji

    Sakana Shoji13 日 前

    This looks like the fucking joyful burger commercial nicole did from amazing world of gumball

  10. CwweS Gamer

    CwweS Gamer13 日 前

    para olasada su fantomlusunu alsam

  11. Errol Delos Santos

    Errol Delos Santos16 日 前

    I want it so bad sadly it’s not available anymore why riot why?

  12. Satria Sutena

    Satria Sutena16 日 前

    I think I’m having a stroke

  13. G.O

    G.O20 日 前

    Koreans make some weird ads

  14. xSoZa

    xSoZa20 日 前

    Please, bring back old bundles.

  15. Jennifer Thomas

    Jennifer Thomas21 日 前

    this is weird

  16. Michael Zhao

    Michael Zhao21 日 前

    is it just me or does this remind me of the pony horse thing from the lego movie

  17. Hatori Ibuki

    Hatori Ibuki22 日 前


  18. Cameron Smith

    Cameron Smith24 日 前

    Cant wait for this to come to the shop

  19. Arjun Jagityala

    Arjun Jagityala25 日 前

    Must bring some skins for free

  20. Giancarlo Dávila Moreno

    Giancarlo Dávila Moreno27 日 前

    hello, when are you planning to improve the LATAM servers ????????

  21. Aspection

    Aspection29 日 前

    So lsd is like this

  22. Dhn_ Raihan

    Dhn_ Raihanヶ月 前

    these weapons have aimbot !!!

  23. Arka Chatterjee

    Arka Chatterjeeヶ月 前

    When the virtual things are more expensive than real ones.

  24. IZZY

    IZZYヶ月 前

    Queria. mas skin no valorant é caro pra ka7

  25. Shadowrunner

    Shadowrunnerヶ月 前

    OK, WTF?

  26. CapX

    CapXヶ月 前

    you fcking need to spend like 500$ to got 50 nice virtual skins

  27. Robert Downey Jr Screaming

    Robert Downey Jr Screamingヶ月 前

    We all thought league devs had problems. Clearly valorant devs are high

  28. Glitchy

    Glitchyヶ月 前

    תקשיבו זה לא מכבד שאאתם לא שמים קישור לערוץ שלי

  29. Wellington

    Wellingtonヶ月 前

    Que arte maravilhosa! Parabéns Riot, ficou muito legal o jogo e esta arte!!

  30. Panaiot Dushmanov

    Panaiot Dushmanovヶ月 前


  31. Arnacases

    Arnacasesヶ月 前

    simplemente wow

  32. Robert Holstine

    Robert Holstineヶ月 前

    ah yes, 75 dollars for a decent pack on not even good gund

  33. Wosty

    Wostyヶ月 前

    I am genuinely confused as to what am I doing with my life

  34. Abhi is Live

    Abhi is Liveヶ月 前

    Any sponser who help me get these skins🔥😀😂

  35. C7

    C7ヶ月 前


  36. Aer0n1x

    Aer0n1xヶ月 前

    I'd consider that if money grew on trees ....

  37. Deathwing022

    Deathwing022ヶ月 前

    parece de esos comerciales de gta v

  38. Tal _2111

    Tal _2111ヶ月 前


  39. Klip One

    Klip Oneヶ月 前

    Current cheaters in Valorant, word from Supex0. Hiko, Ninja, Wardell, Sinatra, Zombs, Shazham, Laski, I could name more.

  40. Očołuoĺ

    Očołuoĺ7 日 前

    Current BETTER Player than YOU!!!

  41. Ron Camacho

    Ron Camachoヶ月 前


  42. Joao Víctor Oliveira

    Joao Víctor Oliveiraヶ月 前

    Meu erro 43 esses porra num arruma...

  43. LowFiGuy7

    LowFiGuy7ヶ月 前

    I thought this was legit address performance issues when I got the email.

  44. Defiant Bite

    Defiant Biteヶ月 前

    How much is this?

  45. Yves

    Yvesヶ月 前

    Godzilla had a stroke watching this and fucking died

  46. Chimera XO

    Chimera XOヶ月 前


  47. Şaka lan Şaka Gül diye

    Şaka lan Şaka Gül diyeヶ月 前

    Thanks thanks thanka

  48. Elgin Barzabal

    Elgin Barzabalヶ月 前

    "Why did you buy that?" "Skins help me with gameplay" "You're trash when you play VALORANT!" "AT LEAST I DIE WITH *S T Y L E* "

  49. Amit Kulkarni

    Amit Kulkarni8 日 前


  50. Bruh Moment

    Bruh Momentヶ月 前

    0:44 it’s pretty obviously but you can see killjoy at the bottom of the screen thing

  51. Custard AppleTM

    Custard AppleTMヶ月 前

    One thing your logo is awesome

  52. アメリカおはよう

    アメリカおはようヶ月 前

    The voice drop is the best part this as should be a part of the valorant lore

  53. Ellias Green

    Ellias Greenヶ月 前

    Is this Jinx ?

  54. Happend

    Happendヶ月 前

    need too find a people for buy me this skin xD

  55. Kot Lalka

    Kot Lalkaヶ月 前

    Глитч поп есть, когда миль попс?

  56. Hyperion

    Hyperionヶ月 前

    Captions: unavailable

  57. Canal Player 2

    Canal Player 2ヶ月 前

    passem no meu canal, faço vídeos sobre dicas de Valorant!

  58. Limenchick FFG

    Limenchick FFGヶ月 前

    можно нож пжжжпжпжпжпжпжпжпжпжпжп

  59. Flouri

    Flouriヶ月 前

    Everyone talking about Price of the bundle, but i will say dafuc riot why u made this skins for useless Guns? Cmon, Everyone using only vandal or phantom

  60. Visa-Schengen WF

    Visa-Schengen WFヶ月 前

    Shotout to the Video Editors, They are Crazy good.

  61. Supr3meTony 101

    Supr3meTony 101ヶ月 前

    Gay geme

  62. OMAR X

    OMAR Xヶ月 前

    It is a verryy nice game but, i hope to add for the battelpass skin gun an effect when we kill, because the package of gun like in video is sooo soo expensive and the payment is EUR not USD. Thank you.

  63. Jess Rogue

    Jess Rogueヶ月 前

    1:00 which is exactly how I got my first ace, these people really know their game

  64. Joanna

    Joannaヶ月 前

    ”small price, big colours, great fun” cost: $100

  65. Kade

    Kadeヶ月 前

    For the low low price of $60, you could also get Cyberpunk 2077.

  66. Zesty Onceler

    Zesty Oncelerヶ月 前

    dang they had a trailer for elderflame and glitchpop but not for oni DANGGGGG

  67. 21 Grams

    21 Gramsヶ月 前

    bunnies love the judge im sorry sparklez its time to put you down

  68. Joanna

    Joannaヶ月 前

    players would be willing to purchase at fair prices and Riot would actually make more revenue from the game.

  69. Zecta Inc

    Zecta Incヶ月 前

    Did you watch the video? Yes What did it cost? 2 braincells

  70. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojoヶ月 前

    ”small price, big colours, great fun” cost: $100

  71. Emon Khan

    Emon Khanヶ月 前

    yeaaaa somebody spammed the glitch effect button while making this video.

  72. Kuromadou

    Kuromadouヶ月 前

    seems like they hired Jinx's voice actor for this trailer.

  73. bofooit gojo

    bofooit gojoヶ月 前


  74. Austin Brady

    Austin Bradyヶ月 前

    How it feels to chew 5 gum

  75. holt gamer

    holt gamerヶ月 前

    "New skins make you happy " 'After new skin arrived' $ 100 to spin ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  76. Rishikesh gharat

    Rishikesh gharatヶ月 前

    Look new Discord Video!

  77. Benjamin Awrey

    Benjamin Awreyヶ月 前

    I would love to buy skins in this game, but when it's 60 plus dollars for a knife or over 30 for a gun plus at least 50 to upgrade it it's a no from me. In r6 seige you can buy elite bundles which include operator skins, gun skins, charms and animations and it's only 20$. Stop trying to price like your cs go, noone likes that BS.

  78. Weebus Opus

    Weebus Opusヶ月 前

    I say it’s a cool skin pack a and it’s well edited for an ad but the way it was edited gives me a mild concern vibe... I’m buying it

  79. hen ko

    hen koヶ月 前

    without having vandal,phantom and operator. Because let's be honest who would buy a skin that u wouldn't use often.

  80. Darkiness

    Darkinessヶ月 前

    We want hivemind lore!

  81. 중배

    중배ヶ月 前

    이런걸 시발 3만원에 팔아먹네 ㅈㄴ 양심없다 나 발로란트 ㅈㄴ 좋아하는데 이건 아니다 배그는 그래도 거의다 만원인데 ㅅㅂ 디지털 편집으로 만든 무기3만원

  82. LD Z

    LD Zヶ月 前

    I dont what I just watched but I love it

  83. LD Z

    LD Zヶ月 前

    @hen ko i guess you havent seen much

  84. hen ko

    hen koヶ月 前

    God that was cringy

  85. GAO BRUH

    GAO BRUHヶ月 前

    Japanese :)) new agent is in japan

  86. Drew J Cordell

    Drew J Cordellヶ月 前

    These prices are horrible. I really would love to spend more money on Valorant outside of the battlepass. I could easily see myself buying multiple skin collections if this were priced at $20-30 or we had some kind of mechanism to convert Radianite to points so we could purchase skins in the first place. I get that people buy at these prices, but more players would be willing to purchase at fair prices and Riot would actually make more revenue from the game.

  87. Hakikomori

    Hakikomoriヶ月 前

    This reminds me of that Billy and Mandy episode where teddy bears appeared on the tv and hypnotized people into buying them to take over the world.

  88. walter

    walterヶ月 前

    Sorry let me donate my kidney

  89. LogicalRebel

    LogicalRebelヶ月 前

    It's a great skin pack and the melee knife really ties everything together. I liked it so much I bought the bundle. But, 110 dollars for a few nice skins? I get why streamers and the majority of the player base only really buys the cheaper skins. And the radiant system is a joke. I have to either spend more money on the points, teirs, or just grind the game. I paid 110 for pixels, just give me the upgrades

  90. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyヶ月 前

    They are like cyberpunk skins.





    DREAD OMENヶ月 前


  93. Groot Clips

    Groot Clipsヶ月 前


  94. Groot Clips

    Groot Clipsヶ月 前


  95. Groot Clips

    Groot Clipsヶ月 前


  96. Kiunni

    Kiunniヶ月 前

    Anyone knows the name on this kind of style? On music and aesthetic

  97. Jokergl!tch09

    Jokergl!tch09ヶ月 前

    Man i love the game but the skins are really overpriced

  98. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhヶ月 前

    I have made a terrible financial mistake haven't I?

  99. Ryzen Msi

    Ryzen Msiヶ月 前

    This is spiderverse meets how to sell drugs online (fast)

  100. Ryzen Msi

    Ryzen Msiヶ月 前

    I just love the creativity behind these trailers. They should seriously consider to make Series and movies for Netflix. Dem spiderverse vibes!

  101. Ranjela

    Ranjelaヶ月 前

    *new skins makes you happy* not financially

  102. Fruity Rooty

    Fruity Rootyヶ月 前

    God that was cringy

  103. fouoii gyhh

    fouoii gyhhヶ月 前

    My epileptic brother loved this video so much he started rolling on the floor and shaking

  104. 이주형

    이주형ヶ月 前

    The knife skin is too expensive

  105. J V

    J Vヶ月 前

    "Jeelay beelay peet rat gumay kenday"

  106. Parul Nigam

    Parul Nigamヶ月 前

    They are like cyberpunk skins.

  107. Vuxo PS5

    Vuxo PS5ヶ月 前

    This should have a warning for epelieptic people

  108. John Kaiser

    John Kaiserヶ月 前

    If you buy the skins, you eat cup noodles for a Month.