1. tony earl

    tony earl6 日 前

    Please guys, contact ? Come to South Africa

  2. Sirlunchalot

    Sirlunchalot13 日 前

    "whats wrong with you guys" its actually our society thats getting wrong..........

  3. Bradley Cousins

    Bradley Cousins13 日 前

    10:08 did the boss smack his bum ? for real

  4. Sabrina Nicole

    Sabrina Nicole16 日 前

    you guys are slowly persuading me to drop out of school... lol i have dealt with a lot of depression and anxiety mostly because of stress from school. i cant really imagine what i would do otherwise though

  5. Sam Yers

    Sam Yers17 日 前

    Did she just say “we are heading out to the philippines?

  6. Tokyo Vibs

    Tokyo Vibs18 日 前

    Hey new subscriber from japan 🇯🇵 you Guys are out of this world this is my new year holiday it’s 4 hour I’m watching your video wow happy new year 2020 guys god bless you brother

  7. daisy_waisyyy

    daisy_waisyyy18 日 前

    Im really interested in reading his book. What is his instagram and hers as well? Would love to buy a copy

  8. Une Girafe!

    Une Girafe!19 日 前

    3:37 “the bird that never flew” is a book written by Johnny Steele (not the soccer player) in 1992 soooo

  9. Monolith Fan

    Monolith Fan23 日 前

    It would take 10x more then 10k$ for me to quit my job. My current job is the only reason I have a tiny freaking chance of getting a roof over my head. My first non minimum wage since I started working (legally) 17 years ago. I started working technicly 8 years old which is of course illegal but you gotta do what you gotta do.

  10. Hussain Noor

    Hussain Noor23 日 前

    Quite my job and open my own business/phone repair shop

  11. Kaitlyn Davis

    Kaitlyn Davis26 日 前

    Where are they now????

  12. Real Deal

    Real Dealヶ月 前

    Jim Carrey is a real life wizard

  13. Grant Sloop

    Grant Sloopヶ月 前

    update video!!! :)

  14. Kaylee Killebrew

    Kaylee Killebrewヶ月 前

    where am I when you guys do these videos. I would drop everything

  15. Masterrush4015 IXxSlIENTDEATHXI

    Masterrush4015 IXxSlIENTDEATHXIヶ月 前

    Where my Indiana neighbors at🇺🇸

  16. Masterrush4015 IXxSlIENTDEATHXI

    Masterrush4015 IXxSlIENTDEATHXIヶ月 前

    Where my Indiana neighbors at🇺🇸

  17. Sachiwaru Bizu

    Sachiwaru Bizuヶ月 前

    where are they now? I'm from the Philippines

  18. Jimbo Packin

    Jimbo Packinヶ月 前

    Duuude i love bonefish grill 😂 indy is lit.

  19. brandon lantier

    brandon lantierヶ月 前

    The boss lady: What is wrong with you guys? This mentality is what is wrong with her and many people, shes probably never really taken a chance or really lived in her life.

  20. PixelSoulist

    PixelSoulistヶ月 前

    So they leave just for two weeks?

  21. PixelSoulist

    PixelSoulistヶ月 前

    I’m indonesian and i do think that Bali should get out of indonesia. Why? Because they’re amazing, indonesia just sucks their money out for the whole country. Indonesia doesn’t deserve bali

  22. project 2501

    project 2501ヶ月 前

    10k is nothing in LA so they had to move

  23. Pie Powered

    Pie Poweredヶ月 前

    Here's 2 months rent and living expenses, now go quit your job.

  24. MrJJuK

    MrJJuKヶ月 前

    "Apple stock" 😂 😂 😂 That's why you go Android boys and girls.

  25. Shaun Jobs

    Shaun Jobsヶ月 前

    they lived at home with their parents in Indiana. that 10k probably could've lasted them even longer at home

  26. Justin Peterson

    Justin Petersonヶ月 前

    Hmm...I'd do it but I'd need more than 10K unfortunately

  27. Francois Davis

    Francois Davisヶ月 前

    Oh wow would change my life in south africa....

  28. TexasTimelapse

    TexasTimelapseヶ月 前

    Hit pause at 4:47

  29. Grace Marie

    Grace Marieヶ月 前

    This video has me EMOTIONAL

  30. Josh Rangel

    Josh Rangelヶ月 前

    Do this again !(:

  31. filip30051

    filip30051ヶ月 前

    Apple stock went from $152.82 to $269.31 from the time this video was uploaded to the time I made this comment. That would mean had she invested $10000. That means she could have bought 65 shares with a little left over. Those 65 shares today would be worth $17505.

  32. Astral'o Pithecus

    Astral'o Pithecusヶ月 前

    Trump supporters don't like this video.

  33. Al Spider-Man Horford

    Al Spider-Man Horfordヶ月 前

    I’m sick and tired of this fake positivity, it’s really annoying

  34. PlumFit /Life

    PlumFit /Lifeヶ月 前

    I'd quit my job to explore with people like you guys and help spread happiness and entertain people across the world! Also making new friends would be cool! You guys are awesome!

  35. Rashadow

    Rashadowヶ月 前

    New pitch idea: Give a homeless 10k for working 60Days as your assistant.

  36. Cristian W

    Cristian Wヶ月 前

    just 5 grand to quit their job doesn't seem that fair to them, at least should have made it 10 grand each

  37. Mayowa Ajokotola

    Mayowa Ajokotolaヶ月 前

    What movie was that at the end?

  38. kamatmehbro

    kamatmehbroヶ月 前

    She isn't wrong... APPL just hit $270 USD.

  39. SwastikaAryan 77

    SwastikaAryan 77ヶ月 前

    Whenever someone gives other people some insane money, Me. beast gets boner.


    SKIDS n STUFFヶ月 前

    Ok this video. This one. This is mental.

  41. T W

    T Wヶ月 前

    It's wild, the different people that the universe chooses to bring to you during these challenges.

  42. Dan Russo

    Dan Russoヶ月 前

    THIS! So much Yang Gang 2020 vibes. Monthly universal basic income will take the weight off of everyone's shoulders so that they can at least feel mildly comfortable when they want to quit and look for something else more fulfilling or worthwhile.

  43. Chris McCuaig

    Chris McCuaigヶ月 前

    Man if i had 10k dollars i could finally start my fishing tackle making business. Had the dream since i was 12. Just started it last year. But being jobless means you have no finances to build the company so its been really slow going and very very tough mentally physically and an emotional rollar coaster ride. Get on average 4 to 6 hours of sleep a day cause all i do is create and try to build and make. Without having money to do it. But i keep on going and keep on trying. And will never give up. Cause its my dream.😊👍

  44. lizard9

    lizard9ヶ月 前

    Update on these two

  45. Helen Hyde

    Helen Hydeヶ月 前

    Awww.......I want an update on this couple.❤️❤️

  46. Gerhard Bontia

    Gerhard Bontiaヶ月 前

    Go here in Philippines @yestheory ✈✈✈🙏🙏

  47. Gerhard Bontia

    Gerhard Bontiaヶ月 前

    Go here in Philippines @yestheory ✈✈✈🙏🙏

  48. Chad Brookes

    Chad Brookesヶ月 前

    Can you come uk and I’ll quit my job for 1k

  49. PapiXChezz

    PapiXChezzヶ月 前

    David: Okay,you lived and pet a homeless man’s dog,here is your car

  50. Gleb Belogolovtsev

    Gleb Belogolovtsevヶ月 前

    Person- * Quits day job* Also Person- "Thank God I have another 2-night jobs to pay for my LA rent"

  51. Glen De Luna

    Glen De Lunaヶ月 前

    Still living here in the PH???

  52. Shekinah Bell

    Shekinah Bellヶ月 前

    This so beautiful ❤️ they should make a JPreporter channel. Would love to follow their story. Soooo happy for them !

  53. Shawney Beee

    Shawney Beeeヶ月 前

    I wonder what they’re doing now

  54. Taneja Dozier

    Taneja Dozierヶ月 前

    Can y'all come to Mississippi?

  55. Eve Lin

    Eve Linヶ月 前

    My boyfriend really needs this - wish i could do this for him. The company he worked for 8 years and done his apprenticeship with fired him 3 months ago, and they lied to him and did not give him any education qualification so he is struggling to find a real job. He worked his way up to a business manger of that company and he is now working part time in retail & he's got MDD ever since... literally kills me watching him suffer every day but had to go to work in a shit job and get treated like shit because he needs the money to live. All he needs is money for tuition for a degree now really. ugh i hate money

  56. iPsiiKo Olivier

    iPsiiKo Olivierヶ月 前

    i Would have said yes and get the full material to get my Music Room with Mixing station and be able to create and share my music !

  57. Gloomy Days

    Gloomy Daysヶ月 前

    They must have 10 phones for everyone that they meet

  58. Andrew Hill

    Andrew Hillヶ月 前

    That nigga scootin 3:52

  59. Kartika Prabawati

    Kartika Prabawatiヶ月 前

    did she say bali is in philippines?! lmao

  60. Keaton Barney

    Keaton Barney2 ヶ月 前

    Ayeee I’m delivering pizza rn😂