Giving My Shed a Tiny House Makeover!



    BEN TRAVELS22 分 前


  2. Teeter Totter

    Teeter Totter23 分 前

    Wait. WHY IS COOKIE IN COLORADO??????????

  3. Taylor Parker

    Taylor Parker23 分 前

    I like the yellow curtains! The cream are nice but I feel like they look a bit out of place. Hope that helps❤️ it looks amazing!!!

  4. Karen Kinney

    Karen Kinney23 分 前

    Sorry , I’m not a fan. I know you’ve been working really hard but I think we just have different taste.

  5. Nancy Sanchez

    Nancy Sanchez23 分 前

    RYLAND THIS IS SICK! I love your content! sending love :)

  6. Kristene Forest

    Kristene Forest23 分 前

    It looks so good but those lights are way too orange maybe that's the vibe he was going for though idk

  7. Shelby Slack

    Shelby Slack24 分 前

    your shed bigger than my entire apartment

  8. Jade Ashlyn-Blair St. Darko

    Jade Ashlyn-Blair St. Darko24 分 前

    I just love the reveal, it looks so idyllic and really does give a happy vibe!

  9. Paige Keenor

    Paige Keenor24 分 前

    #1 trending! Iconic

  10. Sirena Villarreal

    Sirena Villarreal24 分 前

    whos your camera man?

  11. Emma Keneally

    Emma Keneally25 分 前

    Okay this shed is the cutest!!!!

  12. L_T99

    L_T9925 分 前

    I can’t get over that Ryland said “rain boots” when he was talking about his wellies

  13. Ariana Lani

    Ariana Lani22 分 前

    Wellies and rain boots are the same thing. I’ve never heard anyone call them wellies in North America

  14. Truth Be Told

    Truth Be Told26 分 前

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  15. Hanhien Salo

    Hanhien Salo26 分 前

    I just loooooooooooooooooooooove room makeover videos 😫😫😫😫🔥🔥🔥🔥💖💖💖💖💖 I'm a decorating-whore

  16. Mackenna Winland

    Mackenna Winland27 分 前

    who is ur cameraman

  17. Lauren Claire

    Lauren Claire28 分 前

    Bro, him moving that big ass elliptical by himself had me dead😂😂

  18. BS in The Shop

    BS in The Shop28 分 前

    great vid this. this what I'm doing these days FPV drones, they are amazing you would love this. BS

  19. Melissa Ann

    Melissa Ann28 分 前

    I just realised their shed is the same size as my apartment.

  20. Midnight Star

    Midnight Star29 分 前

    No one Literally no one Shane calling Ryland dad

  21. Grace Samples

    Grace Samples30 分 前

    ryland come remodel my room lol

  22. Joanna Almendarez

    Joanna Almendarez31 分 前

    When he kept talking about the contractor I kept hearing( one Carlos )and the whole video I kept wondering where the other Carlos ( Carlos #2) was and then I realized at the end that he was saying Juan Carlos

  23. Megan Salmela

    Megan Salmela31 分 前

    hold on ryland was talking about having a tv in the shed but 10 minutes ago he was saying they need a space where they can talk without the tv being the focal point😂

  24. Juliana EGGHHH

    Juliana EGGHHH29 分 前

    Megan Salmela haha ikr

  25. Hotel Chill

    Hotel Chill31 分 前


  26. Eddy127

    Eddy12732 分 前

    I wish we saw morgan and andrew reaction

  27. Jordan Sykes

    Jordan Sykes32 分 前

    Juan Carlos is so nice!! He did an awesome job!!

  28. Nicole

    Nicole33 分 前

    I love how Morgan did not help... ME AF CEO OF WATCHING PEOPLE STRUGGLE 😂😂

  29. Wade Riedemann

    Wade Riedemann33 分 前

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  30. Molly Avocado

    Molly Avocado33 分 前

    Shane from <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="178">2:58</a> to <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="182">3:02</a> 😂

  31. Juliana EGGHHH

    Juliana EGGHHH29 分 前

    Molly Avocado omg lol

  32. Bella F

    Bella F33 分 前

    Can someone tell me their other dogs name (not uno) lmao

  33. Eddy127

    Eddy12733 分 前

    Best shed ever who would of thought a shed would become the best podcast space

  34. Jana Rogers

    Jana Rogers33 分 前

    No joke I Heard a hi. Please tell me if I’m crazy

  35. A C Now You See Me

    A C Now You See Me33 分 前

    Number 1 trending 🐷

  36. Laden Jacobsen

    Laden Jacobsen34 分 前

    That was painful to watch you move that exercise machine

  37. Eddy127

    Eddy12734 分 前

    Congrats trending

  38. Eddy127

    Eddy12734 分 前

    So cute go watch Shane see the reveal

  39. Ares king

    Ares king34 分 前

    Aren't y'all engaged, so when is the wedding

  40. Eddy127

    Eddy12734 分 前

    Omg ryland that podcast space is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  41. Jazicality

    Jazicality35 分 前

    This is number 1 on trending and I’m not mad at it😂😂

  42. Nivaldo Rodrigues

    Nivaldo Rodrigues35 分 前

    We meet Andrew, now we need to meet Ryland's cameraman.

  43. Annie Copeland

    Annie Copeland35 分 前

    Now this is a she shed and I live for it!!

  44. franny frann

    franny frann35 分 前

    CONGRATS on trending 🙂

  45. Scott Hill

    Scott Hill36 分 前

    Maybe he could employ someone who’s lost their job and let them live in that structure for free

  46. Crafty Crayons

    Crafty Crayons36 分 前


  47. Nancy Tigress

    Nancy Tigress36 分 前

    Ryland could be a home designer he is really good. Maybe do a series where you do a JPreporterrs room ☺️👏

  48. Jen

    Jen36 分 前

    Ryland, the shed looks soo nice! Please come and give my bedroom a makeover hahah.

  49. constanza araya guzman

    constanza araya guzman36 分 前

    I love how morgan went to help ryland to move all the thing out of the shed, and she just gave ryland moral support

  50. Ashley Carpenter

    Ashley Carpenter38 分 前

    Who thinks rayland should do what Shane said about interdessgin sorry I can't spell

  51. Megan Salmela

    Megan Salmela38 分 前

    this is SO something i would do if i had money

  52. mamis regia

    mamis regia38 分 前

    I just love ryland eyes🤩😍 n yeah like shane say ry need his own diy decor tv show😍❤🙏

  53. Cymera Kearse

    Cymera Kearse39 分 前

    That looks great omg !! You should do design professionally ! I’m a new sub ‼️🥰

  54. Nohemi Fernandez

    Nohemi Fernandez39 分 前

    Okay but Shane’s blue pig sweatshirt is everything!

  55. Bethany Paulukonis

    Bethany Paulukonis39 分 前

    Ryland moving the Elliptical 😂😂😂 I cant

  56. The One Odd Duck - Living with Disorders

    The One Odd Duck - Living with Disorders39 分 前

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I've missed watching you. Glad to see that you are both doing well. And, I agree with Shane; you should consider interior designing...You have an obvious talent for it and it makes you happy. Seeing you so proud of your creativity and success is heartwarming. I am looking forward to your next video. Take care and stay healthy! ❤️

  57. Hicks rabbits

    Hicks rabbits40 分 前

    You should get the beams and paint them like wood or put stained wood and screw it around them for more detail it would look really pretty live how it turned out

  58. Diego Aguilera

    Diego Aguilera40 分 前

    You should get a mini fridge with Diet Coke

  59. HRH

    HRH40 分 前

    DIY king! But where’s the ac? I had anxiety bc summer’s coming and I don’t want you to melt in that beautiful space.

  60. lizzy Howelk

    lizzy Howelk41 分 前

    WOW!!😍 I can’t wait for the podcast!!!!! I hope it comes fast.

  61. lizzy Howelk

    lizzy Howelk40 分 前

    All it needs is a little patio!

  62. Ivy Blessed Gold

    Ivy Blessed Gold42 分 前

    Y’all should move to Colorado cuz California will be gone GONE UNDERWATER by 2029.

  63. B. B.

    B. B.42 分 前

    can you both just disappear? Please.

  64. Sierra Cross

    Sierra Cross42 分 前

    i like the cream curtains better, the yellow ones are a bit too much i think with all the other yellow

  65. PHILLIP S Gritsenko

    PHILLIP S Gritsenko43 分 前

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  66. JulianaCT

    JulianaCT43 分 前

    Shane's hair always looks so easy to work with and soft I'm jealous 😂

  67. Valerie Canales

    Valerie Canales43 分 前

    Like if ryland should do a 24h challenge in there

  68. Linz _ zee

    Linz _ zee43 分 前

    I continue to be so incredibly impressed at the outcome of these projects- even though Ryland has already shown us how creative, talented, and hardworking he is- and how much of an eye he has for interior design. Plus, it goes without even saying that his videos are always hilarious.. and I totally agree with Shane, he could have a show doing this stuff. He has such good taste; I would love to see him do like a miniseries decorating parts of Jeffree's new house!

  69. nataly saavedra

    nataly saavedra44 分 前

    OK but is no one going to mention that the cameraman sounds like Julian solomita

  70. Evelyn ortiz

    Evelyn ortiz44 分 前

    Everything is so much cute

  71. mehana rivers

    mehana rivers45 分 前

    “I said my gay brother would love that” I love Morgan 😂😂😂

  72. Gina Nolasco

    Gina Nolasco45 分 前


  73. Melody Morning Star

    Melody Morning Star45 分 前

    Ryland is soooo handsome

  74. Melody Morning Star

    Melody Morning Star46 分 前

    Ryland has a cute butt

  75. carendestiny

    carendestiny46 分 前

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1196">19:56</a> when he said he didn’t want any help I thought he was going to say it was because he didn’t want anyone to be able to say they helped for some reason lmao

  76. Alen KaZemi

    Alen KaZemi47 分 前

    I'm alen Kazemi and allikazemi13482020 and love you so much♥♥♥♥

  77. Rebekka Perez

    Rebekka Perez48 分 前

    love the makeover! can't wait for more podcasts to listen to! hope u add some live plants for clean air 😀

  78. osmara gonzalez

    osmara gonzalez48 分 前

    Omg when Shane is getting onto Ryland about distancing 😂 cause he’s out of breath. Me with everyone cause I have asthma and allergies! 😆😐

  79. Christa Grau

    Christa Grau48 分 前

    Okay Ryland...imma need you to come over and decorate my whole house...ya know when everything is back to normal lol. This love is so freaking amazing!!

  80. Melody Morning Star

    Melody Morning Star49 分 前

    We need Ryland and the gang on HGTV

  81. Megan Salmela

    Megan Salmela49 分 前

    shane seems so happy. is that just me?

  82. Amelie Grace

    Amelie Grace49 分 前

    "This looks nicer to our house". Same.

  83. Melody Morning Star

    Melody Morning Star50 分 前


  84. Brigette Spring

    Brigette Spring50 分 前

    I know money is like taboo to talk about but i would love to know how much it cost to get insulation and electrical and all put in as i am considering a similar project myself