Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'Catch Me If You Can' MV (Korean Ver.)


  1. Elif Cansu Demir

    Elif Cansu Demir6 時間 前

    *anyone doesnt care that when ur watching that song ok just CATCH ME IF YOU CANN*

  2. Jin Sangmyŏng

    Jin Sangmyŏng15 時間 前


  3. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic16 時間 前


  4. Dan Duhigg

    Dan Duhigg22 時間 前

    Please find my heart

  5. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic16 時間 前

    jеби се сероња

  6. Dan Duhigg

    Dan Duhigg22 時間 前

    Jessica is my favorite member 😣❤️💕💕😇😋😋😛😊😊😊😊😊

  7. RoSaeLia Rai

    RoSaeLia Rai日 前

    I'm going to find my Heart.❤

  8. Aslışah Cinci

    Aslışah Cinci日 前


  9. Andrew Zhu

    Andrew Zhu日 前


  10. Lucius Brave

    Lucius Brave2 日 前

    bro, pretty faces, no asses thoooooo

  11. anggi puspitas

    anggi puspitas2 日 前


  12. Gauss24

    Gauss243 日 前

    damn they're beautiful and the song is nice

  13. Mekalygie

    Mekalygie3 日 前

    GG is a perfect representation of how to be sexy without being trashy Much respect!

  14. 陳柏翰

    陳柏翰3 日 前


  15. Deye Ayue

    Deye Ayue4 日 前


  16. 음맛있다

    음맛있다4 日 前

    그 당시 뮤비 세련됐다고 생각했는데 오줌필터 무엇

  17. daniel270108

    daniel2701084 日 前

    Cong 71M Their 12th ❤❤💚💚💜💜💙💙💛💛 71.772M

  18. Sheva Laurencia

    Sheva Laurencia4 日 前

    Please comebackkk

  19. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic4 日 前


  20. Jhernara

    Jhernara5 日 前


  21. Ken Lee

    Ken Lee5 日 前


  22. Pai

    Pai5 日 前

    Up until now if i listen to this song still cant stop thinking that this should be jessi's last song.

  23. Zoe Tso

    Zoe Tso6 日 前

    2019? Sorry im still streaming the OT9 verison

  24. Zoe Tso

    Zoe Tso6 日 前

    Who's still streaming the OT9 version but not this

  25. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic6 日 前


  26. Paula Sánchez

    Paula Sánchez7 日 前

    My favorite part is when they "I'M GOING TO FIND MY HEEAAAARRT"

  27. Treadstone Operative

    Treadstone Operative7 日 前

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  28. Ibune Juangga

    Ibune Juangga7 日 前

    Please make acomeback (reunion) Ot9 it will be shake the world ... *Sorry for bad english..

  29. Eddie Soriano

    Eddie Soriano7 日 前

    The original version and the best is with sica but SM deleted it

  30. Loe Le

    Loe Le7 日 前

    I miss SNSD so much

  31. Loe Le

    Loe Le7 日 前

    72M thẳng tiến

  32. Henjie_01

    Henjie_017 日 前

    I miss this!!!! I always watch this since i was grade 3 now im grade 6

  33. daniel270108

    daniel2701087 日 前


  34. Cătălina Ciubotaru

    Cătălina Ciubotaru8 日 前

    If someone says that GG did only cute concepts imma gonna throw this in their face

  35. Rose Qtr

    Rose Qtr8 日 前

    Who thinks this song is like song TVXQ Catch Me ?!

  36. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic9 日 前

    그녀들은 매우 매혹적이다😍❤️

  37. Zho0m

    Zho0m9 日 前

    Can please anyone tell me all the names of the members and refere to the minute they appear? I'm new to Girls Generation and I would like to know all of them. Thank you in advance :)

  38. Kim Hyoyeon

    Kim Hyoyeon10 日 前


  39. _The Star center

    _The Star center10 日 前

    Always in my heart ❤️❤️❤️

  40. Ngân Tường

    Ngân Tường10 日 前

    I'm still here in 2019

  41. 陳柏翰

    陳柏翰10 日 前


  42. Nani_ Van Gogh

    Nani_ Van Gogh11 日 前

    Still my favorite MV besides I got a boy

  43. 윤아ᄋ

    윤아ᄋ11 日 前

    소시 보고싶다

  44. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic11 日 前



    FTJ GAMEMER12 日 前


  46. karjin 25

    karjin 2512 日 前

    When this MV came out, i really got hooked on it

  47. UwU Luvie

    UwU Luvie12 日 前

    3:14 chill girl 🥺

  48. Ken Lee

    Ken Lee12 日 前


  49. Sheila Lee

    Sheila Lee12 日 前

    Who is here in October 2019?

  50. Anne Ree

    Anne Ree13 日 前

    At 0:36 and 1:05 .. they look like the same .. 🤔

  51. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic13 日 前


  52. 陳柏翰

    陳柏翰13 日 前


  53. Treadstone Operative

    Treadstone Operative13 日 前

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  54. Christian Anderson Teodoro Quispe

    Christian Anderson Teodoro Quispe14 日 前

    ssshhhh like

  55. Joseph Muloi

    Joseph Muloi14 日 前

    I can dance same

  56. dc az

    dc az14 日 前

    I'm going to find my heart! Patiently waiting for your comeback.

  57. Shaggy Santosh

    Shaggy Santosh15 日 前

    Anyone here in November 2019?🤗


    CYNIC LIN15 日 前

    nice music

  59. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic15 日 前


  60. Maciej Kaczorowski

    Maciej Kaczorowski16 日 前

    Can someone tell me who is who in this mv cuz

  61. Maciej Kaczorowski

    Maciej Kaczorowski16 日 前

    @dave mendes thank u cuz it was hard for me to diferenciate frmon to another

  62. dave mendes

    dave mendes16 日 前

    0:37 , 1:11, 2:00 , 2:41 is Yuri (Sexiest) 0:42 , 2:07 , 3:38 is Hyoyeon (Dancing Queen) 0:48 , 1:29 , 1:46 is Yoona (Visual ) 0:56 , 1:53 , 3:03 , 3:25 is Sooyoung (Tallest) 1:04 , 2:34 , 3:17 is Seohyun (Maknae) 1:08 , 2:15 , 3:31is Sunny (Aegyo Queen,Eyes Smile Princess) 1:15 , 3:13 , 3:28 is Tiffany (American Girl, Eyes Smile Queen) 1:25 , 2:24 , 2:57 , 3:20 is Taeyeon (Kid Leader)

  63. Mohamed BEZIANE

    Mohamed BEZIANE17 日 前

    اصعب رقصة في التاريخ🙀استعرف بكم👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👗🧣👢👡👠🕶👜

  64. Girls’ generation are goddesses of Kpop

    Girls’ generation are goddesses of Kpop17 日 前