Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'Catch Me If You Can' MV (Korean Ver.)


  1. dino nugu aegi?

    dino nugu aegi?時間 前

    I will never stop being salty that we didn't see more of Hyo in this hair color 🥺

  2. Riz Salvador

    Riz Salvador3 時間 前

    Only Lee seung gi catch yoona 's heart..hihi My Goddess Yoona

  3. Julie Waters

    Julie Waters6 時間 前 මම ගසාගෙන යද්දී මට නැවතත් දැව හරහා දිවීමේ සිහිනය ආරම්භ වී ඇතනමුත් මම එයින් get ත් වන අතර වෙන දෙයක් මතක නැත

  4. Rossen Goshev

    Rossen Goshev8 時間 前

    I'd argue that this is the absolute best music dance video I've seen in my life.

  5. 陳柏翰

    陳柏翰16 時間 前


  6. NN Châu

    NN Châu日 前

    If this MV was in the present, it would be only the performance video :v

  7. KIM ROSEᄆᄋᄆ

    KIM ROSEᄆᄋᄆ日 前

    هي وينك

  8. Hanim Akma

    Hanim Akma日 前

    Watching this in 2020. I'm glad that I got that chance watch Japanese version (ot9) back then.

  9. Hyegi bby

    Hyegi bby日 前


  10. Allen Jin

    Allen Jin日 前


  11. Joseluis Valdivia

    Joseluis Valdivia日 前

    💐💐💜💜🌷🌷 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵 Girls generations

  12. Evelyn Reis

    Evelyn Reis日 前

    It's better with Jessica

  13. Maudy Putri Gunansa

    Maudy Putri Gunansa2 日 前


  14. lisa's bangs are more stable than your life

    lisa's bangs are more stable than your life3 日 前

    I recall hearing this on TV way back 2015 when I was 9. I almost forgot how much I loved this song. But anyways, I suddenly remembered this, and I'm here today to listen to this 5 years later! I'm 14, and a fan of 3rd Gen K Pop Girl Groups, but who cares if the groups I stan are from 3rd Gen? I still love this anyway, even if this song is 5 years old.

  15. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic3 日 前

    그녀들은 매우 매혹적이다😍💖

  16. super mayora

    super mayora3 日 前

    Bengie watching soshi videos bec of this lockdown

  17. Hani Abshir

    Hani Abshir3 日 前

    Their is no one is the same level as GIRL GENERATION pink point black Period. 🔥🔥❤❤❤

  18. Vianna Nolen-Peters

    Vianna Nolen-Peters日 前

    Hani Abshir I totally agree!

  19. ishie yahhh

    ishie yahhh4 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="218">3:38</a> make way to the dancing queen

  20. Júnior Ingre

    Júnior Ingre4 日 前

    Jessica ❤️🥺

  21. Jin Sangmyŏng

    Jin Sangmyŏng4 日 前


  22. nenn mob

    nenn mob4 日 前

    I’m sorry but I am only streaming the Jess version. Bye

  23. Ibirounke Odufale

    Ibirounke Odufale5 日 前

    I was playing this song once and my mum said she knows it. It was shocking.

  24. Lanacreepy

    Lanacreepy6 日 前


  25. Music The Best

    Music The Best6 日 前

    Yoona so beautiful.

  26. تبلوةءب انييولس

    تبلوةءب انييولس6 日 前


  27. Enrique Pocholo

    Enrique Pocholo6 日 前

    Podrías subir el dorama de escalera al cielo o esencia de mujer porfavor me encantan 🙏🙏🙏

  28. kageyama is bby

    kageyama is bby6 日 前

    im telling my kids that this was little mix

  29. Allen Tan

    Allen Tan6 日 前

    그녀들은 매우 매혹적이다😍❤️💖

  30. 로망클라RomangCla

    로망클라RomangCla6 日 前


  31. Manan Buya

    Manan Buya7 日 前


  32. Manan Buya

    Manan Buya7 日 前



    TWICE4EVER7 日 前

    Honestly this is ONE of the best snsd songs that they made legit

  34. kushal rocks

    kushal rocks7 日 前

    Very niceeeeeee dance & song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍



    There are 9 girls jesika is not in this song , she kiked out of group by sm. So sad.

  36. Jin Sangmyŏng

    Jin Sangmyŏng4 日 前

    Зачепи јеби

  37. Adrian BR00

    Adrian BR008 日 前

    100M for CMIYC

  38. Rian Adriansyah

    Rian Adriansyah8 日 前

    I think no girl group can dancing with hard coreography like this while them singing with stability vocal.

  39. Blue Sparkle

    Blue Sparkle8 日 前

    Cause of death: Tiffany's lip bite bruh

  40. xXSoldier08YangXx

    xXSoldier08YangXx8 日 前

    It's 2020 and it's still one of their best MVs. 🇺🇸👍💖

  41. 조한별

    조한별9 日 前


  42. Ute

    Ute9 日 前


  43. Asmaul Khusnah

    Asmaul Khusnah9 日 前

    Kalian kapan comebacknya

  44. Asmaul Khusnah

    Asmaul Khusnah9 日 前

    Musicc terrr terrrrr

  45. 陳柏翰

    陳柏翰9 日 前

    不虧是少女時代 👍👍

  46. tj Tanner

    tj Tanner9 日 前

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="93">1:33</a> i love that move, sexy

  47. Cheyenne Hew

    Cheyenne Hew9 日 前

    *Fifth Harmony who?* *I only know Girls' Generation*

  48. lamyaa tourrais

    lamyaa tourrais10 日 前

    Who's missed old kpop? Yes =like Yes =comment Yes =breathe

  49. Istiqomawati

    Istiqomawati10 日 前

    Miss them so much #gg99eva #GG4EVA

  50. Chun Li

    Chun Li10 日 前

    I may be 5 years late but this is a bop

  51. Chun Li

    Chun Li10 日 前

    I have been a kpop fan since 2018 And I'm just discovering Snsd omg there songs are addictive! I just wished they would add english captions.

  52. Arsyy

    Arsyy10 日 前


  53. Jin Sangmyŏng

    Jin Sangmyŏng11 日 前

    I like Yoona!😍💖

  54. Rosé's official husband

    Rosé's official husband11 日 前

    Their dancing skill is NO JOKE!!!

  55. Ali Alsajad

    Ali Alsajad11 日 前

    lim yoona our queen♡

  56. Ali Alsajad

    Ali Alsajad11 日 前

    Kim Taeyeon our queen♡

  57. Ali Alsajad

    Ali Alsajad11 日 前

    S♡NE 4ever

  58. Ali Alsajad

    Ali Alsajad11 日 前

    Girls Generation are our queens♡

  59. Ali Alsajad

    Ali Alsajad11 日 前

    SNSD are legends♡

  60. Odin Doin

    Odin Doin11 日 前

    Típico estas en plena construcción y aparecen las girls generation para alegrar jaja .

  61. Peter Bellic

    Peter Bellic12 日 前


  62. cosine tan

    cosine tan12 日 前

    me watching their choreo. snsd: catch me if u can. *le face palm*

  63. rahtree buppah

    rahtree buppah12 日 前

    I miss snsd ❤️

  64. rahtree buppah

    rahtree buppah12 日 前


  65. madiha fathima

    madiha fathima12 日 前

    Is it strange if i feel bad for their neck? I mean all those hair flips must hurt

  66. Isabelle Cristina

    Isabelle Cristina12 日 前

    2020? QUEENS💖

  67. Guilherme Adams

    Guilherme Adams13 日 前

    setting an opinion like it's the main truth.

  68. Guilherme Adams

    Guilherme Adams13 日 前

    scummy shaming comments.

  69. Taeyeon Kim

    Taeyeon Kim13 日 前

    74,252,668 05/24/20

  70. Allen Jin

    Allen Jin13 日 前

    그녀들은 매우 매혹적이다😍🥰️💖

  71. Rose Harris

    Rose Harris13 日 前

    can they do these songs for RED VELVET plssss!

  72. Edelyn Orias

    Edelyn Orias13 日 前

    This mv has their coolest dance moves.

  73. Merlin pindan

    Merlin pindan14 日 前

    Woahhhh I MISS THEM


    ANNE CARYL14 日 前

    74 229 684 05.23.2020

  75. Jin Sangmyŏng

    Jin Sangmyŏng15 日 前


  76. Joy

    Joy15 日 前

    Still there for my girls

  77. Joseluis Valdivia

    Joseluis Valdivia15 日 前

    💐💐💜💙♥💜💙♥🌷🌷 Girls generation 💐💐💜💙♥💜💙♥🌷🌷

  78. reactions fit

    reactions fit16 日 前

    Diosas, viendo este video en plena cuarentena del 2020

  79. raha ajn

    raha ajn16 日 前

    We miss you gg

  80. Vivi Jung

    Vivi Jung16 日 前

    i miss you

  81. Rafima Palao

    Rafima Palao16 日 前

    May 21 2020 here?

  82. 陳柏翰

    陳柏翰16 日 前