Gingerbread House Scandal | OT 22


  1. William Vuong

    William Vuong3 時間 前

    “That Illegal!” - Coby

  2. Power Man

    Power Man6 時間 前

    I got the dude perfect dragon!!!!!!!

  3. Charlie Gibson

    Charlie Gibson7 時間 前

    20:50 lol

  4. Eli Heaney

    Eli Heaney8 時間 前

    The blowing up a building in Texas but didn’t age too well

  5. Nelas Miltenis

    Nelas Miltenis11 時間 前

    It really triggered me when the santa claus said pound it AND nogin The AND

  6. Potato Likes poopy and cloud

    Potato Likes poopy and cloud11 時間 前


  7. Richard Markinco

    Richard Markinco12 時間 前

    Why did th get Cody a leaf blower? I feel bad for him.

  8. blackflash taha

    blackflash taha12 時間 前

    i fell bad for cody

  9. kody hall

    kody hall15 時間 前

    Cody is so steamed

  10. bkross80

    bkross8015 時間 前

    He is a great judge

  11. Music Man

    Music Man16 時間 前

    Why is no one talking about the fact that ty’s fall actually looked real😶👀

  12. Benchmarq Rondina

    Benchmarq Rondina17 時間 前

    i love how coby is fine losing get crafty

  13. Jetfire 945

    Jetfire 94518 時間 前

    He said that it’s meant to be a house , but Cody got discredited for it. Yet Garrett built a shack and won

  14. Daymon Dernier

    Daymon Dernier19 時間 前

    Why was Cory trying to use the walls as a roof and the roof as walls?

  15. cquick 3

    cquick 319 時間 前


  16. Maya Butterfly

    Maya Butterfly20 時間 前

    HA HA HA

  17. Maya Butterfly

    Maya Butterfly20 時間 前

    Ha Ha

  18. Maya Butterfly

    Maya Butterfly20 時間 前

    He he

  19. Aiden Gavin

    Aiden Gavin21 時間 前

    Its so funny that they put the mr beast dragon in there.

  20. IronMinecart87

    IronMinecart8722 時間 前

    Coby: That’s illegal

  21. Omer Syed

    Omer Syed23 時間 前

    Ned is now an official terror giver!

  22. O

    O日 前

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  23. Purple Guy William

    Purple Guy William日 前

    “We didn’t celebrate his 2nd battle win” Didn’t even remember his 3rd...

  24. franz unger

    franz unger日 前

    I love how in camping stereo types cody says "burnt to the core now that's a s'more" and here he says" just lightly brown not to burnt"

  25. Josef Benedict

    Josef Benedict日 前

    I feel Cody right now 😢

  26. Jack Robke

    Jack Robke日 前

    Lives in Texas, doesn't like the tropics

  27. tomaza

    tomaza日 前

    4th of July in February? how about June instead

  28. king of AMV bro

    king of AMV bro日 前

    to be honest i feel like garrett's did not look like gingerbread house at all i looked like a beach just with a hut and some Christmas trees

  29. Kayden Owens

    Kayden Owens日 前

    Cody is holding back his tears he deserves the win garret didn’t do anything

  30. Kayden Owens

    Kayden Owens日 前

    I know right

  31. ckchang0606

    ckchang0606日 前

    I think the reason why Cody was hosed multiple times was because he's been on Wheel once only so they figured why not make this an unfortunate Christmas for old Cody

  32. Koala

    Koala日 前

    Please tell me that I'm not the only one who noticed that the dp dragon was fighting the

  33. Soulless Child

    Soulless Child日 前

    dude prefect is like the only intro that you can go back 5 sec and will still be the same like what its crazy

  34. Freddyppg

    Freddyppg日 前

    10:57 mr beast dragon

  35. Austin Hardy

    Austin Hardy日 前

    Who else saw Ned golden boy on the shelf in the back ground

  36. Blake Meesey

    Blake Meesey日 前

    Dragon City copied the game Monster Legends

  37. Carrus Brick Productions

    Carrus Brick Productions日 前

    They’re made by the same people dude

  38. Yasmin Alvarez

    Yasmin Alvarez日 前

    Anyone look at the captions during the carol

  39. TCWK- SUS

    TCWK- SUS日 前

    anyone notice the (GOLDENBOY) on 23:28

  40. Elliot Kopitske

    Elliot Kopitske日 前

    22:30 I have one of those

  41. Evan Johnson Golf

    Evan Johnson Golf日 前

    If I’m being honest Garret’s COOL NOT COOL present for Coby would’ve Super Cooled anyways

  42. Anabel Palmer

    Anabel Palmer日 前

    ned: that’s! un-! fortunate!!!!! coby: that’s illegal

  43. raynemikael rubian

    raynemikael rubian2 日 前

    Why did tyler name cort larry Edit:cory

  44. Olivia Wriede

    Olivia Wriede日 前

    Larry Cotton is Coby and Cory's dad. So Ty is saying that their dad must be embarrassed when Cory has a bad get-crafty project.

  45. Karthik N B

    Karthik N B2 日 前

    23:50 if you are looking for a fish🐠

  46. Dave CHAN [6S]

    Dave CHAN [6S]2 日 前

    10:56 Mr beast dragon vs dude perfect dragon??? who would win

  47. Joe Shalmy

    Joe Shalmy2 日 前

    Cody legit looks depressed as heck

  48. vismile

    vismile2 日 前

    Get crafty should be judged anonymous like metal detector battle

  49. Raiziel 78

    Raiziel 782 日 前


  50. Midgentics

    Midgentics2 日 前

    23:08 LOL

  51. Landon Miller

    Landon Miller2 日 前

    How did garret win?!?!?!?

  52. Midgentics

    Midgentics2 日 前

    I really feel like Cody should've won the Gingerbread House

  53. Keltix

    Keltix2 日 前

    Anyone notice the laugh track has ksi’s laugh

  54. Kavionte Blems

    Kavionte Blems2 日 前

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  55. Name

    Name2 日 前

    *cries in Hanukkah*

  56. FlareMaster141

    FlareMaster1412 日 前

    The square industry characteristically rejoice because son electrophysiologically blink anenst a rebel wax. second, assorted bobcat

  57. Jacob Roberts

    Jacob Roberts2 日 前

    New title: Cody almost quits Dude Perfect

  58. Julian Drew

    Julian Drew2 日 前

    -I mean Ned looking a little bob Ross

  59. CyCon720

    CyCon7202 日 前

    It's all fun and games until someone has to clean Cody's office

  60. Senan Hanna

    Senan Hanna2 日 前

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  61. Andrew Zilla

    Andrew Zilla2 日 前

    Cody should have won

  62. Aubrey acree

    Aubrey acree2 日 前

    I thought the mics were FAKE

  63. zaki gaming 10

    zaki gaming 103 日 前

    Ada orang indo

  64. zaki gaming 10

    zaki gaming 103 日 前

    I like cool Not cool

  65. Ahmad Rafi

    Ahmad Rafi3 日 前

    Hold on i can watch 2160p in phone now?

  66. Pollard

    Pollard3 日 前

    “Did Santa already deliver your forgiveness?” The best Cory quote of the whole show, maybe even ever

  67. Faze Diamond

    Faze Diamond3 日 前

    11:23 they do be vying the mrbeast dragon tho

  68. Jonathan McCarthy

    Jonathan McCarthy3 日 前


  69. Ovick09

    Ovick093 日 前

    People who actually watch the whole sponsor through 👇👇👇👇

  70. chaudster_13

    chaudster_133 日 前

    I cant wait for Cory to get 1st place for get crafty

  71. Atticus Himli

    Atticus Himli4 日 前

    Should of got second

  72. Atticus Himli

    Atticus Himli4 日 前

    I mean Cody

  73. Atticus Himli

    Atticus Himli4 日 前

    Sparky ruins the show ty should of won and coby should of got second

  74. Skippy Productions

    Skippy Productions4 日 前

    Cody should of won get crafty

  75. Alex

    Alex4 日 前

    We need Sparky as the full time "Get Crafty" judge.

  76. Stephilove6

    Stephilove64 日 前

    This overtime in a nutshell: F in the chat for Cody

  77. Jessie Sparrow

    Jessie Sparrow4 日 前

    Is it just me or are we too interested in the video that we forget to life sometimes!! Lol 😝

  78. Burns :

    Burns :4 日 前


  79. Vrishin Rathnam

    Vrishin Rathnam4 日 前

    O 👞

  80. Vrishin Rathnam

    Vrishin Rathnam4 日 前

    You do not have to get first 🥇 because you do not get any prize

  81. Vrishin Rathnam

    Vrishin Rathnam4 日 前

    Cory got last place because he did not put chromas details

  82. Vrishin Rathnam

    Vrishin Rathnam4 日 前

    How did cody lost the gingerbread house 🏡 spark said you put to much details

  83. Stella Vlogs

    Stella Vlogs4 日 前

    Dude perfect you don’t know how much this means but I’m starting to give up on life. I feel like there’s no purpose but Overtime makes life so much better. Thank you and I hope you never stop ❤️

  84. MousewasTaken

    MousewasTaken4 日 前

    The Sponsor Segment The Dude Perfect Panda Dragon Was Going Against The MrBeast Dragon Because There Like 1Mil Away Lol

  85. Jayani A

    Jayani A4 日 前

    "That's illegal" 😅

  86. Alan Kindt

    Alan Kindt4 日 前

    I love your show

  87. Ben and MJ Green

    Ben and MJ Green4 日 前

    We have not seen panda in a long time like if you agree 👇


    UCALARATI4 日 前

    Did anyone notice the dude perfect dragons was fighting the mr beast dragon that’s weird

  89. Ingel Reinson

    Ingel Reinson5 日 前

    Sparky: 5 minits left Ty:Noo just kitting i am adding final tutches Cory:Noooo

  90. Ingel Reinson

    Ingel Reinson5 日 前

    Ty:first of get crafty oo and Sparky is back Gerret:Noo no no no nooooo

  91. Roblox gameplays

    Roblox gameplays5 日 前

    7:23 i laughed in tears at that part

  92. Teresa Stoicescu

    Teresa Stoicescu5 日 前

    I think this was Cody’s second wheel unfortunate One like = ten prayers for Cody

  93. Neetu Vijayvergiya

    Neetu Vijayvergiya5 日 前

    Dp gets new dragon playing against- Me beast 😁😁

  94. Johnny Joestur

    Johnny Joestur5 日 前

    i feel so bad for cody, he looked like he was on the verge of tears.

  95. Adam Paul

    Adam Paul5 日 前

    Ty oh great

  96. Devin Cesnik

    Devin Cesnik5 日 前

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  97. Suns10Rule

    Suns10Rule5 日 前

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  98. Nooby Noob

    Nooby Noob5 日 前

    You made this video exactly on my birthday

  99. lmhoekstra

    lmhoekstra5 日 前

    I’m a Cory fan

  100. Gildarts29

    Gildarts295 日 前

    I was team Tyler but after this I have too go team Cody he got robbbed

  101. khalil rashid

    khalil rashid6 日 前

    I'm Crying for Cody rn😭

  102. Dante Central

    Dante Central6 日 前

    Cory: None if my pieces fit and they can in a kit. Me: The roof was supposed to be the side and the wall’s were supposed to be the roof.