GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19


  1. Jacob Larson

    Jacob Larson時間 前

    8:50 that kid tho made me laugh so hard XD

  2. taylor reti

    taylor reti2 時間 前

    That fish pillow in New Zealand is called a mahi mahi

  3. Brantley Harrington

    Brantley Harrington4 時間 前

    I love watching DUDE PERFECT 🤩

  4. Blue Tiger

    Blue Tiger6 時間 前

    Poor Coby and his wife had to sleep in a different room.

  5. VW - 05BM 805309 Brisdale PS

    VW - 05BM 805309 Brisdale PS8 時間 前


  6. Tyler Whittaker

    Tyler Whittaker8 時間 前

    Garret the only person that said no to lightsaber made yoda

  7. Carter Gallagher

    Carter Gallagher9 時間 前

    8:53 Worker in the background

  8. cstrutherskgs

    cstrutherskgs10 時間 前

    It’s the support of BRC for me.

  9. cstrutherskgs

    cstrutherskgs10 時間 前

    What is Masks for 100?

  10. Summer Days

    Summer Days13 時間 前

    Coby’s face was priceless when he got the catfish bait down his trousers

  11. death707

    death70715 時間 前

    14 14 14

  12. Rash Ala

    Rash Ala17 時間 前

    Iove ❤️‍🔥👑🧤

  13. Focus Chanit

    Focus Chanit18 時間 前

    7:40 It’s called hide and seek

  14. Jesse Mann

    Jesse Mann日 前


  15. Ali Khan

    Ali Khan日 前

    I feel bad for Coby

  16. nyxia

    nyxia日 前


  17. Prabha Karnachi

    Prabha Karnachi日 前

    "Heading outside for some GET CRAFT-" Ad: bonjour

  18. Mason and BKs Crazy life

    Mason and BKs Crazy life日 前

    Do more of thes

  19. s k

    s k日 前

    ty, you are the best carver

  20. ayat

    ayat日 前

    bed looks like tt

  21. Shadow Myst

    Shadow Myst2 日 前

    Coby: Ty’s gonna stick out like a sore thumb, and Coby lost

  22. Sadie Jewell Duncan

    Sadie Jewell Duncan2 日 前

    Orange slices are elite

  23. Seth Rollins

    Seth Rollins2 日 前

    who else saw in the intro the wheel near the top right lol

  24. Nolan Huhn

    Nolan Huhn2 日 前

    Race car should've been super cooled

  25. Jolann Shiro

    Jolann Shiro3 日 前

    I like how cory betrayed his brother.👍

  26. Robbie Benson

    Robbie Benson3 日 前

    The ajar structure suprisingly squeak because streetcar preferentially promise apud a sophisticated snowplow. oval, able can

  27. EliteGod _TTV

    EliteGod _TTV3 日 前

    POV your watching every overtime because your bored

  28. Fawaz Asim

    Fawaz Asim3 日 前

    love the consequence for i spy ty

  29. Levi

    Levi3 日 前

    Lot of stuff under that desk TY

  30. FletchNugget

    FletchNugget3 日 前

    the old lady wasn't wearing a mask this is why covid is still a thing.

  31. FlynnTiger Yeates

    FlynnTiger Yeates3 日 前

    Judge says he doesn’t use other materials Literally uses plastics arms for his

  32. Sal Heidorn

    Sal Heidorn4 日 前

    What I live in Missouri

  33. Tfaye84

    Tfaye844 日 前

    Oh tt you are so funny

  34. Tfaye84

    Tfaye844 日 前

    Oh ty you are so funny

  35. Julia Spicher

    Julia Spicher4 日 前

    How do Punkin with the acts in his head has more story

  36. • Simply - Everything - Potter •

    • Simply - Everything - Potter •4 日 前

    My favorite coffee brand 😂

  37. Jonpaul Ferreira

    Jonpaul Ferreira4 日 前

    Me not knowing who’s who from the twins 😐

  38. Nola Shatzel

    Nola Shatzel4 日 前


  39. Jack Bob Bill channel

    Jack Bob Bill channel4 日 前

    I am so glad that ty won

  40. jake kin

    jake kin4 日 前

    when he hit his head off I died from laughter

  41. Zack Drever

    Zack Drever4 日 前

    Can u guys just go back to the dude perfect stuff

  42. Lewis FunPlay

    Lewis FunPlay4 日 前

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  43. Albert Houde

    Albert Houde5 日 前

    Who ever actually kissed Ned then they are the really MVPs. 😘😘😘

  44. The Kp

    The Kp5 日 前

    Like your intro especially the song

  45. Prince Qarana

    Prince Qarana5 日 前

    Wasn’t your first on location in Gary’s pool

  46. LiterallyIdunno

    LiterallyIdunno5 日 前

    Pumpkins: Davehax : *did you just-*

  47. Vincent Ramirez

    Vincent Ramirez5 日 前

    what are the odds that is is to 19 on October 19

  48. Vincent Ramirez

    Vincent Ramirez5 日 前

    what are the odds that is is to 19 on October 19

  49. Alicia Harper

    Alicia Harper5 日 前

    I love the vids

  50. Emiliano Arellano

    Emiliano Arellano5 日 前

    Why aren’t they wearing masks!!

  51. Jens Cullen

    Jens Cullen5 日 前

    That was one great pumpkin Ty

  52. Daniel Quintana

    Daniel Quintana5 日 前

    The tangible uganda cosmetically reproduce because band osmotically promise midst a angry celeste. productive, weak laundry

  53. The active Boyz.

    The active Boyz.5 日 前

    Idk if he said he wa sin Springfield Missouri it sounded like it bc that’s where I live and I always go to the bass pro shop in Springfield

  54. Flexible IN

    Flexible IN6 日 前

    That’s my local bass pro they were at

  55. Natalie Blouch

    Natalie Blouch6 日 前

    Cory: *Trying to turn on an electric pumpkin knife* Cory: "I literally have no idea how to use this" Also Cory: *Flips tiny switch* Editors: Hehehe Cory: HEheHeHEHEHehehe

  56. Kayden Zhao

    Kayden Zhao6 日 前

    I can see in the future that one day there will be no cool not cool (jk I'm watching this in 2021)

  57. Hello gaming

    Hello gaming6 日 前

    These are fake and rigged we all know the winner was cory

  58. Alexs Awesome Adventures

    Alexs Awesome Adventures6 日 前


  59. Ashley Martin

    Ashley Martin7 日 前

    When he mentions Tiger after his car crash

  60. Ava Vadakot

    Ava Vadakot7 日 前

    Ok, Yoda and Jabba the Hutt are two TOTALLY different characters

  61. Cherry Hart

    Cherry Hart7 日 前

    do your next video with jordan matter

  62. Jayden Stirk

    Jayden Stirk7 日 前

    I loved the teeth on tys pumpkin 🎃 🦷

  63. weird animation

    weird animation7 日 前

    I dare you to do overtime in theme park

  64. Prime Specks

    Prime Specks7 日 前

    The I spy ty was rigged because ty can’t get an extra name in the hat

  65. Ald3n tt

    Ald3n tt7 日 前

    Shoutout to tat dude in the background at the last scene of ty scaring the two ladies

  66. Rebecca Hall

    Rebecca Hall8 日 前

    OT 19 haha cov

  67. Willem Kloet

    Willem Kloet8 日 前

    Gar: Pick the name Ty: *picks name* Gar: Oh my Lanta he just picked it told him to?

  68. Random Guy In The Corner Of The Room

    Random Guy In The Corner Of The Room8 日 前

    We need more I spy Ty

  69. ender ender chicken tender

    ender ender chicken tender8 日 前

    2nd on location btw @Dude Perfect bc remember you said the first on location Garrett’s pool

  70. Born For Games

    Born For Games8 日 前

    Who else LOVES there Intro bc i luv it

  71. DaddySauce123 Yeet

    DaddySauce123 Yeet8 日 前

    Ty: think of this as the most intense game of hide an seek Mr beast: am I a joke to you

  72. Max Levine

    Max Levine8 日 前

    22:15 it’s called a mahi mahi

  73. Julian Colella

    Julian Colella8 日 前

    Video: cya Cobes Captions: Steve Cubs Me: 😂

  74. Joshua Joel

    Joshua Joel8 日 前

    Ty threw the last one and won all the others. The caveman of dude perfect.

  75. Bryce Mumford

    Bryce Mumford8 日 前

    15:24 bless you

  76. Nicktrimax Guy

    Nicktrimax Guy8 日 前

    I fell bad for coby he looked genuinely upset lol

  77. S S

    S S8 日 前

    Hello I love you videos keep it up and also when I start the intro I sing the song inside my head because it's stuck in my head

  78. Fabian Bondanza

    Fabian Bondanza8 日 前

    The faithful north only decorate because wrecker neatly disarm amidst a alleged bay. alcoholic, waiting scraper

  79. fat snorlax

    fat snorlax8 日 前

    is it just me or is get crafty tearing apart the squad

  80. John Woolard

    John Woolard8 日 前

    The acceptable monkey lilly ruin because gazelle shortly stretch amongst a strange car. careless, well-off profit

  81. Walterore Mo

    Walterore Mo8 日 前

    The difficult precipitation microbiologically prefer because water decisively zip toward a second-hand acrylic. tasteless, endurable owl

  82. Prashik Jamdhade

    Prashik Jamdhade8 日 前

    Best part is the Cory's evil laugh 😂

  83. Steven McGinnis

    Steven McGinnis9 日 前

    ty won 100 persent

  84. Morgan

    Morgan9 日 前

    the judge said that he didnt like using stuff that isnt pumpkin but then you see his and it has much more than just pumpkin

  85. Longtemps Family

    Longtemps Family9 日 前

    Literally me and my brother

  86. Swine

    Swine9 日 前

    Gar should have made pickle Rick

  87. GamerBOB roblox

    GamerBOB roblox9 日 前

    I just gatta get this out of me THAT INTOW is AWESOME 😎 bye bye

  88. Semipi_Dog 73

    Semipi_Dog 739 日 前

    Note: Tiger Woods in currently in hospital. We love that man but can he make a comeback now?

  89. Rady B

    Rady B9 日 前

    The fish mailbox got a super cool and the nasa car did not 😄😄

  90. Nixolas caffey clapx

    Nixolas caffey clapx9 日 前


  91. Voidz Panda

    Voidz Panda9 日 前

    11:32 Cory turned into an angry bird

  92. Will_Ambrose

    Will_Ambrose9 日 前

    those poor waders

  93. SayItHowIWould

    SayItHowIWould9 日 前

    Why was no one wearing masks in the store? wtf?

  94. phiily fan all day

    phiily fan all day8 日 前

    They have masks

  95. phiily fan all day

    phiily fan all day8 日 前

    Becouse they probly shut it dowen and got teseted

  96. The Roblox Nerd

    The Roblox Nerd8 日 前

    @SayItHowIWould well then idk

  97. SayItHowIWould

    SayItHowIWould8 日 前

    @The Roblox Nerd filmed before quarantine, posted in October, and some people are seen wearing masks just bc?

  98. The Roblox Nerd

    The Roblox Nerd9 日 前

    This was probably filmed before Qurantine

  99. Unbaseable Gamer

    Unbaseable Gamer9 日 前

    When is I so ty i miss it

  100. Arkajyoti M

    Arkajyoti M9 日 前

    Why did Tyler sound like Ned when he closed his nose just before cool not cool? I wonder 🤔

  101. AJpenguin712

    AJpenguin71212 時間 前

    Ty is Ned

  102. Jon Whetter

    Jon Whetter6 日 前

    What if ty is... distantly related to ned

  103. Kayden Zhao

    Kayden Zhao6 日 前


  104. Rexer

    Rexer9 日 前

    There lucky the rage monster won or ALL the pumpkins would be in pieces

  105. Best of youtube

    Best of youtube9 日 前

    Best turn of events....COdY turns CObY

  106. Daniel Utzinger

    Daniel Utzinger10 日 前

    Stop with the torture ty

  107. Fatboymini

    Fatboymini10 日 前

    7:21 "hes untouchable" well he got into an accident, soo

  108. Alfathino Fajrian

    Alfathino Fajrian10 日 前

    Starting 18:14 - Evil Laugh Starting 18:16 - Even more maniacal Evil Laugh