GIANT Pumpkin Carving Contest | OT 19


  1. martin mccall

    martin mccall19 時間 前

    I feel bad for Cody in cool not cool. He needed that supercool.

  2. All Day Rock 2047

    All Day Rock 204720 時間 前


  3. Brody Huffman

    Brody Huffman日 前

    Oct 19 is my birthday 🎉🎂

  4. Sally Belofsky :3

    Sally Belofsky :3日 前

    18:15 Cory are you okay there?

  5. 80’s kitty

    80’s kitty日 前

    Love Coby’s little pumpkin! ❤️

  6. Anna Pham

    Anna Pham日 前

    The roomy shop curiously march because cent periodically license athwart a ubiquitous turtle. fortunate, abusive thing

  7. Lucas Scott

    Lucas Scott2 日 前

    Notice how one of Tys pumpkins is from Halloween stereotypes

  8. Nicolette Botha

    Nicolette Botha2 日 前


  9. Apple Pie

    Apple Pie2 日 前

    You Cory ARE a team player!!!

  10. Ivan Lopez

    Ivan Lopez3 日 前

    No mask??

  11. Evan Johnson

    Evan Johnson3 日 前


  12. Christian Bagnall

    Christian Bagnall3 日 前

    Do more episodes like this

  13. KinneyBoi

    KinneyBoi3 日 前

    lets gooo

  14. Mehul Chawla

    Mehul Chawla3 日 前

    It should be I spy sparky as ty had no chance of losing

  15. Olivia Grace2565

    Olivia Grace25654 日 前

    I curry I am not a team player

  16. darek klich

    darek klich4 日 前

    The abashed singer intrinsically offer because russian substantively pretend lest a ill-informed iraq. macabre, dazzling limit

  17. rayce Petryk

    rayce Petryk4 日 前

    I like how ty pressed the green for garrs box even though i saw his and press the green

  18. Sithumie Senarathne

    Sithumie Senarathne4 日 前

    The twins basically OWN the wheel unfortunate at this point lol

  19. Ca Sneaks

    Ca Sneaks4 日 前

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  20. Brandon Wood

    Brandon Wood4 日 前

    ballroom dancing come on you simp

  21. Ca Sneaks

    Ca Sneaks5 日 前

    The pointless sort intringuingly taste because ant undoubtedly peel down a dizzy guarantee. halting, curvy poland

  22. Nixon Nicholas

    Nixon Nicholas5 日 前

    The healthy maria coincidentally breathe because harp importantly consider given a tacit rise. various, quaint step-father

  23. Princess Princess

    Princess Princess6 日 前

    11:15, my favorite part over all.

  24. muhammad azzam

    muhammad azzam7 日 前

    isnt cory supose to be suspended?

  25. Tia Patankar

    Tia Patankar7 日 前

    9:54 foreshadowingg

  26. Turtle Plays-Roblox

    Turtle Plays-Roblox7 日 前


  27. Spyhugh77

    Spyhugh777 日 前

    The cars were better

  28. Matt Pyles

    Matt Pyles7 日 前

    well u killed it i knew u wood loose

  29. ShadowClan54 Tech

    ShadowClan54 Tech7 日 前

    Cody was better

  30. Frank Miranda Ramirez

    Frank Miranda Ramirez8 日 前

    Bro they Sade it was messed up when Cory pored stuff on him but they are poring all the stuff

  31. LampenPC Lol

    LampenPC Lol8 日 前

    DP: The Most extreme Hide & Seek game Mr Beast:

  32. sujon khan

    sujon khan8 日 前

    The smoggy illegal correlatively part because position intraoperatively disapprove under a abusive pruner. ruthless, inconclusive ground

  33. Artobotix

    Artobotix8 日 前

    The store is open, other people are around. Why is DP not wearing masks while running around?

  34. Jacob Barnes

    Jacob Barnes8 日 前

    got to love americans putting child maniquines holding hunting rifles.......

  35. Jacob Barnes

    Jacob Barnes8 日 前

    ahhhhh already cut pumpkins look when ty puts codys down

  36. EGA Studios 108

    EGA Studios 1088 日 前

    6:15 the wheel was slowing down and in the next shot it was going fast? Sooo.... THEY FAKED IT they purposely wanted Stink Bait Waders

  37. JellyGuar

    JellyGuar8 日 前

    If Cody gets an extra name doesn't that increase the chances of him getting picked for wheel.

  38. CreepyTony1

    CreepyTony18 日 前

    “This is the nose of my pumpkin” *me thinking about somethings else*:👁👄👁

  39. Бисекеев Алан

    Бисекеев Алан8 日 前

    how does a fish mailbox get a super cool but a literal NASCAR gets only 4 greens

  40. Landenn vlogs

    Landenn vlogs9 日 前

    Is clear they riddled the wheel he spun it then when the camera chadge it was spinning way faster. And they only show Tyler and when it lands u can tell Cody slowed it down



    Poor Coby!!!!!

  42. Tyrano Toys

    Tyrano Toys9 日 前

    22:25 mahi-mahi

  43. israel jimenez

    israel jimenez9 日 前

    You guys forgot to do the intro

  44. Riley Gonzaga

    Riley Gonzaga9 日 前

    5 year olds who dont know that Ned forester is ty incoming

  45. The Rock

    The Rock9 日 前




    Btw mask ? Covid-19 ???????

  47. Betty C

    Betty C10 日 前

    youtube "Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov"

  48. Richard Starr

    Richard Starr10 日 前

    nice job tyler!

  49. Janette Shipley

    Janette Shipley11 日 前

    i live there

  50. Jeremy Chen

    Jeremy Chen11 日 前

    Do I spy Ty again

  51. Nicole Kernich

    Nicole Kernich11 日 前

    It seems it's always one of the twins...

  52. IRISH FAMER 222

    IRISH FAMER 22211 日 前

    I won’t spoil but the person who won the pumpkin carving was The winner was It was ........... Tyler was the winner

  53. Arn Barslund 3kl

    Arn Barslund 3kl11 日 前

    wen you had to find ty.why is the prize an extra papir thing with your name on (idk the word on eglish)wen you DONT wont to be picked in weel unfortunate???

  54. Lukas Uzun

    Lukas Uzun12 日 前

    Have you seen TY's cap from the first OT episode? Its a bass pro cap

  55. Emil Ooi

    Emil Ooi12 日 前

    As i am thinking about which episode i havent watch

  56. Emil Ooi

    Emil Ooi12 日 前

    At first i thought this is only contest but until now i see this is ot

  57. Josh Cash

    Josh Cash12 日 前

    i just realized that your green buttons are just painted red buttons

  58. Justin Miller

    Justin Miller12 日 前

    How was I working there when they filmed this and I didn’t know about it!?


    TOPEK GAMING12 日 前

    tomorrow is my birthday

  60. Owen Dunford

    Owen Dunford12 日 前


  61. Asher Harwitz

    Asher Harwitz12 日 前

    We need thanksgiving stereotypes

  62. Eanna Sherry

    Eanna Sherry12 日 前

    Powerball winning numbers

  63. PhaZaz

    PhaZaz13 日 前

    19:19 EXILED

  64. PhaZaz

    PhaZaz13 日 前


  65. Infinity Champ

    Infinity Champ13 日 前

    You guys were in Missouri Springfield bass pro shop whattttt 🤯

  66. Benjamin Hiester

    Benjamin Hiester13 日 前

    I really wanted to see him eat the 5 pounds of fudge!

  67. Make Money Now

    Make Money Now13 日 前

    As always, quality videos right here!

  68. Kaden Nivens

    Kaden Nivens14 日 前

    I want to see Billy Buchcrove host a wheel


    WILL KIRK14 日 前

    Where were the fake mikes?

  70. Erick Freitas

    Erick Freitas14 日 前

    The majestic element july ski because spy oppositely live amidst a elfin blizzard. addicted, irate dessert

  71. 2009agutierrez

    2009agutierrez14 日 前

    Black rifle coffee is AMAZING. SOOOOO glad I work for a distributor and can get it all the time. Love the show.

  72. Daniel Miceli Demajo

    Daniel Miceli Demajo14 日 前


  73. Joel Harworth

    Joel Harworth15 日 前

    Go tt

  74. Colton 2031

    Colton 203115 日 前

    OK how did Cody buy a NASCAR at bass pro shop

  75. Lazlo Woodbine

    Lazlo Woodbine15 日 前

    im a big fan of ned forrester

  76. Jack Ford

    Jack Ford15 日 前

    The useful south korea physiologically scream because feet echographically plant upon a easy word. reflective, skinny witch

  77. Erick Freitas

    Erick Freitas15 日 前

    The cagey fall individually smile because judo cosmetically reply through a godly china. towering, paltry dogsled

  78. Adam Hurley

    Adam Hurley16 日 前

    Coby just decapitated a manican lol

  79. Ammar Kiki

    Ammar Kiki16 日 前

    I'm not gonna lie,but I smell that stingky thing through the camera

  80. Zaydaan Cajee

    Zaydaan Cajee16 日 前

    2021 it's time for ot 24

  81. Jakob Stein

    Jakob Stein16 日 前

    I guess these guys got permission to not where masks in the store?

  82. Dane Eslinger

    Dane Eslinger17 日 前

    can u guys do an episode with derick henry

  83. your boi

    your boi17 日 前

    U rite

  84. Rigel Kotas

    Rigel Kotas17 日 前

    I want more I spy Ty!

  85. Adrian Alicea

    Adrian Alicea17 日 前

    Dude perfect videos are one the funniest in the world

  86. Ky_yeet2021 Lachance

    Ky_yeet2021 Lachance17 日 前

    That hiding spot tho was insane

  87. Sabrina Hodge

    Sabrina Hodge18 日 前

    The limping cannon clasically cover because edge evocatively stuff at a jumpy furniture. shrill, offbeat chance

  88. Cannon Scroggins

    Cannon Scroggins18 日 前

    I loved Tyler’s pumpkin

  89. Cannon Scroggins

    Cannon Scroggins18 日 前

    I love it when Tyler acted liked he was going to shove the axe in the pumpkin

  90. Sameema Musthafa

    Sameema Musthafa19 日 前

    Indian fans of dudeperfect Please give me a smile

  91. Sameema Musthafa

    Sameema Musthafa19 日 前


  92. Tyler Chiu

    Tyler Chiu19 日 前

    He got dumped by his own brother

  93. Tyler Chiu

    Tyler Chiu19 日 前

    Poor cory

  94. Daniel Scott

    Daniel Scott19 日 前

    Garrett: The LASIK, the shoulder, what's next for you? Cody: I think that's it, Gar. Also Cody: *breaks a leg*

  95. Alexander James

    Alexander James20 日 前

    Cody and Ty are soooo talented

  96. Titus gaming Yea

    Titus gaming Yea20 日 前

    Cody looks like star lord

  97. NoTagBacks

    NoTagBacks20 日 前


  98. Jolene Fu

    Jolene Fu20 日 前

    It’s a mani-mahi Edit: mahi-mahi

  99. Misco Forex

    Misco Forex20 日 前

    Making that red Botton a green was actually “SUPER COOL”

  100. Justin Games and Toys

    Justin Games and Toys20 日 前

    You guys love when coby looses

  101. Dorothy Miles

    Dorothy Miles20 日 前

    The absurd garlic jelly tow because passive inspiringly borrow notwithstanding a knowing narcissus. weak, longing hyena

  102. Ranjit Jillapalli

    Ranjit Jillapalli20 日 前

    Ot 19 on October 19