1. Just a Bee

    Just a Bee時間 前

    But where are the vagina jokes?

  2. Blue Moon Window Cleaning channel

    Blue Moon Window Cleaning channel4 時間 前

    Wen is it coming out

  3. Mike D

    Mike D16 時間 前

    Stupid Covid for ruining the movie schedule I was so excited to see this movie!

  4. Esto es Lvl

    Esto es Lvl19 時間 前

    Like it.

  5. James Mcdonald

    James Mcdonald23 時間 前


  6. Rio Fourie

    Rio Fourie時間 前

    No, the first one is better

  7. Nemesis

    Nemesis日 前

    the kids kids never heard of ghosts or the ghostbusters? really? let's remember what happened in those movies. the giant Stay Puft marshmellow man! The Statue of Liberty walking in downtown New York! I'm sure people would remember some shit like that.

  8. John Hotelling

    John Hotelling日 前

    Feels wrong without the theme.

  9. juandex x

    juandex x日 前


  10. Miguel Sbert

    Miguel Sbert日 前

    Kids omg shit 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. Jimmy Solomon

    Jimmy Solomon2 日 前

    I think the trailer to Ghostbusters Half-Life is really crappy and s***** it should have been longer so hopefully Ghostbusters 6 is better but just a bunch of Ghostbusters in this stupid suit shouldn't lasers that goes is not really that interesting and they're just in the stupid and they're just using a dumb backpack and a stupid box Ghostbusters van that's not that cool of a car so thumbs down to Ghostbusters afterlife ,🖕🤬👎🥱😠 I really think they should take this trailer off JPreporter and make a better one

  12. Dribbiz

    Dribbiz2 日 前

    In an alternate reality, after Hill House, Theo Crain decided to bust the ghosts that were haunting her family

  13. chris venegas

    chris venegas2 日 前

    Looks good to me

  14. Callum nathan

    Callum nathan3 日 前

    Wheres ECTO-1A 😕

  15. Sethyas

    Sethyas3 日 前

    The town is nowhere near a tectonic plate??? Is it in space?

  16. Mark Quinn

    Mark Quinn3 日 前

    Trailer should just say 'Don't worry those cunts of 2016 never existed' and that's me sold.

  17. Mark Quinn

    Mark Quinn3 日 前

    We are all thinking the same thing right? This trailer alone is better then the 2016 film whose name we won't mention and never saw.

  18. Tygřátko

    Tygřátko4 日 前

    Is it me, or the little japanese guy, is somehow young version of "Dan Aykroyd ? ....

  19. Hey I'm a Maker

    Hey I'm a Maker4 日 前

    Anyone else from Alberta?

  20. PQ Vines

    PQ Vines4 日 前

    Look like they've busted ghosts from the Hollywood.

  21. yeongyuzone

    yeongyuzone4 日 前

    manager: how many horror movies do you wanna be in? finn: yes.

  22. The Zenno

    The Zenno4 日 前

    Wait, sony is making this movie, better be good

  23. Jayden Lefferson

    Jayden Lefferson4 日 前

    This was filmed in my town I can see so many things I recognize in real life. :)

  24. Matias Dimter

    Matias Dimter4 日 前

    Come on, realese this shit already!!!!!!

  25. Jefferson Debruin-Davis

    Jefferson Debruin-Davis4 日 前

    I forgot this was a thing

  26. Kiran S

    Kiran S4 日 前

    now all we need is slimer....

  27. cubeincubes

    cubeincubes4 日 前


  28. IDC _Animates

    IDC _Animates5 日 前

    Nobody: Babies on a plane: 2:12

  29. xofraze

    xofraze5 日 前

    Its weird how in stranger things season 2 fin is in it and he was talking about these ghost busters and now hes in a ghost buster movie

  30. GaboFox24

    GaboFox246 日 前

    I do not see any sense in this film because I do not see the classic ghosts that appear in the old films until those of 2016 I saw more sense this has nothing to do with the original films, and if the director is the son of the original director of all the others does not mean that he has the same success. Finally, I see this movie as a copy of our beloved Stranger Things. Soony don't try to make any more ghostbusters movies leave the job to warner or disney. >:(

  31. Tommy Cassin

    Tommy Cassin日 前

    Well ok no but ok

  32. Naeemah Lewis

    Naeemah Lewis6 日 前

    Awesome man I can’t wait to see it

  33. WegZurHölle

    WegZurHölle6 日 前

    when a movie focuses on the content and not on SJW feelings and political corectness nonsense

  34. raymond colon

    raymond colon6 日 前

    We needed this movie especially since that female feminine version that came out years ago what I waste of time money and energy that was

  35. QuarryBee

    QuarryBee7 日 前

    All the classic ips are coming back. Jurassic world, toy story (sorta) and now it’s ghostbusters

  36. David mk4

    David mk47 日 前

    The Ecto 1 is fully functional after 30 years and seems even faster

  37. Dave turbo

    Dave turbo7 日 前


  38. Loki Wolfhard

    Loki Wolfhard7 日 前

    i watched the trailer in the cinema and it was...omg...i loved it!!!

  39. Trevor Z

    Trevor Z7 日 前

    And that is one hell of a trailer

  40. Tryce

    Tryce7 日 前

    sounds good to hear ecto 1 siren

  41. Omar Diaz

    Omar Diaz7 日 前

    More better than the 2016

  42. Eric Arden

    Eric Arden7 日 前

    I'm hopeful that we'll get a reboot of the real ghostbusters cartoon. I actually like the more serious tone. The comedy aspect was lost on me as a kid. Even as an adult the comedy is definitely dated by today's standards. Comedy back then was more subtle and it's just shock humor and cheap sexual jokes.

  43. Dylan Nicolas Sandoval Guillen

    Dylan Nicolas Sandoval Guillen8 日 前

    Are we sure that by March 2021, the virus will be gone from a vaccine?

  44. Fnaf gamer

    Fnaf gamer8 日 前


  45. Yxng Xay14

    Yxng Xay148 日 前

    seeing ecto 1 gave me the chills

  46. Lewis White

    Lewis White8 日 前

    Are you all kidding me.....seriously you, you , yes you got notes, quotes, prominent moments...But....Seriously someone within one of the comments HAD too. Zuul...reference. Demon Dog! On hood! 0.0 Seriously i burned my battery down re watching and scrolling!

  47. Lewis White

    Lewis White8 日 前

    That was Paul Rud...rudd.rdd The man that refused to age.. i would say grow up but .....

  48. Lewis White

    Lewis White8 日 前


  49. Muckers

    Muckers9 日 前

    When stranger things & ghostbusters meet for the first time.

  50. Stefan Balliarno

    Stefan Balliarno9 日 前

    i dunno

  51. A Ghost.

    A Ghost.9 日 前

    Can they please stop putting little poopy pants face from stranger things in every godamn horror movie.

  52. Shine Automotive

    Shine Automotive9 日 前

    Can’t wait for this film

  53. MaQuGo119

    MaQuGo11910 日 前

    2:02 damn thats a big schnoz.

  54. MaQuGo119

    MaQuGo11910 日 前

    Press S to spit on feminism; D to dab on the 2016 movie.

  55. f o r r e a l t h o

    f o r r e a l t h o10 日 前

    I cant believe that finn will be here and he even wear a ghostbuster outfit for the series Stranger Things

  56. Alexey Borodulin

    Alexey Borodulin10 日 前

    no offence, but this is stupid. Ill watch just for the ecto-1

  57. Ma. Hermelinda Castillo

    Ma. Hermelinda Castillo10 日 前

    Its sep 9 and it not out

  58. Tuftycloud

    Tuftycloud10 日 前

    I’m so FUCKING excited I had to see it again

  59. Carla Pol

    Carla Pol11 日 前


  60. Quentin Saldana

    Quentin Saldana11 日 前

    i cant wait so exidad

  61. Royal_Yeet2kllz

    Royal_Yeet2kllz11 日 前

    What is with Finn and creepy movies lol

  62. bncnblrbr

    bncnblrbr11 日 前

    So it’s easily assumed that the grandfather (who’s dead) is Spengler. Molds, spies, fungus, etc., plus Harold Ramis has also passed, but I have another theory who these kids’ grandfather is. Spengler never had a girlfriend in the first two movies, so I don’t think he had any kids. I’m thinking the parents of the mom is Louis and Jeannie. He became an (unofficial) Ghostbuster at the end of the second movie, and Rick Moranis retired from acting shortly afterwards following his wife’s death, and isn’t listed in the credits like Annie Potts is. The other theory is that this family is in someway related to Oscar. It’s assumed Dana left his Dad before the second movie, and if she and Peter did get back together, Peter would be the one raising Oscar, so maybe the mom is either Oscar’s ex-wife or even half-sister. Bill Murray is in this movie, though, so when it’s implied that the grandfather’s dead, there’s little chance this is the case, unless there’s something not mentioned.

  63. Autumn Moon

    Autumn Moon11 日 前

    I live near the town they filmed this in. Been there hundreds of times . So awesome!

  64. Jeff the Killer

    Jeff the Killer12 日 前

    1:59 Terror Dog?!

  65. Steven Dee

    Steven Dee12 日 前

    When’s this out? I wanna see it

  66. Ryan Barrett

    Ryan Barrett12 日 前

    Egon's granddaughter, yes?

  67. Xyzwx

    Xyzwx12 日 前

    I’m sure that the four dislikes that this video has are from the 2016 ghostbuster’s cast

  68. Bruciphers Dungeon

    Bruciphers Dungeon12 日 前

    Thanks to Covid I’ve lost interest in this, Top Gun and several other movies. I’m not sitting in a theater will people ever again so I’ll have to wait for dvd. It’s just Stranger Things anyway. Seems like a lot of people have lost interest since all the comments are 3 months and older.

  69. Gaming Nerd

    Gaming Nerd12 日 前


  70. Frevy Balmores

    Frevy Balmores12 日 前

    I love the ghostbuster movies(the originals), and I have to say, Im excited for the release of this movie.

  71. Lil Sprout

    Lil Sprout12 日 前

    Movie has been finished being filmed for a year now.... but still forcing us to wait till 2021

  72. KuttyJoe

    KuttyJoe12 日 前

    I want to see this movie.

  73. Christopher Story

    Christopher Story12 日 前

    Ecto-1 siren is my lullaby. Never felt safer.

  74. BJ C

    BJ C12 日 前

    "Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma...I believe everything happens for a reason." Ergo, Ghostbusters 2016 had to happen for this film to happen.

  75. gavin tucker

    gavin tucker12 日 前

    Do you all wish this whole coronavirus blows over soon?

  76. Bret Buck

    Bret Buck12 日 前

    I was at that mineshaft when it was being filmed, my family didnt know why there were cables and why that was even built haha guess i have my answer now


    MASTA KILLA13 日 前

    And when are we gonna get a new trailer?!?!?!?


    MASTA KILLA13 日 前

    I’m worried about this, these “kid busters” might ruin it all...,

  79. Eruptor Movies

    Eruptor Movies13 日 前

    This Movie looks good I can't wait to see Slimer 🤗

  80. Lukas Carmen

    Lukas Carmen13 日 前

    they get the mood exactly right. It’s creepy at the beginning because you don’t know what’s happening then the action scenes come in. Everything about this excites me

  81. lililil

    lililil13 日 前

    “There hasn’t been a ghost sighting in 30 years” Everybody liked that.

  82. DanTheDan Studios

    DanTheDan Studios13 日 前

    I think (or at least hope) that this film may draw at least *some* things from the Ghostbusters Video Game. Part 1: The Mandala Point I: Shandor Mining Co (1:41) Shandor is definently a large part of Ghostbusters lore, so this is not the best piece of evidence, but as Shandor had a fairly large role in Ghostbusters: The Video Game, it would not be suprising for this to possibly be something similliar to (or is) a mandala node from the games. Point II: Town Map (0:35) I decided to see what happens if I pair up the Mandala Node Map from the video game, and the node markers appear to align with the circle around the town. One in the bottom left, just outside of the circle (maybe the Shandor mine) One on the top left, maybe the cinema seen in the town? One on the top right, where the 100 is, maybe the well we see with the green light coming out of it? and one in the center right. I currently have no guesses as to what this one may be. Point III: Town shaking on a daily basis (0:38) Stylized Version (I am aware that this is non-canon, but it may still have influenced the film) Tobin's Spirit Guide Entry for the Mandala: "Mandalas are powerful symbols when incorporated into ritual magic. At their base level, a mandala is an abstracted representation of reality, altered to filter in the aspects and beliefs that its designer wants to promote and accentuate. As for the specific use, it all depends on the ritual's ultimate purpose as well as where the mandala is inserted into this process." This much energy traveling throughout the town could possibly cause the ground shaking. Point IV: The Well (0:28) This well bursts with a mysterious green energy. This may possibly be the mandala trying to filter out excess energy, or as it was put in the game, the energy leaving the station. Part 2: The fat blob. This part is a lot shorter and flimsier. (1:06) I believe this blob may be this movie's version of a primitive Black Slime Monster from Ghostbusters: The Video Game. I also believe that this movie may contain something similliar to black slime, just not exactly the same, hence the fact that the slime isn't black. Or the blob might be haunted marshmallow goop, similliar to the Marshmallow Shambler from the multiplayer job version of the game. Thanks for reading this long pointless essay.

  83. Wooden Railway Man 3394

    Wooden Railway Man 339414 日 前

    this entire trailer gave me chills

  84. The Rave Music Archive

    The Rave Music Archive14 日 前

    Can't wait for this!

  85. JT Michaelson

    JT Michaelson14 日 前

    We really need a good sequel. I hope this is going to be it. And the whole, "There hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years" line. Spot on.

  86. Atharva Dixit

    Atharva Dixit14 日 前

    McKenna Grace's FAN ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  87. MiSS JeaNiuS

    MiSS JeaNiuS14 日 前

    I cried when they re-released Transformers. I'm crying 😭😭😭 all over again.

  88. Daniel Valencia

    Daniel Valencia14 日 前

    Going to tell my kids Howard Stern is Finn Wolfhard dad

  89. Luis Lomeli

    Luis Lomeli14 日 前

    Push it for like a year and a half

  90. M.F. Enwright

    M.F. Enwright15 日 前


  91. Try_Me

    Try_Me15 日 前

    Come on !! Got it all wrong in 2016 and doing it again

  92. Tommy Cassin

    Tommy Cassin14 日 前

    Different director. It’s the son of the director for the originals so this will be better

  93. Unlike Banjo

    Unlike Banjo15 日 前

    I actually saw this movie being filmed on a trip across Canada, all of the canyon shots are from Drumheller Alberta

  94. DiamondCommand

    DiamondCommand15 日 前

    Original Ghostbusters: men 2016 Ghostbusters: women 2021 Ghostbusters: kids

  95. kush dubey

    kush dubey15 日 前

    So women killed ghost buster and now kids are reviving (wrong spelling) it There has to be some sort of message here

  96. Tertius Oculus

    Tertius Oculus15 日 前

    Kids......... the outskirts......... :/ and this kid from Stranger Things now everywhere.

  97. Faustina Nyantakyiwaa-Berkye

    Faustina Nyantakyiwaa-Berkye16 日 前

    This is way better than 2016 ghostbusters

  98. Naw Say

    Naw Say16 日 前

    I always wondered, if an earthquake were to happen, why would you go to the deepest floor where the earthquake happens and why go under anything jf the earthquake will make it fall on you. Deepest part of your house or any place: squeezed to death by minimum air or the ground collapses on you and your trapped with no way out and no one can hear your cries. Which will lead to a slow painful death. Under anything like furniture: it will break and fall on you and it will break into pieces so you would probably have something in your back and through your head,

  99. Victor Fries

    Victor Fries16 日 前

    Good start for the extreme ghostbusters ;)

  100. caitlín forester

    caitlín forester16 日 前

    yessss a real ghostbusters movie!!

  101. Trick Lair Gaming

    Trick Lair Gaming16 日 前

    I don't want to be that person but all you meleven fans finn is probably gonna end up kissing that girl in the movie I don't really care but besides that the movie looks awesome

  102. Jared Felder

    Jared Felder17 日 前

    I am so exited to see this when this pandemic is over!

  103. SevelRomanov

    SevelRomanov16 日 前

    It won't be over any time soon. Scientists have already revealed that they are at least 2 years away from creating a fully effective vacination against Covid-19.

  104. Matt Critchley

    Matt Critchley17 日 前

    Thankyou. Just fucking thankyou.