1. John Knox

    John Knox26 分 前

    At least this one won't be trash like the last Ghostbusters.

  2. guardian

    guardian26 分 前

    0:13 the girl looks like if Tumblr was a person

  3. Original Witch

    Original Witch26 分 前


  4. Brian Kroodsma

    Brian Kroodsma26 分 前

    I was so worried it was gonna be the cast of the 2016 one. This is a HUUUGE relief

  5. Xocotzin Sanchez

    Xocotzin Sanchez26 分 前

    Me gusto, pero me gustaría mas que pusieran el puñetero temaaa!!!!!

  6. Ryan Maliek

    Ryan Maliek26 分 前

    Anyone else watch “The real ghostbusters” cartoon back in the late 80s?

  7. MrTyler189

    MrTyler18926 分 前

    Where are the original cast tho I dont care about these kids

  8. Matthew Tuber

    Matthew Tuber26 分 前

    MrTyler189 ji

  9. C A

    C A26 分 前

    See you on the other side, Ray

  10. Matthew Tuber

    Matthew Tuber26 分 前

    C A i know he did it yesterday

  11. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob27 分 前

    When the second Ghost Busters was so bad the newest one doesn’t even acknowledge that it ever happened. No ghosts in 30 years XD

  12. hertzer2000

    hertzer200027 分 前

    Stop it, Hollywood. Fucking stop it.

  13. Frbrbr Grblgrr

    Frbrbr Grblgrr27 分 前

    Ok I'm down

  14. Not_Mutmaster

    Not_Mutmaster27 分 前

    The Ecto is back baby!!

  15. Juan

    Juan28 分 前


  16. Check-Nate Clash Royale

    Check-Nate Clash Royale28 分 前

    This movie is gonna be boring. I bet this is worse than Ghostbusters 2016

  17. Darkswords14

    Darkswords1428 分 前

    Oh look Stranger Things It Busters.

  18. WC

    WC28 分 前

    I'll be pirating this.

  19. Logan Flint

    Logan Flint28 分 前

    “30 years” LMFAO female ghostbusters was so bad they made it noncannon

  20. Panks & Facts

    Panks & Facts28 分 前

    Sony : *Let's pretend 2016 Ghostbusters never existed* JPreporter : *Do you want to rent/buy ghostbusters* Sony : *oops 😬*

  21. Dangelo Paramore

    Dangelo Paramore28 分 前

    This looks horrible lmfao wtf why even put this in theaters? Should be straight to vhs.... I fell asleep just watching this pathetic trailer.🥱🥴

  22. Genesis Lucas

    Genesis Lucas28 分 前

    Me: huh a new ghostbusters Also me after watching the trailer: You had me at Finn wolfhard and Paul Rudd 😂

  23. Henry Lehrman

    Henry Lehrman29 分 前

    Sony continues their trend of celebrating excess

  24. chicagostyleasshole

    chicagostyleasshole29 分 前

    gozers minion 1:59 hell yes

  25. Antonio Robinson

    Antonio Robinson29 分 前

    Nobody: Me: who u gonna call You guys:

  26. Elf Erik

    Elf Erik29 分 前

    If people don't like this movie, at least they won't be called misogynistic nazis for literally no reason.

  27. Super Mario

    Super Mario29 分 前


  28. Jason Angulo

    Jason Angulo29 分 前

    Did anyone notice the name of the mine the two kids were walking towards? SHANDOR Mining Company... Remember Ivo Shandor from the first Ghostbusters movie, the Gozer cult leader who built the apartment building that Dana Barrett lived in. It's either just homage to the original or plays a big role in the new movie.

  29. Super987987

    Super98798729 分 前

    1:39 Shandor Mining Co.?? Ivo Shandor?? Now we know where he got the money/material for the portal at Dana's apartment.

  30. Toxic Watermelonz

    Toxic Watermelonz29 分 前

    Glad to see that this won’t be a shameless cash grab filled with terrible humour and no story whatsoever like the last movie you guys made. But for real, I’m actually pretty excited for this. A lot of great actors, updated special effects, and a connection the the original movies? Sign me up!

  31. Dominique D

    Dominique D29 分 前

    RIP Harold🖤

  32. Divine Potato

    Divine Potato30 分 前

    Who’s hyped for the female version?

  33. star night

    star night30 分 前

    So, ghost busters isn't a comedy anymore?

  34. John C

    John C27 分 前

    It became Stranger Things

  35. RDR2 Fan

    RDR2 Fan30 分 前

    I’m so damn happy that this isn’t based off the Female ghostbusters

  36. Evan Sylvester

    Evan Sylvester30 分 前

    SJWs: Im tRiGGerEd!!!!!

  37. Fanaticalplel Oof

    Fanaticalplel Oof30 分 前

    Summer 2020 is having a shitload of movies

  38. Edward Yeung

    Edward Yeung30 分 前

    Where's millie

  39. adam mac

    adam mac30 分 前

    Wait. An original Ghostbuster was his GRANDFATHER!? That makes me feel OLLLLLLLD!! * gets coughing fit from yelling *

  40. Jason Knoblauch

    Jason Knoblauch30 分 前

    Well this version of ghostbusters already looks better than the crap they made last year. That was a embarrassment. I’m so tired of these woke movies coming out lately

  41. littletubs

    littletubs30 分 前


  42. Tony Stank

    Tony Stank31 分 前

    Ant-Man AND Richie Tozier/Mike Wheeler?!? I'm in

  43. Sticky

    Sticky31 分 前

    The perfect homage to actor and character, have Egon be a ghost that helps the kids, with it being called "Afterlife" it needs to happen, or at the very least have Egon be a ghost no matter what he does