George Carlin on some cultural issues.


  1. Fen Wolf

    Fen Wolf5 時間 前

    i'd bet a few million of these views have been in the last few months of coronabullshithoax1984madness... Nihilistic comedy rocks in these times! ;-j

  2. Elaine C.

    Elaine C.7 時間 前

    Love Him!! They don't make 'em like him anymore. We need more comedians like him.

  3. Jake F

    Jake F11 時間 前

    6:06 The sad thing is, this hasn't changed a bit

  4. TornadoTJ

    TornadoTJ11 時間 前

    If only George lived long enough to see people taking pictures of their dinner and posting it on social media for immediate view.

  5. NKYVC 16-Thunder 2020

    NKYVC 16-Thunder 202012 時間 前

    One of the greatest social commentators of all time

  6. King Groover

    King Groover16 時間 前

    I agree with everything he said about voting and politicians that's why I don't vote.

  7. iShootTeamates

    iShootTeamates22 時間 前

    Bro I still love George Carlin rip he was such a legend

  8. John DOE

    John DOE22 時間 前


  9. D T

    D T日 前

    Who thinks his death was a lil to convenient?

  10. John Prosise

    John Prosise日 前

    Trump 2020

  11. m\Mark Lacount

    m\Mark Lacount日 前

    “Where are all the bright people of conscious?” Damn George

  12. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith日 前

    The same three ugly children!!!

  13. Mr Hombre Gordo

    Mr Hombre Gordo日 前

    My all time favorite person in history. Carlins ghost for President 2020😁😩

  14. Russell Linthicum

    Russell Linthicum日 前

    Amazing , out of the whole world ,he still chose to live here among us dumb a-- people . we are the greatest .

  15. Charles Clements

    Charles Clements日 前

    Was George Carlin a communist? [12:18]

  16. stryfetc1

    stryfetc12 日 前

    Funny as fuck how the camera man zooms in on the white guy with the backwards cap after the joke about it!🤣😂

  17. JerrBear74

    JerrBear742 日 前

    He spoke truth.. 👍

  18. Miko

    Miko2 日 前

    I love this guy

  19. Barry Ikard

    Barry Ikard2 日 前

    Where is the seven bad words at?

  20. VJs Utopia

    VJs Utopia2 日 前

    I miss him very much :(

  21. The Wake-up Express

    The Wake-up Express2 日 前

    SO, SO, SO GOOD!

  22. JoesGuy

    JoesGuy2 日 前

    Carlin on camcorders.... oh god, it's almost a blessing that he didn't live to see the age of the smartphone.

  23. Paul Boulter

    Paul Boulter2 日 前

    Mans a genius!!😂😂👍😝

  24. Luigi's Italian Restaurant

    Luigi's Italian Restaurant3 日 前

    Carlin is the best.

  25. Enigma-Sama

    Enigma-Sama3 日 前

    What a legend. This man is a GOD!

  26. robione knobe

    robione knobe3 日 前

    Always respected this guy. Never had a problem with speaking out on anything he didn't like or didn't agree with.

  27. TheTheratfarmer

    TheTheratfarmer3 日 前

    spit laughing, l o l. lol, ...

  28. Brian Matthews

    Brian Matthews3 日 前

    I truly miss you George. If only you were here now, OH! what material you would have. God rest you sir :)

  29. Jeremy Knappe

    Jeremy Knappe3 日 前

    He would lose his mind over Instagram, I feel.

  30. ZuZu

    ZuZu3 日 前

    Did I just crack how to manage my ADHD with a fucking George Carlin joke??? “If your motivated enough to get the book you are motivated enough to do the thing” I’ve done COUNTLESS motivation trainings and THIS FUCKING JOKE is the one that works???

  31. George R

    George R3 日 前

    Damn what a classic. There will never be another George Carlin

  32. Tommy Steward

    Tommy Steward3 日 前

    Damn we need this man right now.

  33. Kyllinge

    Kyllinge3 日 前

    A man so vocal from the "Silent" generation

  34. Sean Thomson

    Sean Thomson3 日 前

    I thought he'd be funnier. just sounds like an angry old white man

  35. Psycho_Maniac

    Psycho_Maniac3 日 前

    6th time back here this year. this guy still is relevant

  36. Kamala LSB

    Kamala LSB3 日 前

    Holy shit I can't believe I've never seen this dude before, he's amazing. Boy am I late to the party.

  37. Harmoneggs arm and legs

    Harmoneggs arm and legs3 日 前

    9min 48 sec More relevant now than ever. F@$# HOPE! The public sucks!Were all going down with this ship..... Well actually let me tell yah.If that fascist punk Donald Trump is president again(elected or just stays in even though he is voted out)I am going to leave this country and watch it collapse from somewhere else. Ha vote for Women for Trump Haha Blacks for Trump Haha All white supremacy for Trump... Hey there are some good people mixed in there right..??What a joke.If you are really awake and in touch with your history.I hope you see it all for what is. I don't understand how you could be a woman or a person of color and be behind this guy when he supports such outrageous s*** doesn't even be quiet about it?

  38. Preston Casertano

    Preston Casertano3 日 前

    Nobody comes close to Carline.

  39. random

    random3 日 前

    I can definitely disagree with his take on camcorders. I'm so thankful my mother documented the years before I was born because I can experience the world from her perspective before I was born and before she died. I enjoy watching the tapes she left behind

  40. Jim Ratliff

    Jim Ratliff4 日 前

    Genius is what he was. Loved this dude.

  41. Bannon Bothwell

    Bannon Bothwell4 日 前

    George Carlin speaks the truth, we are responsible for the shit politicians that we elect, thank God for Donald J Trump!

  42. Yas ser

    Yas ser4 日 前

    george will never die

  43. Alden21

    Alden214 日 前

    Hilarious seeing all the posts here from the dumb Millennials who actually think George Carlin is a boomer... lol He was born in 1937, before WWII.

  44. Kabir Basu

    Kabir Basu4 日 前

    George Carlin had a problem with camcorders, now everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Yikes.

  45. Raúl Erario

    Raúl Erario4 日 前

    The world will never be the same without you George.Never. Thank you.

  46. Sepia1989

    Sepia19894 日 前

    "Too many choices America. It's not healthy". Damn

  47. Ethan Johnson

    Ethan Johnson3 日 前

    like the fast food menus

  48. Delbert Seal

    Delbert Seal4 日 前

    Carlin is actually very pc.

  49. Delbert Seal

    Delbert Seal4 日 前

    Cowboys are not mythical. They are a part of America and Mexico culture. I know a cowboy who will not enter a building with air-conditioning. Foreal

  50. Shoaib Ali

    Shoaib Ali4 日 前

    Fuck Hope - George Carlin

  51. OldWayArtisans

    OldWayArtisans4 日 前

    Oh, George... Always the first to go for the nuclear option. You know why? Because nothing less gets heard or seen. Sir, you will be missed.

  52. Dave Blane

    Dave Blane5 日 前





  54. mum0003 mum0003

    mum0003 mum00035 日 前

    George, if you were around today, we'd be in alot less trouble, and we'd be laughing a whole lot more! R.I.P

  55. John Miller

    John Miller5 日 前

    The og blackpill and redpill

  56. Old Man from Scene Twenty Four

    Old Man from Scene Twenty Four5 日 前

    As a Boomer, I was NEVER handed anything. I had to work hard for everything I had and have now.

  57. Danny Girvan

    Danny Girvan5 日 前

    There was only one George. Knowledge, raw whit, presentation, taking truth and making it funny. Our loss. Needed today more than ever.

  58. Silus Greystone

    Silus Greystone5 日 前

    George would have had no end of rant about Trump and the establishment dems. Especially after the Trump-19 virus killed more Americans then the last 3 wars combined.

  59. P

    P5 日 前

    OMG he kills me. Hes too funny. RIP Gorge. Carlin

  60. Patrick Flanagan

    Patrick Flanagan5 日 前

    I know I know... but this time get out and vote him out.

  61. Wamujama W’inyamijosi

    Wamujama W’inyamijosi5 日 前

    I’m obsessed with old men who doesn’t give a shit😅😩

  62. Suzette Figgs

    Suzette Figgs5 日 前

    I love this guy. RIP Carlin!!!

  63. Carlos Sanchez

    Carlos Sanchez6 日 前

    Carlin is an absolute monster.

  64. Boi

    Boi6 日 前

    *Ahead of his time* thank goodness he passed away so he wouldn't have to witness his predictions unfold

  65. Bryan Macmurray

    Bryan Macmurray6 日 前

    George is wearing a ponytail.

  66. Jimmy James

    Jimmy James6 日 前


  67. Uriel Morales

    Uriel Morales6 日 前

    When the railway company fires you

  68. Arpudli

    Arpudli6 日 前

    fuck the clappers to

  69. Erica Ortega

    Erica Ortega6 日 前

    Do you wish he was here? Now.

  70. War Of Noise

    War Of Noise6 日 前

    am i the only one who hear some hardcore cursing/freaking out at his White Guys With Hats On Backwards part?

  71. 215 R Sudhir

    215 R Sudhir3 日 前

    Not alone xD

  72. Turd Ferguson

    Turd Ferguson7 日 前

    We could really use George Carlin now to soothe the unbelievable idiocy of today, now that conservatives have figured out how to use social media lol

  73. Jim Bob

    Jim Bob7 日 前

    George Carlin was one of the very best comedians that ever lived!

  74. Agnes L

    Agnes L7 日 前

    I love how the camera showed the white guy in the backwards baseball cap. Fucking hilarious.

  75. Don De Vlieger Jr

    Don De Vlieger Jr7 日 前

    Not s funny

  76. kitrick42

    kitrick427 日 前

    I would have appreciated him SOOO much more if I'd known someday comedy would be essentially outlawed by the PC police.

  77. Walter Dominiquez

    Walter Dominiquez7 日 前

    I wish George Carlin could come back to do a Netflix special on 2020.

  78. Mean Mister Mustard

    Mean Mister Mustard7 日 前

    a genius

  79. my name is jeff

    my name is jeff7 日 前

    1:56 they cut to a white guy wearing a backwards baseball hat while George talks about white guys wearing backwards baseball hats

  80. Tyrone Valentine II

    Tyrone Valentine II7 日 前

    He stole Howl.

  81. Phage CR

    Phage CR7 日 前

    “White dudes who wear their caps back are lame” 1:58 *zooms in on white dude with cap backwards”

  82. Anthony Osborne

    Anthony Osborne7 日 前

    Right now, George is looking down at us and saying WTF?

  83. behnaz safavi

    behnaz safavi8 日 前

    The public sucks. I agree. In Colon for Collin County Brandstetter Carroll, Inc. keeps stealing our taxes for a prisons builder and for a Ford outdoor pool worth twenty thousand dollars for millions of our taxes adn money and Pogue Construction keeps building police stations and fire stations with our taxes. Randy Pogue of next city up in McKinney, Texas's city council and as mayor pro tem at large passed the money to himself And they passed half a million for a fake park called Windridge Park to North Rock Construction in Allen, Texas which had them build crap for Collin County Technical School by Collin County Republican Men's Club which combines politics and government with our taxes and money for 600,000,000 of our taxes and money. Randy Pogue of Pogue Construction also passed literally all the money to himself from city council of McKinney, Texas for building the Eagle Stadium of Allen, Texas. The public sucks bad.

  84. Consume Beef

    Consume Beef8 日 前

    1:56 George Carlin making fun of white guys who wear their hats backwards while the camera zooms in on a white guy with a backwards hat

  85. J B

    J B8 日 前

    Except the voting, complaining doesn't do anything and it's the public doing nothing the caused this problem to start with. So get off your ass and become the change you want to see in the world.


    CYBERDECKER 4208 日 前

    "Where does politicians come from? They don't fall from the sky, they don't pass through a membrane from another reality." I can see that!

  87. J B

    J B8 日 前

    Cowboys aren't mythical, other than that the cynicism is on point. LOVE IT.

  88. shangrila73eldorado

    shangrila73eldorado8 日 前

    now that i know he's from new york, i totally see it -- true new yawker

  89. Michael Collier

    Michael Collier8 日 前

    I really hope George Carlin is dead, not because I wish ill of him, but because I think he would be too horified in 2020.

  90. Kiss Kitty

    Kiss Kitty5 日 前

    He died in 2008

  91. J G

    J G8 日 前

    Mr. Carling, you are a legend!!! Pretty much describing the mindless state of people these days on their phones and social media before it happened!

  92. Michael Tegner

    Michael Tegner8 日 前

    Camcorders...., oh George if you could see people now with their phones 🤦🏼‍♂️😂

  93. Shala Taebi

    Shala Taebi8 日 前

    September 2020 - I wish he was with us to say it like it is. Why do we lose the BEST and are stuck with the WORST?

  94. paul Smith

    paul Smith8 日 前

    Someone should point out the word "witty" to this moron in the dictionary. It appears he thinks inserting the word fuck into his lame jokes makes them automatically funny.

  95. 8 日 前

    Would be funnier w/o all the cursing.. He must be insecure ...

  96. Enthusiastic Gamer

    Enthusiastic Gamer8 日 前

    My grandfather wore cowboy hats, but has been dead for 10 years.

  97. Tracy Haverstick

    Tracy Haverstick8 日 前

    I always loved George growing up. But I believe if he was alive right now he would see things differently about voting. Only because for once it is choosing country over cult. Qnd qlso we have finally cordoned off the hateful, greedy, ignorant and corrupt people. They are proud and loud. And for once, the we are going to stop it!

  98. Casey Hines

    Casey Hines8 日 前

    The boomer bit gives me chills. So fucking perfect

  99. Blunt Australian

    Blunt Australian8 日 前

    His thoughts on politics are completely illogical but he delivers it with such charisma and force it impossible not to smile and to at least try to believe his bullshit argument.

  100. Steven Morton

    Steven Morton8 日 前

    Do you know what George would say if he saw what things are like now? "I told you so! I fucjking told you so!" is very much in the ballpark.

  101. safe at third

    safe at third8 日 前

    He's great.

  102. thehappy camper

    thehappy camper8 日 前


  103. Serotonin Scavenger

    Serotonin Scavenger8 日 前

    Damn, Carlin said the og Ok boomer