Generations React To Dumbest Game Show Answers (Family Feud Popeye’s Chicken, Wheel Of Fortune)


  1. FBE

    FBEヶ月 前

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  2. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover9 日 前

    FBE game nowwwwwwwwwwww

  3. Jack dull

    Jack dull12 日 前

    Sharon's reaction to the lady that answered the Popeye's question was priceless!!

  4. Jack dull

    Jack dull15 日 前

    It's kinda funny that Ken Jennings had a bad answer considering he won the ultimate Jeopardy tournament a few weeks!

  5. 0 438

    0 43817 日 前

    My sister is the one that said "chickennn"

  6. David Quintana

    David Quintana17 日 前

    To be fair I'm the kind of person who probably wouldn't have went with wand first either.


    Yl..li39 分 前

    the boomer: i can`t say it bc im a boomer but that`s young and dumb the gen z: that`s a classical oof

  8. - Moon -

    - Moon -2 時間 前

    That last one shouldve been the time a girl in a wheelchair got a tredmill

  9. PAvS Official

    PAvS Official2 時間 前

    2.10 omg who else taught of magic hand ????

  10. Curly Luisa Hellen

    Curly Luisa Hellen12 時間 前

    Poor Kelly, Bless her heart

  11. hafiz aliff

    hafiz aliff12 時間 前


  12. 410_.Gavin

    410_.Gavin13 時間 前

    Ok boomer

  13. Microwaved Sheep

    Microwaved Sheep14 時間 前

    so is no one gonna talk about what this dude said 11:58

  14. Dj Harrismo

    Dj Harrismo16 時間 前

    Omg at the beginning I thought they were laughing because the guy said Spinach how was chicken wrong??? What is popeyes favorite food how is it not chicken Edit:omg I just saw another comment and realized they were talking about popeye the cartoon character not the food place honestly I would never have realized😂😂😂😂

  15. It’s Me Damaris

    It’s Me Damaris16 時間 前

    Was i the only one that didnt see “magic wand” i saw”magic land” lmao

  16. Bunny the Rabbit

    Bunny the Rabbit17 時間 前

    I totally missed magic wand😅

  17. AL Basketball

    AL Basketball18 時間 前

    I’m never gonna forget the moment when Snoop Dog was on Family Fued and he said. Steve Harvey: “Fill in the blank. __ in the horse. Snoop dog: “Pie in the horse.” Me: 😂

  18. Colin Greer

    Colin Greer19 時間 前

    Isnt Texas the only state that could become its own country by law?

  19. Seyam Rahman

    Seyam Rahman21 時間 前

    Use me as a “Ok Boomer” button

  20. Lucas Fūr

    Lucas Fūr23 時間 前

    When my family was on family feud Loui Anderson asked "name something you look through with one eye" my sister said binoculars. 🙄 We lost...does anyone know how I can find our episode, I've been wondering about that?

  21. Dash Lee

    Dash Lee日 前

    The lady that said gerbil must've watched south park or some shit

  22. ForeverMe543

    ForeverMe543日 前

    Good for Popeyes (but they probably had to cause free advertising isn't free)

  23. trashcan yahir

    trashcan yahir日 前


  24. Jefrey Jiro

    Jefrey Jiro日 前

    Please make videos about people reacting to dimash kudaibergen

  25. dreman999

    dreman999日 前

    5:13...this like a black hole of stupid.

  26. Bailey Smith

    Bailey Smith日 前

    to be fair, hand looks like it fit with magic, the word and doesnt look like it should be said ond

  27. nycstreetpoet

    nycstreetpoet日 前

    Why was the treadmill on? You need to think about these things.

  28. ZekkSkywalk

    ZekkSkywalk日 前

    C'mon people, you've never heard "he looks rakish"???

  29. Dashing Beaver

    Dashing Beaver日 前


  30. melizabeth ox

    melizabeth ox日 前

    Lmao popeyes chicken girl is the best thing to ever come out of Canada

  31. Jackson Hooman

    Jackson Hooman日 前

    I mean technically under certain circumstances the doctor might pull out a gerbil

  32. funny030 cake

    funny030 cake日 前

    2:53 i got magic Land who else or was it just me

  33. Leylara

    Leylara日 前

    Einstein never said that.

  34. TataChimmy

    TataChimmy日 前

    Wait what was the answer to the first one then cause I thought it was chicken too

  35. Rory Robertson

    Rory Robertson日 前

    Catherine is not a boomer she’s one of the best elders

  36. Vlad Kronos

    Vlad Kronos日 前


  37. Vlad Kronos

    Vlad Kronos日 前

    1:04 she can say Ok Zoomer at that one

  38. Tiffany Polius

    Tiffany Polius2 日 前


  39. 토리조

    토리조2 日 前

    These shows just show the lack of education.

  40. Andy Lee

    Andy Lee2 日 前

    This video makes me roll my eyes and breathe in and out slowly in frustration, lmao.

  41. z_ack

    z_ack2 日 前

    who in the fucking world doesn't know popeye's favorite?

  42. Cuong Nguyen

    Cuong Nguyen2 日 前


  43. Quacking Weeabs

    Quacking Weeabs2 日 前


  44. icy 2xx

    icy 2xx2 日 前

    I feel dumb watching this

  45. Milly Fee

    Milly Fee2 日 前

    Popeye is the name of the restaurant, it's not a mascot. She had to be trolling Lol

  46. Nigga toe

    Nigga toe2 日 前

    I'm sad that they didn't add the trumpet or 3 letter animal :(

  47. Cooper

    Cooper2 日 前


  48. Shania Hampton

    Shania Hampton2 日 前


  49. Chocofresh Lover

    Chocofresh Lover3 日 前

    The end🤣🤣🤣 I canttt

  50. Hiroaki Hanyu

    Hiroaki Hanyu3 日 前

    7:03 you naughty little girl :3 i wonder if it's still ok, if that "someone else" is yourself :)

  51. The Person

    The Person3 日 前

    Nothing beats the clip where she was asked to give any fruit that is colored yellow. She answered a fcking *ORANGE*

  52. Steffi

    Steffi3 日 前

    Literally crying from laughing, hope you're okay Sharon 😁

  53. Alex Montiel

    Alex Montiel3 日 前

    5:48 "if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree its going to live its life believing its stupid" lol

  54. Kimmie Ann

    Kimmie Ann3 日 前

    I hate the Kellie pickler one -.- she went to my high school and it says a lot about it xD

  55. Golden Trap

    Golden Trap3 日 前

    3:56 this girl--

  56. Stephen King

    Stephen King3 日 前

    Popeye the character, not the restaurant. 😄

  57. Haku -sama

    Haku -sama3 日 前

    12 min = Commitment ^^

  58. Emilyisthequeen Rose

    Emilyisthequeen Rose3 日 前

    The family feud Canadian still gets me to this day. I feel for the family though lol 🤣🤣🤣

  59. AquaticGamZe

    AquaticGamZe4 日 前

    tell me why popeye looks like a avatar someone messed with on ark survival evolved

  60. Mr Template

    Mr Template4 日 前

    its straight disrespectful

  61. Mr Template

    Mr Template4 日 前

    saying budapest to turkey

  62. Rainbow Live-streams

    Rainbow Live-streams4 日 前

    Ok boomer

  63. Shane of the Mario fans.

    Shane of the Mario fans.4 日 前

    Relax boomers

  64. Jack dull

    Jack dull4 日 前

    I'm not a Boomer, but that young and dumb on the lady playing Family Feud.

  65. Rowlend John

    Rowlend John4 日 前

    Yoo I'm Hungarian

  66. Mr Swagginz

    Mr Swagginz4 日 前

    Ok boomer