GAMING on The First 8K TV!!!!


  1. J A

    J A10 時間 前

    Love Samsung and will always purchase there stuff phones pc and tv's

  2. Ÿāssėr Sàmá

    Ÿāssėr Sàmá12 時間 前

    What does he mean by "it's sharp"? .. Help

  3. Sindu Appu Kartha

    Sindu Appu Kartha17 時間 前

    Linus clickbait ?

  4. First

    First20 時間 前


  5. Dennis Daoust

    Dennis Daoust日 前

    this vid made me lmao

  6. Mohamed Amr

    Mohamed Amr日 前

    Lol if you go in netfilx In the apps and go to normal tv sat the quality will be depth and upscaled already

  7. Acys

    Acys日 前

    Well, that's enough explain why Japan is making it harder for Samsung to create displays.

  8. mack muddyboot

    mack muddyboot2 日 前

    Lets just turn it on ... and than just attack the house with your head 4:05 ..lolololol.. good vid

  9. Alex M

    Alex M2 日 前


  10. Melsan Gimony

    Melsan Gimony2 日 前

    Tech savvy but not reading the manual first before installing. Lol

  11. Chris Nauta

    Chris Nauta2 日 前

    Gaming at 8k on a 65” tv, that is too funny 😂 Gonna need a RTX 4080 with 64 GB DDR7 and the cost of that card will only be an affordable $6999 when it comes out in about, ohhhhh, 5 years time when 16k TVs are the norm 😆

  12. AzeThe Woople

    AzeThe Woople3 日 前

    now we have to wait for the new Xbox system (Project Scarlett)

  13. Trololo Inc ®

    Trololo Inc ®3 日 前

    8K gaming on a monochrome gameboy, thanks for reading.

  14. Septyni Garsai

    Septyni Garsai3 日 前

    dislike every video with photoshopped thumbnail LOL

  15. Kie

    Kie3 日 前

    LTT should water cool this TV.

  16. Bharath Srikanth

    Bharath Srikanth3 日 前

    Try using a raspberry Pi 4 on the 8k monitor

  17. eddie katz

    eddie katz3 日 前

    thanks for explaining to me at 10:46 why i dont even need 4k as im sitting 11 feet from my 65 inch tv. 1080p gaming with ray tracing it is then!

  18. BAAM 25th

    BAAM 25th3 日 前

    aye 4k video about 8k, can't get better than this.

  19. ерунда сэндвич

    ерунда сэндвич3 日 前

    We need an 8k phone first. How else can we tell 8k on it?

  20. Tyler Padgett

    Tyler Padgett3 日 前

    Oh man, Cities skylines would be nice on ultra everything.

  21. DarthOliptius

    DarthOliptius3 日 前

    We’ve come so far from having to stick multiple 4K screens together to game in 8k.

  22. Paul Rumble

    Paul Rumble4 日 前

    I don't understand why the manufacturers are jumping to 8k when there's still limited 4k content. Even streaming 4k content on JPreporter can be brutal to watch even with the best cable/internet package from your provider. With so much data in 4k odds are high you'll get the spinning ball with even the best wireless connection in video streaming, so I couldn't even imagine 8k.

  23. yekim 4204

    yekim 42044 日 前

    the biggest one goes for 49,000 USD on samsung

  24. Classy

    Classy2 日 前


  25. Rahul Ps

    Rahul Ps4 日 前

    Do youtubers need to return the TV and gadgets sent to them from companies as reveiw unit for their JPreporter channel reveiw video ?

  26. QnQn Gaming

    QnQn Gaming日 前

    Rahul Ps no, i dont think so.

  27. Rahul Ps

    Rahul Ps4 日 前

    Is it worth it ? Does this TV meet the promise of being an 8K

  28. darren b

    darren b4 日 前

    If it's not plug and play ill pass.



    human eye cannot make out difference between 1080 vs 4k vs 8k at certain distances - there is a calculator for that somewhere. So either you will sit unusually close to a 4K/8K TV to benefit from it or will have to buy unusually big TV to sit in your normal viewing place. What's the point ?

  30. lit All Day everyday

    lit All Day everyday5 日 前

    @4:05 tho🤣🤣

  31. eric bot_420

    eric bot_4205 日 前

    2:08 THICCCCC

  32. Ezequiel Hernandez

    Ezequiel Hernandez5 日 前

    JPreporter recent uploaded 4k videos ... 8K ? 2025 jajajaja lol.

  33. Thyago

    Thyago5 日 前

    2 idiots

  34. L C

    L C5 日 前

    1:57, Linus singing the hoky poky, the guy that invented that song had his funeral today. when they was putting him in the coffin, one guy said "you put your right foot in you take your left foot out " 😂😝

  35. X Treamer

    X Treamer5 日 前

    No difference

  36. M W

    M W5 日 前

    The contrast and black levels though 🤢🤢

  37. Stable Stoic

    Stable Stoic5 日 前

    How sharp are displays going to get? 16K next?

  38. sonicteam2k1

    sonicteam2k15 日 前

    4K isn't even where 1800p was in it's lifespan, at this time so where in the world does 8K come in at? People are just now adopting 4K TV's regularly.

  39. dam saleh

    dam saleh6 日 前

    Who watched at 3:17 and 4:03 at least two times

  40. djb presents

    djb presents6 日 前

    Didnt game wtf

  41. chad demeuse

    chad demeuse6 日 前

    So basically its up down, up down, B A B A, Select Start and you get real 8K?

  42. jose valencia

    jose valencia6 日 前

    the heat it generates is insane.

  43. Joeki11a

    Joeki11a6 日 前

    The dude saying is the best graphics he has ever

  44. Nicholas Hawley

    Nicholas Hawley6 日 前

    I’m waiting 2 or 3 year’s 4 a 8k tv

  45. N N

    N N6 日 前

    OMG the smoothest head hitting ever

  46. talclipse

    talclipse6 日 前

    The industry needs to get its shit together.4k hasn't even caught on yet,and they are already looking past it. Literally by the time 4k gets to 50% Adoption it will be Obsolete. The ps5 and xbox 2 are already right now UNDERPOWERED as in 3 years 8k will be what 4k is today. Unbelievable!! GET YOUR SHITS TOGETHER!!!

  47. fatmanpedaling

    fatmanpedaling7 日 前

    still can't watch the superbowl at 1080p

  48. kgkustomz97ser

    kgkustomz97ser7 日 前

    8k is pretty much useless on a screen that small 🤷



    Hell ya i thought he was T.Coutuais

  50. Vexcarius

    Vexcarius7 日 前

    Did Linus just loaded Cities: Skylines? Woah

  51. TB_ SnEaKy

    TB_ SnEaKy7 日 前

    Ole boy stoved his dome pipe!!!!!! Hahahahh

  52. indoraptor indosavage

    indoraptor indosavage7 日 前