Game Theory: The SCARY Crimes of the Minecraft Illagers


  1. Anass Hamzaoui

    Anass Hamzaoui8 時間 前

    reviving herobrine??

  2. Garry Quidsquack

    Garry Quidsquack13 時間 前

    MatPat umm there's a new game and it talks about the illagers

  3. Tristan Armstrong

    Tristan Armstrong16 時間 前

    I guess you could say that the Iillagers tried to..... give gifts and give life?

  4. HarmonicaPlayer 105

    HarmonicaPlayer 10518 時間 前

    They could have also made herobrine

  5. miles smiles

    miles smiles19 時間 前

    I was watching this and found a woodland mansion wtf

  6. Lb G

    Lb G19 時間 前

    Wat if ur not playing as the first steve? Wat if ur just one of many steves summoned to try to fix the Minecraft world?

  7. Star death

    Star death20 時間 前

    The mansions are rare???? Hm I guess I'm pure luck because I found 3 in the same area on 2 of my worlds and 1 in every single world so far

  8. Travis Dunbar

    Travis Dunbar20 時間 前

    So, putting two theories together: -Illagers trying to make their own copy of Steve. -Illagers cargo culting after the ancient builders. Could their end goal be, to bring about their own builder? Their original 'gods' won't come back to them, so they are trying with what is left, to get what they've been wishing for the return of.

  9. Crazy House - CH

    Crazy House - CH22 時間 前

    Vim pelo luba

  10. Slimy Scrawn Sod

    Slimy Scrawn Sod22 時間 前

    Also I think it's important to note that the only facial feature other than skin colour that differentiates ravagers from villagers is that the ravagers' mouths are horrifically stretched to the side like the Joker and his scars, except the ravagers' actually have wide mouths.

  11. _ Ra Gacha _

    _ Ra Gacha _日 前

    "Woodland Mansion is the rarest" While me and my brother just walking around trying to find a place for our house, and accidentaly found a Woodland Mansion and decided to live near them. now these ambient sounds is haunting us

  12. Tadpole Milk

    Tadpole Milk日 前

    I updated my game and 5 minutes after loading up a new world i found a mansion

  13. Musical kitkat

    Musical kitkat日 前

    Matpat, maybe they are also trying to make a form of ultimate golem, using lapis lazuli as a power source

  14. Musical kitkat

    Musical kitkat日 前

    The ravagers metal armour isn't armour, they are restraints, shackled arms and legs, and connecting chains to their torsos.

  15. Go Leonard

    Go Leonard日 前

    Maybe the reason why the illagers can't create a new steve is because in every singleplayer world, only one Steve should exist. Nothing more, nothing less. Steve's immortality is so strong that no one else can recreate him or the power he possess.

  16. Ted the kazoo man

    Ted the kazoo man日 前

    We’ll probably find out about there lore in minecraft dungeons

  17. sparkadus

    sparkadus日 前

    These Minecraft lore videos have somehow become the peak of this channel.

  18. AMAZEing

    AMAZEing日 前

    Have U ever noticed this but pillagers use ravagers and they raid the village's take hostage villagers capture them and give them to the vindicators and evokers. Doesn't it all fit???

  19. Powpowthe 4th

    Powpowthe 4th日 前

    lapiz laasazuli?

  20. Xeno Wilson

    Xeno Wilson日 前

    Dude you need to read this. The Vindicators have green eyes now.

  21. X Sleepy-Gacha X

    X Sleepy-Gacha X日 前

    not to mention that zombies spawn at night or in the dark, and burn in the daylight. since the zombies where created in the "dark forest" where it is, um, DARK. it would make sense that the zombies where not used to the light and therefore burn in daylight. same story with skeletons. Maybe creepers where just more successful experiments? but that doesn't explain why they explode...

  22. Cool Guy Ko

    Cool Guy Ko2 日 前


  23. Gamer456000

    Gamer4560002 日 前

    just go on wii u minecraft

  24. Shencen

    Shencen2 日 前

    Wow! Mind-blowing! :0 Maybe you should try Terraria and make some theories! Hahah.

  25. Jacob Wilmot

    Jacob Wilmot2 日 前

    I almost thought you tried to pitch the idea that the illagers secretly work for herobrine and are trying to bring him back. Gah! Does anyone remember herobrine? I remember when minecraft confirmed his existence multiple times and then suddenly stopped talking about him...

  26. Tilly Churton

    Tilly Churton2 日 前

    Does that mean they made hero brine because they make some hostile mobs so they could make a hostile Steve

  27. Wonder Miles

    Wonder Miles2 日 前

    You missed an other illager: the witch

  28. Mimse Gaming

    Mimse Gaming2 日 前

    Hi Mat Pat. I May be wrong Or havent really understood The situation But while lisining to your theory i was playing Minecraft. I made a little test and took a brunch of ravanger eggs and rabit eggs. I placer one ravanger and a tons of rabit eggs around The ravanger. The ravanger didnt do anything so i guese The people creatung things in Minecraft change it. I dont know if it chances anything just wanted to say. Btw hope You and stephanie are doing great. Peace and Love from one of your biggest fans😋

  29. Wigiboo

    Wigiboo2 日 前

    IF this is true, then hopefully a potential after end boss of hero brine? Could be cool 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  30. Shadow Bonnie 231

    Shadow Bonnie 2312 日 前

    I can’t believe he forgot about the wither since he showed the iron golem and snow golem but what about the wither it’s almost exactly made the same way as iron golem but with three wither skulls and four soul sand.

  31. Fion Phoenix

    Fion Phoenix2 日 前

    What about the "Curse of Vanishing" enchantment book? The item enchanted with this curse will disappear from a player's inventory if they die. How is the curse triggered though? Idk, I just thought of it when you were talking about lapiz

  32. ZeleniaTDQ

    ZeleniaTDQ2 日 前

    Wait what...? It’s LOW? I’ve gotten that mansions SO many times in a row.

  33. DuozGaming TM

    DuozGaming TM2 日 前

    Who knows maybe they'll make a lot of mobs and then make story mode for minecraft...

  34. Ralph Harrison

    Ralph Harrison2 日 前

    Why aren’t common mobs attacking illagers? Zombies attack villagers but not illagers.

  35. Harrison the pro 2

    Harrison the pro 22 日 前

    Well watching this video I looked behind me 50 times to check if anything was behind me

  36. KMN popoo squad

    KMN popoo squad2 日 前


  37. Eduardo Flores

    Eduardo Flores2 日 前

    "Woodland mansions hard to find." "One of the rarest structures in the game." *Finds one literally north to my home*

  38. Baby Blue

    Baby Blue18 時間 前

    Bro same. They spawn all the time since I have the PS3 version of Minecraft. Sometimes there's two depending on how the world spawns.

  39. Video Studios

    Video Studios2 日 前

    You forget the FIRST illager, the Witch.

  40. Court Jester

    Court Jester2 日 前

    “Rare dark forest biome” Bro I can’t get enough of that biome!

  41. Jonas Zajac

    Jonas Zajac3 日 前

    lapis la zoo eeh

  42. Mistress Engineer

    Mistress Engineer3 日 前

    Can you do a wither skeleton lore, they are a bit different than other normal mobs, they are taller then zombies and skeletons but smaller than endermen, and where do they get their wither powers from? I think they might have lives in the mesa biomes as red sandstone has a carving of the wither in it. What do you guys think?

  43. Jeremy M

    Jeremy M3 日 前

    having not played mincemeat since 2014 i have no idea what an Illager is

  44. George Wever

    George Wever3 日 前

    I thought they would be trying to make Herobrine to take over the world

  45. Tengo hambre Mucha

    Tengo hambre Mucha3 日 前

    When you put a zombie in water it turns into water zombie

  46. kittenponyify

    kittenponyify3 日 前

    I would say that the ravagers are a mash-up of villagers and horses you can see a bit of a horse like Bonnie and as you've already said the face and noises it makes similar like a villager'sso I'm going with that also I believe the villages were also cast out by their looks and appearances you can see that they have a bit of a gray skin and eyes are different so villagers may have seen them different and wrong.

  47. RageBricks O

    RageBricks O3 日 前

    Witch count as illagers. They are found in raids

  48. Practical Dave

    Practical Dave3 日 前

    Minecraft 1.17 update: Ravagers have normal eyebrows, roar has now changed and they now have grey eyes. Me:😅 Minecraft: Oh yea, they are scared of rabbits again

  49. prpltrTLS

    prpltrTLS3 日 前

    I just thought that I'd put this out there. It's a reference to Age of Empires, but when an evoker sees a blue sheep it will cast a spell, "wololo," and the sheep will turn red, further proving that the evoker have some sort of power over life and death, or some red dye and are just sheep racist

  50. Alypgz Masire

    Alypgz Masire3 日 前

    You So Stupid And Fake THEORIES

  51. Daniel Jordan

    Daniel Jordan3 日 前

    Rip light blue :p

  52. Triggered Grammar Nazi

    Triggered Grammar Nazi3 日 前

    Okay, I have a little theory. Why did the illagers tried to recreate Steve though? My guess is, they knew we are friendly with the villagers, so they tried making an aggressive copy of us, so that the villagers suspect nothing. They wanted revenge on the ones, that kicked them out of their homes. That can also explain, why the zombies are hostile towards villagers, they were created that way.

  53. Mason Miller

    Mason Miller3 日 前


  54. Geordie Robinson

    Geordie Robinson3 日 前

    The ancient builders came from the end portals in strongholds villagers saw how they had created beds crafting tables armor and weapons The villagers truly saw them as gods then they eventually stopped coming to the village's. The villages had a limited amounts of their items So some villages tried to replicate them. Beds, items, maps,and blocks And even humans But they accidentally create the zombie and creeper. Failed attempts of their gods

  55. Geordie Robinson

    Geordie Robinson3 日 前

    And the perished gods were made into skeletons with the totems of undyings that the gods brought with them. After that the groups of villagers were kicked out

  56. Luke Knighton

    Luke Knighton3 日 前

    I thought the”map” was a disco dance floor

  57. Random stuff that my brain generates

    Random stuff that my brain generates3 日 前

    What if the ravagers are just the iron golems they kidnap and keep trapped. This ain’t a theory. Just a thought. I kinda have no evidence.

  58. Salifa Khallawany

    Salifa Khallawany3 日 前

    So,illagers also can build not only the player and the ancient builders

  59. Conner Hutchison

    Conner Hutchison3 日 前

    Please do a video on the lore of the creeper. Idk what but I can tell something doesn’t add up from the connecting to the desert temple

  60. Enrique Smith

    Enrique Smith3 日 前

    Me seeing: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="345">5:45</a> My mind: purple man, they are trying to make purple man come back My body: Nope, just a random reference mat wanted to put in

  61. Poke Bill

    Poke Bill4 日 前

    Who can’t wait for the nether update on console?

  62. Devastator GX

    Devastator GX4 日 前

    wait a minute what about igloos below the igloos

  63. Al011021 Rodriguez

    Al011021 Rodriguez4 日 前

    Wait its rare one time in my world I had 3 almost close

  64. Ambrož Oblak

    Ambrož Oblak4 日 前

    Other people : omg i found a mansion im so lucky Me: we have a mansion to burn

  65. YUP ITS ME

    YUP ITS ME4 日 前

    I once believed that the zombies were from a infectious pandemics and for skeletons were once human coming back from the dead, now that I watch this... I don't know anymore. Oh well this make sense more than mine.

  66. Christopher Romelus

    Christopher Romelus4 日 前

    What if the reason pillagers kidnap iron golems is to merge them with villagers to make the ravegers.Thats the reason ravegers why they are so big and deal so much damage.

  67. Darren Aaron

    Darren Aaron4 日 前

    I’m gonna get a skin that looks like me for Minecraft

  68. Eric Brann

    Eric Brann4 日 前

    Final hung, how do you find the dungeon!? I’ve never found it!

  69. Eric Brann

    Eric Brann4 日 前

    I like the cat room! I just sit there on it’s head because it reminds me of my late cat

  70. Eric Brann

    Eric Brann4 日 前

    I was gone from Minecraft since 2013, and when I came back, I was just overwhelmed by the updates. When I left, the guardian and spruce wood had just been introduced. Or maybe I didn’t know about them. Either is possible. But I was just amazed by all the new updates. “What on earth are these hostile grey villagers?! What is this dark oak wood?! What is this end city?! What happened to the end?!” Because I left before the second part of the end even existed. I was a seriously old school Minecraft player. Minecraft isn’t like it used to be.😢 It’s much better!😁

  71. Rhys Williams

    Rhys Williams4 日 前

    I’ve got a theory that they grey because they injected the lapiz

  72. Rowan Newsum

    Rowan Newsum4 日 前

    I guess woodland mansions are more common in the console version of the game.

  73. • c e r e a l •

    • c e r e a l •4 日 前

    Next one is gonna be about why the villagers have no hands

  74. Kipling was a furry

    Kipling was a furry4 日 前

    So far we’ve got Endermen being the twisted and damned remains of a society of great ancient builders. The Drowned being a race of fishermen that couldn’t find the object to save their civilization, their shipwrecks now scattered across the ocean. The wither being made up of damned souls and skeletal remains of the ancient builders, first being created to try and bring them back to life but punished the ancient builders for trying to play with life. And now Illagers capturing and preforming Mengele-esque experiments on villagers along with trying to create humans out of wool, but ending up with zombies and possibly Herobrine. When a block game for kids includes messages about the consequences that come from playing with the laws of nature and trying to conquer life and death.

  75. AliboLink_ 07

    AliboLink_ 074 日 前

    And the pillages prove this theory. I also believe that the witches that help out with the raids serve the illagers

  76. crazy pikachu

    crazy pikachu4 日 前

    Truth of why villagers have two separate eyebrows this is just what I think but it's logical they were cut off by the other villagers as a punishment do to maybe they can't grow there hair back so it's to shame them for what they've done

  77. Ur Butt

    Ur Butt5 日 前

    Maybe the only experiment that worked was YOU your character was created by the illagers and that’s why there’s no one like YOU

  78. Sully Thorderson

    Sully Thorderson5 日 前

    I KNEW there was going to be an elric brothers reference somewhere.

  79. Gamer Noko

    Gamer Noko5 日 前

    I have a theory that the Illagers’ totems of undying are also made of Villagers, since they do look really similar. They both have green eyes, they both have the large noses indicative of Villagers, and they both seem to have a unibrow. I need a little more proof, since it’s been a while since I’ve played Minecraft, since I am now terrified of it...

  80. Charlie Hart

    Charlie Hart5 日 前

    he forgot to mention that you need lapis to make all three of those wool's

  81. mrs desnos

    mrs desnos5 日 前

    the ravager is a mix of the villager and the iron golem. if you remember, in the pillager outpost there are cages with iron golems!! Edit: these have the same heart bar

  82. PrinzSop

    PrinzSop5 日 前

    They're planning Minecraft 2, to make mojang broke