Game Theory: The Kindergarten Family Secret (Kindergarten 2)


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    Have fun being on trending!

  2. Mary Alexis Chu

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    Actually Buggs’s grey hair is not probable it’s actually because he is bald.

  3. OwO

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    It seems MattPatt has adopted Nugget.

  5. HarleyTye

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    Okay, a few things. First, I think on of the hall monitors (the one with the lovely head shape) looks and acts a LOT more like the janitor than Buggs ever does. (Dead end job at the school, age disparity makes a little more sense, and the hall monitor smokes.) Also, why weren't nugget and the protagonist in the running? Did I miss something?

  6. Celia Carrera

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    After seeing the entro over a million times I finally saw the words “Ruining your childhood since 2011” but I think it should be “Making your childhood interesting since 2011” Hood luck with your next theory!

  7. CulturalEwe6775

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    Why wasn’t nugget and your own character included in the possible people to be the janitors son?


    LIAM SMITH41 分 前

    I have been talking about chicken nuggets

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    Stand : Bad Dad Stand Master: Buggs

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    MatPat, I just watched your mini documentary on doubleshot. I wanted to say that I always appreciate your videos. I love the fact that you add science and math to video games/movies. You sir are by far one of my favorite youtubers.

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    Whats happening in FortNite

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    He needs to talk about the Fortnite event

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    Ok but when's the next Petscop gonna hit? 👀

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    WOW. Two musical references caught. Wonder if there are more. Damn you Mattpat! I didn’t need Fiddler and Mamma Mia stuck in my head tonight!

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    Loving the new intro, mat n editors

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    Jacksepticeye’s nugget voice is better 😂😂

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    #4 on trending

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    Fortnite doesn't know what it's gonna do cause if you add 11 146 15 62 87 14 106 150 which came up on the blackhole screen after the event together in a calculator turn the awrnser into binary and also turn the words fortnite into a binary transformer sepretley add the two things together that arnswer will be in binary turn that binary into words it ends up being a question mark proving fortnite doesn't know what there doing I'm 11 years old btw

  21. Oot

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    mythical macky you got that from somewhere

  22. mya

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    “Wrong end of the janitor’s mop.” What’s the right way?!

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    Do a theory on fortnite season 11

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    look at it

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    what would happpen if you give the janitor the breathalier

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    I think it's a lot more likely that his hair isn't gray, but black and shaved/buzzed. They call him ugly, they don't say he has gray hair.

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    Mat pat. Petscop 24 just came out. Please continue the petscop series

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    Congrats on #1 on trending


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    Oh no

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    Yea so umm... Fortnite black hole Theory

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    Nice job have fun 😀🤣🤣😇

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    I am sorry about this but this isn’t the case bugs gives off clues that his dad died in the first game by something like a dumpster fire

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    Theory on minecrafts midnight realm

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    Me: Well we can knock Jerome off this list... MatPat: We also know Jerome's father was the principle from Kindergarten one, so we can kick him out of contention. Me: Oh, right, yeah that too I suppose. Another good reason. my cats dying i need to get 50k subscribers so i can pay for his surgery

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    Didnt he like leave or something

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    School's back in session? Bruh schools been going for months now now do a nuclear throne theory

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    Game:Exist Game Theory:I'm finna end this mans whole carrer

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    Buggs follows his father bloody footprint. Also Matpat: Is this an Afton refrence. Fnaf is Kindergarten confirm.

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    Congratulations on reaching #1 on trending!

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    Nuggets voice will be and always has been jacksepticeyes interpretation!!! No other is comparable!

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    2 Videos within a week? Is This some kind of dream?

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    But Mat Pat I'm in kidetgarden

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    That’s not grey hair. It’s shaded that way to resemble a shaved head. Hence the bad boy bully. That connection you’ve made pretty much goes out the window.

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    Nugget:the best one Nugget Matpat:Sure Me:Nugget is the best character of the game Matpat He's the only one that goes to McDonald's

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    That or he's head is shaved like how my hair get when shaved even though my hair is dark brown.

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    Why is this trending more than a building partially falling over

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    Who else thinks nugget should get his own Dlc about his past?

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    skip the first 6 minutes it'll save you from pointless information and give you more time to live

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    Is that a new theme intro?!?!!? I LOVE IT!!!

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    Do a theory on fortnite again

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    😂😂 I just notice it said on your intro ruining your childhood since 2011 😂

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    Wait how do we know it wasn't the the kid (us) he abandoned we don't seem to have parents... Edit: Wait Nugget's a boy?

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    Everyone in the game calls him "he" so....

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    "#1 on Trending" So proud of you guys!

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    Me: Well we can knock Jerome off this list... MatPat: We also know Jerome's father was the principle from Kindergarten one, so we can kick him out of contention. Me: Oh, right, yeah that too I suppose. Another good reason.

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    Character: *exists with some weird thing* Game Theory: allow me to introduce myself