Game Night Stereotypes


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    Thanks for watching guys! COMMENT your favorite line below 😂 ⬇️ __________________________________

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    __________________________________ hehe

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    'wait before we start loser braces for a year"

  8. zijuiy wttuy

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  9. Slade & Christina

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    He isn’t the person who made the game imagine the game maker appears and says YOUR RED

  10. Colm Heaney

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    Do school stereotypes pls

  11. NarendraPrasad Boyapati

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    chess is fun

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    0:58 Don't congratulate me, go to the next one Cody Jones, 2021

  13. mirshad rabbani

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    Best str... Ever

  14. Colten Terrin

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    "Garry are you dead" 😂😂 i just love that

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    8:52 i was expecting him to say “heres ty ty”

  16. R I E P E N Z

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    Rage monster is love

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    i dont know

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    The bit with the chainsaw lol

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    Could you do Zoom Class Stereotypes? Please:)

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    hey you guys should do school styreotipes next

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    Lol that’s not me and my friends play dnd lol (dnd = dungeons and dragons)

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    Rage monster consumes a lot of loss

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    I love their recreation of dnd, super cool

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    Wer feiert den Ausraster Stereotyp auch so wie ich

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    Punch the dragon

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    Please add the Indonesian Subtittle

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    Forever we shall ask for school stereotypes

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    LeBron James is a golfer?

  35. Ethan Esp1n0za

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    5:14 I think there having a baby!

  36. Liam Drake

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    The DnD one was accurate

  37. Liam 888

    Liam 88815 時間 前

    When he threw the falcon at the wall and it broke I cringed so hard my soul left my body

  38. Bananahead 500

    Bananahead 50015 時間 前

    Lol mY sHoEs ArE rEaLlY aBsOrBaNt

  39. Mr_Jaffy20What??

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    Next rage monster stunt: *exploding the whole house*

  40. Crazy Bear

    Crazy Bear16 時間 前

    It hurt me when he smashed the massive lego melenium falcon

  41. بكل شموخ ولد شيوخ

    بكل شموخ ولد شيوخ16 時間 前

    افعل الترجمه العربيه

  42. Chanduli Rubasinghe

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    Wait the show as in Queens Gambit 🤣

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    Bro get Ty some therapy Jesus 🤣

  44. the wolverine 7619

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    i love dungeons and dragons i didn't start till college but i met some of my best friends playing dungeons and dragons

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    Dont u just love it when the ads wont load and it buffers forever?

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    I have an idea school stereotypes

  47. Blake H

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    I love how they fight over a hippo game 🤣🤣🤣

  48. John Rambo

    John Rambo18 時間 前

    7:35 to 7:50 Sherlock Holmes and me when my sister is sus.

  49. Animesh Chaudhary

    Animesh Chaudhary18 時間 前

    Hardest thing in the world Coby :playing with you No it's a mineral

  50. Lovely Rose

    Lovely Rose18 時間 前

    Through out all of these I’m waiting for the RAGE MONSTER

  51. Jocelyn Barnett

    Jocelyn Barnett19 時間 前

    As the poker poser stereotype when ty said hundo

  52. Tiffany Matson

    Tiffany Matson19 時間 前

    The money in this though so grindful


    KARSEN E KELLER19 時間 前

    Give it up for Cody for getting rage monstered 😂

  54. Solve For X

    Solve For X19 時間 前

    I saw the LEGO millennium falcon and new it’d be rage monster

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  57. Lucien Reif

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    And the puzzle missing the last piece always happens with me

  58. Lucien Reif

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    This is the best one yet

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    😍😍😍 Very nice video . Hope you visit our channel . Thank you all . 😍

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    0:17 look he flinched

  61. Holly Quick

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    My favorite line is Gary are you dead

  62. Jon Grossbauer

    Jon Grossbauer21 時間 前

    Coby said Easter 😂😂😂😂😂

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    dO i RoLl ThE dIcE


    SGC_SHADOW22 時間 前

    You should do school stereotypes

  65. CCReddino

    CCReddino23 時間 前

    Risk is takes so long

  66. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss21 時間 前

    We need zoom call stereotypes

  67. Ender

    Ender23 時間 前

    I haven't watched dude perfect in like 2 years this was so fun to watch and I remember why I watched it

  68. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss21 時間 前

    LOLLL my grandma ate a puzzle peice but she ment to eat chips XD

  69. bob66

    bob6623 時間 前

    My moms dont even got a microwave and these idiot os breaking ipads like its nothing

  70. Josh Cline

    Josh Cline23 時間 前

    9:15 what

  71. Josh Zuniga

    Josh Zuniga23 時間 前

    what was the most expensive rage monster

  72. Александр Романов

    Александр Романов日 前

    My favorite is the rage monster

  73. Nerf Mod _non ya buessness

    Nerf Mod _non ya buessness日 前

    Y did u do dnd so wrong

  74. A VR

    A VR日 前

    7:36 Sherlock 😂😂😂

  75. Vania Zaburtova

    Vania Zaburtova日 前

    What is the name of music

  76. Ash_Devilishly_Crazy

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    HE'S ALIVE AND HE'S BACK FOR MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Ash_Devilishly_Crazy

    Ash_Devilishly_Crazy日 前

    lol i when i was 10 i played connect 4 with my older cousin i beated her 6 vs 5 1 win difference

  78. Ash_Devilishly_Crazy

    Ash_Devilishly_Crazy日 前

    i want to gamble now UwU

  79. Dito Widarto

    Dito Widarto日 前

    let's just agree, that there's always that guy

  80. Zachary Schubarth

    Zachary Schubarth日 前

    frist he does not like kissing fish now it s snakes

  81. Isaac Johnson

    Isaac Johnson日 前

    Can you guys please do a trick shot stereo type

  82. Kimberley Siermachesky

    Kimberley Siermachesky日 前

    LOLLL my grandma ate a puzzle peice but she ment to eat chips XD

  83. Vio

    Vio日 前

    We need zoom call stereotypes

  84. Kimberley Siermachesky

    Kimberley Siermachesky日 前

    I also have the board game jumonji XD

  85. Carter Hughes

    Carter Hughes日 前

    3:57 Replace Red with Blue and you’ve got my brother

  86. Dr Bryan A Botha

    Dr Bryan A Botha日 前

    Cheers DP. Can't watch anymore.

  87. DT Sports

    DT Sports日 前

    Like when you rage in the game

  88. Gamer Boy

    Gamer Boy日 前

    I love how when rage monster comes and Cory or coby was just saying random things Like 8:42 Just saying random things like EASTER!

  89. Ss Sa

    Ss Sa日 前

    Can you guys do like Soccer, Tennis, Tabletennis or swimming stereotypes please?

  90. The Developer

    The Developer日 前

    I’m glad these guys are practically rich because of the whole rage monster deal. That would be detrimental to normal people

  91. Polary

    Polary日 前

    Gaming sterotypes -The cookie clicker guy -The nerd - Rage Monster -The pro -The wanna-be-pro -The “not a team player -The noob -Rage monster Etc...

  92. Polary

    Polary日 前

    The no-scope legend

  93. Polary

    Polary日 前

    The youtuber

  94. Tameika Hickmon

    Tameika Hickmon日 前

    Do breakfast stereotypes

  95. GamingNick 100

    GamingNick 100日 前

    I Love How Ty Has Spray Cans Prepared In case He Doesn't Get Red XD

  96. Joseph Pilbury

    Joseph Pilbury日 前

    Dungeons and dragons = 👍😎👍

  97. Joseph Pilbury

    Joseph Pilbury日 前

    Dungeons and dragons = 👍😎👍

  98. Vinmre Batra

    Vinmre Batra日 前

    The overthinker/Sherlock holmes

  99. Reconman308 Sams

    Reconman308 Sams日 前

    You should do a gaming stereotype

  100. Arnas Kerševičius

    Arnas Kerševičius日 前

    DP how much does it cost you for rage monster?

  101. Arnas Kerševičius

    Arnas Kerševičius日 前

    the fighting scene lol

  102. Chakko Joseph

    Chakko Joseph日 前

    2:25 when the first jumanji movie cast grow up like if you agree

  103. L P 1

    L P 1日 前

    petite pub perso : lp_graphisme sur insta

  104. Multi-Talented Rayyu

    Multi-Talented Rayyu日 前

    In the end he looses LOL😂😂 1:03

  105. Thinh Dinh

    Thinh Dinh日 前

    What was the budget for this video lol

  106. ssgsonmax 25

    ssgsonmax 25日 前

    Are we going to over look the fact that he just did a power bomb



    Can you mke a soccer esteorotypes

  108. lydia wu

    lydia wu日 前

    When a kangaroo has a better chance at meeting dude perfect then you! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  109. Jayant Malik

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    Gaming stereotypes

  110. Lukas Reimer

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