G.R.L.- Ugly Heart (Live @ The Morning Show)


  1. C⁴Cosplay

    C⁴Cosplayヶ月 前

    Trio GRL is just not the same as the original quintet....even the whole image change seems forced and off. They shouldve just stayed a quartet... Emmalyn really carried the group after Simone passed.

  2. 라이오넬

    라이오넬ヶ月 前

    *Why the fuck did they let that random girl say Emmalyn and Simone's introduction? Lauren and Natasha from G.R.L. with a fan, literally.*

  3. Ramune Kaminskaite

    Ramune Kaminskaite2 ヶ月 前

    With the electric sound they fucked up the song

  4. Kyle Martin

    Kyle Martin3 ヶ月 前


  5. Kenny Alewaters

    Kenny Alewaters3 ヶ月 前

    iets crazy from 5 girls too 3

  6. 라이오넬

    라이오넬ヶ月 前


  7. Guilio McEwan's Space

    Guilio McEwan's Space3 ヶ月 前

    Broom handle and brush scenario.

  8. Jack Peter

    Jack Peter5 ヶ月 前

    I don’t get what everyone’s on about. I loved this performance. I want more music

  9. Jose Barrios

    Jose Barrios7 ヶ月 前


  10. Natasha

    Natasha7 ヶ月 前

    Emmalyn and Paula should have stayed and they just needed to add a black girl.

  11. Natasha

    Natasha5 ヶ月 前

    Normani Live It is If it’s the right member.

  12. FuckJerry

    FuckJerry9 ヶ月 前

    G.R.L will never be the same... the old G.R.L are sooooo much better

  13. Georgina

    Georgina11 ヶ月 前

    Ever since the new girl joined I hated grl MAKE THE OVER 2 COME BACK THEN THAY WILL BE GOOD AGAIN 😠😡

  14. abigail Williams

    abigail Williams年 前

    It's not the same :(

  15. - iiDunSass -

    - iiDunSass -年 前

    What did i missed?

  16. Shar I

    Shar I年 前

    Lauren is just in a series of failed girl groups

  17. 라이오넬

    라이오넬ヶ月 前

    *G.R.L. wasn't a failed girl group… they were the third most successful girl group of this decade behind Fifth Harmony and Little Mix and because they decided to disband in 2015. Lauren and Natasha just fucked up the group by coming back with that random girl that can't even sing properly and do the choreography right instead of letting the group like how they ended and fucking up G.R.L.'s reputation.*

  18. Cheeky Chocolate

    Cheeky Chocolate年 前

    It's not the same because they all fall apart and they got that jazzy girl in the group.but Lauren and Natasha are still in the group

  19. MissLyfe Style

    MissLyfe Style年 前

    Ok one ... that new girl don’t know Simone so how can you say “our girl” ?? 😭 Also it’s an amazing song that is meant for 5 people (original) they are missing 2 ( original ) since Simone passed away 😣

  20. GUEN

    GUEN29 日 前

    Her sister was in the group and got pregnant right prior their debut and was replaced by Emmalyn (you can find pics of them from that period at the web)...maybe they had contact, and perhaps Jazzy camr to know Simone and the other girls before

  21. Arnas Mangirdas

    Arnas Mangirdas年 前

    They should sing songs with Jazzy, where they wrote, performed songs when they were 5 original members :/ It's not right.

  22. Sinead Haynes

    Sinead Haynes年 前

    Wait wait wait, okay I don't know everything about them, I just found out about them yesterday.... and I'm upset I only did yesterday I wish I did earlier but I know Emmalyn left, but what happened to the other girl?

  23. Arnas Mangirdas

    Arnas Mangirdas年 前

    Paula left too, Simone commited suicide :( They left as 2 members and they added a new one with red hair

  24. Tiah Fisher

    Tiah Fisher年 前

    It's not the same, sorry

  25. So

    So2 年 前

    They are 3 !

  26. Elizabeth v.

    Elizabeth v.2 年 前

    I feel so bad for them they got copied by those ugly ass tramps local mix and they didn't even give credit or anything they know that they copied them but of course they say they are"friends"with everyone they copy which is ironic because I bet all of the people they copied dont even know their shady attention seeking asses

  27. Vicc

    Vicc2 年 前

    Eu acho que essa musica não e a mesma sem o grupo todo.Injustiça essa ruiva feia cantar a musica da divosa maravilinda Simone battle.

  28. Eline Sarian

    Eline Sarian2 年 前

    Lossing the old grl

  29. Tom Cooper

    Tom Cooper2 年 前

    emmalyn made it gr8

  30. bipin advani

    bipin advani2 年 前


  31. D Xiah

    D Xiah2 年 前

    why not just re brand nd mke a new group... lol Simone and Emmalyn carried this group

  32. Arnas Mangirdas

    Arnas Mangirdas年 前

    They should've left G.R.L. as a 5 original member group, when Simone suicided and Paula with Emmalyn left :(

  33. Arnas Mangirdas

    Arnas Mangirdas年 前


  34. John Palisoc

    John Palisoc2 年 前

    why didn't they do Simone's high note

  35. watata patata

    watata patata2 年 前

    Without Emmalyn and Paula, they wouldn't work out

  36. Claire Elizabeth McHale

    Claire Elizabeth McHale2 年 前

    They are way better than this

  37. Med Aizat

    Med Aizat2 年 前

    "this one is for our girl Simone" omg i'm crying

  38. Likalolgamer

    Likalolgamer2 年 前

    Can someone tell me what one memebr is not orgingal

  39. wranga ahmadi

    wranga ahmadi2 年 前

    Where are the other 2 girls

  40. Ricky Diaz

    Ricky Diaz2 年 前

    I'm sorry I'm a huge little mix fan and little mix can harmonize and sing better then grl and fifth harmony ... unlike little mix the songs they sing their voice fit every key in their song... glory days *touch acoustic shows their voices. Gives each girl of the group a moment to show their voices off. And comparing 2 groups or 3 to one another isn't right . Instead of being girl powerment showing the world that it's okay to shade one another .. grl management should be ashamed

  41. Allyson Gamboa

    Allyson Gamboa2 年 前

    Who is the girl in the red hair

  42. Heavy Mercy

    Heavy Mercy2 年 前

    You guys you might not know, Emmalyn might come back

  43. Arielle Wilson

    Arielle Wilson2 年 前

    This is just not good 😅

  44. Nazzu Sara

    Nazzu Sara2 年 前


  45. evan

    evan2 年 前

    I know the girl with the blonde hair, but whose the other two ?

  46. ThankYou5h for everything

    ThankYou5h for everything2 年 前

    so first they're dissing little mix and then they're making a comeback.. then you know they just said it for attention

  47. maybaby bubu

    maybaby bubu2 年 前

    5H&LM Need a collab!! they didn't shade little mix

  48. Teera Xo

    Teera Xo2 年 前

    I wanna focus on them as a girl group they don't need those back up dancers and the remix ruined the song. Best part of the song was the bridge and they took it out.

  49. David Conceição

    David Conceição2 年 前

    As Deusas voltaram ♡

  50. Brooke hart

    Brooke hart2 年 前

    I love how they are trying something new, but it just doesn't sound right. They should have sang a new song, it is a very hard song to sing since Simone had such a big part in the song.

  51. Viktor Del Rey

    Viktor Del Rey2 年 前

    this is mess

  52. Ruan Vitor

    Ruan Vitor2 年 前

    não to nem crendo nessa volta. Ta estranha, mas fico feliz que voltaram. Espero que bombem

  53. marcia melo

    marcia melo2 年 前

    i Love grl

  54. Amber Thirwell

    Amber Thirwell2 年 前

    Gosh this was horrible

  55. Samantha Crump

    Samantha Crump2 年 前

    I miss Simone

  56. Aneika Webster

    Aneika Webster2 年 前

    They can all sing but just not together😂😂 grl needs to stop

  57. MelAndKateVEVO

    MelAndKateVEVO2 年 前

    I thought at the start there was 5 and now there is 3 I know simone died too (sad face) but where is the other one???

  58. Richelle Heina

    Richelle Heina2 年 前

    The red haired one really doesnt fit in lol. They better rename the band name cause grl isnt this...... after sadly simone passed it still felt like grl but now two left and theres a new girl it just doesnt feel like grl anymore

  59. GoodOlAllisonHarvard

    GoodOlAllisonHarvard2 年 前

    Agreed... It also kinda felt a bit iffy when Natasha just chucked out there that this song was for Simone (R.I.P angel), kinda like they were capitalising off of her death, but IDK that's just my opinion. They really should just re-name the band tho :\

  60. Robbe Vevo

    Robbe Vevo2 年 前

    Where are Paula and Emmalyn? And who's the new girl?

  61. Robbe Vevo

    Robbe Vevo2 年 前

    @Bear amica No Lauren is the white one

  62. - ßlast

    - ßlast2 年 前

    Robbe Vevo they quit and the new girl is lauren benett (redhaired girl)

  63. j e i s s h i

    j e i s s h i2 年 前

    Wheres Emmalyn and Simone???

  64. j e i s s h i

    j e i s s h i2 年 前

    Man simone was perfect i knew what happened to everyone that left the group but I don't know about paula where i she?

  65. MelAndKateVEVO

    MelAndKateVEVO2 年 前

    Simone passed away :[

  66. Esthar's Amazing Adventurous Day Vlogs

    Esthar's Amazing Adventurous Day Vlogs2 年 前

    This just simply sounds terrible without the " actual " team GRL!!!!

  67. Zaina Xxxx

    Zaina Xxxx2 年 前

    How do they sound like little mix shout out to my ex

  68. Kerry Margaret

    Kerry Margaret7 ヶ月 前

    This song actually came out first

  69. Wilfredo A Nunez Pacheco

    Wilfredo A Nunez Pacheco2 年 前

    Zainab Atia The original Ugly Heart without the remix sounds like SOTME a lot. It's pretty obvious.

  70. Richelle Heina

    Richelle Heina2 年 前

    Zainab Atia ikr

  71. Anonym x

    Anonym x2 年 前

    Don't think they harmonize very well. Laurens voice is better but I haven't fallen in love with Natashas yet. Think they should've kept Emmalyn and Paula..

  72. Nelly Smith

    Nelly Smith2 年 前

    which one died ? 💖💔😥


    GRL BRASIL2 年 前

    none these. who died was Simone Battle, in old G.R.L. formation. This video is actual with Natasha Slayton and Lauren Bennett (original members), and new member Jazzy mejia (The girl with Red Hair). see more here: www.eonline.com/news/785611/girl-group-g-r-l-reforms-nearly-two-years-after-simone-battle-s-tragic-suicide

  74. Tommie Matthews

    Tommie Matthews2 年 前

    growing up and down the street from

  75. Wayne Francis Canty

    Wayne Francis Canty2 年 前

    Anyone have a link to the audio remix

  76. Jemimah Obasemo

    Jemimah Obasemo2 年 前

    What's the girls name called with the dark brown hair?

  77. dadzia x

    dadzia x2 年 前

    Jemimah Obasemo natasha slayton

  78. Wayne Francis Canty

    Wayne Francis Canty2 年 前

    Dose anyone have the link to the actual audio of the remix.