G.R.L. - Ugly Heart


  1. Dieudelove Pierre

    Dieudelove Pierre21 時間 前

    those last words dang. I love this music video

  2. Elleanor Clifford

    Elleanor Clifford日 前

    september 2019 anyone

  3. Ellie Hanlon

    Ellie Hanlon日 前

    What happened to simone

  4. ImBoredAriG

    ImBoredAriG日 前


  5. Cindy Rodriguez

    Cindy Rodriguez日 前

    Who hears this on tic tok

  6. Nikki Lulu

    Nikki Lulu日 前

    Am I the only one going through throw backs 😂😂❤️

  7. Riley Falls

    Riley Falls2 日 前

    Okay but can we all accept that the first e-girl came from that girl with the star skirt

  8. Ciara Carpenter

    Ciara Carpenter2 日 前

    Yo 2019? Holller at yo gurl♥♥

  9. Ross Airley

    Ross Airley2 日 前

    RIP the best singer ever

  10. Don't Fear The Reaper

    Don't Fear The Reaper3 日 前

    Song is from 2014, but feels like 1980s

  11. Natalie Cummings

    Natalie Cummings5 日 前

    Which one was Simone and how’d she die?

  12. Joshua AKA JODI ZO Nolan

    Joshua AKA JODI ZO Nolan5 日 前

    St John's NL NOW

  13. Yonela Mlobothi

    Yonela Mlobothi5 日 前

    I love this song Soooo much😭

  14. supyol gold

    supyol gold6 日 前

    Love it 💗💝

  15. Siddharth Das

    Siddharth Das6 日 前

    Regretting of growing up so early

  16. IAmAgainst

    IAmAgainst6 日 前

    This sounds a lot like "Nothing breaks like a heart"..

  17. Ddog Darcy

    Ddog Darcy7 日 前

    This gives me so many memories of 2014 #2014ForEver!

  18. Immy Healy

    Immy Healy8 日 前

    2019 anyone?

  19. Joshua AKA JODI ZO Nolan

    Joshua AKA JODI ZO Nolan8 日 前

    Yoire invited to stjohns newfoundland

  20. Ali Zafar

    Ali Zafar9 日 前

    I cry so much listening to this song, when it brings back the memories but also remembering Simone :( I hope she is in a better place

  21. Gamer Girl

    Gamer Girl9 日 前

    how dahell does this sounds like shout out to my ex

  22. 사자

    사자9 日 前

    *Because Local Mix copied their backtrack and low key Paula's part.*

  23. Mufliah

    Mufliah10 日 前

    RIP SIMONE🥺🦋🦋🦋🦋

  24. Elisagela Maria

    Elisagela Maria10 日 前

    1-Emmalyn❤ 2-Lauren❤ 3-Natasha❤ 4-Simone❤ 5-Paula❤

  25. Turrell Bonner

    Turrell Bonner6 日 前

    RIP Simone Battle In Loving Memory Simone Battle🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❤️❤️❤️

  26. عز الشمراني

    عز الشمراني11 日 前


  27. Jessica Jongejan

    Jessica Jongejan11 日 前

    I love the song so much

  28. Vika Manase

    Vika Manase11 日 前

    This group had soo much potential.RIP Simone

  29. Chelseaà McKenzie

    Chelseaà McKenzie11 日 前

    2019 anyone? (RIP Simone🙏🏾❤️)

  30. Jameslee D.

    Jameslee D.12 日 前

    Comeback in 2020 maybe?

  31. Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson12 日 前

    I cried hard watching this. It’s now been 5 years since Simone passed away. When September 5th rolls around every year, I still remember it’s the day you left this earth. We love you Simone

  32. Johnathan Antony

    Johnathan Antony12 日 前

    2019 anyone?

  33. Simone Battle Fan

    Simone Battle Fan13 日 前

    5 years ...💔 Rip🙏🏾🕊

  34. BestForAll Lala

    BestForAll Lala13 日 前

    Wish to see you reunion with Fifth harmony.

  35. Melissa Winn

    Melissa Winn12 日 前

    It still makes me sad cuz Ma girl is dead nd fifth harmony was ma girls 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  36. Cadence Bailey

    Cadence Bailey13 日 前

    I loved Simone’s outfit 😍

  37. Mia robux

    Mia robux13 日 前

    Do you guys know one of they die I do not know but everyone is telling about it 😭😭

  38. jana herrera

    jana herrera14 日 前

    More songs like thiiiiiis pleaseeeee

  39. leah copeland

    leah copeland14 日 前

    Did anyone used to jam out to this in there bedroom when they were like 10....

  40. Bee•Bot

    Bee•Bot16 日 前

    I need this😂 my ex has turned into a nut case.. i woke up with 20 missed calls and 8 long ass texts😬 Like fucking hell😂 We haven't been together for over a week and hes being a twat and thinks we still have a chance😕

  41. Asmaa Sagga

    Asmaa Sagga17 日 前

    He likes boys !!!

  42. Sina Pokrajac Sandrić

    Sina Pokrajac Sandrić17 日 前

    Depression makes u suicide.

  43. Gacha Wolf12

    Gacha Wolf1217 日 前

    I’m soo sorry but why does every one keep saying r.i.p Simone

  44. Gacha Wolf12

    Gacha Wolf124 日 前

    Ok thanks for telling me sorry for asking

  45. 사자

    사자16 日 前

    *Because the first girl to sing, sadly, committed suicide the same year that this song was released. You can watch these girls' tribute to her called ‘Lighthouse’, it's beautiful, I promise.*

  46. Lestgo Tothemall

    Lestgo Tothemall17 日 前

    I just realised they are arrested at a tattoo shop and at the end you see the guy with 'ugly' tattood all over his face, so they're being arrested for doing that to him.

  47. Shafa Hussain

    Shafa Hussain19 日 前

    I love your song amazing

  48. zach crenshaw

    zach crenshaw19 日 前

    Ugly heart: the Tomi Lahren story.

  49. Pity Heart

    Pity Heart19 日 前

    Emmalyn Estrada. Canadian but has Filipino decent. No wonder thats why she's uniquely beautiful!

  50. Desmond Tsaeb

    Desmond Tsaeb20 日 前


  51. Derek derek

    Derek derek20 日 前

    Miss you simone r.i.p 😭

  52. Sydney Field

    Sydney Field20 日 前

    Rip Simone😥They have changed a lot from then to now. Lauren is pregnant

  53. Tea Boy

    Tea Boy21 日 前

    What did they do to get arrested?

  54. Jadyn Warren

    Jadyn Warren21 日 前

    This was my favourite song when I was 6, and listening to it 6 years later, brings back so may memories! :)

  55. Elaine_thegaming PANDA

    Elaine_thegaming PANDA21 日 前

    This sounds like shout out to my ex, listen closely

  56. Rahmah Andriani

    Rahmah Andriani22 日 前

    This song, remind me about my ex My ex bf was cheating on me with an ugly heart girl

  57. It’s Miley

    It’s Miley22 日 前

    She roasted him

  58. It’s Miley

    It’s Miley22 日 前

    In the second verse is how they got arrested

  59. hailey Baldwin

    hailey Baldwin22 日 前

    This sounds like shout out to my ex

  60. Peter c

    Peter c23 日 前

    Simone RIP

  61. subhekcha sharma

    subhekcha sharma24 日 前


  62. Coley 445

    Coley 44524 日 前

    Rest in Peace Simone, Love these girls, so unique and refreshing they could really be something if they reformed, I don't think Simone would have ever wanted it to end after her tragic death.... 💔

  63. Simone Battle Fan

    Simone Battle Fan13 日 前

    They did reform in 2016 and haven't announced a break up but unfortunately they haven't released new music since then💔

  64. Wiki Glowacz

    Wiki Glowacz25 日 前


  65. Стерва Лавша

    Стерва Лавша25 日 前

    RIP SIMONE 💔💔💔💔🖤

  66. Fabricio Knowles

    Fabricio Knowles26 日 前