FUTURE & DESPAIR ARC 3 "REACTION" CHIAKI 💖【Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School】


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    Your reactions are fucking amazing! Cain't wait for the next video!

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    @RETRO™ ‍ if you can remember in the game the blood was pink and in the anime the fake blood was red No in fact it supposed to look pink

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    Awesome Vids dude, keep it up

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    Thank you Bro

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    Hell yeah i got you fam

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    You just got punked

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    Where can you watch the English dub of this? I’ve tried lots of different sites and can’t find anything

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    “Bootleg yu” 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Woah, DR3 stuff!

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    In the Neo World Program, everyone’s avatar is built upon their past memories from the Future Foundation. The real them and the avatar version of them wouldn’t act exactly the same.

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    Why the best girl was killed 2 times and the only killed in the 77 class.

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    to make you feel despair

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    0:34 ahhh Kokichi is waiting for you.

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    i t s a l i e !

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    We need more of this

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    *S M O O T H H A J I M E*

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    That was a perfect outro

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    Fake Hope vs. Real Hope! Two new york bitches square up! Hajime being a smooth ass OG with Chiaki! Girls packing mad heat! This anime got it all! And your reactions make it all the more better RETRO! Also 10/10 on that Monakuma voice. That was clean!

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    "bootleg Yu" 😂😂😂😂

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    Soooo... Long after the events of Persona 4 and its spin-offs, Yu ended up at his place where he met Monika from Doki Doki, and they... banged? Nani the chinga?

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    @Fire puppies Wow. Don't know how he did it, but somehow Yu got hit with a second puberty that changed his voice, while someone like Hajime conveniently had a similar voice as his younger days. Yu really went downhill. 😢

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    And his voice went to Hajime

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    Where does he stream these?

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    I need mooreee !!

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    I'm glad you're enjoying it at least. So many sour ass apples out here calling this show trash. Oh fuck em #ProtectChiaki

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    Where/when is he streaming these?

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    You never liked Mahiru in the game because you never gave her a chance you skipped like all her good lines to insult her.

  34. Legal ZA0

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    Mahiru is a jerk. Almost every time you talk to her she adds in something about how boys need to man up, “yOu ArE A bOY RighT?” I tried to give her a chance, I really did, but the few times she says something good doesn’t excuse how she treats the boys, and people like you excuse that. She won’t even say anything to Hiyoko, who the the worst of the group, for bullying Mikan! Yet you completely forget about those things. She completely disregards Fuyuhikos side, saying how he had no right to judge that girl yet she helped her in the covering of the murder. He never liked mahiru because there isn’t anything to like. You can’t possibly think that what she does is okay right? What I’ve seen is they just blame it on her dad (who we’ve never met by the way) and call it a day. Is it because your a girl and you like how bossy she is to the boys because “girl power”? Or maybe your a boy and you turn a blind eye to her faults because she’s a hot anime waifu? Please, enlighten me.

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    Yeah basically Mahiru is underrated

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    This anime fucked my shit up

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    *F* for babygi- oh wait

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    Your Monokuma voice is great my dude. Dare you to do an irl stream where you use the Hajime line on a girl

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    If she likes that line, marry her ASAP

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    Aoi the ultimate prankster

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    someone tell me how this man has such a good monokuma voice

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    These are so entertaining when are we gonna watch DR3 again fam.

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    Also if you did Mahiru's FTE's it would explain her behaviour

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    I cried.

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    I legit can breathe oml. vro stream again oon i miss your ass.

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    The quickest 9 mins EVER!! Bruh Retro entertaining AF! Keep it up man!!!

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    4:27 She's always been this sweet. You just can't look past her stereotyping, it isn't her being a dick lmao.

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    Where can I watch this with you?

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    Mahiru really wasn't a jerk in the games either. People just focus on the "boys should protect the girls" thing in her introduction and don't really look past that.

  51. Legal ZA0

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    Brianna Chiavetta How does that excuse her actions?

  52. Legal ZA0

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    Practically every time you talk to her she says that. She’s a straight up jerk.

  53. Dagon

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    @Brianna Chiavetta so does high expectations give her the right to treat all men like shit while completely ignoring the fact that hiyoko is the worst piece of shit in terms of attitude? What you're saying doesn't even contradict what I'm saying. All you're doing is giving more perspective to her but not really changing the fact that she's such a hypocrite. Before you start raging like a kid and make dumb arguments actually make arguments that either agree or disagree with who you're talking to. Dumbass

  54. Brianna Chiavetta

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    Dagon You are dumb. She doesn't think boys are assholes. She just had high expectations of men because of her lazy shitstain of a father. She doesn't hate men. Get that through your thick skull. She is a good person. What you are thinking of with that additude is Tenko from Danganronpa V3. Now /SHE/ is the real man-hater.

  55. Dagon

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    No, she was always "boys are assholes"(exaggerating). Even during her confrontation with Fuyuhiko she just kept blaming him instead of actually trying to think about his perspective. She's also a hypocrite cause she keeps talking shit to guys about their behavior while Hiyoko keeps treating Mikan like trash and she says nothing. Free time events can give you more perspective on her but it doesn't change those facts.

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    LMFAO that damn monokuma at the end got me

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    The Aoi death fake out was worse than the K. Rool announcement fake out.

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    I gotta count how many times this nigga zoomed in on he's face cam.

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    You should do what Nyancave did and stream these where you don't actually show the content, just have a timer somewhere on the screen to show where in the episode on CR's player you on so we can watch along with you.

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    Keep these vids coming and that mono laugh was on point.

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    Thank you for uploading it! 👍🏾

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    It's just a prank bro

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    Retro should have been the voice for the dub monikuma

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    And vro, why the homeroom teacher with big tits remind me of monika. Both have tig ass bitties, a pony tail, green eyes and brown hair, and filled with despair... I think the answer is c l e a r.

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    You could voice act for the eng dub for monokuma.



    Where you stream this bruh?

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    Plexstorm, he gives a link of when he's streaming on Twitter (and I think Discord too...)



    “I really almost shed tears bro”

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    Why did they Kill the Gaming Waifu?😭 Also 7:48 HAJIME IS SMOOTH🔥🔥

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    spoilers fwien

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    "I want akane to give me a massage." *"ON MY DICK."* best quote 2k18

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    Nuc love your vids too!

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    Bro, the monokuma in the end had me hitting my table

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    Retro is entertaining af

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    98% of me is saying she's actually a guy

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    You should've dubbed Monokuma in this

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    That Monokuma voice makes me wanna sub to you but wait.....

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    Finna setup a protecc force 😎

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    2 Things. 1: Retro got baited by Aoi's "death" 2: Why his voices so on point like damn.