FUNNY CURLY HAIR PROBLEMS || Girls With Curly Hair Struggles by 123 GO!


  1. Atif Hussain

    Atif Hussain3 時間 前

    I like your prangs 😁



    I have curly hair

  3. akshaya p

    akshaya p6 時間 前

    Hi this video is good and we are expecting more videos and can u all put me a like and i will put u all a like

  4. Jose Candela

    Jose Candela6 時間 前

    This is Jose's daughter and my hair gets stuck in my glasses too!👸🏻

  5. Jose Candela

    Jose Candela6 時間 前

    You inspire me😻😺

  6. Jose Candela

    Jose Candela6 時間 前

    Again daughter❤ #love you


    SALINA SAMAT7 時間 前

    Her hair looks like pinkie pie

  8. Vimal Kumar

    Vimal Kumar9 時間 前

    Please make girls with strait hair

  9. Fiona Liwanag

    Fiona Liwanag10 時間 前

    I fell you girl. I always have ponytail because my hair is not good it's curly

  10. ALL IN ONE

    ALL IN ONE12 時間 前

    If u don't have curly still watching hit like

  11. לינויזה שיר הילדות הכי טוב אלמקיאס בעולם

    לינויזה שיר הילדות הכי טוב אלמקיאס בעולם17 時間 前

    If you're asking how did my hair turn out like this nothing it's naturally waves I have some problems I have some split ends over here

  12. לינויזה שיר הילדות הכי טוב אלמקיאס בעולם

    לינויזה שיר הילדות הכי טוב אלמקיאס בעולם17 時間 前

    Or curly hair vs wavy hair vs straight hair

  13. לינויזה שיר הילדות הכי טוב אלמקיאס בעולם

    לינויזה שיר הילדות הכי טוב אלמקיאס בעולם17 時間 前

    I have an idea for a video curly hair vs wavy hair just like I have I have wavy hair so why not

  14. Hezeniah in wonderland

    Hezeniah in wonderland19 時間 前

    Hey I have a curly hair to but when I am brushing my hair it's to easy to brush because my hair is not that curly like olivia

  15. Brianna Sicairos

    Brianna Sicairos19 時間 前

    Did I get electrocuted in my sleep😂🤣

  16. Jhoel Gavina

    Jhoel Gavina20 時間 前

    I think when Olivia got straight hair shes gonna be MORE beautiful



    Can Olivia get straight hair❤❤❤

  18. Karely Cervantes

    Karely Cervantes21 時間 前

    QAre the best video ever in the world grab some day and right yeah

  19. Cutie Cupcake

    Cutie Cupcake23 時間 前

    I have strait hair. My friend has curly hair. I love to touch it

  20. Danna Gabriel

    Danna Gabriel23 時間 前

    my glasses today were stuck in my curly hair😖

  21. Tia Hessling

    Tia Hessling日 前

    Omg I have curly hair and it drives me bananas!!!!

  22. Habiba Hamid

    Habiba Hamid日 前

    My hair is very curly too and have the same problems

  23. Gaming Unicorn

    Gaming Unicorn日 前


  24. 日 前

    0:43 whatf

  25. #livethelife Miller-Smith

    #livethelife Miller-Smith日 前

    this stuff is not true i have natural hair and all this stuff rong

  26. Nicole Gallegos

    Nicole Gallegos日 前

    You should straighten your hair

  27. glitter gacha

    glitter gacha日 前

    All types of hair gets tangled in sunglasses

  28. Mansi Anshwani

    Mansi Anshwani日 前

    Same with me

  29. Vanessa Nicole Sumido

    Vanessa Nicole Sumido日 前

    I don’t have curly hair 👩‍🦱 my hair is straight 😊😊😊😊😊

  30. Jara Bince

    Jara Bince日 前

    Comment - Blonde Like - Curly

  31. Saleha Hussain

    Saleha Hussain日 前

    I never face any problem of hair because i have silky hairs

  32. Pushpinder Singh

    Pushpinder Singh日 前

    I love curly hair but I have straight hair yor hair is awesome ☺️

  33. Queen Gia

    Queen Gia日 前

    If troom troom and 5 minutes craft had a baby =123 go

  34. Halimo Abdo

    Halimo Abdo日 前

    It is hard to brush locks 👩🏼😖

  35. Rachel Julian

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  36. Julian Joy

    Julian Joy日 前

    She needs a stateiner

  37. Carter and Pais

    Carter and Pais2 日 前

    Dia Amin I Replied to your comment

  38. Carter and Pais

    Carter and Pais2 日 前

    I need to show my cousin this she has curly hair I got shop flat hair but if it makes you fill any better having short hair you know like Vicky Sophia and Mia I get it it’s hard Evan having hair but boys get shot like really short hair says in evil voice: I want shave it all 👹

  39. Janice Mikutel

    Janice Mikutel2 日 前

    She Olivia Hans you are a clown wig

  40. The Kedzioras

    The Kedzioras2 日 前

    So funny

  41. sekar shoba

    sekar shoba2 日 前

    I am also have curly hair you are kidding me a lot I love you

  42. Meme TV

    Meme TV2 日 前

    Who has straight hair but still want to see this video

  43. Kyliemarielle Hernandez

    Kyliemarielle Hernandez2 日 前

    Can you do video that curly hair vs. Straight hair😊😊😊

  44. nora angel

    nora angel2 日 前

    3:46 Einstein look 😂😂👍

  45. Velash Naicker

    Velash Naicker2 日 前

    My daughter has no problems with her curly hair

  46. lino miguel

    lino miguel3 日 前


  47. Aimee Goyco

    Aimee Goyco3 日 前

    That's not true she can straten her hair i have a family member andshe has it like that

  48. noor khan

    noor khan3 日 前

    What will Olivia s hair look like when they will be straight

  49. PandaZ

    PandaZ3 日 前

    I dont have curly hair but still watching cuz its so funny !

  50. Cutie Cupcake

    Cutie Cupcake23 時間 前

    Same here

  51. Vanessa Nicole Sumido

    Vanessa Nicole Sumido日 前

    Ako rin

  52. jaden Mayfield

    jaden Mayfield3 日 前

    She should try scrunchies

  53. Aaliyah Alexander

    Aaliyah Alexander4 日 前

    I have curles and I have the same brush probalum

  54. Melissa Young

    Melissa Young4 日 前

    T # yay

  55. Maddie's diy, pranks and more

    Maddie's diy, pranks and more4 日 前

    I have curly hair and I hate it but Olivia looks so pretty with her's lol and I also love how this video was just to Olivia lol

  56. Pony Girlxx

    Pony Girlxx4 日 前

    it really looks shit and fucked up and matted

  57. Kimy Rose

    Kimy Rose4 日 前

    I can relate sometimes aswell

  58. Hdeel A

    Hdeel A4 日 前


  59. Eshal Mahmood

    Eshal Mahmood4 日 前

    I feel bad my sis is laughing



    I have curly hair similar to that

  61. Jenna PlaysRoblox

    Jenna PlaysRoblox5 日 前

    Me: Brushes hair 𝐹𝒾𝓋𝑒 𝓂𝒾𝓃𝓈 𝓁𝒶𝓉𝑒𝓇 Hair: YOU THOUGHT

  62. Nevaeh Martens

    Nevaeh Martens5 日 前

    i feel you olivia! i got some crazy curls too

  63. Ivan Funes

    Ivan Funes5 日 前

    Poor Olivia


    BFF STATION5 日 前

    This was the most funny video I have ever seen in my life...I fell of my bed.

  65. Jose Candela

    Jose Candela6 時間 前

    Me too😂