FUNNY CURLY HAIR PROBLEMS || Girls With Curly Hair Struggles by 123 GO!


  1. kamran munawar

    kamran munawar11 時間 前

    My hair r really silky

  2. Holly Hatcher

    Holly Hatcher日 前

    what else can she fit into her curly hair? is she marry poppins??

  3. Its Claire

    Its Claire2 日 前

    I know the pain... my hair is crazy and everyone LOVES to touch my hair...

  4. Shariq Mohammad

    Shariq Mohammad2 日 前


  5. Suma Reddy

    Suma Reddy3 日 前

    Ya my hair also looked like that when I brush it

  6. Emma Torrez

    Emma Torrez4 日 前

    All of these literly happen to me every day

  7. lpsrainbow 1

    lpsrainbow 14 日 前

    i have thic tiny curls so I'm winter I can't wear hats and if I brush it it's to puffy

  8. Raevic Ferrer

    Raevic Ferrer4 日 前

    Well is she going to to take the shower or what? Don't respond what!!!!!

  9. Kylee Newkirk

    Kylee Newkirk4 日 前


  10. Kylee Newkirk

    Kylee Newkirk4 日 前

    hi i have curly hair and my hair is so knotty all the time and its crazy when i wake up my cousins hair are curly to

  11. Raina Snowflake

    Raina Snowflake5 日 前

    Who’s missing Vicky? 👇🏻

  12. CarełessMintÿ

    CarełessMintÿ5 日 前

    Today I got a brush stuck in my hair..

  13. Rocco Nicolini

    Rocco Nicolini5 日 前

    I have curly hair and I feel you because yeah

  14. Rocco Nicolini

    Rocco Nicolini5 日 前

    And I always always break my hair ties

  15. Amyah Kib

    Amyah Kib7 日 前

    Get it girl 😘😘😍😍🤗🤗

  16. Amyah Kib

    Amyah Kib7 日 前

    Girl don't worry I have long hair too and alot

  17. HenryUltra

    HenryUltra8 日 前

    My friend has curly hair her name is summer

  18. Ashlee Nardi

    Ashlee Nardi8 日 前

    My hair is straight I love my hair

  19. Ashlee Nardi

    Ashlee Nardi8 日 前

    I love my hair

  20. Komala Kavya

    Komala Kavya8 日 前

    Hey Olivia l like your smile and your curly hair

  21. Jessica Clodius

    Jessica Clodius10 日 前

    I have strait blond hair and when I wake up my hair is sticking out all over the place! 🙂

  22. HenryUltra

    HenryUltra10 日 前

    I'm not going to make my hair curly

  23. Izabella Aguilar

    Izabella Aguilar12 日 前

    I hat Sofia

  24. Hulan Enkh

    Hulan Enkh14 日 前

    Troom troom is bad

  25. Katayun Mahmudi

    Katayun Mahmudi15 日 前

    Curly hair is very funny

  26. Ahyat Rana

    Ahyat Rana16 日 前

    My hair is not that curly it’s straight with a few curls u could call it like wavy or something my curly hair is long as well it only takes a few mins tho straight it is not hard at all Edit: my hair dose not become frizzy oof to many things about my hair

  27. saurabh anjana ji

    saurabh anjana ji18 日 前 Suscribe to my channel

  28. Rosie Guerrier

    Rosie Guerrier20 日 前

    The stuggle is real.

  29. Fabiana Caseiro Oliveira

    Fabiana Caseiro Oliveira20 日 前

    My bracelet an glasses also get stuck in my hair, but only because I have really thick hair😖

  30. Christina Stepanenko

    Christina Stepanenko21 日 前


  31. Elia’s life

    Elia’s life21 日 前

    Long curly hair is even worse

  32. Garance Drewery

    Garance Drewery22 日 前

    I have the OPPOSITE problem, my hair is VERY straight and SO BORING !!!! 😅😅😅

  33. Gacha Peppermint

    Gacha Peppermint22 日 前

    Me personally I like it when people touch my hair

  34. Gacha Peppermint

    Gacha Peppermint22 日 前

    Curly hair doesn’t have to be thick... and her hair looks really bad. It looks kinda... ruined And curly girls can put up their hair with no hair tie

  35. Znur

    Znur22 日 前

    Am I the only one who has dummy thicc hair and it‘s curly too? Just me, Okay? .-.

  36. Prashamita Das

    Prashamita Das23 日 前

    I love Olivia and her expressions....

  37. LexiAlexa M

    LexiAlexa M23 日 前

    Brush your hair in the shower ONLY it’ll help

  38. Kk Kaylee Unicorn

    Kk Kaylee Unicorn24 日 前

    Your videos are the same as Troom Troom

  39. Funny Family

    Funny Family24 日 前

    Who just scrolled through the comments instead of really watching the video?😂

  40. Funny Family

    Funny Family24 日 前

    I have curly hair and can definitely relate !🤷🏽‍♀️

  41. Chloe Seroney

    Chloe Seroney24 日 前

    Happy new year

  42. Lilybelle baker

    Lilybelle baker24 日 前

    I don't have curly yet because I think Olivia should get rid of those curls or not

  43. Nidhi Shirke

    Nidhi Shirke25 日 前


  44. chloe zhang

    chloe zhang25 日 前

    I still don’t like someone to touch my hair to

  45. chloe zhang

    chloe zhang25 日 前

    I love cookies

  46. Jan Lazo

    Jan Lazo26 日 前

    Everyone is always touching my curly hair

  47. Nikkita Kamineni

    Nikkita Kamineni26 日 前

    Why can’t she just straighten???

  48. Bảo Hồ

    Bảo Hồ26 日 前


  49. Ashley Arteaga

    Ashley Arteaga27 日 前

    I have curly hair and that doesn’t happen to me

  50. Amina Ali

    Amina Ali27 日 前

    No☕️☕️☕️ in the cup😬

  51. Mahvash Fatima

    Mahvash Fatima28 日 前

    Poor Olivia

  52. Raman

    Raman29 日 前

    Imagine if people have curly hair and they want straight hair

  53. Nirmala C

    Nirmala Cヶ月 前

    I do have curly hair and i have these troubles everyday, but it looks when I comb it who agree with me😊

  54. Free World

    Free Worldヶ月 前

    Iomega African American I have curlier hair then her

  55. Manu Manu

    Manu Manuヶ月 前

    I think Olivia never combs her hair

  56. RandomYT

    RandomYT29 日 前

    Manu Manu επειδή έχει σγουρά μαλλιά μου με σγουρά μαλλιά ξέρω πόσο δύσκολο είναι να βουρτσίσεις έτσι σταμάτα να κρίνεις🙄

  57. Gaby 1609

    Gaby 1609ヶ月 前

    her curls are so ugly lmao

  58. Brooklyn Myers

    Brooklyn Myersヶ月 前


  59. Vijayan VS

    Vijayan VSヶ月 前

    I like Olivia ' s hair

  60. Joey Lucas

    Joey Lucasヶ月 前

    Puwede ka mag magic tricks ah..sorr no offense

  61. Aes Lee YT

    Aes Lee YTヶ月 前

    I have wavy hair

  62. Jayant Kumar

    Jayant Kumarヶ月 前

    I have curly hair to but very healthy

  63. Gacha spy’s 2020

    Gacha spy’s 2020ヶ月 前

    When Olivia brushed her hair she looked like a lion not to be rude