1. Nala Donofrio

    Nala Donofrio16 時間 前

    Slime rancher is best game

  2. andrew sternowski

    andrew sternowski2 日 前

    plz do some more jack

  3. Keenan Reitz

    Keenan Reitz6 日 前

    Anyone else miss this?

  4. dyesi kadapan

    dyesi kadapan7 日 前

    have you passed day 420 yet?

  5. The Chaconut

    The Chaconut10 日 前

    Please play more!

  6. Hi I'm Lucie

    Hi I'm Lucie10 日 前

    Sean why did you stop making this series? :( I'm really upset... I'd wish you continued..

  7. Fox Taber

    Fox Taber10 日 前

    11:50-11:54 Lol

  8. Ali Loa

    Ali Loa12 日 前

    Man... I miss this game

  9. Joshua Hutchins

    Joshua Hutchins13 日 前

    More slime rancher

  10. Cole Thompson

    Cole Thompson13 日 前

    He never did another video on slime rancher...

  11. Elan cottrell

    Elan cottrell13 日 前

    Make slime rancher #26

  12. lori west

    lori west13 日 前

    I hope to see a new slime rancher video

  13. Emily Mack

    Emily Mack14 日 前

    When it’s been like 4 months and not another ep has come yet *sad*

  14. trash QwQ

    trash QwQ14 日 前

    Wild fires are getting out of hand like really so i dare you to plant 1,0000 trees

  15. kiwi Eevee

    kiwi Eevee15 日 前

    Not me slime bois

  16. Ashley Withers

    Ashley Withers15 日 前


  17. Minecraft kid

    Minecraft kid17 日 前

    Sean you can put costumes on drone with the Googly eye thing & stuff. P.s Super cute addition

  18. Oscar Swanson

    Oscar Swanson17 日 前

    Pls like I was just bored

  19. Clide The Angel

    Clide The Angel18 日 前

    jack got the blue ball unlock thing, never bought it and never got the treasures in the hidden area. JACK, WHATS IN THE TREASURE ROOMS?!?!?!?

  20. Clide The Angel

    Clide The Angel18 日 前

    cant figure out how to edit my post. meant purple not blue. =<= my bad

  21. Vapi

    Vapi19 日 前

    my real name is Wiktor / Viktor

  22. graham yater

    graham yater20 日 前

    Jack you still have so much to do bring this back. Unlock all the vaults. Unlock all the skins. Complete Mochi Miles ranch expansion. Complete Ogden ranch expansion. Complete Viktor ranch expansion. VR slime rancher. Buy all of the 7zee rewards. Party Gordos. Advanced drones.

  23. Pippity Pop'n Popsicles

    Pippity Pop'n Popsicles20 日 前

    Jack: this is brutal look away Me: laughs as the little slimes disappear into the sea still smiling

  24. Juan Garcia

    Juan Garcia21 日 前

    Jack plas play MO slim rancher

  25. Purity Dream

    Purity Dream22 日 前

    hey, jack just noticed that in the playlist there are 23 vids but the last one was labeled #25 so i looked, what happened to #'s 9 and 21? lol there not in the playlist

  26. Christian Diaz

    Christian Diaz24 日 前

    Jack can you plz do video this is my favorite game and I love it when you do these videos Like so Jack can see👇

  27. SWEATYnuggetYT

    SWEATYnuggetYT26 日 前

    Play more slime ranch pls

  28. ShadowleaderLX

    ShadowleaderLX27 日 前

    Do another slime rancher vid like so he sees this

  29. Joseph Ferencz

    Joseph Ferencz29 日 前

    You get a bunch of hexacomb from your ranch and the recources depend on where you place them (not just biomes)

  30. Galactic Cloud

    Galactic Cloudヶ月 前

    Slime Rancher is the best

  31. Galactic Cloud

    Galactic Cloudヶ月 前


  32. Galactic Cloud

    Galactic Cloudヶ月 前

    Play more

  33. PotatoSkinz 16

    PotatoSkinz 16ヶ月 前

    RIP Slime Rancher playthrough lol

  34. •TalaCloud •

    •TalaCloud •ヶ月 前

    You’re back onto slime rancher yayyy!

  35. Kerri Coulthard

    Kerri Coulthardヶ月 前

    Please play more slime rancher’s

  36. CoCoTea Inc

    CoCoTea Incヶ月 前

    The last episode

  37. Liam Feeney

    Liam Feeneyヶ月 前

    Make more slime rancher videos ; ) I don’t mean to sound demanding or anything keep up the videos just an idea.

  38. Darkside Does gacha

    Darkside Does gachaヶ月 前

    Mix a tabby slime with a hunter slime I would LOVE TO SEE IT!!!

  39. Lorrie Carlin

    Lorrie Carlinヶ月 前

    Jack please I'm love you

  40. Lorrie Carlin

    Lorrie Carlinヶ月 前

    Hi Jack play slime rancher gang

  41. Kerri Coulthard

    Kerri Coulthardヶ月 前

    The colleague was bob that always wanted chickens but I guess he turned out to be a slime