1. Nicolas Wayland

    Nicolas Wayland20 時間 前

    Jack don’t know how to slime rancher

  2. jean-rafael hasty

    jean-rafael hasty21 時間 前

    jack\sean i got an idea replay this game im shure that you will get something you havent discovered yet and do you know that the reward club has new rewards so it will make new content and for finishing shoutout to me plz

  3. TopGames

    TopGames日 前

    Shit game

  4. Miss Sonia.

    Miss Sonia.2 時間 前

    okay edgelord

  5. Random Lily

    Random Lily日 前

    Jack you skiped number 21 :|

  6. Noah Laarhuis

    Noah Laarhuis3 日 前


  7. Kevin Chen

    Kevin Chen3 日 前

    Jack there are quicksilver slimes and saber slimes

  8. Soren Simard-puge

    Soren Simard-puge3 日 前

    Jack find the Gilded Ginger and put it on a master slime snatcher thing and you will find the gold gordo but go to sleep after you put on

  9. Soren Simard-puge

    Soren Simard-puge3 日 前

    Everyone like this so Jack can see so he can find it

  10. ヴィンVinVinVin

    ヴィンVinVinVin3 日 前

    i really love this series omg

  11. coolblueboy c

    coolblueboy c4 日 前

    Make another

  12. Charles Frage

    Charles Frage5 日 前

    You monster! Pour slimes, r.i.p.

  13. Frederick Jones

    Frederick Jones5 日 前

    Send em to the ranch

  14. Sync_ Caz

    Sync_ Caz6 日 前

    Minecraft ruined this series

  15. Unipig

    Unipig6 日 前

    Pls Play slime rancher VR

  16. coltonCAIN 9472

    coltonCAIN 94726 日 前


  17. Stealthy Popcorn

    Stealthy Popcorn7 日 前

    Jack: day 69! Everyone: nice

  18. lynn currie

    lynn currie7 日 前

    My slime.racher won't work on ps4 I download it in ps4 store

  19. Aj Riggs

    Aj Riggs8 日 前

    New slimessssss I want to see more please make more vids on this game

  20. Hoà Bình Trần

    Hoà Bình Trần8 日 前

    when do you made a next video jack

  21. CHILLZ Group

    CHILLZ Group9 日 前

    Hey,what about spending your money at the 7zee rewards club again?

  22. alana gresser

    alana gresser9 日 前

    Jack you killed the 2 most adorable slime!!!,!,???!!?!?..!?!?..,

  23. Regina Böjtös

    Regina Böjtös9 日 前

    !!!tip!!! you didn't even notice Mochi has a challenge too, it's really fun, you should do it

  24. Susan Jones

    Susan Jones9 日 前

    He’s nowhere close to the end of the possibility’s

  25. Hella Planty

    Hella Planty9 日 前

    I know he probably figured it out but Jaaaaack you blast the bots with water in order to power them

  26. Funcat1578

    Funcat157810 日 前


  27. Zatou Syrene

    Zatou Syrene10 日 前

    I wonder if he knows the dervish plorts are giving about $94 per plort???

  28. bryan j07 jones

    bryan j07 jones10 日 前

    Do more slime rancher

  29. Erkan Duran

    Erkan Duran11 日 前

    At 11:09 drone just sell a golden plort.

  30. ChimChim Child

    ChimChim Child11 日 前

    Look at date* ( 8th August ) looks at release* ( 16 July ) *triggered*

  31. Luvim Balonzo

    Luvim Balonzo4 日 前

    Is is July 18

  32. Demon Qween

    Demon Qween11 日 前

    i like how he says kids look away then adds in sound effects of blood curdling screams

  33. Demon Qween

    Demon Qween11 日 前

    11:11 soo i may just have a dirty mind but umm that just didn't sound right to me

  34. Colin Schulte

    Colin Schulte11 日 前

    18:13 that hurt.

  35. Logan POULTER

    Logan POULTER11 日 前

    The cubs in victors lab can help get the advanced drones which will give you 2 tips of things

  36. Kaleb & Maddie

    Kaleb & Maddie11 日 前

    Please play this again!!🥺

  37. Emala Gliss

    Emala Gliss11 日 前

    0:01 “ slimiest place on earth” nah man that’s my school.

  38. Kay Aldworth

    Kay Aldworth12 日 前

    How's my favourite slime by the way

  39. Mia Richeal

    Mia Richeal12 日 前


  40. Killer king20000

    Killer king2000012 日 前

    Keep it up

  41. Michael Winters

    Michael Winters13 日 前


  42. Risk Slays

    Risk Slays13 日 前

    Top Of the mornin' to you ladies? :(

  43. david laflamme

    david laflamme13 日 前

    i just want to like talk to Seán in person or whatever and tell him what to do and there is MASTER PUMPS AND STUFF AND EVEN BETTER THINGS IN THE REWARDS CLUB THING!!!!!!!!

  44. Lewis Stevenson

    Lewis Stevenson13 日 前

    Tip it only takes 2 drones for each of the sea hens

  45. Saskia De Groot

    Saskia De Groot14 日 前

    Make more pls

  46. The crazy 6th grader

    The crazy 6th grader14 日 前

    I was a month late :(

  47. Gaming_wolf 3

    Gaming_wolf 314 日 前

    Jack look at the slimes faces if they are derpy or woerd looking then they are glitch slimes

  48. A Bean

    A Bean14 日 前


  49. Treblemaker Fireheart

    Treblemaker Fireheart15 日 前

    I find it amusing how Jack keeps walking right past the escaped, feral, likely hungry quantum-tabby next to the auto-feeder on the rad-sabers' corral. He just keeps missing it and he's done that since it escaped a few episodes ago.

  50. Isabella Williams

    Isabella Williams15 日 前

    He missed a gold slime at 11:27

  51. Wolf\pug Girl

    Wolf\pug Girl15 日 前

    There is a another rock largo next to Chrystal cave

  52. AyaNanase

    AyaNanase15 日 前

    'The time i got reincarnated as a slime' has really CHANGED!

  53. Eowyn The mimikyu

    Eowyn The mimikyu16 日 前

    Yay more little slime friends they’re all so cute ☺️

  54. Steven Bukovich

    Steven Bukovich16 日 前

    Hey jack Upland more slime

  55. Ejomon

    Ejomon16 日 前

    12:37 if only he knew that you can beat the game in 15 minutes...

  56. A Simple Farmer

    A Simple Farmer16 日 前

    Instead of selling plorts straight away, have your drones put them in silos and wait until the price per ports gets higher to sell them

  57. ERROR52 BOT

    ERROR52 BOT16 日 前

    Jack when u know its a glitch slime just look at their faces they smile like a dido in Pokemon

  58. golden stunter

    golden stunter14 日 前

    i thought you put d i l d o

  59. Evelinn Persson

    Evelinn Persson17 日 前

    please make more jack!

  60. Ryan Quick

    Ryan Quick17 日 前

    Who else died from the Phoenix Wright sounds😂😂

  61. Trip's Toons

    Trip's Toons17 日 前

    There’s still more costumes for your glass desert slimes in the glass desert. I won’t spoil anything but they look pretty good.



    I love the way he says parties!!

  63. Alex Miller

    Alex Miller17 日 前

    Put ur playback speed to 0.25 and watch 11:26 HE MISSED A GOLD SLIME

  64. Bigdingdong John

    Bigdingdong John17 日 前

    I’m going to buy slime rancher soon so I’m just watching all of these

  65. Zachary Spaloss

    Zachary Spaloss17 日 前

    Bob is just a bunch of pink slimes?!

  66. Camrin andres

    Camrin andres17 日 前

    Are you going to play more

  67. tf2soldiermann

    tf2soldiermann17 日 前


  68. veridi_persici jr

    veridi_persici jr17 日 前

    Viktor: creates entire virtual world. Jack: he seems tech savy...

  69. BZ L

    BZ L17 日 前

    Ur fire slime was ur favorite!

  70. Kai Ichu

    Kai Ichu17 日 前

    Jack now that you have the MK3 treasure crackers, can you go back to the vaults and open all of them??? I really wanna see you do that.

  71. Catherine Smit

    Catherine Smit18 日 前

    You can use your money for the 7zee rewards

  72. Banette Pokecard

    Banette Pokecard18 日 前

    Jack has summed up America for us "I'm a big man with a big drill"

  73. FAZETHAN05

    FAZETHAN0518 日 前

    Next ep??

  74. Alpha75

    Alpha7518 日 前

    To make Jack feel terrible about getting rid of the fire slimes “Fire plorts are used in the developing world on Earth to keep stoves and fireplaces burning. Thanks to fire plorts, warm hands and hot food is a possibility for millions of people who otherwise would not have access to such luxuries. A rancher won't get rich selling fire plorts, and certainly managing them can be a dangerous endeavor, but they should know that the sale of each helps those in need. Now and far into the future, the little noble actions of every individual help us move forward as a people. That much will never change.”

  75. • Lil Blueburry •

    • Lil Blueburry •18 日 前

    I 4 GoT 2 BUY THe lOCk upGraDEr

  76. Soumy Queen

    Soumy Queen19 日 前

    More slime rancher

  77. Bottlebrush

    Bottlebrush19 日 前

    JACK! Please please PLEASE put your escaped quantum hunter largo back in his pen! End his reign of terror!

  78. Eleck 1276

    Eleck 127619 日 前

    Jack do a trade with Mochi Miles

  79. Cutess Animation

    Cutess Animation19 日 前

    Honeys are really implortant

  80. Oofer Gang

    Oofer Gang20 日 前

    He missed a gold slime at 11:26

  81. Josh Carter

    Josh Carter20 日 前

    To make everything a lot more easier just make everything highbrids of the hunny slimes so thin all you need is one time of food and putting out the most plorts and it saves space

  82. MaineCoonHazard .TENK

    MaineCoonHazard .TENK20 日 前

    2 episodes in, and that one escapee (yes I'm talking about that one angry quantum hunter) is still plotting to destroy Jack's ranch one day. I'm also surprised that largo hasn't moved for 20 minutes in this episode.

  83. Brender Man

    Brender Man20 日 前

    Oh I have play this before and myfrist file my friend tarred everything

  84. The American Panda!!!

    The American Panda!!!20 日 前