[FULL] Boiling Point - Gordon Ramsay documentary (1999)


  1. Manufacturing Intellect

    Manufacturing Intellect11 ヶ月 前

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  2. avi

    avi18 日 前

    This is so interesting to see Gordon at this stage of his career. The fire and passion is still there. I love him.

  3. Open Division999

    Open Division9994 ヶ月 前

    Manufacturing Intellect K

  4. Open Division999

    Open Division9994 ヶ月 前

    Manufacturing Intellect P

  5. Open Division999

    Open Division9994 ヶ月 前

    meeg_2005 P

  6. Open Division999

    Open Division9994 ヶ月 前

    meeg_2005 Lk

  7. meepage332

    meepage332日 前

    1:56:43 Fellas is it gay to be rubbing your eyes?

  8. rty ghoy

    rty ghoy2 日 前

    I had steak in his restaurant and it was the best I’ve ever had and I m not a rich man I’m an ordinary worker and it was worth every penny

  9. rty ghoy

    rty ghoy2 日 前

    Aa gill what a wanker

  10. Zé Oliveira

    Zé Oliveira2 日 前

    Imaging being a chef with 2 Michelin Stars/On the verge of 3 and your food doesn't turn out as good as you hoped in Versailles because of some fucking praying mantis costumes 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Not Jacob

    Not Jacob5 日 前

    I like ya cut G 1:44:22

  12. Tilly Divine

    Tilly Divine7 日 前

    I cannot fathom how some dickweed events co-ordinator was permitted to hold foie gras on plates, rapidly congealing and leaving the chefs no option but to be cooking the arse off sea bass simply because some silly bint's foundation wasn't green enough. I mean if the focus of a banquet in Paris isn't the food over all else, the world has seriously lost its way.

  13. Michael Wass

    Michael Wass8 日 前

    God old Gordon was such a douche bag. I hope he looks back at stuff like this with such embarrassment and doesn’t make excuses for it. He seems to be in a much better place mentally today.

  14. Milkman -

    Milkman -8 日 前

    He’s not a dick he just doesn’t stand for stupidity.

  15. jamie forsyth

    jamie forsyth8 日 前

    Covid must of been a pain when they lick the cloth and then clean your plate !!!!

  16. PerformanceGold

    PerformanceGold8 日 前

    How times can change

  17. Hobo Dawg

    Hobo Dawg8 日 前

    poor silver...

  18. noveltybobel

    noveltybobel9 日 前

    What a pretentious oik A.A Gill was

  19. Gina Cable

    Gina Cable9 日 前

    Posh food must be cold by the time they have finished faffing with it!

  20. Gina Cable

    Gina Cable9 日 前

    I'm not impressed with licking the cloth to clean the plates I have seen Gordon and one of his staff do it.

  21. Kenny M

    Kenny M9 日 前

    If this was from 1999, gordon ramsay was 32-33 years old here. He looks like he's 45 lol. On the plus side for him, he looks the same today.

  22. noveltybobel

    noveltybobel9 日 前

    'Sarge' went on to become a Michelin star chef in his own right in the years after this


    FATFACE YT9 日 前

    He totally swears and yells at people for fame and money. Bit of a con artist really

  24. Willem P

    Willem P9 日 前

    Gill.What a wanker...!!

  25. Hafiz

    Hafiz9 日 前

    46:37 great kick 😁😁😁

  26. Dreplays

    Dreplays9 日 前

    Gordon invented the resting bitch face

  27. Adam

    Adam9 日 前

    I read online that Gordon's soccer career ended when he suffered a serious knee injury. I didn't know he was cut from the team.

  28. Stupid Velociraptor

    Stupid Velociraptor9 日 前

    All of the chefs I worked for were incompetent push overs who had rich parents or psychopaths who drank in the walk in freezer and came into work high on weed and shrooms. Despite that their napoleon syndrome gave me my work ethic I have today. I can only imagine how blessed and ungrateful Ramsey's employees are here being taught true discipline.

  29. chuck lacey

    chuck lacey9 日 前

    This is entertainment

  30. The Luminous One

    The Luminous One10 日 前

    I just love being self absorbed, pretentious, self-aggrandising, elitist and pompous...nothing like it.

  31. Ed Z

    Ed Z10 日 前

    I understand everything, but i rather see a finger print on my plate than the chef's saliva ;) you don't clean plates with dirty rags.

  32. Todd Tauscher

    Todd Tauscher10 日 前

    These young men show amazing restraint.. Gordon would never ever get away with the way he treats his cooks here in America, eventually he'd come across the "wrong one" and he'd get his teeth knocked down his throat... And that's a fact!

  33. Spooky Lemon

    Spooky Lemon5 日 前

    Todd Tauscher Doesn’t make a difference whether it’s Britain or America, people get treated like shit in the kitchens.

  34. Todd Tauscher

    Todd Tauscher8 日 前

    @Chama Parker apparently you did not watch or listen to the whole video.. His constant belittling and badgering and personal insults are not worthy of respect on any level.. Respect is earned not given.. Because you can cook some food that tastes good does not give you the platform to humiliate, insult , and make threats to someone.. That makes him an asshole

  35. Chama Parker

    Chama Parker8 日 前

    Todd Tauscher it’s called respect.

  36. --

    --10 日 前

    WHo is that guy his best mate in this?

  37. Mean Jeanie

    Mean Jeanie10 日 前

    Brilliant man ! Humble and honest except to apples omg !!! This man is amazing! His rival he is sooo respectively graded with he is an amazing father and husband ! He I would love to work with as a waitress from a 4 star restaurant only female ever to be trained ! I admire him fully ! Points : know your chef : know his dishes : control the dining room : respect is not only for the food but for your job !!!! Omg how simple can it be donkey ! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🙏🌺 Bless you Mr Ramsey!

  38. Travis Sloan

    Travis Sloan10 日 前

    AA Gill really thinks he’s important doesn’t he?

  39. Jason Davis

    Jason Davis10 日 前

    time on video 53:23.....Gordon spits on the towel and wipes the plate....LMAO....Mom's do that sort of thing. lol

  40. phil donaldson

    phil donaldson11 日 前

    Enjoyed the video, shame it didn't end with 3 stars! I was in the process of making Samosa and stumbled upon the video when searching for base recipes. Have two large bowls of filling, enough to make samosa for the whole of India. All I need to do now is form the triangular pastry pockets. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay (London) was awarded it's 3rd Michelin star in 2001 so a happy ending, unlike my attempts at samosa.

  41. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    EaST CoAsT MaCHete11 日 前

    20 years later seem like Gordon Ramsay made the right gamble.

  42. Callum Bradford

    Callum Bradford11 日 前

    Damn poor Silva

  43. Savage Man

    Savage Man11 日 前

    He calling them a commie?

  44. Andrew Marlow

    Andrew Marlow11 日 前

    He's obviously a bully

  45. Andrew Marlow

    Andrew Marlow11 日 前

    I would love to see someone beat the crap out of Ramsey

  46. Andrew Marlow

    Andrew Marlow11 日 前

    Ramsey does it all for the cameras he's a actor

  47. Some Guy

    Some Guy11 日 前

    He's actually a full on wanker x

  48. Timmah200

    Timmah20011 日 前

    If everyone refused to work for him, he'd be nothing. People are crazy to put up with his BS.

  49. Timmah200

    Timmah2008 日 前

    @Chama Parker I'm done with this conversation.

  50. Chama Parker

    Chama Parker8 日 前

    What insult??

  51. Chama Parker

    Chama Parker8 日 前

    Timmah200 what did I say disrespectful?! I can see why you have a problem with Gordon if you think anything I said to you was even remotely disrespectful.

  52. Timmah200

    Timmah2008 日 前

    @Chama Parker Now who's being disrespectful? I'm trying to have a calm conversation and you insult me. Thank you for that.

  53. Chama Parker

    Chama Parker8 日 前

    Timmah200 not to a young, hungry, passionate chef. They don’t see it as disrespectful they see it as being pushed to be better than what they are. If these chefs TRULY felt disrespected they wouldn’t continue to follow him anywhere nor would they go on to be Michelin Star chefs themselves. Also don’t be soft ok cuz Ramsay is not as disrespectful and horrible as outsiders like yourself make him out to be.

  54. Kyle Huynh

    Kyle Huynh12 日 前

    All the Kitchen Nightmares owners should have watched this before going on the show

  55. Kaz Mosis

    Kaz Mosis12 日 前

    He's super respectful. but you'll get played if you piss him off. He's quick though. 6:17

  56. Froy Espinoza

    Froy Espinoza12 日 前

    Marco Pierre white!!! The true kitchen gangster!!

  57. X Fade

    X Fade12 日 前

    Love the apple bit.

  58. Aishwarya Navgire

    Aishwarya Navgire12 日 前

    chef marcus is hot!

  59. I hate Google+

    I hate Google+12 日 前

    He is a horrible boss and a horrible person

  60. brothir

    brothir12 日 前

    1:31:29 oy it's fucking treebeard.

  61. Landon Barron

    Landon Barron12 日 前

    He gets his 3rd in 2 years after this

  62. brothir

    brothir12 日 前

    There's a follow up documentary.

  63. Master Mobius

    Master Mobius13 日 前

    For those that don't know he ended up buying the Aubergine (or the location at least) in 2014

  64. AJ88

    AJ8813 日 前

    53:15 licks towel to clean plate

  65. David West-Nelson

    David West-Nelson13 日 前

    Show this to all those plastic yank restaurant owners who know nothing.....

  66. laura

    laura13 日 前

    no WAY are those protesting people that passionate about apples

  67. Panta Rei 83

    Panta Rei 8313 日 前

    Gordo gets nervous and starts taking it out on the staff!! Exactly what a BAD boss does!!! But that snobby food critique is the most nauseating man I've ever seen.. makes a living eating for free and extorting chefs. While being a c...t

  68. Bhanuruj Napanurak

    Bhanuruj Napanurak13 日 前

    17:12 13:11 1:05:55

  69. Piano Man

    Piano Man13 日 前

    How can this documentary be 20 years old yet Gordon Ramsay looks exactly the same?

  70. Desitos

    Desitos13 日 前

    40:48 bro they just straight up served them Pretty Patties.

  71. Joakim Andersson

    Joakim Andersson14 日 前

    gordon looks like a demon heh

  72. Daniel Shaw

    Daniel Shaw14 日 前

    No one noticed the 52 minute mark where he used his saliva to polish the plate ?

  73. animemanj

    animemanj14 日 前

    Chef Ramsay has killed the Bramley Apple representative.

  74. The New Yay

    The New Yay14 日 前

    12:48 HELL BOSS