Frozen 2 Official Trailer


  1. Giovanna Bucciarelli

    Giovanna Bucciarelli時間 前

    I’m so excited

  2. chew crunch

    chew crunch3 時間 前

    I heard that anna got fire powers

  3. abdullah khair

    abdullah khair4 時間 前

    Who's still watching the trailer.. Just me. Ok:)

  4. Claire Boyle

    Claire Boyle4 時間 前

    I guess by Elsa's ice not holding up-she is dealing with climate change.

  5. Level Up!

    Level Up!6 時間 前

    Let it go 2?

  6. XxSilvaFishstickz Gacha xX

    XxSilvaFishstickz Gacha xX7 時間 前


  7. Alisa Bosconovitch

    Alisa Bosconovitch8 時間 前

    A new trailer coming this Monday on GMA

  8. Marko Liimatainen

    Marko Liimatainen4 時間 前

    Yes, i cant wait!

  9. Jessica Wideman

    Jessica Wideman8 時間 前

    In this movie Elsa and Anna find out that they’re related to Tarzan and go on a hunt to find him because he has the Earth powers and that’s when they find out Anna has fire powers 🤯🤯

  10. Karen Page

    Karen Page5 時間 前

    Chris Buck has established that was just a joke "headcanon".

  11. Three Peas in a Pod

    Three Peas in a Pod8 時間 前

    2019: “The past is not what it seems” 2013: “The past is in the past”

  12. lazy black renee :P

    lazy black renee :P8 時間 前

    my brother watch frozen then keep singing let it go i seem like i am the only one that think frozen sucks(no hate )

  13. chinky bacalso

    chinky bacalso8 時間 前

    okay but HOW the hell did this come out in 2013???

  14. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean8 時間 前

    in 2011 I had tried all means of escape. lol. You don't walk away from sociopaths....... Psychological operations fail. Mind Control fail. And on and on. Sociopaths must go to prison.

  15. Super Luigi

    Super Luigi8 時間 前

    IM SO EXCITED!!!! Do you love being hyped up for movies but hate all the hard waiting?

  16. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean8 時間 前

    I once believed in this culture.... but this society most obviously rewards sociopaths. The people who make the movies are fucking sociopaths.They simply follow manuals written by and to be used by sociopaths.... plus add in a bribe culture, unlimited resources, and access to covert military weapons. Genius fail. I mean how do these sociopaths fail? Like the real fucking deal. And after an 8 year education on sociopaths.... they never ever go away. Unless they are in prison. So here we go.....

  17. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean9 時間 前

    Do sociopaths believe their own pretext? NO!

  18. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean9 時間 前

    LOl. Psychological operations fail. Lol. Mind Control fail lol. A question of torture fail. Sociopaths never go away..... so they MUST go to prison.

  19. Albi Mataj

    Albi Mataj14 時間 前

    This seems like an Avengers level threat.

  20. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean9 時間 前

    Psychological operations FAIL.

  21. Dee Petersen

    Dee Petersen16 時間 前

    So cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  22. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean9 時間 前

    Lol. "Not allowed to do that any more" Maybe sociopaths need more resources? More money to bribe people? A culture that rewards sociopaths? Psychological operations Fail. Mind control Fail. A question of torture fail.

  23. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean17 時間 前

    Hello? You need permission for this? And what's the pretext for 8 more years of theft, violence, and all of it illegal, a gross violation of my civil rights, and with spaced based weapons and directed energy weapons- is also a Crime Against Humanity. (Disney) Sociopaths belong in prison for very serious crimes...

  24. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    After an 8 year education on sociopaths.... I am sure they don't believe their own pretext. In history all sociopaths have a pretext.

  25. Samantha Bussanmas

    Samantha Bussanmas18 時間 前

    Watching her do magic is just...amazing...

  26. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    Bribe culture is fucking amazing. Like mind blowing amazing.....

  27. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    the president is also a sociopath... Most of the CEO's are sociopaths... if you are too stupid to "see" this sociopath.... fuck you. They are going to prison.

  28. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    How many days do we have so we can put them in prison by the "release"?

  29. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    Somebody call somebody to put these sociopaths in prison. LOL.

  30. A Random Person

    A Random Person18 時間 前

    the edge in this since the kids watching the first are about teens really shows

  31. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    I'm still trying to figure out how billionaire losers with access to covert military technology failed. Like someone make a fucking movie about that!!!!!!

  32. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    Okay, we are spending the next 8 years putting these sociopaths in prison where they belong. Psychological operations fail. Like big fucking fail.

  33. Kai Lussier

    Kai Lussier日 前

    Things I want from frozen 2: interesting plot and character development Things I'll probably get: Elsa dies and olaf gets a snow girlfriend who is clearly his girlfriend because she has two lumps of snow on her chest for boobs

  34. XxWolfie- KunxX

    XxWolfie- KunxX日 前

    Anna: I won’t let anything happen to her **Next scene rock monster attacks** **Start she almost drowns**

  35. Jose Andreas

    Jose Andreas日 前

    Waiting for amazing movies . . . . . Yasssss Queen Elsa

  36. Aly

    Aly日 前

    This is gonna be about how Elsa got her powers? Elsa and Rapunzel are related. Rapunzel got her powers from a drop of sun. That drop of sun touched a flower. That flower was used to treat the Queen’s illness. Thus, giving Rapunzel powers. I can’t wait to see how Elsa got her powers.

  37. Karen Page

    Karen Page5 時間 前

    Elsa's not related to Rapunzel at all.

  38. Aussie_Fox

    Aussie_Fox日 前

    This is the worst trailer I’ve ever seen

  39. Ekra Elma

    Ekra Elma日 前

    I am waiting for this vedio.

  40. Iyliya Bahar Vlog

    Iyliya Bahar Vlog日 前

    Micky mouse special appearance..

  41. Charlie Manangan

    Charlie Manangan日 前

    So many endgame revrences

  42. Charlie Manangan

    Charlie Manangan日 前


  43. Mike's Collectible Madness

    Mike's Collectible Madness日 前

    Amazing video and amazing channel and amazing job friend 😀😍🔥👍❤

  44. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    Bribe culture.

  45. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    Psyop fail. LOL. So fucking funny.... Like how the fuck did you fail?

  46. sentry

    sentry日 前

    I only found out this trailer because of a voice changer ad

  47. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    we have the next 8 years to focus on one and only one thing: putting these sociopaths in prison.LOL. Jam on that..... LOL

  48. Inferno Blue Gaming

    Inferno Blue Gaming日 前

    Looks like they’re going for a more serious approach. That’s a good move hopefully this movie does good 😍

  49. Patricia Silva

    Patricia Silva日 前


  50. Mel David De Luna

    Mel David De Luna日 前

    Incredibles 2: there's no one will gonna beat my youtube trailer views record as animated film.. Frozen 2: am i a joke to you? -as the views increase at least 6 million a week😂



    When is it coming out?

  52. Fiona McLean

    Fiona McLean18 時間 前

    When these sociopaths are in prison. LOL.

  53. Marko Liimatainen

    Marko Liimatainen2 日 前

    64 days until us release.

  54. Frizby-YT

    Frizby-YT2 日 前

    2013:Frozen 2017:Frozen fever 2018:Olaf's frozen adventure 2019:Frozen ENDGAME

  55. Gihi Kyrt

    Gihi Kyrt2 日 前

    I cant wait

  56. Ronalyn Shimabukuro

    Ronalyn Shimabukuro2 日 前

    I don't know if anyone said this yet but the giant stones look like it came from brave

  57. AndyPlaysPS4

    AndyPlaysPS42 日 前

    Her parents are alive.

  58. Jorge Barros

    Jorge Barros2 日 前

    EU quero asiste

  59. Umi Sari Utami

    Umi Sari Utami2 日 前

    I love frozen

  60. Dominique Gagnon

    Dominique Gagnon2 日 前

    WTF?! The trolls be trollin’! We feared her powers before so we traumatized her to never use them. Now we need her to use them to save us all?! Never did like the way Frozen was told, and this just makes it all the more worse. Disney is just pumping out garbage. Last movie I ever enjoyed was Wall-E. I want my 10 years back Disney! (End angry rant)

  61. Marko Liimatainen

    Marko Liimatainen日 前

    How`s the weather in St.Petersburg?

  62. Ava Schuller

    Ava Schuller2 日 前

    Elsa no why does it have to be u that gets lost in the water like you mother!

  63. SK Turbo

    SK Turbo2 日 前

    My actual first reaction: “Soooo... it’s Infinity War but ice?”

  64. Hein Htet Naing

    Hein Htet Naing2 日 前

    Elsa... The time is on the efficient elegance with early proofs.

  65. gene tree

    gene tree2 日 前

    Is more like Oliver Stone's Alexander.

  66. Francesca Tonkin

    Francesca Tonkin2 日 前

    nobody: not a single soul: kristoff: riding off into the sunset with a heard of deer

  67. renan cabrera

    renan cabrera3 日 前

    Podrian ser sus hijos de ana y cristof😃😃😁

  68. ولاء الشحادات

    ولاء الشحادات3 日 前

    انااعجبت بشخصية ايلسا اكتر بسنو كوين ٢

  69. Colin Chan ET

    Colin Chan ET3 日 前

    Elsa having Frost Walker II.​

  70. Marta Cardona

    Marta Cardona3 日 前

    elsa is gaei

  71. Jane JaneJaneJane

    Jane JaneJaneJane3 日 前

    seriously cannot bear this waiting game anymore...

  72. Tiffany Sexson

    Tiffany Sexson3 日 前

    Stone hedge is in the movie.

  73. elainarosita

    elainarosita3 日 前

    We’re exploring peppa's body. *Dun*

  74. JoeyTheTeenGT

    JoeyTheTeenGT3 日 前

    Okay what?

  75. Andrew N

    Andrew N3 日 前

    Take all my money 💰