From SALVAGED to REBUILT motorcycle TITLE [Wrecked Bike Rebuild - Ep. 16 - Ducati Monster 1100]


  1. chaseontwowheels

    chaseontwowheels2 年 前

    Make sure to keep them recipes..... or receipts. Probably both. lol #C2Wtypo

  2. jared pappas

    jared pappas年 前

    Hello I am getting a 1988 Honda Goldwing 1500 and I need help

  3. Fabricio Tsui

    Fabricio Tsui2 年 前

    chaseontwowheels hey good for you man! i was curious as to how much money you received for this rebuild and how much has gone into it.

  4. James Luke

    James Luke2 年 前

    chaseontwowheels sort the side burns out man they aint level 😂 great video man!

  5. Stephen Milligan

    Stephen Milligan2 年 前

    chaseontwowheels Delicious delicious receipts.

  6. The other Car Radio Guy

    The other Car Radio Guy9 ヶ月 前

    To much talking

  7. Ryan Ng

    Ryan Ng年 前

    What wheel chock are you using on your HF bike lift? How do you like it? Where can I get one?

  8. MT40 Q

    MT40 Q年 前

    Salvage tittle only means the insurance paid for it in full .. there’s bikes whit rebuilt turtles that literally have scratches or a dent on the tank .. if you drop your bike and call your insurance they will pay you in full for you to get another bike and sell it as salvage ... that’s what geico told me

  9. OnGo_407 FLA

    OnGo_407 FLA年 前

    Cobb. County

  10. Brady Morrison

    Brady Morrison年 前

    If I buy a motercycle with no title lost with a bill of sale can I get a title if I send the Vin and bill of sale off

  11. Shaun Weldin

    Shaun Weldin年 前

    I have a wrecked bike with a cracked frame everything else is in good condition if I replace the frame which I do not have any documentation on this bike as it was sold as is at a house sale .I ran the Vin number said it had one owner if I replace the frame with a salvage title the motor and having no bill of sale from purchasing the motor cause any issues with inspection/registration note I do have receipts for all the parts I Purchased Including the new frame.

  12. TuLokotron2010

    TuLokotron20102 年 前

    Steps on buying a salvage bike. Step 1: DON'T.

  13. Duc Rider

    Duc Rider2 年 前

    The last 5 salvage title bikes I have bought have had absolutely zero mechanical damage other than some had clip on and levers bent. I mean no frame, wheel, swing arm or fork damage at all. We are talking purely cosmetic, fairing damage. Why do these bikes get branded for life with a salvage and then rebuilt titles for merely cosmetic damage?

  14. Team Fusion

    Team Fusion2 年 前

    "You fixed ure thang"

  15. Rex Misereatur

    Rex Misereatur2 年 前

    I thought last week was the last paid episode? I got charged this week for one.

  16. havoc010101

    havoc0101012 年 前

    Chase, excellent informative video!! Keep the content coming!!

  17. Alfa_Veloce

    Alfa_Veloce2 年 前

    Last video?

  18. Aaron Donbar

    Aaron Donbar2 年 前

    good info. from what i understand its easier in some states than others. so what if it fails. Track bike and keep it?

  19. Shawn Harvey

    Shawn Harvey2 年 前

    chase where did you get the LEDs for your accent lighting on the Monster?

  20. Brendon Kinsey

    Brendon Kinsey2 年 前

    so much easier in Australia. just take it to mechanic for blue slip. that's it...

  21. Grant Hurd

    Grant Hurd2 年 前

    @Chaseontwowheels can we get a cost analysis of the project?

  22. tarteman13

    tarteman132 年 前

    #C2W those sideburns though! They demand respect.

  23. Edgar Alicea

    Edgar Alicea2 年 前

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  24. ext456

    ext4562 年 前

    I file all my receipts under "R" for receipts.

  25. Black Monster1100

    Black Monster11002 年 前

    Sorry I just couldn't finish stay in as chase says...don't copy him...if u do u will die & wreck a beautiful motorcycle

  26. Brunito Bandito

    Brunito Bandito2 年 前

    Damn you have to go through a lot of shit to get the baby back on the road in the states.. In Germany you insure the bike, take it to the technical inspection and when it passes its road legal again.

  27. Lali

    Lali2 年 前

    the DMV will also want a sample of all your baked goods, so bring a sample platter along with the recipes.

  28. Fueled by Fun

    Fueled by Fun2 年 前

    Thanks for sharing your insights and advice while taking a bike that was barely a bike and turning it into a motorcycle.

  29. footbalr074

    footbalr0742 年 前

    "supposedly a rebuild title affects the resale value..." ...supposedly, right.

  30. footbalr074

    footbalr0742 年 前

    "realizes it's just as good as any other bike" lol ok So you're rationalization is that if you sit on your piece of shit long enough someone will buy it. lol, sounds like your on the spectrum.

  31. Duc Rider

    Duc Rider2 年 前

    Not when I sell a rebuilt title bike. Sure, many are too scared to by a rebuilt title bike but I just wait for the one buyer that realizes it's just as good as any other bike. As long as you're not in dire need of cash, you can suffer through the anally retentive types that should just go to the dealer and pay through the nose for a "certified" pre-owned bike, lol.

  32. footbalr074

    footbalr0742 年 前

    Can't stand the fucking dashub shilling

  33. Jordan Wolfe

    Jordan Wolfe2 年 前

    Did Tyler Perry baby sit you as a child?

  34. Max Damage

    Max Damage2 年 前

    Very similar to 1988 suzuki bandit 400

  35. Dustin Daniels

    Dustin Daniels2 年 前

    That garage though... R6, Daytona, Street Triple, and WR... suffice to say, Im jealous

  36. avery c

    avery c2 年 前

    Funny how he was legit ignoring that call on his watch like it wasn't happening 8:30 ish

  37. clayton Van kuyl

    clayton Van kuyl2 年 前

    chase on 1 wheel

  38. ForgedDawning

    ForgedDawning2 年 前

    Chase.... Amazing video! Although it bothered me more than it should have that your sideburns are uneven... *friendly nudge*

  39. Ebin Jones

    Ebin Jones2 年 前

    man I'm in Fort valley Georgia but I don't have no money to spare. I know I could just do a dollar but at the moment I just can't do it. Also chase keep it up with the vids

  40. Ryan Wittenburg

    Ryan Wittenburg2 年 前

    Rebuilding a bike takes 16 episodes while dan builds one on a less amount of episodes

  41. Carl Scott Amos

    Carl Scott Amos2 年 前

    Did you have the Frame Magnafluxed or have some assurance that the Frame is straight and not cracked?

  42. PoliceBike Rider

    PoliceBike Rider2 年 前

    I thought this was gunna be a video showing the bike from start to finish... I was disappointed.

  43. MickleMackleMor

    MickleMackleMor2 年 前

    you missed your phone call at 8:50 chase

  44. corey melvin

    corey melvin2 年 前

    Then side burns though lol

  45. Alec Horner

    Alec Horner2 年 前

    1 cup white sugar 1/2 cup butter 2 eggs 2 teaspoons vanilla extract 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 3/4 teaspoons baking powder 1/2 cup milk "Keep all recipes" Noted, Chase.

  46. RideWithTy

    RideWithTy2 年 前

    This is very true Chase. Great points made very clear and straight forward. I actually went today and had my motorcycle inspected and by the end of the week I should have it registered and have a rebuilt title!

  47. Sam Long

    Sam Long2 年 前

    What is your white bike

  48. RideWithTy

    RideWithTy2 年 前

    Triumph Daytona 675R

  49. not GanessGaitonde

    not GanessGaitonde2 年 前

    Why don't you review Banelli tnt 600i ??? Please review that bike

  50. Jose Alvarez

    Jose Alvarez2 年 前

    man that is a loud bug zapper

  51. Jacob Delgadillo

    Jacob Delgadillo2 年 前

    How can I win that monster?

  52. Cristopher Vazquez

    Cristopher Vazquez2 年 前

    chase gonna get it for not answering that phone call

  53. Raptor 700 Williams

    Raptor 700 Williams2 年 前

    Keep the recipes lol are we cooking something chase

  54. Jake T

    Jake T2 年 前

    Them sideburns tho

  55. Jake T

    Jake T2 年 前

    Jus' sayin'

  56. Rukkin JP

    Rukkin JP2 年 前

    Nice nonsymmetric beard

  57. Harmzy 1

    Harmzy 12 年 前

    Rukkin JP apparently sideburns and beards are the same thing now. What are you 13?

  58. Roy is Confused

    Roy is Confused2 年 前

    that is alot of steps and stuff to do lol

  59. Cameron k

    Cameron k2 年 前

    Lol in az you can take it to a 3rd party DMV and they just make you sign a paper saying you "inspected" it yourself

  60. Ben Gjerde

    Ben Gjerde2 年 前

    Georgia definitely has stricter rules. In my opinion it should be on them to find something wrong. Not the other way around. The receipt thing is a little ridiculous.


    GETUP AND GO2 年 前

    I always keep my recipes

  62. Eric De La Cruz

    Eric De La Cruz2 年 前

    When is the drawing?

  63. Fear Me

    Fear Me2 年 前

    Just another lazy $8K made. What a joke.

  64. footbalr074

    footbalr0742 年 前

    I'm sure dashub also tosses him a few bucks

  65. Ryan Kozicki

    Ryan Kozicki2 年 前

    Loved all the videos for this series! Is the Patreon thing only for US citizens? I'm from Canada.

  66. Cam77891

    Cam778912 年 前


  67. Trent T

    Trent T2 年 前

    Most feminine biker ive seen: chase

  68. Bradley

    Bradley2 年 前

    review the triumph rocket III

  69. Erik Auclair

    Erik Auclair2 年 前

    You better answer your watch!

  70. Happy Smurf

    Happy Smurf2 年 前

    Are you gonna drive it yourself as well?