From Radical to Reformer


  1. Walter White

    Walter White5 ヶ月 前

    He spent his years locked up in the Egyptian jail learning the Koran by heart. And he claims to be reformed! Liar liar. His Oxford Union address he said he recruited Pakistani army officer's to over throw the government. He should still be in jail.

  2. Julius Jack Armstrong

    Julius Jack Armstrong10 ヶ月 前

    The only way the west will allow Maajid Nawaz, radical Islamist come back to the west is to agree to sell your soul and that means help the west to fuck your religion and your people and get paid or go to Jail for life.

  3. Kp

    Kp年 前

    This man and the others like him are the only hope for islam to change, if he fails then islam will either be our doom or it will face its own doom

  4. max khaleel

    max khaleel年 前

    Majid is a government agent and his think tank quiliam get government funding. So ofcoure he will portray what ever you want him to portray

  5. Heer1ify

    Heer1ify年 前

    Unfortunately no matter which way u put it there are violent verses in the quran so they will always be people who take them literally. those verses need completely removing. Ppl say all religions have some violent ideology. I dont agree as thts factually incorrect. I've read modt of the worlds main religious scriptures and alot of them concentrate on peaceful living and do no incite violence

  6. Tan Ler

    Tan Ler年 前

    To begin with there are very few people as knowledgeable on both English common law and Islamic law. His attempt at creating a synthesis of two very diverse systems is remarkable.

  7. Alien spotter

    Alien spotter年 前

    Maajid Nawaz is a con man. The only reason Quillam exists is to soften the image of Islam while demonizing those who who educate themselves properly on Islam and as a result speak out against it.

  8. haroon hussein

    haroon hussein年 前

    Maajid Nawaaz can never be called a "REFORMER" as there is nothing to reform. It is a stupid term just like the term " ISLAMISM" or " JIHADIST" and ISLAMIC EXTREMIST" . Maajid Nawaaz and his Quilliam Foundation is mainly funded by the conservative TEA PARTY in the U S so that says a lot for his agenda and who he is aligned with. He is a stooge for the zionists and it is no wonder he collaborates with Sam Harris. The Islamists he speaks of are the hired mercenaries of the West so he is given a narrative falsely framed to work with. He is on a money making mission .

  9. Tom Graham

    Tom Graham2 年 前

    I think Maajid made a mistake in assessing the amount of time it would take for Muslim reform. Germany was a very advanced productive society before WW2, Hitler of course destroyed that. Middle-East Muslim countries are nowhere near Western countries in terms of social and economic development; therefore I would say that it would take between 50 and 100 years for Muslim countries to outgrow their delinquency. Also earlier in the clip Maajid said that taking into account the sheer number of Muslims who are peaceful Islam cannot be considered a religion of violence; however the Quran is undoubtedly violent and has little tolerance for other religions. I would say that the vast majority of Muslims in the world may simply not know enough about their religion to become radicalised or have distanced themselves from its message. Robert Spencer said in one of his lectures that there were a majority of non-violent Muslims but there was no such thing as a non-violent Islam.

  10. DK Youngson

    DK Youngson2 年 前

    Maajid Nawaz is the best thing to happen to Islam in 1,400 years.

  11. O Shehab

    O Shehab11 日 前

    He's no Ibn Taymiah

  12. Benson Manners

    Benson Manners5 ヶ月 前

    He is fake!

  13. Walter White

    Walter White5 ヶ月 前

    @max khaleel and it was a sad day for humanity

  14. max khaleel

    max khaleel年 前

    Because the best thing that happened to Islam. Was 1500 hundred years ago.. birth of prophet Mohammed.

  15. lavivadaloco

    lavivadaloco2 年 前

    He's the perfect example for you can be any thing, you want to be. Good or bad but definitely successful.

  16. John Kevin Swint

    John Kevin Swint4 年 前

    I greatly admire Maajid Nawaz, and entirely agree with everything he says in this interview, up to the point his logic fails, and he claims that the statement in the Hadith regarding leaving one's religion to be punishable by death, to be a contradictory statement, thus open to interpretation. If it additionally stated it is permissible to convert to Islam from another religion, then that second statement would inherently contradict the first, but Maajid made no mention of a second, contracting law, only that the law states it is 'not permissible to leave one's religion'. Period. Death-sentence to follow. The contradiction is not in law, but in related illegal practices contradictory to law. That singular statement of law contradicts nothing. Instead, the contradiction is in its violation by anyone engaged in the unlawful practice condoning or conducting conversions to Islam from another Faith, as that clearly constitutes the illegal act of 'leaving one's religion'. Regardless of the fact that it is for Islam, as no exceptions were enumerated, it is therefore, by definition, illegal. Nor is it of legal consequence that the conversion may be by force, other than the fact that force is itself illegal, as the Koran 'forbids coming to religion by force'. Violations of Koranic mandate do not equate contradictory law, they are simply criminal acts. But if it's a matter of cherry-picking law and of crafting interpretations of convenience, self-serving interest, or for the practical economic consideration of not exterminating valuable slaves and taxpayers, I get that. But would not a pure Islamist or Jihadist agree that converting to Islam from another religion is just as illegal as leaving Islam, even at the loss of a valuable asset? ISIS apparently does not always find Koranic mandates to comport with their economic interests it seems, as they are reportedly less than perfectly consistent and equitable in the application of law. And meanwhile, the good news is that he who is the subject of unlawful conversion can take comfort in his newfound salvation and assured entrance to Paradise in the moments of preparation before death by beheading for the capital offense of (reverse) apostasy. He may recognize few familiar faces in his newly adopted Islamic Paradise, having forsaken the Paradise of his Jewish or Christian or Hindu family and ancestors, as the case may be, but people being as highly adaptable as they are, he'll learn to fit in and likely make friends in no time at all. But if that proves a challenge, he has all the time in the (next) world to get it right.

  17. vesna m.

    vesna m.4 年 前

    SPY. CIA SPY not even MI6, directly working for biggest Nazis ever the CIA.

  18. Stuart Saunders

    Stuart Saunders8 ヶ月 前

    Not a very good spy, he's allover the media as a critic of conservative Islam.

  19. Andrew Baldwin

    Andrew Baldwin4 年 前

    Mr. Nawaz spoke about British Muslims joining the British armed forces “to defend Bosnian Muslims from the Serbian perpetuated [did he mean to say ”perpetrated”] genocide. There was no genocide of Bosnian Muslims in the Bosnian civil war. The Serbian armed forces were never directly involved in the conflict; the Serb combattants were mostly Bosnian Serbs fighting for Republika Srpska. Rather than promoting understanding and tolerance, Mr. Nawaz seems to be reinforcing Muslim grievances in an unfair way. The number of people killed in the Bosnian Civil War, and Muslims in particular, has been grossly exaggerated. As George Kenney wrote: “It seems, looking at interventionist rhetoric about crises around the world, that 200,000 is a kind of magic number. Almost every Kosovo interventionist rattles off the high number for Bosnia, as if there were 20 or 30 as-yet undiscovered Srebrenica massacres _ as if the Serbs had butchered everyone they could get their hands on.” Steve Paikin didn’t contradict Mr. Nawaz because he is a Serbophobe himself.

  20. Purple Jersey

    Purple Jersey4 年 前

    If there was a rule book for a board game, and everyone agreed that its wording made it likely that the rules would be misunderstood, no one would oppose re-issuing an updated set of rules and many would be clamoring for that to happen. The Qur'an is a rule book for how to live your life. This speaker should not just be advocating how the Qur'an should be interpreted. He should be advocating that it needs to be re-written in order to remove any doubt as to its peaceful and tolerant intent.

  21. sorsocksfake

    sorsocksfake4 年 前

    An interesting view, and I'd love to see people like him succeed. However I also think it may be inherently impossible, since what he speaks of is the muslim community, rather than Islam.

  22. jon henry

    jon henry4 年 前

    Probably one of the best explanations towards how to view islam rationaly by this guy & by other guys like him such as sam harris in taking the argument back away from nuts that r true bigots & nuts that r jihadi radicals.

  23. zakaria mohamed

    zakaria mohamed4 年 前

    You can't reform Islam. Allah promised that he will protect the Quran and the hadith from corruption. The Quran has remained for 1400 years unchanged and will continue to do so until the day of judgement. We Muslims try to understand Islam the way the prophet and his people understood it. The non believers don't want reform they want to play around with the words of Allah to meet and fulfill their desires.

  24. Devon Di Marco

    Devon Di Marco2 年 前

    zakaria mohamed Doesn't that concept of absolute worship make you uncomfortable? The idea that Allah or any God for that matter only created humanity to be worshipped doesn't paint that God in a good light morally.

  25. sorsocksfake

    sorsocksfake4 年 前

    @Chris Gaffray That doesn't seem true on a quick look (disclaimer though for wikipedia on controversial topics ;) ). The oldest known manuscripts date within decades of Muhammad's death, though with some uncertainty. This evidence does match the tradition, which states that Quran as we know it dates to about 19 years after Muhammad's death, when an official compilation took place (older versions are said to have been destroyed at that time).

  26. Ravi Kiran Molakala

    Ravi Kiran Molakala4 年 前

    +zakaria mohamed he left Islam because people like to kill themselves thinking god want them to die. As if god don't have any other work to do.

  27. Chris Gaffray

    Chris Gaffray4 年 前

    +sorsocksfake not to mention the Quran as a book was only written down long after Muhammad's death.

  28. sorsocksfake

    sorsocksfake4 年 前

    +zakaria mohamed You did not address his objection. Let me ask you this: by what evidence do you claim that the Quran in front of you is indeed identical to the words Muhammad wrote down? How do you know that it wasn't secretly changed by someone at some point? If you would claim that it actually is impossible to make a changed version of Quran, how could we test this claim? Say if I took a Quran, copied it and made an error, would you predict this fake-Quran gets struck by lightning before anyone can read it, or that I would die before I could insert it? In other words, how far could a forgery go, and how could we test this? Of course if you merely state that that copy wouldn't be Quran, then by that method it means that your "Quran" may not be Quran either. Perhaps only one Quran has ever been written, and every copy after that has been a fake. Once again, how could we test this? As a final point, to reverse the issue: what if Quran remained the same, but as languages do, Arabic changed over the past 1400 years, thus ensuring that a modern reader reads the words correctly, but holds the wrong meaning to them... at that point even if Quran is infallible, your interpretation is just as human as it would be otherwise. Once again, how can you know?

  29. ItsameAlex

    ItsameAlex4 年 前

    modified not moderated

  30. Static KK

    Static KK4 年 前

    Maajid Nawaz is a breathe of fresh air. The media and the west should be behind reformers like him.

  31. Walter White

    Walter White5 ヶ月 前


  32. seaglider844

    seaglider8444 年 前

    +Static KK Agreed tons of respect for him....he needs our support as he is a voice of logic in a sea of radical rhetoric.

  33. wade2bosh

    wade2bosh4 年 前

    not true at all. he fights anti semitism from the far left far right and islamists. criticizing israel is important too cuz nobody is perfect +Eitan R

  34. Rattlehead

    Rattlehead4 年 前

    Religion is a cancer to the world. Islam is a religion of peace? don't insult people by that statement, what joke. Evolution is a fact, there is no god end of discussion.

  35. ShouVertica

    ShouVertica4 年 前

    Still makes arguments that the population represents the religion. *sigh*, his position is still harmful :/

  36. Devon Di Marco

    Devon Di Marco2 年 前

    LameBushido the interpretation argument is ridiculous. fundementalist interpretation of Scriptures (doesn't matter which one) are valid interpretations of Scriptures. the problem is the fundementals of the religion therefore the religion itself absolutely shares responsibility

  37. ShouVertica

    ShouVertica4 年 前

    @LameBushido Tell that to a muslim.

  38. LameBushido

    LameBushido4 年 前

    +ShouVertica There is no true Islam, it's all a matter of interpretation.

  39. ShouVertica

    ShouVertica4 年 前

    @Martin Rayner 10:45 "the vast majority of muslims are not jihadist". Watch the vid before posting again please.

  40. Martin Rayner

    Martin Rayner4 年 前

    +ShouVertica No he didn't. That's just your imagination at work.

  41. I Am The Bucket

    I Am The Bucket4 年 前

    Fascinating view and I can get on board with how he views the need to reform Islam.